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2017-04-25 Goldman Prize winners and their battles against mining ventures
2016-07-15 Lafarge paid taxes to ISIS to protect its business in Syria
2014-05-29 Executives facing climate denial-related claims could be personally liable
2011-05-10 Is US coal coming under control?
2010-09-05 Filipino villagers challenge Lafarge over desecrated burial ground
2010-06-11 London Calling warns against "costing" mining's socio-environmental destruction
2010-04-18 Lafarge accused of turning Indian forest into "rocky wasteland"
2009-02-23 Zambia citizens' group takes mining companies to court
2008-08-25 Venezuelan government takes over facilities owned by Cemex - Gobierno toma control de instalaciones de Cemex
2008-04-13 Venezuela: Chavez nationalizes cement and iron-steel industries
2008-03-10 Multinational cement manufacturers in the dock
2007-08-30 China Says May Sack Energy-Guzzling State Firms' CEOs
2007-08-30 China Urges Electricity Suppliers to Buy ‘Green’ Power Ling Li
2007-08-30 China update
2007-08-30 China update
2007-08-16 Local police and security guards break up peaceful workers' protests
2007-08-14 Black Stuff And Nonsense
2007-08-14 Black stuff and nonsense
2007-07-26 Diary of a Strike: 3,000 workers at the Shuangma Cement Plant strike in protest at management's comp
2007-07-15 Chemical Company Profits From Double Counting Of Carbon Credits
2007-06-29 Shot in arm for Jindal promoters industry dossier
2007-06-28 Agitation intensified against bauxite mining, alumina units
2007-06-28 South Asia update
2007-06-28 South Asia update
2007-06-20 Stoppage of limestone supply to Lafarge Surma Indian SC issues showcause notice on central, Meghala
2006-08-23 Minister claims the government is not legally bound to give miners' families compensation after a &
2006-07-17 A burning issue
2006-07-17 A Burning Issue
2006-06-28 Recycling priorities threatened with incineration CEE Bankwatch Network, European Environmental Bure
2006-06-22 Are miners certifiable?
2006-06-22 Are miners certifiable?
2006-05-18 Groups demand Ontario kill toxic plan to burn tires and trash Data reveals up to 3,400% increase in
2006-05-18 Trashing Lafarge
2006-05-18 Trashing Lafarge
2006-05-18 For further information please read our Media Backgrounder or contact: Hauschild, President, Loyalis
2006-03-10 Take Your Partners - But Where Are We Going?
2006-03-10 Mines, Money, And Partnerships
2006-03-10 Mines, money, and partnerships
2005-12-13 Legislative and legal updates from the USA
2005-12-13 Legislative and legal updates from the USA
2005-12-12 Sierra Club Lawsuit Targets EPA Rule on Toxic Chemical Emissions
2005-12-12 Pennsylvania OKs Lafarge Cement to Burn Nonrecyclable Plastics
2005-12-10 India Update
2005-12-10 India Update
2005-12-09 Iron Pipe Maker Mcwane, Executives Sentenced for Enviro Crimes
2005-12-09 Legal Experts Ask Congress to Reject Sale of Parklands to Miners
2005-11-29 Lafarge Project Hits Limestone Hurdle
2004-09-07 Ship Loaded With Toxic Ash Sinks off Turkish Coast
2004-08-19 Is "sustainable cement" all it's cracked up to be?
2004-08-19 Is "sustainable Cement" All It's Cracked Up To Be?
2004-01-09 Court Unanimously Rejects 'Back Door' Quarry Attempt
2004-01-09 Court Unanimously Rejects 'Back Door' Quarry Attempt
2003-11-19 Britain's Biggest Ever Quarry Proposal Goes to Court
2003-11-15 Notes to Editors:
2003-10-29 To the Spoilers the Victory: Colombia Privatises the Mineral Industry with World Bank Support
2003-10-29 Please Write To The Following People, Making The Points Listed Above:-
2003-08-07 London Calling - August 7 2003
2003-08-04 WWF come under renewed pressure to end deal with Superquarry company
2003-08-04 WWF Press Release - Tesco membership of responsible timber group terminated
2003-08-04 WWF come under renewed pressure to end deal with Superquarry company
2003-07-27 Criticism of UK Environment Agency over alternative fuels for cement kilns
2003-06-04 London Calling - June 4 2003
2003-06-04 London Calling! June 4 2003
2003-02-21 London Calling - February 21 2003
2003-02-21 London Calling! February 21 2003
2003-02-19 London Calling - February 19 2003
2003-02-19 London Calling! February 19 2003
2002-09-27 London Calling! September 27 2002
2002-09-27 London Calling - September 27 2002
2002-07-13 London Calling - July 13 2002
2002-07-13 London Calling - July 13 2002
2001-05-01 See an artist's impression of the proposed quarry at:

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