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Belgium has 12 articles

2018-03-08 Out of the Forrest - and into the saddle!
2017-09-14 Zimbabwe: how diamonds aid Mugabe's regime "militarisation"
2010-04-08 Israel's blood diamonds
2009-05-05 EXCLUSIVE: How coal may produce energy without being mined
2008-01-31 UK coal company cold-shouldered by leading Banladesh businessman
2007-10-25 The myth of uranium's "magic bullet"
2007-08-30 Arsenic in Water a Risk to 140 Million People
2007-08-30 The deadly arsenic "time bomb"
2007-08-30 The deadly arsenic "time bomb"
2007-08-30 World facing 'arsenic timebomb'
2007-08-27 Six New Orleans Schoolyards Contaminated With Arsenic
2004-07-09 Gem miners' labours earn few riches for Sierra Leone

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