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2016-10-09 USA: Crested Butte long-running mine fight may soon succeed
2008-11-05 EU involvement in DRC mining project draws protest
2008-09-11 Mining firms causing indigenous people's worries
2007-10-21 A Hedge Too Far
2007-08-13 Indonesia wants to renegotiate copper contract
2007-08-13 Indonesia update
2007-08-13 Indonesia update
2007-08-04 Women lead marble mining opposition
2007-03-23 Nbsp;
2007-03-23 Us Update
2007-03-23 US Update
2007-03-19 Freeport-mcmoran Completes Phelps Dodge Takeover
2007-03-13 Africa update
2007-03-13 Africa Update
2007-01-28 Africa's minerals trap
2007-01-27 Le Carré Points To Looting Of Congo By Mining Corporations
2007-01-12 London Calling follows the cash
2006-08-20 Latin American Update
2006-08-10 García Takes Softer Line On Peruvian Resources
2006-07-13 No end to tailings disasters
2006-07-10 Government Warned About Risk Of Mining Accidents Overseas
2006-03-15 Congo squanders its crown jewels
2006-03-01 Behind the numbers: Untold Suffering in the Congo
2006-02-27 Congo asset strip
2006-02-27 Letter to Paul Wolfowitz
2006-02-27 Congo asset strip
2006-02-15 Group Calls on World Bank to Investigate Mining Contracts; Bank's Failed Reform Project in DR Congo
2005-12-30 India Update
2005-12-25 Cheap ore for Orissa sponge iron makers
2005-11-07 Chile Government Warns Mining Companies Over Water Use
2005-11-07 Chile government warns mining companies over water use
2005-10-31 UN Ignores Own Standards in Investing $29 Billion Pension Fund
2005-10-31 Three mining multinationals companies are among a dozen companies which allegedly violate the United
2003-07-17 London Calling - July 17 2003
2003-07-17 London Calling! July 17 2003
2003-02-20 Phelps Dodge Fined $105,000 for Water Pollution
2002-02-16 Changes in World Economy on Raw Materials May Doom Many Towns
2001-04-23 Dirty Digger Awards 2003

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