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2020-03-27 Anglogold confronts arrested workers' demands in Ghana
2019-08-24 Mali's new mining code ends tax exemptions, other protections
2019-07-29 South Africa: Court approves silica saga settlement
2019-06-07 South Africa: Five Mining Groups Ask Court to Approve R5 Billion Silicosis Settlement Case
2018-12-04 Thematic Social Forum on Mining and Extractivist Economy
2018-01-29 South Africa's sorry record of mineworker fatalities
2017-03-28 Colombia: Popular vote to ban ‘La Colosa’ gold mining project
2016-07-18 South African gold firms file plea to appeal lung disease class action
2016-06-26 Ghana: 9 dead in 3 weeks on AngloGold concessions
2016-05-25 South African miners must pay 67% of acid drainage clean-up costs
2016-05-16 South Africa gold mines face 500,000-strong suit on silicosis
2016-05-07 AngloGold files Obuasi dispute with Ghana
2016-03-07 Anglo American and AngloGold reach $30m silicosis settlement with miners
2016-03-01 Colombia: Ibagué City Council passes referendum on mining
2016-02-10 Ghana - AngloGold Says Troops Need to Protect Mine After Attack
2015-10-12 Will South Africa's gold miners get justice?
2015-04-06 The heavy toll of coal mining in South Africa
2014-10-01 Colombian court orders miners to hand back land to indigenous peoples
2014-07-23 Ghana EITI to explore impact of mining on local economy
2014-06-24 South African mineworkers end strike, but bleak outlook remains
2014-04-26 Demands for 'justice' for silicosis sufferers made at Anglo AGM
2014-04-22 Beyond “Conflict Minerals”: The Congo’s Resource Curse Lives On
2014-02-15 Goldman puts 'for sale' sign on Iran's old uranium supplier
2014-01-22 South Africa: Widespread industrial unrest returns to the mines
2013-12-10 Report on multinationals making profits at the expense of human rights
2013-11-09 More woes for Barrick Gold as Pascua Lama suspended
2013-09-10 South Africa: AngloGold Toxic Mine-Waste Spill
2013-07-30 Colombian town rejects AngloGold Ashanti in local vote
2013-06-06 Tanzanian Farmers Displaced By Mining Live Like Refugees
2013-04-28 South Africa: The Runaway Union
2013-02-11 Alternative Mining Indaba 2013
2013-01-07 South Africa: Class action motion filed against gold companies
2012-11-11 South African miners continue struggling with the companies
2012-11-11 DRC to discuss mining code changes with companies
2012-11-01 As labour turmoil continues, is a new South Africa possible?
2012-10-08 South African mineworker strikes proliferate, with no resolution in sight
2012-10-02 South Africa: More mines closed down by workers
2012-08-21 DR Congo mine collapse kills at least 60
2012-07-03 South Africa's ANC holds debates on mining tax reforms
2012-04-24 Colombia: going for gold
2012-04-18 In Ghana, a mining activist fights the gold goliaths
2012-03-27 Lawyer prepares silicosis class action suit against top South Africa miners
2012-02-07 Public Eye award singles out mining company Vale, Barclays
2011-12-20 Colombia's mining boom overshadowed by human rights violations
2011-11-30 Mining companies hold back progress on climate change
2011-10-31 Colombia mining projects delayed over environmental issues
2011-10-18 Ghanaians demand justice from gold miners
2011-08-23 Another shooting at AngloGold Ashanti Obuasi Mine
2011-08-08 South African mineworkers wage war on economic injustices
2011-07-11 For South Africa's sickened gold miners, a long wait for justice
2011-06-20 Who stitched up Australia's "ground breaking" minerals tax?
2011-06-13 Tanzania mulls "Super Tax" On Minerals
2011-05-02 Tanzania's taxing problem
2011-04-18 How a Colombian city united against gold greed
2011-03-28 Polluting miner gets $130m health grant for Ghana
2011-03-28 Glimmer of justice for sick gold miners
2011-02-14 Social Movements Fight Mining (and protect the paramos!) in Colombia
2011-01-17 Urgent action on AngloGold Ashanti in Colombia
2010-12-27 Colombian state ombudsman opposes Angostura gold project
2010-08-22 Freeport's Tenke Fungurume mine hit by illegal miner riot
2010-07-24 South African Government forced to deal with acid mine drainage
2010-07-04 Global trade unions demand sustainability and justice
2010-05-07 Tanzania faces industry opposition to its new mining law
2010-05-01 Anglo American challenged at 2010 AGM
2010-02-23 Two small scale miners murdered in Colombia
2010-02-23 Presentation on mining, communities, and sustainable development
2010-02-08 ICMM firms commit to poverty reduction
2009-12-22 Congo: Conflict over "conflict minerals" approach
2009-11-23 AngloGold Ashanti says goodbye to Suárez, Colombia
2009-11-02 Ghana organisation accuses Newmont of "dishonesty" and "cover up"
2009-10-13 Gold and diamond giants strike out for continental shelf
2009-09-14 Guinea regime says it will audit global miners
2009-08-25 Women Lead Opposition to Gold Mine in Colombia's Central Mountains
2009-08-03 Ghana: WACAM condemns demolishing of James Sarpong's village by AngloGold Ashanti
2009-07-27 Tanzania Mining Industry: Revenues, Resentment and Overregulation?
2009-05-27 Tanzania fails to implement mine tax reform, as Barrick comes under fire
2009-04-27 Ups and downs of DRC mining
2009-04-27 Guinea's environment minister denounces AngloGold and Crew
2009-04-20 Mining crisis still hits hard on workers around the world
2009-03-16 Ending the Race to the Bottom
2009-01-26 South African Mine Deaths Fall to Lowest on Record
2008-12-22 Colombia's Auditor General says "No" to AngloGold Ashanti project - Se 'embolató' sueño de oro en Cajamarca
2008-08-19 Colombia's Permanent Peoples 'Tribunal condemns mining companies - Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos condenó a empresas mineras
2008-07-09 Mining firms haggle with Ghana over power rate rise
2008-04-27 Colombia is a dangerous place to be a trade unionist
2008-02-28 Ghana: two sides to a critical coin
2008-02-22 Colombia's gold rush
2008-01-30 Ghana mining hits a trough - who's to blame?
2008-01-10 Latin America update
2007-12-12 Ground-breaking report released on dirty mining money
2007-12-05 Argentina update
2007-11-15 Congo Mining Commission fires multiple salvos - and itself comes under fire
2007-09-01 Women to the fore, not only in politics but also mining
2007-08-25 Latin America Update
2007-08-25 Latin America update
2007-07-28 BRAZIL
2007-07-28 Latin America update
2007-07-26 High death rate in mines very worrying: minister
2007-07-25 South Africa Update
2007-07-25 URGENT ACTION APPEAL - From Amnesty International USA
2007-07-25 Evidence of Land Trafficking in Intag
2007-07-25 Action instituted against Anglo Platinum over forced removals at Mohlohlo
2007-07-25 South Africa update
2007-07-24 S.Africa tells AngloGold to shut mine shaft
2007-07-24 PANAMA
2007-07-23 ECUADOR
2007-07-23 Residents of Condorwain Range Demand Withdrawal of Barrick Gold
2007-07-22 Informal Miners Using Nazca Lines As Roadways
2007-07-17 COLOMBIA
2007-07-15 Corruption allegations dog mining company
2007-07-15 MEXICO
2007-06-29 Environmental face-off: Catholic Church workers get ammunition for their fight in Latin America
2007-06-01 CHILE
2007-06-01 Latin America Update
2007-06-01 Latin America Update
2007-06-01 ARGENTINA
2007-05-29 BOLIVIA
2007-05-29 HONDURAS
2007-05-28 COLOMBIA
2007-05-28 BRAZIL
2007-05-22 ECUADOR
2007-04-27 Latin American update
2007-04-25 Vedanta update
2007-04-24 Ghanaians present complaints of human rights abuses
2007-04-24 Ghanaians present complaints of human rights abuses
2007-04-22 Fresh Allegations Tarnish Glittering Year For Anglo
2007-04-22 Anglo Under Heavy Fire
2007-04-22 Anglo under heavy fire
2007-04-21 Mining Giant Anglo American Faces Wrath Of Poor In South Africa
2007-04-18 Launching LMN
2007-04-17 Anglo Wants Controlling Stake In Lepanto Mine
2007-04-15 London mining companies: climate change, human rights and corporate wrongs
2007-04-15 Urgent Action Requested: President Of The Agro-mining Federation Of Sur De Bolivar Detained
2007-04-14 Launching the London Mining Network
2007-04-14 Launching the London Mining Network
2007-04-04 Xstrata Best Anglo American Suitor, Say London Analysts
2007-01-25 Latin American Update
2007-01-25 Latin American Update
2007-01-22 Gold Rush Gathers Speed In Argentine Andes
2006-10-05 Colombia Update
2006-10-05 Colombia update
2006-09-29 Colombian miners demand justice after assassination
2006-09-25 Army Displaces Over 2300 Campesinos in Sur de Bolívar, Colombia
2006-09-09 Latin American Update
2006-08-16 Prehearing On The Mining Sector
2006-07-19 Ghana: NGOs to Take Mining Companies On
2006-07-19 Ghana's ruthless corporate gold rush
2006-07-19 Ghana's ruthless corporate gold rush
2006-07-18 Ghana's ruthless corporate gold rush
2006-07-10 Canada Update
2006-07-06 Cida Goes For The Gold
2006-06-26 African roundup
2006-06-15 Statement Of The African Initiative On Mining, Environment And Society(aimes)
2006-05-12 LONDON CALLING on a new hazard, an old mine, obscene pay - and a Chinese takeaway
2006-05-12 London Calling On A New Hazard, An Old Mine, Obscene Pay - And A Chinese Takeaway
2006-05-05 Congo conflict continues
2006-05-05 Congo's tragedy: the war the world forgot
2006-05-05 Congo conflict continues
2006-05-04 Anglo American's "gaps year" - and plenty of them!
2006-05-04 Anglo American's "gaps year" - and plenty of them!
2006-05-04 GHANA: Campaign to stop the violence in mining
2006-04-22 Latin American Update
2006-04-17 Workers Strike At Latin America's Biggest Gold Mine
2006-04-15 A report on the Anglo American plc AGM, held on 25 April 2006 at Institute of Electrical Engineers,
2006-03-24 South going South
2006-03-08 Stung Mining Firms Want To Be Catalyst For Growth
2006-03-07 US company aren't no calendar girl!
2006-03-07 Africa Of Key Strategic Importance To U.s., World, Scholar Says
2006-01-05 KAIROS, the Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives response to Toronto Globe and Mail article
2006-01-04 Colombians pay the price of gold
2006-01-04 Colombia Gold Again Luring Miners
2006-01-04 Colombians pay the price of gold
2005-12-09 For More Information On The Escr-net Corporate Accountability Working Group, We Encourage You To Vis
2005-12-09 Joint Ngo Report On Human Rights And The Extractive Industry & Consultations
2005-12-09 Human Rights And Extractive Industry
2005-12-09 Human Rights and extractive industry
2005-09-26 Sources: The Age On Nanotechnology, September 26 2005; South Deep In 2002:
2005-07-10 Small-Scale Miners of Serranía de San Lucas Threatened, Colombia
2005-07-10 Small-Scale Miners of Serranía de San Lucas Threatened, Colombia
2005-07-03 WACAM Condemns the Attempt by AngloGold Ashanti to Cover Up the Shooting of 'Galamsey' Suspect
2005-07-03 WACAM Condemns the Attempt by AngloGold Ashanti to Cover Up the Shooting of 'Galamsey' Suspect
2005-06-29 Wassa Association of Communities Affected by Mining (WACAM) Condemns the Shooting of Small Scale Min
2003-08-21 Mining companies vow not to mine in world heritage areas
2003-08-21 Mining companies vow not to mine in world heritage areas
2002-06-15 PERU
2001-05-01 Memorandum
2001-05-01 Bolivia- Part Iii: Bolivia's Mining Rollercoaster: Negotiating Nationalisation
2001-05-01 Mining firms agree to observe world heritage sites

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