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2016-08-03 Coal: globally, pressures mount
2016-04-29 Is coal now a zombie industry?
2015-04-02 Rich nations' fossil fuel export funding dwarfs green spend
2013-11-17 A climate for coal
2013-03-11 Coal wars heat up in Poland, EU, China and New York
2013-01-07 Are we all going to climate hell in a handcart?
2012-09-24 Polish ministries clash over the "green" and the black
2012-03-20 Will global miners buckle down to tougher government demands?
2008-12-02 UN Climate Boss Warns Of "Cheap, Dirty" Energy Fix
2008-01-17 Xstrata: a move forward but two steps back?
2007-10-25 World's biggest miner holds annual meeting - so what happened?
2007-09-15 China update
2007-09-15 Minmetals teams up with Poland's KGHM to develop nonferrous metals resources
2007-09-15 Chalco attains mineral development license for Aurukun project feasibility study
2007-09-15 China update
2007-09-14 Birth Defects on the Rise in Polluted China - Media
2007-09-14 Fire at lead smelter in Gansu leaves 8 dead and 10 injured
2005-12-13 World Bank undermining its own ambitions for extractives, finds new report
2005-12-13 Notes for editors:
2005-12-13 World Bank undermining its own ambitions for extractives, finds new report
2003-07-07 Call for solidarity with Polish village-protest against destructive mining plans
2003-07-07 Background Information: Destructive Mining Plans Threaten Historic Landscapse in Karonosze and Izert
2003-07-07 Organizations Already Signed
2003-07-07 Refusal To Permit Plans To Open Mines In Polish Mountain Ranges
2003-07-07 Call For Solidarity With Polish Village-protest Against Destructive Mining Plans
2002-10-21 World Bank tells the Philippines not to rely too much on IT

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