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2013-03-26 Papuan police wreak havoc on Lihir community
2012-12-11 London Calling issues a Public Health Warning
2012-09-18 A call to suspend mining in Papua New Guinea
2011-09-19 Papua New Guinea PM eats his words
2011-09-06 Papua New Guinea earmarks mineral rights for its indigenous peoples
2011-03-08 World Bank Backs Marine Dumping Of Mine Waste
2011-02-07 Hidden Valley leaves disadvantaged communities 'worse off'
2010-09-20 Garnaut behind controversial PNG mines
2010-07-09 Marchers against mining's "environmental vandalism" face arrest in PNG
2010-02-08 ICMM firms commit to poverty reduction
2009-04-20 Out of Sight, Out of Mine: Ocean Dumping of Mine Wastes
2009-04-20 Mining crisis still hits hard on workers around the world
2007-02-13 Asia-Pacific update
2006-10-28 London Calling on Rio Tinto's latest fall from grace
2006-09-15 Villagers Close Mine, Seek Compensation
2006-09-15 Local Landowners Close Mine
2006-09-15 Papua New Guinea/Bougainville Update
2006-03-14 Papua New Guinea update
2006-03-10 Mines, money, and partnerships
2006-03-10 Mines, Money, And Partnerships
2006-02-13 Human Rights Groups And Mining Watchdogs Call For Immediate Ban On Waste Dumping
2005-12-21 Very little said about tailings dumping
2005-10-14 After the Lihir landslide
2005-10-14 Major disaster kills workers at Lihir mine
2005-10-14 Major disaster kills workers at Lihir mine
2005-10-11 Landslide In Lihir: Setback Or Symptomatic?
2005-03-04 We stand ready to defend our land and our patrimony against imperialist mining
2003-07-15 Up against the Red Shield
2003-05-01 Response to Questions by Mineral Policy Institute (Australia) at Rio Tinto Ltd, AGM Perth, Australi
2003-04-15 Report of the Rio Tinto Annual General Meeting 2003
2003-04-15 Report of the Rio Tinto AGM
2002-11-16 Government link to gold mine's 'prohibited' waste
2001-05-01 A cold reception

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