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2018-05-16 The "oracle" pronounces on Anglo America's 2018 AGM
2018-03-16 "End the onslaught against human rights defenders!"
2018-01-05 Vale talking with BHP over a Samarco takeover?
2017-08-31 Brazil's government opens up huge Amazonian reserve to mining
2017-07-15 Global extractives terrorism exposed in new report
2017-04-12 IUCN, Renova Foundation and Brazil's mining catastrophe
2017-03-01 Samarco update: Samba school tackles mining disaster in Rio Carnival
2017-02-06 Eike Batista detained by federal police in Rio de Janeiro
2016-10-25 BHP Billiton AGM met by global calls for justice and accountability
2016-10-22 Back to tragedy: more news of the BHP Billiton/Vale tailings dam collapse in Brazil
2016-07-17 Brazil: BHP unlikely to reopen Samarco this year amid criminal probe
2016-06-22 Violent 2015 sees three environmental activists killed each week
2016-06-03 Samarco: police claim Vale fiddled dam data
2016-05-30 Brazil to tighten rules on mining dams
2016-05-04 Brazil: BHP and Vale hit with $44 billion lawsuit over deadly spill
2016-04-30 Brazil - Quilombolas demand land titling to defend against mining
2016-04-22 Brazilian prosecutor: Samarco keeps leaking
2016-03-20 Brazil: Civil Society Repudiates Samarco Deal
2016-03-09 US investors file class action lawsuit over Samarco dam burst
2016-01-14 Brazil: Tailings dams fall-out has international repercussions
2015-12-21 Brazil: Repercussions of Samarco dams collapse hit both the poor and powerful
2015-11-27 Samarco tsunami: "There may never be an effective remedy for victims"
2015-11-26 UN Forum shares experiences of extractive industries and human rights
2015-11-20 Samarco disaster: are we hearing the peoples' voices?
2015-11-13 Brazil: Who should take main blame for the Samarco mining tsunami?
2015-11-07 Mining tsunami hits after tailings dams burst in Brazil
2015-10-21 How Illegal Diamond Mining Threatens Brazil's Indigenous Communities
2015-08-16 Brazil: Vale ordered to halt production at nickel mine
2015-05-02 Anglo American: death and diversions at the company AGM
2015-05-01 Indigenous People Occupy Brazil's Legislature
2015-04-20 Killings of environmental activists increased, with indigenous communities hardest hit
2015-04-09 Catholic Church warned on getting too close to the mining industry
2015-02-12 Brazil's iron ore mining doubles its CO2 emissions
2014-11-10 Brazilian judge sides with tribe threatened by dams
2014-10-25 Brazilian civil society organisations condemn Porto Sul
2014-09-30 Pedra de Ferro - The Iron Stone (part 4)
2014-09-21 Pedra de Ferro - The Iron Stone (part 3)
2014-09-11 Pedra de Ferro - The Iron Stone (part 2)
2014-09-09 Pedra de Ferro - The Iron Stone (part 1)
2014-06-29 Brazil court revokes license for Canadian gold mine in Amazon
2014-06-17 Vale and Amazon Indians begin talks after blockade
2014-06-08 Mining and Colonialism in Brazil's Giant Carajás Project
2014-04-26 Demands for 'justice' for silicosis sufferers made at Anglo AGM
2014-04-15 Surge in deaths of environmental activists over past decade, report finds
2014-02-11 Africa: Communities speak out at Alternative Mining Indaba
2013-11-27 Belo Sun Mining Project Suspended in Brazilian Amazon
2013-11-19 Vale handed tax amnesty at home, but brickbats abroad
2013-07-17 Brazilian Indigenous groups block iron ore miner Vale's Carajas railway
2013-07-17 Brazil: Controversy engulfs scandal-hit ENRC over port plans
2013-07-09 Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista drowning in debt
2013-05-13 Brazil's Vale allegedly spied on social movements
2013-04-09 Brazil's environmental watchdog levels $10m fine on Anglo American over port accident
2013-02-19 Mining's threats to Brazil's forest and biodiversity
2012-11-25 Vale wins environmental permit for Brazil rail expansion
2012-10-08 Protest by Brazil's Indians halts Vale's Carajás railway
2012-09-04 Venezuela: Indigenous Yanonami "massacred" by illegal miners
2012-08-21 Belo Monte Dam Suspended by Brazilian Appeals Court
2012-08-06 Brazil: Judge halts rail project close to threatened tribe
2012-07-17 New Chinese-backed mine in Brazil requires damming of Vacaria River
2012-06-26 Human rights organisations address Earth Summit leaders
2012-06-26 Indigenous Peoples challenge Rio+20
2012-06-26 Brazil freezes new mine claims pending reforms
2012-05-29 Mining companies don't seem bothered by being corrupt
2012-05-15 Will Vale be forced to abort Apolo mission?
2012-05-01 Into the Vale of Death and Destruction
2012-04-24 Anglo American workers and shareholders demand silicosis compensation
2012-04-11 Another wall in the BRICS?
2012-02-20 More "black stuff" to be dug out of Latin America
2012-02-07 Public Eye award singles out mining company Vale, Barclays
2012-01-31 Indonesia's Tin Men face bleak future in a free market world
2011-12-20 Vale's mega vessel founders - as does world's biggest iron exporter
2011-10-10 London Calling examines a "unique" global survey of the rich
2011-09-12 Royalty and rights issues in Latin America
2011-08-30 Royalty debates revisit Latin American states
2011-07-25 Conference statement: Natural resources and the Mission of the Church in Latin America
2011-05-30 How much are human rights worth in Brazil's mining industry?
2011-05-17 Brazil Breaks Relations With Human Rights Commission
2011-04-27 Vale intends taking share in Belo Monte dam, Brazil
2011-04-04 Chinese Overseas Investments, 2006-2010
2011-03-08 ThyssenKrupp, Vale and the 'Metal Rain' in Rio de Janeiro
2011-03-01 Brazil: is iron/steel recycling on the rebound?
2011-02-21 Ventana falls into Batista's open arms
2010-12-13 Federal prosecutors seek suspension of Vale´s Paragominas bauxite complex, Brazil
2010-12-13 London Calling wades through a curious wiki leak
2010-10-18 Bolivia & Colombia deploy troops to curb illegal gold mining
2010-09-14 Ethical Tribunal on Transborder Mining in Latin America
2010-08-16 Zambia miners reject Vale
2010-07-04 Steel producers to enforce scrap price cut - Brazil
2010-06-04 Rio Tinto worried Australian tax may give other countries ideas
2010-05-01 International Open Letter of Those Affected by Vale
2010-03-02 Toxic e-wastes burden headed for dramatic rise
2010-02-07 Conflicts over mining: the illusory boundary between "legal" and "illegal"
2010-01-25 Call to 1st International Meeting for Those Affected by Vale
2010-01-25 Brazil to demand participation in, and more taxes and royalties from, mining companies
2009-12-14 Unions in Indonesia, Brazil and Canada Join Forces To Take On Vale-INCO
2009-11-09 Global campaign against Vale gains momentum
2009-11-09 Stephan Schmidheiny: Saint or Sinner?
2009-11-02 Ironing out the price: China collaborates with Ukraine
2009-11-02 Panama, the next diamond heaven?
2009-09-22 Media menaced by companies and governments - report
2009-08-03 Canada's Vale workers go south in protest
2009-07-20 The Chinese are coming - but perhaps not where you might expect
2009-07-16 London Calling investigates some capital "land grab" connections
2009-06-16 Selling iron to China: a killing in more senses than one
2009-06-02 Brazil beds down with Africa in ocean minerals' quest
2009-06-02 Why is China buying metals it doesn't need?
2009-05-27 Ecuador says key sectors must be nationalized
2009-05-11 Indigenous peoples demand veto right over mining, Brazil
2009-04-27 Mining company blames farmers for risking gobal food supplies
2009-02-23 Brazil:- Fisherman in Sepetiba Bay receives death threats - Polo Siderúrgico amenaza vida de pescadores
2009-02-23 Anglo American to cut 19,000 jobs as mining boom ends
2009-02-23 A world free of mercury? Not yet - but hope rises
2009-02-02 Can Rio get off the rocks? London Calling says it's a moral question
2009-01-19 Rio Tinto Suspends $205 Million Uruguay Port Project - Rio Tinto cancela obra en Uruguay
2008-12-22 Faced with crisis, Brazil's Vale asks for relaxation of labour laws - Protestan contra despidos de Vale
2008-12-02 Uruguay: Rio Tinto proposal blasted by intellectuals, artists, scientists and workers - Intelectuales, artistas, científicos y trabajadores repudian a Río Tinto en el Uruguay
2008-12-02 Brazil: Indigenous rights still denied
2008-11-17 Brazilian Dev't Bank approves $645 mln in financing for mining giant
2008-11-10 Money miasma means mixed messages
2008-09-29 Will China and Chile clasp iron hands?
2008-09-16 Brazil, Canadian, mining unions agree on mutual support
2008-07-20 Supply crunch: Brazil ban on asbestos to hit firms in India
2008-07-14 Brazil's Vale fined over timber - Gobierno brasileño multa a minera Vale
2008-07-09 Brazilian government accuses Vale of coercing peasants over compensation - Gobierno acusa a Vale de usurpar tierras
2008-06-16 Brazil's Vale readies 15 billion share offer, activists block railway - Vale prepara oferta de acciones por 15 mil millones, activistas bloquean vía férrea
2008-03-10 Brazil's MST attacks Vale - Protestas contra Vale
2008-02-25 Brazil's biggest dam project under fire
2008-02-08 Argentina in dispute with Uruguay over Rio Tinto port
2008-02-08 Metals traders address mining's "moral conflicts"
2008-02-01 China Update
2008-01-25 London Calling muses on the latest bout of mining's merger mania
2008-01-21 Following coal mine disaster, Mittal comes under investors' fire
2008-01-10 Latin America update
2007-12-22 Extraction to Destruction? Chinese policy and practise in mining & metals
2007-12-20 Brazilian roundup
2007-11-10 Latin America update
2007-10-23 China's iron-clad conundrum
2007-10-10 The Great Steal
2007-10-09 Latin America update
2007-09-22 Latin America update
2007-09-15 The popular referendum on September 16th
2007-09-15 COSTA RICA
2007-09-14 Latin America update - Plebiscito Popular por la nulidad de la privatización de la Compa&nti
2007-09-14 Latin America update
2007-09-14 Zijin Tongguan sells 10 pct stake in Monterrico to South Korean copper smelter
2007-09-14 PERU
2007-09-14 CHILE
2007-09-12 BOLIVIA
2007-09-11 MEXICO
2007-09-07 Are Canadian Investors Funding Terror Tactics in Ecuador?
2007-09-06 Canadian MP, Alexa McDonough, joins a Development and Peace fact finding mission to Honduras to inv
2007-09-02 Latin America update - Oficialismo planea que Constituyente vete miner­a a cielo abierto en Ecu
2007-09-02 Latin America update
2007-09-02 HONDURAS
2007-09-01 Women to the fore, not only in politics but also mining
2007-09-01 BRAZIL
2007-08-29 Peruvian Leaders Support $234,000 Fine of Doe Run Peru
2007-08-29 GUATEMALA
2007-08-28 PERU
2007-08-28 VENEZUELA
2007-08-27 Slave labor persists in Amazon charcoal works - ICC
2007-08-24 Police denounce protestors against mining operations
2007-08-23 Monterrico launches 80 mln usd private fund proposal for Rio Blanco communities
2007-08-23 BRAZIL
2007-08-22 ECUADOR
2007-08-14 Black Stuff And Nonsense
2007-08-14 Black stuff and nonsense
2007-08-14 Mining companies sharpen confrontation in Honduras
2007-07-30 CHILE
2007-07-28 Latin America update
2007-07-28 BRAZIL
2007-07-25 URGENT ACTION APPEAL - From Amnesty International USA
2007-07-25 Evidence of Land Trafficking in Intag
2007-07-24 PANAMA
2007-07-23 Residents of Condorwain Range Demand Withdrawal of Barrick Gold
2007-07-23 ECUADOR
2007-07-22 Informal Miners Using Nazca Lines As Roadways
2007-07-17 COLOMBIA
2007-07-15 Chemical Company Profits From Double Counting Of Carbon Credits
2007-07-15 Corruption allegations dog mining company
2007-07-15 MEXICO
2007-07-14 Latin American update
2007-07-14 Latin American update - Ayabaca: Acuerdan Consulta Vecinal por Proyecto Minero Río Blanco pa
2007-07-05 ECUADOR
2007-07-04 BRAZIL
2007-07-04 Aymaras Vow Mining Co. Will Restore Wetland
2007-07-03 COLOMBIA
2007-06-29 Environmental face-off: Catholic Church workers get ammunition for their fight in Latin America
2007-06-26 VENEZUELA
2007-06-26 CHILE
2007-06-25 Farmers Insist: Life Yes, Mining NO!
2007-06-25 Workers stage protests at Codelco mines in Chile
2007-06-23 Latin America update
2007-06-23 Latin America update
2007-06-23 Twenty-Four Hour Strike Against MINSUR Mining Operations in the Community of Vilavilani, Tacna
2007-06-22 COLOMBIA
2007-06-21 ARGENTINA
2007-06-19 PERU
2007-06-19 GUATEMALA
2007-06-15 PERU
2007-06-10 Declaration of Lake Buenos Aires - Lake General Carrera
2007-06-08 EPA Loses Court Attempt to Weaken Clean Air Rule
2007-06-08 US update
2007-06-08 US Update
2007-06-08 Most Chinese, Indians Back Carbon Cuts - Survey
2007-06-08 A survey intended to guage opinions on who's mainly responsible for global warming suggests that Chi
2007-06-07 States Urge US EPA to Tighten Rules on Coal Plants
2007-06-04 BRAZIL
2007-06-01 Two countries, 3 cities take stand Against ASARCO, ASARCO Fights Back
2007-05-29 CHILE
2007-05-28 Quicksilver Quandary
2007-05-18 China update
2007-05-18 China Update
2007-05-17 UN Project Cuts Carbon Emissions in Rural China
2007-05-16 Europe Lags, China Catches Up in Clean Energy Race
2007-05-15 EL SALVADOR
2007-05-15 Dangers ahead as China blindly expands titanium sponge smelting capacity - CNMIA official
2007-05-15 PERU
2007-05-15 Miners' Woes Heard - If Faintly - in US
2007-05-12 Latin American update
2007-05-12 Latin America update
2007-05-10 PARAGUAY
2007-05-09 Yanacocha's ore extraction cut in half
2007-05-08 ARGENTINA
2007-05-07 BRAZIL
2007-05-07 Anti-Mining Demonstrators Blockade Peruvian Roads
2007-05-04 Govt: Mining law changes seek to free up land
2007-05-04 China update
2007-05-03 Gerdau mulling expansion plans in China - Brazil
2007-05-02 COLOMBIA
2007-05-02 China Climate Offensive Has Eye on Growth
2007-04-22 Anglo under heavy fire
2007-04-22 Anglo Under Heavy Fire
2007-04-13 China update
2007-04-13 China update
2007-04-08 Nothing Green about Apple
2007-04-04 Xstrata Best Anglo American Suitor, Say London Analysts
2007-03-24 Latin America update - Correa advierte de "guerra civil" entre comunidades y empresas min
2007-03-24 Latin American Update
2007-03-23 Polluting U.S. Owned Smelter in Peru Brought Before OAS
2007-03-22 Environ authority suspends Xstrata 600MW Río Cuervo project
2007-03-22 Drummond denies colluding with far-right death squads to kill Colombia unionists
2007-03-21 CHILE
2007-03-19 MEXICO
2007-03-17 COLOMBIA
2007-03-15 PERU
2007-03-15 ECUADOR
2007-03-15 India imposes iron ore export duty $6.78 per ton, possible impact on China's imports
2007-03-15 BRAZIL
2007-03-09 Latin American Update
2007-03-09 ARGENTINA
2007-03-09 Latin American update
2007-03-08 BRAZIL
2007-03-07 GUATEMALA
2007-03-02 China Orders Small Cement Plants to be Closed
2007-03-02 China update
2007-03-02 China update
2007-02-28 COLOMBIA
2007-02-28 Latin American update
2007-02-28 Latin American Update
2007-02-27 ARGENTINA
2007-02-27 BRAZIL
2007-02-26 VENEZUELA
2007-02-20 Thousands of Miners Strike a Year After Mexican Coal Mine Explosion That Killed 65 Workers
2007-02-20 Safety problems remain in Mexican mines
2007-02-17 A Hollywood Trial
2007-02-16 Meridian completely rules out Esquel gold project
2007-02-09 China Set To Launch Kyoto Clean Energy Fund
2007-02-07 China Update
2007-02-07 China update
2007-01-12 Brazilian Rains Kill Dozens and Broken Dam Leaves
2007-01-12 Major dam disaster strikes Brazilian communities
2007-01-12 Major dam disaster strikes Brazilian communities
2007-01-11 Normal drinking water supply suspended in Brazilian cities
2006-12-15 Court Fines Corus Over Fatal Steel Blast
2006-12-14 Latin American Update
2006-12-12 Brazil
2006-12-06 Latin American Update
2006-12-05 Gold Seekers Return To Serra Pelada In Brazil
2006-11-29 Mineworkers' Union At Cerrejon Mine, Colombia, Meeting
2006-11-18 Getting rid of mercury (but not yet)
2006-11-18 Getting rid of mercury (but not yet)
2006-11-17 Energy Department May Sell Surplus Mercury Stockpile
2006-11-17 22 States Write Mercury Controls Stricter than Feds'
2006-11-15 EU Lawmakers Put Mercury Thermometers out in Cold
2006-11-04 Latin American Update
2006-11-04 Latin American Update
2006-11-02 ECUADOR
2006-11-02 ARGENTINA
2006-10-31 CVRD seeks damages
2006-10-31 BRAZIL
2006-10-30 Venezuelan gold project secure, Crystallex says
2006-10-25 VENEZUELA
2006-10-22 Brazil: Tribesmen Leave Iron Mine Belonging To Cvrd
2006-10-22 Latin American Update
2006-10-22 Latin American Update
2006-10-22 COLOMBIA
2006-10-21 The world's worst places
2006-10-20 Latin American Update
2006-10-20 Latin American Update
2006-10-18 Brazilian Indians Free Hostages At Cvrd Mine
2006-10-13 South Asia Update
2006-10-09 It's the mining, stupid!
2006-10-09 It's The Consumption, Stupid : Energy Outlook 2007
2006-10-09 It's the mining, stupid!
2006-09-09 Latin American Update
2006-08-30 Mercury and arsenic contamination are affecting communities outside the goldmines O Liberal
2006-08-25 Stripping Aotearoa tonne by tonne
2006-06-10 Miners' health may be the cost of a nuclear future
2006-06-10 In a nuclear fix
2006-06-10 In a nuclear fix
2006-06-06 Prime Minister Howard Hustles Australia Down Nuclear Path
2006-06-06 Global Nuclear Expansion Based on Plentiful Uranium Supply
2006-06-06 Uranium update: more slices of the yellowcake
2006-06-06 Uranium update: more slices of the yellowcake
2006-06-05 UCIL exploring uranium ore in Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Karnataka
2006-05-30 Japan, China Eye Energy Cooperation for Better Ties
2006-05-30 China, India, Brazil Could Slash Energy Use - Report
2006-05-30 China Update
2006-05-30 China Update
2006-05-14 Nationalisation - threat or promise?
2006-05-11 Latin American Update
2006-05-11 Latin American Update
2006-05-10 From Beaches To Streets Everyone Recycles Aluminum
2006-05-09 Tapirapés fight mining operations on their lands
2006-05-08 Brazil Officially Starts First Uranium Enrichment Facility
2006-05-07 Canadian Roundup
2006-05-07 Canadian Roundup
2006-05-06 How Morales Took On The Oil Giants - And Won His People Back
2006-05-06 Trashed Cans
2006-05-04 Please write letters to Canadian Foreign Minister, the Honorable Peter MacKay, copied to the Canadia
2006-05-04 Anglo American's "gaps year" - and plenty of them!
2006-05-04 Anglo American's "gaps year" - and plenty of them!
2006-05-04 Latin American Update
2006-05-04 Latin American Update
2006-05-02 De Beers Risks Losing Social License to Operate in Canada
2006-05-02 "Disinvest from Monterrico Metals"
2006-04-30 GOLD MINING - Eldorado starts up Kisladag mine
2006-04-28 Grave concern about the activities of Canadian mining company Metallica Resources Inc. in Mexico
2006-04-28 Urgent Action: Support the Mexican community of Cerro de San Pedro in their struggle against a Cana
2006-04-26 Chavez Defends Gas Pipeline That Cuts Across Amazonia After Signing Manifesto For Biodiversity
2006-04-22 Latin American Update
2006-04-20 Gold rush in Pará postponed by the government
2006-04-20 Mining Exploration Causing Alarm in Protected Areas of Brazil
2006-04-17 Workers Strike At Latin America's Biggest Gold Mine
2006-04-15 A report on the Anglo American plc AGM, held on 25 April 2006 at Institute of Electrical Engineers,
2006-04-13 Latin American Update
2006-04-13 Latin America Update: Active Civil Resistance in Cerro de San Pedro Against Minera San Xavier
2006-04-07 Cinta Larga Indians Acused of Killing Two Diamond Prospectors
2006-04-05 Guatemalan Constitutional Court Upholds Environmental Consults
2006-04-04 Active Civil Resistance in Cerro de San Pedro Against Minera San Xavier
2006-03-19 Latin America Update
2006-03-19 Latin America Update
2006-03-07 Child Labour Used In Brazilian Mines That Supply Ici Paints
2006-02-14 Brazil Indians Again Block Cvrd Iron Ore Railway
2006-02-06 Latin American Update
2006-02-03 Brazil Frontier Mining Bill Nearly Drafted
2006-01-30 LATIN AMERICA UPDATE: January 30 2006
2006-01-30 LATIN AMERICA UPDATE: January 30 2006
2006-01-25 Brazil may give land to "wildcat" diamond miners
2006-01-24 Venezuela Threatens to Take Over Mines
2006-01-23 MINESUR: Venezuela/Brazil/Argentina agree to gigantic new mining plan
2006-01-11 Brazil Bauxite Mine Closed after Dam Burst
2006-01-11 Yanomami of Brazil - up against the miners
2006-01-11 Yanomami of Brazil - up against the miners
2005-12-20 Prospectors and Yanomami are a recipe for problems
2005-12-15 Statement of Communities and Organizations Confronting Mining Exploitation in El Salvador: Social Or
2005-12-10 1 Siam City Cement is a subsidiary of Holcim, the Swiss multinational cement firm.
2005-12-10 The Scheme of Plunder
2005-12-10 The Scheme of Plunder
2005-12-10 In 2004 a detailed report on the corporate crimes of Eternit was delivered at a conference organised
2005-12-10 1 According to Eternit, medical care is costing the company US$270 per person per month.
2005-11-15 Chalco seeks NDRC approval to develop Guinean bauxite mine
2005-09-15 Spending on Environment Yields Big Returns - Report
2005-09-15 Resource Depletion Damages Third World - World Bank
2005-09-15 On precisely the same day both the World Bank and the United Nations Environment Programme have come
2005-07-21 Illegal Miners Threaten Brazil Indians
2005-07-21 Mineros amenazan reserva de indígenas Yanomami en Brasil
2005-07-21 Illegal Miners Threaten Brazil Indians
2005-06-27 Reading between the pipelines
2005-05-27 London Calling - May 29 2005
2005-05-15 MMAC urges domestic steelmakers to further develop overseas mines
2005-04-06 China Tries to Stem Flow of Coal Mine Disasters
2005-03-31 China Says Environment Spending Falls Short
2005-02-10 Orchid to buy copper giant
2005-02-07 Chinese Coal Mining Update
2005-01-31 Investors drawn to China despite risks
2005-01-31 China Coal Crunch Expected to Worsen
2005-01-27 China Using Environment Rules To Help Cool Economy
2005-01-27 China Hikes Penalties on Illegal Coal Mining
2005-01-27 Canada Worried by China Buying its Resources
2005-01-26 Ramu Project Nudged
2005-01-26 Latinamerica Press has published a special online edition, containing articles, reports and analyse
2005-01-26 The impact of Mining in Latin America
2005-01-20 China's Go West Campaign and Globalisation: Tibet's mines up for sale in the international market
2005-01-13 Mining a magnet for China's overseas investment
2005-01-13 China contradictions
2005-01-13 China contradictions
2005-01-07 Half of China's overseas investment falls in Latin America
2004-11-26 Minmetals meets Noranda
2004-09-22 Further Asbestos Updates
2004-09-22 Further asbestos updates
2004-09-10 Cyanide cemetery found in Amapá, Brazil
2004-09-10 Cyanide cemetery found in Amapá, Brazil
2004-08-28 Why the World Bank snubbed the EIR
2004-08-28 Why the World Bank snubbed the EIR - Special Report
2004-08-19 Brazilian Miners Wait for Payday After Diet of Bitterness
2004-07-01 Amazonia countries to have plan to combat mercury use
2004-06-15 ALCOA Pushes for Massive Amazonia Exploitation
2004-06-03 Recent expansions in global aluminium
2004-06-02 London Calling - June 2 2004
2004-06-02 London Calling! June 2 2004
2004-04-08 Gold is not enough - the story of gold rushes
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China - A London Calling special - March 22 2004
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China
2004-02-25 Action Alert: Stop Intimidation of Brazilian Labour Inspector Fernanda Giannasi
2004-02-25 Action Alert: Stop Intimidation of Brazilian Labour Inspector Fernanda Giannasi
2004-02-20 Background information -
2003-11-30 London Calling! November 30 2003
2003-11-30 London Calling - November 30 2003
2003-10-25 BHP Billiton accused of green abuse
2003-07-09 Mining operations in Mazaruni indefensible
2003-05-16 1,000 babies contaminated by mercury in Para, Brazil
2003-04-15 Fighting For Asbestos Justice In Brazil - An Interview With Fernanda Giannasi
2002-06-15 PERU
2001-09-15 What has Bougainville to teach us?
2001-05-23 Protesta Mundial contra Inco
2001-05-01 Three Bolivian Ministers Kidnapped By Townspeople
2001-05-01 Taking It to Drummond: Paramilitaries and Mining Companies in Colombia
2001-05-01 CVRD suspends iron ore supply to clients due to environmental liabilities
2001-05-01 Coal Mine Accidents Underreported to Protect Livelihoods
2001-04-23 available in Spanish
2001-04-23 Mas información sobre Environmental Defence Canada:

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