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2018-11-08 In Ecuador, landmark court cases challenge mining projects
2017-02-22 Ecuador’s Extractive Policies and the Silencing of Dissent
2016-05-15 Chile: Proposed Glacier Protection Law Falls Short
2016-05-11 Chile: The scandalous fall of Pinochet's copper law
2014-06-12 Chile says no to $8bn hydroelectric project in Patagonia
2014-03-30 Industrial unrest at mines in the Andes
2014-03-14 London Calling takes the shine off an Indian entrepreneur
2013-06-13 Kinross Cancels Plan to Develop Ecuadorean Gold Mine
2013-04-15 Ecuador's president ignores citizen opposition to mining
2013-03-05 Correa's promotion of mining in Ecuador faces renewed opposition
2012-10-16 Mining and the Chile Effect
2012-09-04 London Calling gets the wind up, as copper receives "green" boost
2012-07-11 Chile: Mining-related coal-fired power plants dealt heavy blows
2012-05-15 Protests threaten energy-hungry miners in Chile
2012-01-23 Ecuador: And now Ladies and Gentlemen, CODELCO in Intag!
2011-08-08 Two-week strike ends at Escondida in Chile
2011-07-18 Codelco workers on 24-hour strike against privatisation and dismissals in Chile
2011-07-11 Chile's 'Mining Capital' Calls For Government Support
2011-05-30 Policing Chile's copper
2011-05-17 Patagonian Hydroelectric Project Approval Spurs Protests in Chile
2011-04-12 Chile: Pollution and gas leak hit community
2010-10-25 Chile post the "miracle": sordid allegations emerge
2010-01-31 Chile's president-elect pushes part-privatization of world's biggest copper company
2009-11-16 Striking miners at BHP's Spence mine dig in heels
2009-09-22 Pinochet's copper "relic" may finally fall
2009-08-25 Court Orders Codelco To Compensate Workers Suffering From Silicosis
2009-08-25 Anti-Coal Plant Activists Get Death Threats, Chile
2009-03-16 Chilean Town Withers in Free Market for Water
2009-02-02 Mining recession's human costs
2009-01-19 Is this the end of mining as we know it?
2008-11-24 Ecuador:- It´s all over for Copper Mesa Mining Corporation in Intag - Copper Mesa pierde concesión clave en Intag
2008-11-10 Money miasma means mixed messages
2008-09-29 Is it Chile outside for China?
2008-09-16 Global mining giant eyes Ecuador copper play
2008-07-09 Chile: Destruction of Andean rock glaciers warned - Advierten destrucción de glaciares de roca
2008-06-24 Chile: Polemic develops over approval of Carén project; Codelco to use "biofuels", Fifth March for Water and Life in Vallenar - Polémica por aprobación de proyecto Carén, Codelco utilizará "biocombus
2008-05-19 Chile president endorses copper deal at Codelco
2008-03-05 Chile - subcontracted workers protest at El Teniente
2008-01-29 Chile copper miner Codelco wins initial labor appeals
2008-01-25 London Calling muses on the latest bout of mining's merger mania
2008-01-04 Latin America update
2007-12-15 Latin America Update
2007-11-11 China buys into Rio Tinto
2007-08-10 Latin America Update
2007-08-10 What To Do: Same As Always.
2007-08-10 Latin America Update
2007-08-01 Guatemala-new Eviction Order This Month For Indigenous Q'eqchi' Communities
2007-07-30 Copper Miners' Strike May Set A Precedent For Labour Rights
2007-07-30 Yes, Another World Is Possible: Rights Action, Along With Other Organizers, Are Now Working To Prepa
2007-07-14 Latin American update
2007-07-14 Latin American update - Ayabaca: Acuerdan Consulta Vecinal por Proyecto Minero Río Blanco pa
2007-07-05 ECUADOR
2007-07-04 Aymaras Vow Mining Co. Will Restore Wetland
2007-07-04 BRAZIL
2007-07-03 COLOMBIA
2007-06-26 CHILE
2007-06-26 VENEZUELA
2007-06-25 Farmers Insist: Life Yes, Mining NO!
2007-06-25 Workers stage protests at Codelco mines in Chile
2007-06-19 PERU
2007-06-01 Latin America Update
2007-06-01 Latin America Update
2007-06-01 ARGENTINA
2007-06-01 CHILE
2007-05-29 BOLIVIA
2007-05-29 HONDURAS
2007-05-28 BRAZIL
2007-05-28 COLOMBIA
2007-05-25 US update
2007-05-22 ECUADOR
2007-04-20 ARGENTINA
2007-04-20 Latin America Update - Avanza consulta popular en Ayabaca y Pacaipampa por mega proyecto Río
2007-04-20 Latin American Update
2007-04-18 PERU
2007-04-16 GUATEMALA
2007-04-16 Ayabaca and Pacaipampa Choose Popular Consultation Over Mining Activities in Piura
2007-04-15 MEXICO
2007-04-12 30 Peruvians Arrested in Protest Demanding Greater Regional Benefits
2007-04-12 Zijin Says Half of Monterrico Investors Accept Offer
2007-04-11 Seven Injured in Confrontation Provoked by Thugs Contracted by Barrick Gold
2007-02-09 Minmetals' Mineral Reserves On The Rise
2007-02-09 China Set To Launch Kyoto Clean Energy Fund
2007-02-07 China Update
2007-02-07 China update
2006-09-10 China Update
2006-09-10 China Update
2006-09-09 Canadians Targeted for Controversial Tibet Investments
2006-09-09 Latin American Update
2006-09-08 China 2004 Pollution Clean-Up Cost Put at US$136 Billion
2006-09-07 China Lead Smelter Poisons 2,000 - Paper
2006-09-05 China puts Zambia mine investment on hold over Taiwan
2006-08-30 Escondida Deal Ruffles Chile Mine Owners
2006-08-15 Metal Huasi: An Open Wound in Abra Pampa
2006-08-13 African workers now resent Chinese influx
2006-07-13 No end to tailings disasters
2006-07-10 Toxic Tailings Spill In Carén Estuary: Codelco Contaminates Irrigation And Drinking Water Supplies
2006-03-26 Latin America Update
2006-03-26 Nicanor Alvarado Carrasco, A Community Leader And Environmental Campaigner,representing Vima Of Peru
2006-02-23 Levy is Part of the Crooks That Sold Mines - Sata
2005-09-14 Mapuche Organizations Reproach CODELCO for Mining Claims on Lafquenche Communities
2005-09-14 Mapuche Organizations Reproach CODELCO for Mining Claims on Lafquenche
2004-10-23 Chinese companies advance across the globe
2001-05-01 Workers shot during Zambia copper mine riots

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