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2018-10-30 Mine closure (Part Two) - does Australia lead the world?
2016-04-30 Brazil - Quilombolas demand land titling to defend against mining
2016-02-17 Armed police remove ship's Australian crew from ore ships
2012-11-11 The Coming of a Perfect Arctic Storm
2012-01-23 Dying on the Coke Side of Life
2011-11-30 Mining companies hold back progress on climate change
2011-01-17 It's not just hot air, as Björk takes on Beaty
2009-05-05 In Their Backyard
2009-04-27 Vietnam's planned bauxite mines come under further pressure
2009-02-10 Jamaica's bauxite meltdown - Cae la bauxita en Jamaica
2009-02-02 Mining recession's human costs
2009-01-19 Is this the end of mining as we know it?
2008-11-05 Guinea bauxite: more protests
2008-10-27 The Chinalco dilemma
2008-10-21 Guinea police violently back Russian aluminium giant against protesting citizens
2008-07-09 Mining firms haggle with Ghana over power rate rise
2008-07-01 Ghana to permit mining in forest zone
2008-02-25 Brazil's biggest dam project under fire
2008-02-24 Power theft in New Zealand
2008-02-03 London: Calling the Shots
2007-09-28 China update
2007-09-22 Latin America update
2007-07-01 Carbon backlash: coal divides corporations
2007-07-01 US update
2007-07-01 US update
2007-06-01 Latin America Update
2007-06-01 ARGENTINA
2007-06-01 CHILE
2007-06-01 Latin America Update
2007-05-29 BOLIVIA
2007-05-29 HONDURAS
2007-05-28 BRAZIL
2007-05-28 COLOMBIA
2007-05-22 ECUADOR
2007-05-19 Latin America/ Caribbean update
2007-05-19 Latin America / Caribbean update
2007-05-19 Vedanta update: blow after blow
2007-05-19 Gold Fever in Patagonia
2007-05-17 PERU
2007-05-16 Barrick bids Famatina project goodbye, La Rioja
2007-05-16 ARGENTINA
2007-05-15 EL SALVADOR
2007-05-15 PERU
2007-05-15 Supreme Court Hearings On The Nyamgiri Case
2007-05-15 Peruvian Congress Investigates Doe Run Compliance: Congresswoman Rejects Mining Company "Blackm
2007-05-12 Latin American update
2007-05-12 Latin America update
2007-05-10 PARAGUAY
2007-05-09 Yanacocha's ore extraction cut in half
2007-05-08 ARGENTINA
2007-05-07 Anti-Mining Demonstrators Blockade Peruvian Roads
2007-05-07 Blood and Gold on Algamarca Hill
2007-05-07 BRAZIL
2007-05-06 Villa Las Rosas Prohibits Mining
2007-05-04 Farmers, Informal Gold Miners Clash Over Pollution
2007-05-04 Govt: Mining law changes seek to free up land
2007-05-02 CHILE
2007-05-02 COLOMBIA
2007-04-15 Titanium: Farmers now evicted
2007-04-14 Africa Update
2007-04-14 Africa update
2007-04-13 Guinea re-evaluates mining contracts
2007-04-02 Tiomin and Jinchuan Group Ltd. Announce Private Placement
2007-02-14 US update
2007-02-14 Metal Merger Mania
2007-02-14 Us Update
2007-02-08 Police Harass Maandagshoek Activist After He Speaks Out Against Councilor and Anglo Platinum
2007-02-08 Africa update
2007-02-08 Africa update
2007-02-06 Tanzania Proceeds With New Mining Tax Policy
2007-02-05 Guinea in turmoil
2007-02-03 Us Update (03/02/2007)
2007-02-03 US Update
2007-02-02 Africa Update
2007-01-30 Bauxite Mining Resumes As Strike In Guinea Ends
2007-01-28 Africa's minerals trap
2007-01-28 Africa's Minerals Trap
2007-01-22 Bauxite Shipments Stopped As Violence In Guinea Grows
2007-01-19 Latin American Update
2007-01-19 Jamaica bauxite battle continrues
2006-12-29 Alcoa Smelter Gets Cold Shoulder in Trinidad
2006-12-29 Alcoa Smelter Gets Cold Shoulder in Trinidad
2006-10-31 Alcoa in talks to produce aluminium in India
2006-10-30 South Asia Update
2006-10-30 South Asia Update
2006-10-24 Trouble follows Big A!
2006-10-24 Bauxite Mine Fight Looms in Jamaica's Cockpit Country
2006-10-24 Trouble follows Big A!
2006-10-15 JAMAICA
2006-09-28 Icelandic hydroelectric project activiated amid swirl of environmental protests
2006-08-07 Alcoa under pressure in Ghana and Trinidad
2006-08-07 Alcoa under pressure in Ghana and Trinidad
2006-07-26 Down the Peninsula
2006-05-12 London Calling On A New Hazard, An Old Mine, Obscene Pay - And A Chinese Takeaway
2006-05-12 LONDON CALLING on a new hazard, an old mine, obscene pay - and a Chinese takeaway
2006-05-07 Canadian Roundup
2006-05-07 Canadian Roundup
2006-05-02 De Beers Risks Losing Social License to Operate in Canada
2006-04-30 GOLD MINING - Eldorado starts up Kisladag mine
2006-04-21 Us Update
2006-04-21 US Update
2006-04-18 Alcoa Strike Could Hurt Both Sides, Analysts Say
2006-03-22 Double Death: Aluminium's Links with Genocide Revealed
2006-03-08 Stung Mining Firms Want To Be Catalyst For Growth
2006-03-07 US company aren't no calendar girl!
2006-02-20 Extracting Intellects
2006-02-20 Extracting Intellects
2006-02-16 Sources: Alcoa’s Global Record: Mark Meredith, “alcoa And You”, Trinidad And Tobag
2005-12-07 A university's links with an aluminium producer
2005-12-07 U-M sole North American recipient of Alcoa Foundation grant
2005-12-07 A university's links with an aluminium producer
2005-09-26 Sources: The Age On Nanotechnology, September 26 2005; South Deep In 2002:
2005-04-06 China Tries to Stem Flow of Coal Mine Disasters
2005-03-31 China Says Environment Spending Falls Short
2005-02-26 London Calling - February 26 2005
2005-02-26 Tsunamis And Mining
2005-02-10 Orchid to buy copper giant
2005-02-07 Chinese Coal Mining Update
2005-01-31 China Coal Crunch Expected to Worsen
2005-01-31 Investors drawn to China despite risks
2005-01-27 China Using Environment Rules To Help Cool Economy
2005-01-27 China Hikes Penalties on Illegal Coal Mining
2005-01-27 Canada Worried by China Buying its Resources
2005-01-26 Ramu Project Nudged
2005-01-20 China's Go West Campaign and Globalisation: Tibet's mines up for sale in the international market
2005-01-13 Mining a magnet for China's overseas investment
2005-01-13 China contradictions
2005-01-13 China contradictions
2005-01-07 Half of China's overseas investment falls in Latin America
2004-12-23 Mining companies fined for air pollution
2004-12-23 Copper mining company fined over emission reporting errors
2004-12-23 Mining company fined for air pollution
2004-11-26 Minmetals meets Noranda
2004-10-14 Dust-Up Swirls Around Key Jamaica Industry
2004-07-09 London Calling - July 9 2004
2004-07-09 London Calling! July 9 2004
2004-06-15 ALCOA Pushes for Massive Amazonia Exploitation
2004-06-03 Recent expansions in global aluminium
2004-06-02 London Calling - June 2 2004
2004-06-02 London Calling! June 2 2004
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China - A London Calling special - March 22 2004
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China
2004-02-16 Arvida workers agree to shutdown
2004-02-12 Workers operate Alcan smelter despite closure plan
2004-02-05 Workers in Québec seize Alcan smelter
2004-02-05 Workers in Québec seize Alcan smelter
2003-11-29 Eco-Political Madness in Iceland as Alcoa licensed to Destroy
2003-08-21 Mining companies vow not to mine in world heritage areas
2003-08-21 Mining companies vow not to mine in world heritage areas
2003-06-04 London Calling - June 4 2003
2003-02-21 London Calling! February 21 2003
2003-02-21 London Calling - February 21 2003
2003-02-19 London Calling - February 19 2003
2003-02-19 London Calling! February 19 2003
2002-10-25 Take Action Now! Support Alcoa Workers Fight for an Independent Union
2002-10-25 Long Term Strategy
2002-10-25 Firings Do Not Stop Election
2002-10-25 Victory at Alcoa Plant in Mexico, Demands for Justice Still Pending
2002-10-25 Victory at Alcoa - but action still needed
2002-10-25 Victory at Alcoa - but action still needed
2002-07-23 Iceland Choses Smelter, Hydro Project over Park
2002-01-15 Violent Attacks Followed Election of New Leadership
2001-05-01 Mining firms agree to observe world heritage sites
2001-05-01 Taking It to Drummond: Paramilitaries and Mining Companies in Colombia

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