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2018-03-08 Out of the Forrest - and into the saddle!
2017-03-03 Sand mining: a global environmental crisis
2016-11-01 BHP Billiton in world-first 'Forest Bond'
2015-06-22 Canadian mining company uses UK subsidiary to sue Kenya
2015-03-30 African mining codes: "willfully doing the wrong thing"?
2011-07-11 Facing up to challenges of Africa's extractive sectors
2011-01-10 DRC wikileak reveals a uranium scandal
2010-04-18 Canadian Envoys to Kenya & Tanzania: Uninformed or Arrogant?
2010-02-15 Kenya: Landmark Ruling on Indigenous Land Rights
2010-01-19 Tiomin loses Chinese funding for Kwale titanium project
2009-12-22 Two degrees too many
2009-09-14 Kenya: beached project is rescued by Chinese concern
2009-07-16 London Calling investigates some capital "land grab" connections
2008-11-24 Giant Mines Scramble to Cut Output
2008-09-16 Jinchuan gets nod to invest $25 million in Kenyan titanium project
2008-08-04 China moves on Burma and rescues foundering Kenya project
2007-07-19 Tata brew up a storm of protest in East Africa
2007-07-19 Tata brew up a storm of protest in East Africa
2007-07-18 Factory Could Disrupt Flamingo Breeding on East African Lake
2007-07-12 Bonkers' soda-ash plant will ruin fragile ecosystem
2007-06-22 China Update
2007-06-22 Update on Chinese minerals companies overseas: Kenya, Australia, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, North Ko
2007-06-22 China Says Exports Fuel Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2007-06-22 China update
2007-06-19 China Now Number One in Carbon Emissions; USA Number Two
2007-06-19 Threat to the Integrity of Lake Natron, Community Livelihoods and Tourism in East Africa by the Prop
2007-06-19 China’s Environmental Crisis Catalyzes New Democracy Movement
2007-06-15 China Update
2007-06-15 China update
2007-06-15 Jinchuan To Increase Stake In Tiomin For Kenyan Titanium Project
2007-06-15 Update On Chinese Minerals Companies Abroad: Peru, Kenya, Burma, Us, India
2007-06-15 Update: foreign companies in China
2007-06-13 China: A Thousand Children Sold To ‘dark Kilns’ In
2007-06-09 Chinese Delegation Walks Out Of Human Rights Dialogue Meeting With The European Union
2007-06-06 Forced & Child Labour In Shanxi Brickworks
2007-04-15 Titanium: Farmers now evicted
2007-04-14 Africa Update
2007-04-14 Africa update
2007-04-13 Guinea re-evaluates mining contracts
2007-04-02 Tiomin and Jinchuan Group Ltd. Announce Private Placement
2007-02-15 Tiomin to build power plant in Kwale
2007-02-14 Tiomin wants Sh200 million suit cost from farmers
2007-02-14 Tiomin wants Sh200 million suit cost from farmers
2007-02-02 Africa Update
2007-02-02 Atw Venture Terminates Agreement With Tiomin For The Kenyan Projects
2007-02-02 Africa Update
2007-01-12 London Calling follows the cash
2007-01-04 Africa Update
2007-01-04 Africa Update
2006-12-20 Kenyan Courts Dismiss Kwale Suit
2006-09-10 China Update
2006-09-10 China Update
2006-09-09 Canadians Targeted for Controversial Tibet Investments
2006-09-08 China 2004 Pollution Clean-Up Cost Put at US$136 Billion
2006-09-07 China Lead Smelter Poisons 2,000 - Paper
2006-09-05 China puts Zambia mine investment on hold over Taiwan
2006-08-13 African workers now resent Chinese influx
2006-06-09 London Calling On A Recent City Shuffle
2006-06-09 London Calling on a recent City shuffle
2006-06-06 Prime Minister Howard Hustles Australia Down Nuclear Path
2006-06-06 Global Nuclear Expansion Based on Plentiful Uranium Supply
2006-06-06 Uranium update: more slices of the yellowcake
2006-06-06 Uranium update: more slices of the yellowcake
2006-06-05 UCIL exploring uranium ore in Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Karnataka
2006-05-30 China Update
2006-05-30 Japan, China Eye Energy Cooperation for Better Ties
2006-05-30 China, India, Brazil Could Slash Energy Use - Report
2006-05-30 China Update
2006-05-09 Sources: Sack For Eager: Asia Energy Announcement, May 9 2006; Eager At Monterrico:
2006-02-23 Levy is Part of the Crooks That Sold Mines - Sata
2006-01-13 Africa Update
2005-12-05 Kenya: Kerio families plea over pollution
2005-01-14 In a statement of appalling insensitivity towards the victims, some Indian scientists have expressed
2005-01-07 Quarrying made Kanyakumari coast vulnerable'
2005-01-02 Tsunami underlines importance of CRZ
2005-01-02 One of India's major nuclear power plants was profoundly affected by the tsunamis, and many employee
2004-12-30 London Calling - December 30 2004
2004-12-30 London Calling! December 30 2004
2004-12-29 Coming next month: brand new coastal rules
2004-12-29 Mining companies untouched by tsunamis
2004-12-27 Human activities contributed to tsunami's ravages: environmental expert
2004-10-04 Kenyan president ticks Kwale
2004-09-27 Kenyan farmers threatened by Canadian mineral sands mine
2004-09-27 Kenyan farmers threatened by Canadian mineral sands mine
2004-09-23 Anxiety Sets in Over Mining Plan
2003-07-10 Titanium Mining in Kenya: The Unresolved Questions
2003-06-30 Why Kulundu Ignored Pleas on Tiomin
2003-06-30 The Kenyan Community Abroad (KCA)
2003-06-30 Canadian firm gets nod to mine titanium
2003-06-30 Why Kulundu Ignored Pleas on Tiomin
2003-03-03 Court restrains agency from licensing Tiomin
2001-05-01 Workers shot during Zambia copper mine riots
2001-05-01 Clb Director Han Dongfang's Commentary On The 18th Anniversary Of June 4.

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