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2014-10-17 Canada: Taseko seeks damages over Prosperity decision
2014-09-14 Canada: Tsilhqotin set to declare site of New Prosperity mine a tribal park
2014-08-04 Canada - Tsilhqot'in Nation announces release of draft Mining Policy
2014-06-27 Canadian First Nation wins aboriginal title claim in Supreme Court ruling
2014-02-28 Canada: Taseko New Prosperity Mine at Fish Lake rejected again
2013-11-02 Canada: First Nations declare victory against Taseko's B.C. mine
2013-02-04 Canada: Old way of doing business is dead
2013-02-04 Canadian resource firms step up legal fight against green groups
2012-12-17 When will Taseko vacate Tsilhqot'in territory?
2012-08-01 Taseko Mines' Draft Environmental Impact Statement proves issues are not being addressed
2012-05-08 Canada's Taseko Mines slammed for attack on Aboriginal rights
2012-04-02 Canada: Lake killing made easy
2012-03-06 Canada: The Tsilqhot'in take on Taseko for a second time
2011-12-12 Tsilhqot'in welcome injunction against Taseko Mines
2011-11-14 Canadian First Nations dig in against Prosperity & Coal
2011-10-31 Canada: the Taseko controversy won't go away
2011-09-19 Canadian chief urges responsible mining partnerships
2011-06-13 Canadian First Nations reject revised mine proposal
2011-03-01 Canadian PM stands "firm" against revised Taseko mine plan
2010-11-08 Canadian Fish Lake Spared
2010-10-10 Canada's Tsilhqot'in First Nation affirms mine "will never be accepted"
2010-09-14 Canada: Tsilhqot'in Nation ready to defend its territory
2010-08-02 AFN Chiefs Pledge to Help Defend Lands Against Proposed Prosperity Mine-Canada
2010-07-09 Federal Canadian Panel finds there would be significant impacts from Taseko mine
2010-05-29 Canadian Tsilhqot'in Nation statement on proposed Prosperity Mine
2010-03-02 Canadian Chiefs fight to protect sacred lake
2009-11-09 Canada: With "Prosperity" comes destruction
2007-09-18 Canada update
2007-02-08 Police Harass Maandagshoek Activist After He Speaks Out Against Councilor and Anglo Platinum
2007-02-08 Africa update
2007-02-08 Africa update
2007-02-06 Tanzania Proceeds With New Mining Tax Policy
2007-02-05 Guinea in turmoil
2007-01-29 Preserving fish stocks a challenge for Taseko, Northgate
2007-01-29 Preserving fish stocks a challenge for Taseko, Northgate

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