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2017-08-21 Canadian indigenous women passionately demand mining justice
2017-08-05 Canada: Mt Polley toxic disaster has been allowed to continue for three years
2016-10-18 MiningWatch Canada files charges over Mount Polley waste disaster
2016-08-05 Canada: Protest marks Mount Polley mine disaster anniversary
2016-06-19 Canada: Alaska group raises international concerns over B.C. mine operations
2016-03-25 Four US/Canadian transboundary mines risk tailings disaster
2016-01-24 Environment Canada issued warning before Mount Polley disaster
2015-12-20 Imperial Metals escapes charges from Mount Polley tailings breach
2015-08-10 Mining Waste from Canada’s Mount Polley Mine Spill Still Lingers
2015-07-30 Canadian tribal protest halts mine exploration, for now
2015-06-02 Protest at Imperial Metals AGM turns ugly as shareholder goes full racist
2015-05-06 Canada: Mount Polley mining disaster caused major changes to ecosystem
2015-01-02 Canadian Mount Polley spill: 'Things are not OK here' ...
2014-12-05 Canada: First Nations release 'clear mining policy and rules' for central BC
2014-10-12 Indigenous Canadians Blockade a Mine to Protest Pollution
2014-08-05 Massive tailings pond breach at Mount Polley Mine in Canada
2014-02-28 Canada: Taseko New Prosperity Mine at Fish Lake rejected again
2013-11-02 Canada: First Nations declare victory against Taseko's B.C. mine
2013-02-04 Canada: Old way of doing business is dead
2012-12-17 When will Taseko vacate Tsilhqot'in territory?
2012-08-01 Taseko Mines' Draft Environmental Impact Statement proves issues are not being addressed
2012-05-29 Should PLUS Go MINUS?
2012-05-08 Canada's Taseko Mines slammed for attack on Aboriginal rights
2012-04-02 Canada: Lake killing made easy
2012-03-06 Canada: The Tsilqhot'in take on Taseko for a second time
2011-12-12 Tsilhqot'in welcome injunction against Taseko Mines
2011-11-14 Canadian First Nations dig in against Prosperity & Coal
2011-10-31 Canada: the Taseko controversy won't go away
2011-09-19 Canadian chief urges responsible mining partnerships
2011-06-13 Canadian First Nations reject revised mine proposal
2011-03-01 Canadian PM stands "firm" against revised Taseko mine plan
2010-11-08 Canadian Fish Lake Spared
2010-10-10 Canada's Tsilhqot'in First Nation affirms mine "will never be accepted"
2010-06-11 First Nations' Rights Need More Protection from Mining Activities
2010-04-08 Canadian Government Sidesteps Supreme Court Ruling
2010-01-31 Canada's Supreme Court bows down to environmental pressure
2009-01-26 Canada activists demand: "Don't bulldoze our future in the rush for 'shovelready' projects! "
2009-01-07 Canada: Fight for Public Involvement in Environmental Assessment Heads To Supreme Court
2008-08-25 First Nation tackles a second corporate invader
2008-01-14 BC miners donate C$ 20 million toward new UBC building
2007-09-18 Canada update
2007-06-22 Canada's Red Chris Mine Faces Court Challenge
2004-01-10 A London Calling Special - January 10 2004
2004-01-10 Vedanta - the panto! A London Calling special - January 10 2004
2003-12-01 Sources: Launch of Vedanta IPO: Financial Times (FT) 5/12/2003; Hedge funds buying Vedanta: FT 6-7

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