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2016-02-09 Colombia bans mining in country’s vast moorlands
2014-12-22 Colombian Government should ban large-scale mining in the páramo of Santurbán
2013-01-14 Colombia to prohibit mining in mineral-rich northern area
2012-10-08 World Bank funding for mining projects blasted by UK group
2011-10-31 Colombia mining projects delayed over environmental issues
2011-05-24 Colombian court kills recently passed mining laws
2011-04-18 How a Colombian city united against gold greed
2011-03-22 Greystar Resources withdraws request for environmental permit in Colombia
2011-03-14 Gold rush fuels conflicts in Colombia
2011-02-21 Ventana falls into Batista's open arms
2011-02-14 Social Movements Fight Mining (and protect the paramos!) in Colombia
2010-12-27 Colombian state ombudsman opposes Angostura gold project
2010-12-06 Colombia: Greystar's public hearing goes ahead
2010-06-11 Greystar says Colombia accepts its gold mine appeal
2010-05-01 Greystar shares plunge as Colombia requests mine review
2007-01-25 Latin American Update
2007-01-25 Latin American Update
2006-10-05 Mining Companies Reconsider Colombia
2006-07-10 Canada Update
2006-07-06 Cida Goes For The Gold
2006-01-05 KAIROS, the Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives response to Toronto Globe and Mail article
2006-01-04 Colombia Gold Again Luring Miners
2006-01-04 Colombians pay the price of gold
2006-01-04 Colombians pay the price of gold
2004-04-04 Honduras: The Global Investor's Oasis - Cyanide Pools In The Desert
2004-04-04 Honduras: The Global Investor's Oasis - Cyanide Pools in the Desert

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