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Malaysia has 55 articles

2017-03-03 Sand mining: a global environmental crisis
2016-09-22 Protests in Malaysia as Lynas plant gets three more years
2016-07-27 YTL Cement drives species to extinction in Malaysia?
2016-04-10 Malaysia extends bauxite mining ban until July to fight pollution
2016-01-03 Malaysia may suspend bauxite mining
2015-02-14 Norway's global pension fund called upon to dump Sarawak dam-builder
2015-02-03 Explosive report exposes Sarawak's dam-builder
2013-12-29 Malaysia: Lynas threatens opponents over plant deaths
2013-06-03 Malaysian forest peoples protest destructive dams at industry conference
2012-11-19 Malaysian Court declines appeal against Lynas
2012-10-16 Malaysian court delays controversial rare earths plant
2012-10-02 Lynas slumps as court delays Malaysian plant
2012-09-12 Lynas OK to operate controversial rare earths plant in Malaysia
2012-05-15 Citizen Backlash Keeps Malaysia Rare Earth Plant On Hold
2012-03-27 Pollution the big barrier to freer trade in rare earths
2012-02-28 Malaysia: Opposition rises to proposed "radioactive" plant
2012-02-28 Sarawak: Bakun dam corruption probe raises questions about Rio Tinto's role
2012-02-07 Malaysia: Rare Earths proposal meets major opposition
2011-11-21 Keeping Tabs on Sarawak's "corrupt" chief minister
2011-09-19 Borneo tribe loses Bakun dam case
2011-05-10 London Calling sees Rio Tinto take it on the Chinalco
2009-08-10 Painted into a deadly corner: lead's global curse
2009-05-27 World hunger: is potash the solution or part of the problem?
2008-02-21 Malaysians alerted to Rio's record
2008-02-20 DR Congo update
2008-02-14 London Calling on a damnable deal
2007-09-13 Sweeping in a new visual era at Rio Tinto
2007-09-11 Down the tubes
2007-09-11 Down the tubes
2007-07-15 Rio targets being top player in aluminium
2007-07-03 Civil Society Organisations Concerns on the Statement by Mr. John Borshoff, Managing Director Paladi
2007-07-03 Malawian NGOs blast Paladin Resources director and affirm ongoing opposition to poor uranium mining
2007-07-03 Fan NGOs blast Paladin Resources director and affirm ongoing opposition to poor uranium mining pract
2007-06-15 Background on Recent Developments at the Kyalakera Uranium Mine
2006-09-10 China Update
2006-09-10 China Update
2006-09-09 Villagers against polluting quarries
2006-09-09 India Update
2006-09-09 Canadians Targeted for Controversial Tibet Investments
2006-09-09 India Update
2006-09-08 China 2004 Pollution Clean-Up Cost Put at US$136 Billion
2006-09-07 China Lead Smelter Poisons 2,000 - Paper
2006-09-05 China puts Zambia mine investment on hold over Taiwan
2006-09-05 It's official: Asbestos is crippling Alang workers
2006-08-24 Environmental Experts Urge Global Lead Paint Ban
2006-08-13 African workers now resent Chinese influx
2006-02-23 Levy is Part of the Crooks That Sold Mines - Sata
2005-10-18 London Calling - October 18 2005
2005-10-18 London Calling! October 18 2005
2005-05-27 London Calling - May 29 2005
2005-04-26 Rio Considers Borneo Aluminium Smelter
2004-07-26 Malaysia says giant Bakun dam under review
2003-02-14 Freeport McMoran pushed to improve human-rights policy
2001-05-01 Workers shot during Zambia copper mine riots

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