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2011-01-17 It's not just hot air, as Björk takes on Beaty
2008-11-10 Mining and the Economic Crisis in Canada
2007-11-01 Sierre Leone to review mining contracts
2007-09-01 London Calling
2004-03-26 What the papers say
2004-03-16 Kimberlite Blast Lands 3 in Hospital
2004-01-21 Press Statement - Genesis of the Koidu Holdings Crisis
2002-01-15 Listen and heed the just demands of the poor affected communities
2001-05-01 Human Rights, Mining and the People of Kono
2001-05-01 The decision by the Sierra Leone government to allow the British ex-mercenary outit Diamond Works/
2001-05-01 Can diamonds be a curse forever? Newsletter from NMJD in Sierra Leone
2001-05-01 Campaigners 'sensitise' kimberlite communities
2001-05-01 poem
2001-05-01 VOX POP

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