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2017-04-10 Niger's "uranium-gate"
2016-08-16 China: Thousands protest against nuclear waste project
2015-11-06 Niger: One uranium mine says a lot about China's huge nuclear-power ambitions
2015-08-22 Indigenous group urges Canada to uphold Kiggavik decision
2015-03-24 Areva's a gonna - at least in Australia's Queensland
2014-11-22 French Nuclear Giant Areva Says Future Is Uncertain, Prompting a Sell-Off
2014-09-27 Australia: Areva suing over Kakadu
2013-10-20 Thousands protest against Areva in Niger mining town
2013-09-01 Kazakhstan: The cost of being the world's No.1 uranium producer
2013-07-29 Public trust crisis threatens China's nuclear power ambitions
2013-07-02 Canada: Legal challenge to uranium 'collaboration agreement'
2013-06-11 Outrage at signing of First Nation and Cameco-Areva collaboration agreement
2013-05-28 Niger: Areva Mine Attacked, 13 Employees Wounded
2013-03-19 United front forms against Quebec uranium mining
2013-02-11 Niger wants to renegotiate Areva partnership terms
2013-02-11 Australia: Koongarra finally protected from uranium mining
2012-12-11 'Collaboration Agreement' with uranium giants sparks opposition in Saskatchewan
2012-08-01 Inuit campaign for referendum over mine in far north
2012-07-03 Kyrgyzstan's uranium disaster defies long-term solution
2012-06-12 Victory! The struggle to protect Koongarra uranium is finally won
2012-05-15 NGO urges compensation for Areva's Niger staff
2011-10-31 India: France and the Fukushima factor
2011-08-08 Nuclear: too hot to handle
2011-07-25 Africa's uranium industry "threatens people and nature"
2011-07-04 World Heritage sites threatened by mining, says IUCN
2011-05-30 Fukushima chills uranium development
2011-04-18 Rio Tinto sidesteps questions on Jabiluka uranium
2011-04-12 In the wake of Fukushima, what future for Canadian uranium?
2011-03-14 Uranium Meltdown in Japan
2010-11-16 Fear Darkens Czech Uranium Mining Town
2010-10-10 Australian state government bans uranium mine
2010-08-22 Gabonese NGO decries effects of mining
2010-06-19 Canadian First Nations take on three new mining proposals
2010-06-04 Australian aboriginal landowner secures land from uranium mining
2010-05-29 Two statements to UN CSD on Indigenous Peoples & uranium
2010-05-23 Greenpeace alerts WHO over Areva Niger mines
2010-04-18 Uranium still at the heart of Niger conflict
2010-03-02 French nuclear power fed by uranium from Niger
2009-09-29 DR Congo human rights activist imprisoned for exposing alleged mining scam
2009-04-14 Uranium Mining and Human Rights- Indigenous Voices Speak out
2007-12-21 Canada Uranium update
2007-09-10 Anglo American Eyes Miner As Edmonds Abandons Bid
2007-09-10 Africa Update
2007-09-10 Africa update
2007-09-08 Marchers Demand That French Mining Company Leave Niger
2007-09-07 India update
2007-09-07 India update
2007-09-05 Blue Lady owners misled the Court & Ministry
2007-09-03 Guerrilla attacks cost NMDC $50 million in lost production
2007-09-01 Women to the fore, not only in politics but also mining
2007-08-31 Refinery: all-party team puts State on notice
2007-08-19 Indian firm acquires uranium mining rights in Niger
2007-07-20 Uranium update
2007-07-14 Who Wants To Be A Billionaire? I Don't
2007-07-11 Nigerien rebels: Chinese hostage to be freed imminently
2007-07-11 Niger rebels free Chinese hostage in uranium firm
2007-07-11 China ends uranium prospecting in Niger after rebel threats
2007-07-11 China ends uranium prospecting in Niger after rebel threats
2007-07-10 China Suspends Uranium Operation in Northern Niger After Rebel Threats
2007-07-10 China ends uranium prospecting in Niger after rebel threats
2007-07-01 Niger bans newspaper for its reporting on rebels
2007-04-18 Africa Update
2007-04-18 Africa Update
2006-05-29 Normandy Aquifer Seven Times More Radioactive Than French Limit
2006-05-29 Areva derci?
2006-05-29 Areva derci?
2006-05-09 Kakadu uranium mine off Areva's agenda
2005-08-02 Montana Dam to Be Removed in $100 Million Mine Waste Cleanup

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