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2018-03-05 USA: Coal Ash radioactivity concealed by Duke Energy
2017-03-10 Norwegian Government Pension Fund updates banned companies list
2016-08-03 Coal: globally, pressures mount
2016-02-11 USA: Duke Energy fined for coal ash spill
2015-09-30 Duke Energy Reaches $7 Million Deal on Coal Ash Pollution
2015-05-15 USA: Dirty Duke pays $102 million for river pollution
2015-03-18 Norwegian Government Pension Fund Still Major Coal Investor
2015-03-14 USA: Duke Energy Fined $25 Million Over Coal Ash Pollution
2014-05-10 Pressure mounts on investors in coal
2014-04-24 Fall out from Duke Energy's coal-ash spill continues
2014-04-03 More revelations over North Carolina coal ash spills
2014-03-18 After North Carolina spill, coal ash ponds face extinction
2014-02-11 USA: Spill spews tons of coal ash into North Carolina river
2013-07-09 Dump Now, Pay Later - Coal Ash Disposal Risks Facing U.S. Electric Power Producers
2011-11-14 US miners continue being sacrificed to coal
2011-11-08 Swings and Roundabouts at US Environmental Agency
2010-11-29 In the US new and existing coal plants will run for years
2010-08-30 Reducing coal use - through the back door
2010-08-30 Chinese scientist sceptical about carbon capture
2010-03-05 Obama's uranium power plan will set US back thirty years
2010-02-15 USA: The Duke strides out in Obama's support
2009-07-07 Twenty Six US communities face high hazards from coal ash ponds
2009-05-05 Smoke and mirrors: the illusion of "clean coal"
2008-02-28 Native Alaskans sue Peabody and others over global warming impacts
2008-02-09 Central American mining projects face market meltdown
2008-01-18 Coal Industry Plugs into US Presidential Campaign
2007-04-21 Editorial note: Anglo American's chairman, Mark Moody-Stuart, claimed last week at the company's 2
2007-04-21 Legacy of Libby's asbestos contamination still being set
2007-04-21 US update
2007-04-21 US Update
2007-04-18 Climate Fears, Costs Threaten Coal-Fired Power Plans
2007-04-16 27.5 Million Funds Uranium Contamination Studies
2007-04-13 Climate Justice League Strikes Merrill Lynch
2007-04-07 Firm to pump water from mine into river that's home to rare fish
2007-04-07 US update
2007-04-07 US Update
2007-04-03 US Top Court Overturns Duke Clean Air Law Ruling
2007-04-02 Supreme Court Rules EPA Can Regulate Greenhouse Gases
2007-02-03 US Update
2007-02-01 Us Companies Lag On Climate Risk Disclosure
2006-09-15 How American Cities Have Bypassed Bush On Kyoto
2006-09-08 US Update
2006-09-08 US Update
2006-09-08 EPA Proposes Industry-backed Changes to Clean Air Program
2006-09-07 Increased Burning of Peatlands Boosts Mercury Emissions
2006-09-06 Environmental Enforcement Dropping Under Bush
2004-06-03 Recent expansions in global aluminium

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