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2016-09-06 Chile: Kinross closes Maricunga gold mine
2016-08-18 Navajo Nation sues EPA over metal sludge from Colorado mine spill
2016-07-22 Ecuadorian Government confirms Fruta del Norte exploitation phase
2016-07-16 The Ugly Canadian: Kinross Gold
2016-06-12 Canadian Mining Giant Dries Up Water Resources in Mexico
2016-03-23 Chile orders closure of Maricunga water pumping wells
2015-12-11 Canada - NGOs Urge Investigation of Kinross for Corruption in Africa
2013-11-09 More woes for Barrick Gold as Pascua Lama suspended
2013-06-21 Ecuador relaxes mining law with new "reforms"
2013-06-13 Kinross Cancels Plan to Develop Ecuadorean Gold Mine
2013-04-15 Ecuador's president ignores citizen opposition to mining
2013-03-11 London Calling takes on gold bulls, bears, bullion and bullies
2013-03-05 Correa's promotion of mining in Ecuador faces renewed opposition
2012-10-16 Ghanaian Forum calls for major mining reforms
2012-07-11 Chile: Mining-related coal-fired power plants dealt heavy blows
2012-05-15 Protests threaten energy-hungry miners in Chile
2012-03-14 Ecuadorian women lead protests against Chinese-financed Canadian project
2011-05-17 Silver, an Epic Rise and Fall
2011-05-10 Mines Bigger than Yours! Forbes' rankings surprise
2011-03-28 Canadian companies are ignoring human rights issues overseas
2010-11-22 A Soros state of affairs
2010-09-27 Small-Scale Miners Fight Large-Scale Interests in Southern Amazon, Ecuador
2010-09-20 Miners seed more money in the fields of Academe
2009-11-30 Canadian mining firms face abuse allegations
2009-11-16 Stop or step down! Peoples say to Correa in Ecuador
2009-08-03 Peru and Ecuador: A Common Enemy
2009-05-28 Ecuador: indígenas canadienses exponen impactos de la minería en su país
2009-05-27 Ecuador's Future for Canadian Transnationals: An Exchange of Indigenous Perspectives
2009-04-06 CONAIE delivers lawsuit asking new Mining Law be declared unconstitutional
2009-03-11 Ecuador: Intag to Sue Canadian Stock Exchange and company - Líderes comunitarios de Intag demandan a la Bolsa de Valores de Toronto y empresa minera
2008-12-02 Ecuador mobilises against draft Mining Bill - Jornada nacional de lucha contra proyecto de ley minera
2008-09-16 Global mining giant eyes Ecuador copper play
2008-01-04 Latin America update
2007-07-14 Latin American update
2007-07-14 Latin American update - Ayabaca: Acuerdan Consulta Vecinal por Proyecto Minero Río Blanco pa
2007-07-05 ECUADOR
2007-07-04 BRAZIL
2007-07-04 Aymaras Vow Mining Co. Will Restore Wetland
2007-07-03 COLOMBIA
2007-06-26 VENEZUELA
2007-06-26 CHILE
2007-06-25 Farmers Insist: Life Yes, Mining NO!
2007-06-25 Workers stage protests at Codelco mines in Chile
2007-06-19 PERU
2007-05-19 Latin America / Caribbean update
2007-05-19 Gold Fever in Patagonia
2007-05-19 Latin America/ Caribbean update
2007-05-17 PERU
2007-05-16 Barrick bids Famatina project goodbye, La Rioja
2007-05-16 ARGENTINA
2007-05-15 Peruvian Congress Investigates Doe Run Compliance: Congresswoman Rejects Mining Company "Blackm
2007-05-07 Blood and Gold on Algamarca Hill
2007-05-06 Villa Las Rosas Prohibits Mining
2007-05-04 Farmers, Informal Gold Miners Clash Over Pollution
2007-05-02 CHILE
2007-01-28 Africa's minerals trap
2007-01-27 Le Carré Points To Looting Of Congo By Mining Corporations
2006-10-15 JAMAICA
2006-05-19 George Forrest files lawsuit against Broederlijk Delen and 11.11.11
2006-05-19 George Forrest files lawsuit against Broederlijk Delen and 11.11.11
2006-03-15 Congo squanders its crown jewels
2006-02-27 Letter to Paul Wolfowitz
2006-02-27 Congo asset strip
2006-02-27 Congo asset strip
2006-02-15 Group Calls on World Bank to Investigate Mining Contracts; Bank's Failed Reform Project in DR Congo
2005-08-12 The Search For Investors For The Mwetaung Nickel Deposits
2005-08-12 Burma Roads - updates on mining in Burma
2004-11-05 London Calling - November 5 2004
2004-11-05 London Calling! November 5 2004
2004-06-15 The Cost of Doing Business
2004-04-13 Blood Money - Former Exec: American Company Paid Terrorist Group to Protect Overseas Interests
2004-04-13 American Company Paid Terrorist Group to Protect Overseas Interests

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