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2020-01-31 The Weekend Essay: DR Congo mining victims finally claim global spotlight
2020-01-20 This Week's Essay: Tata Mundra's massive example of what should never have happened
2019-11-15 The Weekend Essays: Massive fossil fuels investment dereliction planned
2019-10-19 IFC watchdog to investigate coal funding in the Philippines
2019-10-12 The Weekend Essay: AIIB accused of backing unacceptable developments
2019-09-22 India: new river terminal meets vigorous opposition
2019-07-31 The Midweek Essay: World Bank quits funding Indian project
2019-06-22 Armenia: Amulsar mine 'threatens socio-environmental disaster'
2019-05-01 New campaigns to reverse adverse climate change
2019-03-17 US Supreme Court rules against World Bank
2019-03-11 Guinea bauxite mine: Villagers launch complaint to World Bank
2018-12-17 'Coal' climate conference closes with a plan ...
2018-11-12 Trump card against World Bank in Indian fisherfolk's favour?
2018-11-08 Philippines: Mining activists continued being targeted for defending human rights
2018-11-05 Indian Fisherfolk challenge World Bank immunity at US Supreme court
2018-02-07 New Evidence of Africa’s Systematic Looting, From an Increasingly Schizophrenic World Bank
2018-01-29 Indian fisherfolk and farmers appeal to US Supreme Court
2017-08-18 South Africa: Sikhala Sonke - "We Cry Together"
2015-12-09 COP 21: dead on arrival?
2015-11-26 UN Forum shares experiences of extractive industries and human rights
2015-07-20 Is China putting one over on the rest of the world?
2015-06-23 Kosovars face displacement, once again, with support of World Bank
2015-04-29 Revolt Rocks Burkina Faso's Mines After President Flees
2015-04-24 Indian Communities Suffering from Destructive Coal Plant Sue the World Bank in US Courts
2015-04-19 World Bank increases financing fossil projects, while calling to end subsidies
2015-03-10 The impact of mining on Mongolian herders
2015-03-06 World Bank admits botching resettlement policy
2015-01-27 India: World Bank IFC doesn't even heed its own advisors
2015-01-08 Haitian Communities File Complaint about World Bank-Supported Mining Law
2014-07-10 World Bank looks to 'light touch' to increase large-scale loans
2014-05-06 Asia Indigenous Peoples’ Workshop Declaration on Extractives
2014-03-26 Can there be "responsible mining" in Armenia?
2014-02-11 The World Bank's Inga 3 Project Goes From Bad to Worse
2013-11-17 A climate for coal
2013-11-02 US coal: Restrictions at home and abroad
2013-10-26 Serious lapses in World Bank's IFC funding Tata coal plant
2013-10-13 World Bank Boosts Coal in Indonesia
2013-07-28 Mitigating Coal: a few steps forward, many steps back...
2013-05-13 World Bank advocates hydropower to square development with climate change
2012-12-27 Coal Consumption Booms Amid Rising Climate Concerns
2012-12-17 World Bank's tough talk on climate is 'just a mirage' in Mongolia's Gobi desert
2012-11-11 DRC to discuss mining code changes with companies
2012-10-23 Mongolian herders complain against Rio Tinto over Oyu Tolgoi mines
2012-10-23 BankTrack critiques new draft Equator Principles
2012-10-16 Africa's mineral wealth hardly denting poverty levels, says World Bank
2012-10-02 World Bank poised to back Rio Tinto's flawed Mongolian mining project
2012-07-17 Mongolia: "Resource Nationalists" make June electoral gains
2012-07-11 Eminent Indian panel finds Tata Mundra poses high social, environmental, economic risks
2012-07-03 Kyrgyzstan's uranium disaster defies long-term solution
2012-06-19 Sierra Club India: Tata Mundra Breaks Coal's 'Contract'
2012-06-05 Clash intensifies over cost, impacts of giant Indian coal-fired power plant
2012-05-22 Indigenous Peoples speak out at UN Permanent Forum
2012-04-24 Wikileaks expose Nevsun's Eritrean ploys
2012-04-18 The World Bank is making Waves at Rio+20
2012-02-20 World Bank/IFC gets hauled over the Indian coals
2011-11-30 New reports question World Bank's coal investments

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