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2018-07-12 Death by diamonds: Suicides wipe the shine off India's gem trade
2016-12-14 Canada: Environmental group takes De Beers to court over mercury monitoring
2016-06-09 Call for greater governance in global diamond industry
2016-05-01 Anglo American 2016 AGM: The real world is thus
2016-04-11 Panama Papers: the mining links
2016-03-11 Zimbabwe's President Mugabe nationalises diamond industry
2016-03-02 Jan Roberts: commemorating a true warrior
2015-12-23 Canada: De Beers' alleged mercury contamination at its Victor diamond mine
2015-11-17 Amnesty: Time for diamond companies to stop hiding behind Kimberley Process
2015-10-13 Canadian Cree concerns as De Beers looks further North
2015-05-13 De Beers Canada paid only $226 in a year's royalties for its Victor diamond mine
2015-03-25 Frontier politics in Australia's Wild West
2014-07-06 Zimbabwe miners shut down after diamond resource exhausted
2013-07-22 South Africa: little sign of end to mine labour strife
2013-06-21 Still more questions for the Kimberley Process
2013-02-19 Canadian native protesters block road to De Beers mine
2013-02-11 Zimbabwe: Marange Diamonds - Zanu-PF's Best Friend?
2013-01-14 Canadian Indigenous Movement Transcends national borders
2012-10-23 Who's to blame for "blood diamond" regulation failure?
2012-07-03 South Africa's ANC holds debates on mining tax reforms
2012-06-05 Are Namibian miners and government on a collision course?
2012-02-20 First Nations have many problems with the government of Ontario
2011-12-12 Campaign Group pulls out of 'failing' Blood Diamonds scheme
2011-11-30 Mining companies hold back progress on climate change
2011-10-25 'Our suffering is for ever', mined-out town tells De Beers in South Africa
2011-10-10 The Kimberley Process and its gaping holes
2011-07-25 Fighting the minerals-petroleum-coal complex's wealth and woes
2011-06-07 London Calling on Richest Brits (not forgetting their Ozzie counterparts)
2011-03-14 India's "Corporate Socialism" enjoys a tax orgy
2010-12-27 "We're not here for De Beers" - Indigenous Peoples
2010-06-11 Zimbabwe meets diamond trade standards - monitor
2009-10-13 Gold and diamond giants strike out for continental shelf
2009-06-02 Brazil beds down with Africa in ocean minerals' quest
2009-05-18 Diamonds are for sovereign wealth? Don't bank on it
2009-05-05 In Their Backyard
2009-02-23 Anglo American to cut 19,000 jobs as mining boom ends
2009-02-23 Canada: Attawapiskat members issue demands to DeBeers
2009-02-02 Botswana's diamonds are fast losing their shine
2009-01-19 Canada: First Nation communities want to be included in mining talk
2008-11-05 De Beers - not here for the Bushmen's diamonds ?
2008-07-09 Indian workers strike, as Rio Tinto envisages multi-billion profits from new mine
2007-04-22 Anglo Under Heavy Fire
2007-04-22 Anglo under heavy fire
2007-04-15 London mining companies: climate change, human rights and corporate wrongs
2007-04-14 Launching the London Mining Network
2007-04-14 Launching the London Mining Network
2007-04-04 Xstrata Best Anglo American Suitor, Say London Analysts
2007-04-03 Diamond review will go ahead, De Beers says
2007-04-03 Diamond review will go ahead, De Beers says
2007-02-28 Canada update
2007-02-19 De Beers And Gnwt Confirm Snap Lake Arrangements To Support The Secondary Industry
2007-02-14 To:
2007-02-14 Support for the Muskrat Dam First Nation
2007-02-14 Support for the Muskrat Dam First Nation
2007-01-12 London Calling follows the cash
2006-12-20 London Calling on Santa Sleaze
2006-12-20 London Calling on Santa Sleaze
2006-12-15 Blood in the stones
2006-12-15 Blood in the stones
2006-12-14 Botswana court rules San Bushmen evicted unlawfully
2006-12-14 Botswana court rules San Bushmen evicted unlawfully
2006-12-14 Botswana Bushmen win court case about land
2006-12-08 Canada Update
2006-12-08 There are no clean diamonds: What you need to know about Canadian diamonds
2006-12-08 Canada Update
2006-12-05 Where Have All The Fishes Gone?
2006-11-13 Government inquiry into firms 'fuelling Congo war' attacked
2006-09-15 The real blood diamonds: TB, silicosis, asbestosis and De Beers
2006-08-29 To Courts in Canada: First Nations versus mining's alleged interlopers
2006-08-02 De Beers Fights To Avoid Full-scale Review Of Diamond Project
2006-08-02 Related Story:
2006-07-10 Court Battle Brings Native Land Rights To Fore Aboriginal Groups Say Province To Blame For Dispute
2006-07-10 Canada Update
2006-06-28 Chhattisgarh Approves Jewelry Center Plan
2006-06-28 India Update
2006-06-28 CPI cries CMP violation, threatens Statewide stir
2006-06-28 India Update
2006-06-26 Millions of Indians at Risk From Mercury Poisioning
2006-06-26 Foreign Firms Dominate Tanzania's Mining Sector
2006-06-26 African roundup
2006-06-24 Rethinking Mining
2006-06-23 Nalco workers strike in Orissa
2006-06-10 India Update
2006-06-06 Diamonds To Add Shine To Chhattisgarh's Economy
2006-05-25 Ivanhoe to lay down its copper sword?
2006-05-07 Canadian Roundup
2006-05-07 Canadian Roundup
2006-05-05 Congo conflict continues
2006-05-05 Congo's tragedy: the war the world forgot
2006-05-05 Congo conflict continues
2006-05-02 De Beers Risks Losing Social License to Operate in Canada
2006-04-30 GOLD MINING - Eldorado starts up Kisladag mine
2006-03-15 India Update
2006-03-13 London Calling All Billionaires!
2006-03-09 How do three old friends build a business empire in Kazakhstan? Just as in Russia-buy assets on the
2006-03-01 India Update
2006-02-27 Cutting Edge In Diamond Recce
2006-02-27 Cutting Edge In Diamond Recce
2006-02-16 Karnataka To Issue Notifications For Diamond Exploration
2005-12-30 India Update
2005-12-25 Cheap ore for Orissa sponge iron makers
2005-12-24 Sitting Pretty On Gold And Diamonds
2005-12-15 Mining away Orissa's wealth!
2005-12-09 What kind of development is this?
2005-12-09 quot;What kind of development is this when the people live shorter lives than before?"
2005-12-09 What kind of development is this?
2005-12-05 De Beers urges Botswana to halt Bushmen evictions
2005-11-22 Diamond Mining Plans of De Beers, Rio Tinto Hit
2005-11-22 INDIA UPDATE
2005-11-22 India Update
2005-11-19 Jindal Steel signs pact with S. African, German cos
2005-11-19 73 FDI Proposals Approved in Mining Sector
2005-11-15 Mines of Conflict
2005-11-15 7th November 2005:
2005-11-14 Posco May Miss Deal Deadline
2005-11-11 Jharkhand to check operation areas of coal companies
2005-11-10 Greens see red over proposed mining near Karlapat sanctuary
2005-11-08 Gathering protests over tribals' eviction in Jharkhand
2005-08-15 Updates on uranium special
2005-08-08 Baker Lake Reacting To News Of Uranium Exploration Plans
2005-07-20 Bushmen's champion de beers loses face yet again
2005-07-20 Bushmen's champion de beers loses face yet again - Supermodel quits
2005-07-03 G8 Summit: 'Greenwashing' Does Not Make the World Cleaner
2005-06-15 Edinburgh G8 summit and mining companies
2005-06-15 The Commission for Africa and Corporate Involvement
2005-02-13 Chhattisgarh to be world's diamond bowl
2004-10-15 Dawn of a New Era
2004-10-15 Newsletter of National Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD) in Sierra Leone
2004-10-15 Diamond Exports Register an Increase
2004-10-15 Promoting Just Mining in Sierra Leone
2004-10-15 Newsletter of National Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD) in Sierra Leone
2004-08-04 Media Watch
2004-06-15 1] The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme is an innovative voluntary system that imposes extens
2004-05-26 Proposed diamond mine sparks concern
2004-04-05 Are diamonds a Cree's best friend?
2003-10-31 UN says war in Congo is fuelled by foreign firms
2003-08-03 The Rothschild Files
2003-07-15 Up against the Red Shield
2003-04-15 Labour and Women in Mining
2003-01-15 Development Diamonds – Sierra Leone
2002-12-02 Namibia to renegotiate diamond trade
2002-11-11 Australian diggers bagging Indian mining contracts
2002-10-23 Hatch Advisor To World Bank
2002-08-25 London Calling - August 25 2002
2002-08-25 London Calling - August 25 2002
2001-05-01 Editorial -
2001-04-23 How US Foreign Policy over decades was influenced by the Diamond Cartel

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