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2015-06-06 Canada: Rio Tinto Alcan Accused of Polluting Kitimat Airshed to Save Money
2014-12-29 Canada: The limits of tying aid to mining companies
2014-11-19 Canada: Rio Tinto Alcan permit process questioned
2012-09-18 Rio Tinto plays 'godfather' in Aotearoa-New Zealand
2012-04-24 Rio Tinto gets no Medals from its critics
2012-02-14 Canada's government equates mining with "development"
2012-02-14 Striking stories - from Canada & Australia
2012-01-31 Canadian Rio Tinto lockout nears one month
2011-10-18 Canadian First Nations condemn Rio Tinto-Alcan
2009-02-02 Can Rio get off the rocks? London Calling says it's a moral question
2009-02-02 Mining recession's human costs
2009-01-19 Is this the end of mining as we know it?
2008-12-15 Will Rio Tinto ever learn?
2008-11-05 Guinea bauxite: more protests
2008-11-05 Rio Tinto: Re-examining Capital ProjectsI
2008-02-26 Rio Tinto-Alcan comes in below par on "sustainability"
2008-02-03 London: Calling the Shots
2008-01-08 Rio Tinto caught in EC net
2007-10-25 Rio Tinto warns Ottawa over reductions in emissions
2007-09-11 Down the tubes
2007-08-30 Rio Tinto on verge of becoming aluminium supremo
2007-08-30 Rio secures $40 billion loan financing for Alcan purchase
2007-08-04 London Calling
2007-06-01 Latin America Update
2007-04-13 Alcan (almost) out of Orissa
2007-04-13 Subsidies cut into Quebec's revenue, report says BERTRAND MAROTTE, Toronto Globe & Mail
2007-04-13 Alcan pulling out of Utkal project in India
2007-04-12 Comment from ALCAN'T CANADA to its Canadian membership
2007-03-30 China update
2007-02-14 US update
2007-02-14 Metal Merger Mania
2006-12-10 Inco and Alcan - Canada's worst air polluters
2006-12-10 PollutionWatch Fact Sheet
2006-10-08 Canadian Capital in Asia
2006-06-10 India Update
2006-05-05 India Update
2006-04-28 Groups Lobby Alcan On Expansion Plans: B.c., Quebec Regions Eyed For Smelters
2006-03-22 Double Death: Aluminium's Links with Genocide Revealed
2006-03-02 CHALCO wins Aurukun project
2006-03-02 China Update
2006-01-05 Blood on Many Hands: URGENT ALERT re Kalinganagar massacre
2005-10-04 Kashipur: Force-fed "development"
2005-09-15 Chalco Officially Signs Australian Aurukun Project Agreement
2005-06-18 'Development' not for tribes in India
2005-04-28 Alcan Faces Shareholder Ire Over Project Plans
2005-04-20 The battle for bauxite in Orissa
2005-04-13 Alcan workers at Kitimat, B.C., refuse to smelt alumina from Orissa, India
2005-03-14 Press Release - mm&P: mines, minerals & PEOPLE
2005-02-26 London Calling - February 26 2005
2004-12-15 Urgent Action Alert
2004-12-06 London Calling Urgent Alert - December 6 2004
2004-12-06 Open Letter to Shri Navin Patnaik, Chief Minister of Orissa
2004-12-05 From An Observer In The Vedanta Area (december 5th 2004):
2004-12-02 The Following Have Been Received By Mines And Communities During The Past Week. Two Public Statement
2004-12-01 Brutal Police Action On Agitating Tribals In Kashipur
2004-11-29 "Shocking revelations" and an "horrific breakdown of governance" in Orissa
2004-10-14 Dust-Up Swirls Around Key Jamaica Industry
2004-08-27 London Calling - August 27 2004
2004-07-09 London Calling - July 9 2004
2004-06-03 Recent expansions in global aluminium
2004-06-02 London Calling - June 2 2004
2004-04-22 ALCAN Commits to Releasing Documents Regarding Controversial Indian Project
2004-04-14 Av Birla Group Begins Work On Utkal Project
2004-04-09 Taking the Fight to the Alcan Suits! Announcement from "Alcan't in India" campaign
2004-04-09 On Peut Gagner ! Portons la Lutte Jusqu'aux Propriétaires d'Alcan !
2004-04-09 Background
2004-03-30 Indian tribals protest at the proposed Sterlite-Vedanta & UAIL projects in Orissa
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China - A London Calling special - March 22 2004
2004-02-16 Arvida workers agree to shutdown
2004-02-12 Workers operate Alcan smelter despite closure plan
2004-02-05 Workers in Québec seize Alcan smelter
2004-01-10 Vedanta - the panto! A London Calling special - January 10 2004
2003-12-16 Join Indian Peoples' Movement in their struggle with ALCAN with mass global action
2003-11-15 Blood and bauxite: Impoverished Indians fight Alcan's bid to open a mine in their backyard
2003-10-28 ALCAN quietly increases share in controversial project in India while leaked Government report Gives
2003-10-15 Orissa: A Gujarat In The Making
2003-10-15 India: the rising threat from communalists and corporations
2003-08-03 The Rothschild Files
2003-06-04 London Calling - June 4 2003
2003-04-15 Women in Mining Struggles in India
2003-02-21 London Calling - February 21 2003
2002-07-13 London Calling - July 13 2002

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