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2017-02-08 Colombia's resistance to Canadian mining
2015-07-15 Ecuador: Community plebiscite to stop mining in Kimsacocha
2015-06-27 Burkina Faso parliament adopts new mining code
2014-12-29 Canada: The limits of tying aid to mining companies
2013-11-19 Ecuador: European Tour discusses mining in Kimsacocha
2013-03-05 Correa's promotion of mining in Ecuador faces renewed opposition
2013-02-04 "Aid not Trade" for mining companies?
2012-04-11 Mali's parlous state of mining exposed by recent coup
2012-02-14 Canada's government equates mining with "development"
2012-01-10 Canada and India: Mining companies are getting closer to NGOs
2011-10-05 Ecuador: To consult (or not consult) the people
2011-08-08 Strike shuts down Canada-owned gold mine in Suriname
2010-12-13 London Calling wades through a curious wiki leak
2009-12-01 Iamgold no tiene permiso para explorar en la Amazonía, Peru
2009-11-30 Peru Says Miner at Odds with Indians Has No Permit
2009-11-16 Stop or step down! Peoples say to Correa in Ecuador
2009-04-06 CONAIE delivers lawsuit asking new Mining Law be declared unconstitutional
2008-12-02 Ecuador mobilises against draft Mining Bill - Jornada nacional de lucha contra proyecto de ley minera
2008-09-29 Guyana poised for dubious Chinese deal
2008-04-30 Ecuador: Constitutional mandate freezes mining exploration/Ecuador revoka concesiones
2008-02-10 Ecuador: a dialogue for life
2007-09-07 Are Canadian Investors Funding Terror Tactics in Ecuador?
2007-09-06 Canadian MP, Alexa McDonough, joins a Development and Peace fact finding mission to Honduras to inv
2007-09-02 Latin America update - Oficialismo planea que Constituyente vete miner­a a cielo abierto en Ecu
2007-09-02 Latin America update
2007-09-02 HONDURAS
2007-08-29 Peruvian Leaders Support $234,000 Fine of Doe Run Peru
2007-08-29 GUATEMALA
2007-08-28 PERU
2007-08-27 Slave labor persists in Amazon charcoal works - ICC
2007-08-24 Police denounce protestors against mining operations
2007-08-23 Monterrico launches 80 mln usd private fund proposal for Rio Blanco communities
2007-08-23 BRAZIL
2007-08-22 ECUADOR
2007-08-14 Mining companies sharpen confrontation in Honduras
2007-07-30 CHILE
2007-03-15 China's iron ore traders reject India's new export duty
2007-03-15 Bosai Mining assumes management of South American bauxite mine
2007-03-09 China update
2007-03-09 China Update
2007-03-08 ANALYSIS - China Building Blitz Holds Key to Energy Saving
2007-03-08 China Abandons Annual Energy Saving Targets
2004-08-28 Why the World Bank snubbed the EIR - Special Report
2001-05-01 CVRD suspends iron ore supply to clients due to environmental liabilities

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