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2014-04-21 Philippines: Congressional investigation of poor mining practice
2014-03-02 Philippines - Mining has the potential for disaster, but uncertainly looms large
2011-09-19 Protests at Philippine mining conference
2011-04-04 Indigenous Filipinos re-affirm call to repeal Mining Act
2010-07-17 Philippine Bishops want Truth Commission vs environmental crimes
2010-04-24 Environmentalists praise Philippine's new rules for Environmental Cases
2009-04-02 The Manila Declaration of the International Conference on Extractive Industries and Indigenous Peoples
2008-02-09 Philippines update
2007-12-20 Philippines update
2007-12-07 Philippines Update
2007-11-07 Philippines: uproar over fish kills
2007-10-10 Philippines update
2007-09-12 Governor Opposes New Lafayette Exploration
2007-09-11 Philippines update
2007-09-05 Albay Mining Company Braces For Npa Attacks
2007-09-03 New Peoples Army Threats Endanger Aussie Mining Operations
2007-08-21 Philippines Update
2007-08-21 Philippines update
2007-08-20 Cec Asserts Right To Freedom Of Expression And Public Participation
2007-08-20 March Of The Mines Sees Islanders Facing Loss Of Ancestral Homeland
2007-08-10 Philippines Update
2007-08-09 Greater Threat To Nature
2007-07-23 The Tragedy Of Mining In Rapu-rapu Island Ecosystem, Albay Province
2007-07-21 Philippines Update
2007-07-21 Philippines Update
2007-07-19 Philippines To Probe Claim Of Dam Failure At Tvi Pacific's Mine
2007-07-16 Revenue-sharing Plan Confuses Mining Firms
2007-07-13 Philippines Update
2007-07-13 Philippines Update
2007-07-12 Lafayette Mining Harassing Environmental Ngo With P10m Libel Suit
2007-07-11 Lafayette Files Libel Raps Vs Ecology Group
2007-07-11 Cec Statement On Lafayette's Raps
2007-06-06 Philippines update
2007-06-05 Groups Renew Drive To Scrap Mining Law
2007-06-05 Gov't Warned About Mining Firms With Poor Track Record
2007-06-01 Philippines Update
2007-06-01 Philippines update
2007-06-01 Possible Water Contamination And Fish Kill In Rapu-rapu, Residents Report
2007-05-28 Gma Wooing Grave Trouble With Australian Mining Deals, Philippine Environmental Activists Say
2007-04-24 Philippines update
2007-04-24 Ngos Urge Bank To Drop Lafayette Funding
2007-04-24 Philippines Update
2007-04-23 Stop Funding Lafayette Mining In Rapu-rapu Island!
2007-04-22 Large-scale Mining And Rapu-rapu
2007-04-17 Mining Firms In Philippines Yield To Communists' Demands
2007-03-25 Philippines update
2007-03-24 Experts Find No Scientific Basis For Rapu-rapu Mine Re-opening
2007-03-22 Experts Review Denr 's Permanent Lifting Order, Find No Scientific Basis For Rapu-rapu Mine Re-open
2007-03-03 Church Leaders To Campaign Vs Pro-mining Poll Bets
2007-02-28 Philippines update
2007-02-17 Philippines update
2007-02-16 Environmentalists Sign Petition Vs Lafayette Mine
2007-02-15 Villagers Watchful Of Lafayette Mining
2007-02-15 Lafayette Restart Slammed
2007-02-14 Fight Against Lafayette Mining Far From Over
2007-02-13 Philippine Gold Enchants But Does Not Enrich
2007-02-09 Philippines update
2007-02-09 Environmental Group Slams Failure Of Transparency In Lafayette Mining Resumption Order
2007-02-09 Philippines Update
2007-02-08 Denr Allows Lafayette To Re-start Mine
2007-02-08 Greenpeace Statement On The Reopening Of Lafayette Mine In Rapu Rapu Island, Albay , Manila
2007-02-08 Gov't Decision On Rapu-rapu Mine Reopening "economically, Environmentally, And Morally-bankrupt"
2007-02-06 The People Say No To Rapu-rapu Mine Reopening
2007-02-05 Reyes: No Plunge In Mining Investments; Mining Contribution To Economy Steady
2007-01-31 Mining Pros And Cons
2007-01-29 Bishops Call On Arroyo To Repeal Mining Law
2007-01-26 Report Cites Dangers Of Rp Mining Policies
2007-01-25 Philippines Update
2007-01-25 Philippines update
2007-01-18 Interview - Mining Sector Sees Stronger Year Ahead On Brisk Investments
2007-01-16 Lafayette Eyes Restart After Typhoon
2007-01-15 Environmental Groups Bewail Lafayette's Commercial Operations
2006-12-24 In Aftermath Of Typhoon "reming"
2006-12-24 Philippines Update
2006-12-24 Philippines Update
2006-12-05 24 Died Near Rapu-rapu Mine In Typhoon's Wake
2006-12-04 Another Tragedy Hits Rapu-rapu
2006-12-02 Philippines Update
2006-12-02 Philippines Update
2006-12-01 Lafayette's Rapu Rapu project damaged
2006-11-28 Bishop, priest sued for after exposing transnational mining practices
2006-11-24 Foreign mining firms to operate in Diwalwal
2006-11-23 Bishops' help to be sought versus Colet
2006-11-22 Rapu-Rapu, make or break for mining
2006-11-22 Mayor refutes landslide, soil erosion reports in Sipalay
2006-11-22 Manila says 27 mining firms eyeing Diwalwal gold
2006-11-20 Government seeks to raise share in mines
2006-11-20 Bad mining image traced to spills
2006-11-19 Reyes asks mining investors to reach out to communities
2006-11-15 Denr-bicol Set To Decide On Fate Of Mining Company
2006-11-15 Strive for 'infra success,' Duke of York prods RP
2006-11-11 Philippines Update
2006-11-11 Philippines Update
2006-11-10 Center For Environmental Concerns-philippines (cec-phils) Press Release
2006-11-09 Environmental Activists Assail Denr's Extention Of Lafayette Test Runs As Gov't Cover-up
2006-11-08 Lafayette Gets Philippine Mine Test Extension
2006-11-02 Philippines Update
2006-11-01 Environmentalists Ask For Fair Media Coverage Of Albay Spill, Luzon
2006-10-22 Philippines Update
2006-10-22 Philippines Update
2006-10-20 Bishops, Environmentalists Want Future Mining Projects In Palawan Banned
2006-10-15 Boac Declaration 2006
2006-10-09 Lafayette Mining Rebounds In Philippines
2006-10-04 Greenpeace To Sue Sorsogon Gov. Raul Lee; Demands Public Apology For Defamatory Accusations
2006-10-02 11 Regions Hit By 'milenyo' To Undergo Ecological Assessment
2006-09-14 Government Gives Lafayette Test 60-day Extension
2006-09-13 Government To Answer Mining Concerns "point By Point"
2006-09-12 Lafayette Forced To Shut Rapu-rapu Anew
2006-09-11 Philippines Update
2006-09-11 Philippines Update
2006-09-09 ABN Amro: Bad Credit! Get Out of Lafayette Mine
2006-09-09 Philippines Update
2006-09-09 Philippines Update
2006-09-08 Environmental Groups blast Lafayette and DENR for Test-Run Extension Plans
2006-09-07 Foreign firms keen on Lafayette mine
2006-09-06 Indigenous people's rights activist slain
2006-09-06 Government asked: Stay as regulator, stop being promoter of mining
2006-09-06 London-based environmentalists clarify role for responsible mining activities
2006-09-03 Philippines Update
2006-09-03 Philippines Update
2006-08-30 DENR gives go-signal to Lafayette mining
2006-08-27 Greenpeace to Lafayette: So sue us
2006-08-26 Save Our Seas (SOS) Alliance bares plan to file raps at the United Nations Human Rights Council
2006-08-24 Greenpeace reports of contamination in Rapu-Rapu
2006-08-23 Caraga natives decry mining, logging
2006-08-21 Crew - UK firm buys option of S. Cotabato coal project
2006-08-21 2 docu films tell of Mindoro fight for environment
2006-08-20 Mining companies will ruin’ the Philippines, warns MP
2006-08-18 Amnesty International's Report On The Political Killings
2006-08-18 Philippines Update
2006-08-18 Miners behaving badly abroad
2006-08-11 Greenpeace "virtual March" On Lafayette
2006-08-10 Statement from communities over Mining
2006-08-10 Diggers & Dealers Annual Conference
2006-07-29 Philippines Update
2006-07-29 Philippines Update
2006-07-26 Australian Mine In Philippines Accused Over Third Spill
2006-07-26 Greenpeace Worker Arrested In Rapu-rapu
2006-07-21 Philippines Update
2006-07-21 Groups seek injunction vs Lafayette
2006-07-21 Philippines Update
2006-07-20 Lafayette seeks DENR okay to resume regular mining operations at Rapu-Rapu
2006-07-19 Bicolanos, Environmental activists file case against Lafayette, DENR
2006-07-18 Fort del Pilar threatened with mining operation
2006-07-15 Fears raised over mining dam in danger of collapse
2006-07-15 All Biak-na-Bato quarrying stopped
2006-07-15 Philippines Update
2006-07-15 Philippines Update
2006-07-12 Gov't orders evaluation of mining sites after waste spill
2006-07-11 Mining firm starts 30-day test run
2006-07-10 Greenpeace statement on the resumption of Lafayette's operations
2006-07-10 Bishop, Bicolanos and environmental activists condemn resumption of Lafayette mining operation
2006-07-07 Changing gov't policies to deter mine investors
2006-06-29 Biak-na-Bato destruction scored
2006-06-25 Philippines Update
2006-06-25 Philippines Update
2006-06-23 Biak-na-Bato mining put to a halt
2006-06-22 Philippines mulls tough mining regulations
2006-06-17 Church, NGOs call for Reyes' resignation over Lafayette
2006-06-17 Philippines Update
2006-06-17 Philippines Update
2006-06-16 Time for the mining industry to clean up its act
2006-06-15 DENR nod on resumption of LPI's operations hit
2006-06-15 Environmentalists Assail Rapu-rapu Mine Re-opening
2006-06-14 Filipino Bishop disappointed over Lafayette mine decision
2006-06-14 Marinduquenos Support The People Of Albay In Their Struggle Against Lafayette Reopening
2006-06-14 Rebels threaten to disrupt Philippines mining operation
2006-06-14 Mining firm gets nod from DENR
2006-06-13 Philippines allows Australian miner to restart operation
2006-06-11 Senate Scrutinizes Mining Act Next Week
2006-06-09 Philippines Update
2006-06-09 Philippines Update
2006-06-06 Statement of condemnation of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines
2006-05-29 Bayan leader killed for fighting mining'
2006-05-28 Another activist murdered
2006-05-26 Philippines' Mining Down In The Dumps
2006-05-26 Philippines Update
2006-05-26 Philippines Update
2006-05-26 Foreign Miners Want Gov't By Their Side
2006-05-25 Rp Ranks 125th In International Environmental Protection Index
2006-05-23 President Arroyo’s Decision Not To Ban Mining: A Poor Bet To Rp’s Economic Growth
2006-05-23 Environmental Group Cec Slams Government And Lafayette - Philippines' Proposal For Test Run Of Opera
2006-05-22 Philippine Communist Rebels Vow Attacks On Mines
2006-05-21 Pamalakaya Hits Neda Chief For 'condoning' Lafayette Spill
2006-05-18 CPA condemns killing of Pangasinan peasant leader
2006-04-28 Philippines Update
2006-04-28 Philippines Update
2006-04-27 TVI mining firm denies Subanens' accusations
2006-04-26 Mindanaoans band to oppose large-scale mining
2006-04-24 Mining Act's Constitutionality to Deprive RP of Economic Gains - SC Urged to Reverse Ruling on R.A.
2006-04-24 Tribesmen ask MGB to cancel mining permit
2006-04-22 Church worried over increasing militarization of SK town
2006-04-21 Philippines Update
2006-04-21 Bicolanos Protest Renewed Mining Operations In Albay
2006-04-15 Mindanao Convergence Of Advocates for an Alternative Mining Policy
2006-04-06 Philippines Update
2006-04-06 Philippines Update
2006-03-30 Philippines Update
2006-03-30 Philippines Update
2006-03-24 Lafayette Has No Permit To Reopen
2006-03-23 Australia's Lafayette Unveils A$42m Funding, New Md
2006-03-23 Rapu Rapu Restarts, Mcllwain Exits
2006-03-15 Government Moves To Boost Mining Industry
2006-02-01 Philippine protests proliferate
2006-02-01 Not Just Cyanide: Study Shows Toxic Heavy Metals Also Caused Contamination From Lafayette Mine Spil
2006-01-30 Bishops Bag Filipino Mining
2006-01-29 Cbcp For Poll Reforms, Vs No-el - Expresses Its Belief That Mining Destroys Life
2006-01-29 A Statement On Mining Issues And Concerns By The Catholic Bishops Conference, Philippines
2006-01-26 Pregnant Dugong Found Dead In Toxic Waters Of Rapu-rapu Island For Immediate Release
2006-01-25 Lafayette To Appeal Fine For Mine Spill In The Philippines
2006-01-20 Philippine Update
2006-01-20 Philippine Update
2006-01-15 Notes to Editor
2006-01-11 Albay fishermen demand shutdown of mining firm
2006-01-11 Mining operations set back, says DENR
2006-01-11 DENR's 10.7 million peso fine is not enough!
2006-01-10 Aussie firm slapped P10.7M in fines for mine spills
2006-01-10 Lafayette update
2006-01-10 Lafayette update
2006-01-02 Mayors told: Don't blame Lafayette
2005-12-31 Protestors want Lafayette out of Albay
2005-12-31 Protestors want Lafayette out of Albay
2005-12-29 Most harmful ConCom proposal
2005-12-24 Lafayette backs fish scare probe in Sorsogon (Lafayette)
2005-12-14 Lafayette offer in demand (Lafayette)
2005-12-01 Lafayette looking for funds following delay
2005-11-30 Rapu Rapu cyanide spill threatens to derail government promotion of mining
2005-11-30 Lafayette loses $5.5m after Rapu-Rapu spill accident
2005-11-30 From gold to dust
2005-11-30 Rapu Rapu cyanide spill threatens to derail government promotion of mining
2005-11-27 Lafayette water tests tagged misleading
2005-11-23 Mayor vows to stop Lafayette mining
2005-11-15 Letter to the editor of the Philippine Daily Enquirer
2005-11-15 Mine spill no accident, workers tell probe team
2005-11-15 Mine spill no accident, workers tell probe team (15 Nov 05) Philippines High Court rules vs. full fo
2005-11-11 Australia Miner in Philippine Cyanide Leak Probe
2005-11-11 Lafayette cyanide spill probed
2005-11-10 Lafayette gets please explain
2005-11-09 Bicolanos and environmental groups demand permanent closure of La Fayette mining in Rapu-rapu
2005-11-09 Bicolanos and environmental groups demand permanent closure of La Fayette mining in Rapu-rapu
2005-11-07 Cyanide blamed for Albay fish kills
2005-10-29 Updates on mining in the Philippines
2005-10-28 Sorsogon Seek Help On Cyanide Leak
2005-10-15 Deepening crisis in Philippines over mining as it hosts the ASEAN Mining conference
2005-10-12 As Gma Ups Mining Agenda: Igorots Picket Asia Pacific Mining Conference
2005-10-11 857 Abandoned Mines Pose Health Menace, Say Ngos
2005-10-11 Protesters Brought Own Shields To Defend Their Rights And National Patrimony
2005-10-11 Do Not Deal With The Illegitimate Arroyo Government; Our National Patrimony Is Not For Sale!
2005-10-11 An Illegitimate Government Has No Right To Deal On Matters Involving National Patrimony
2005-10-06 Grim Reality Behind Mining Investments
2005-05-27 La Fayette Mining in Rapu-rapu will impoverish the Bicolanos and devastate the environment
2005-04-04 Lafayette Mining Inc. Not A Responsible Miner, Denr Official Admits
2003-08-04 WWF come under renewed pressure to end deal with Superquarry company
2003-08-04 WWF Press Release - Tesco membership of responsible timber group terminated
2003-08-04 WWF come under renewed pressure to end deal with Superquarry company
2001-05-01 Going Down the Drain'
2001-05-01 Lafayette’s 30-day test run - A Simple Gimmick?
2001-05-01 Timeline Of Significant Events
2001-05-01 Mine probers find heavy metals in villagers' bodies
2001-05-01 Saving an Island
2001-05-01 Destroying Rapu-rapu Through Mining

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