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2016-07-29 PNG: MCC resumes logging operations at Ramu mine
2014-08-07 PNG: China's Ramu nickel mine attacked by armed villagers
2011-12-27 PNG Supreme Court allows Ramu Nickel's toxic waste dumping at sea
2008-01-08 Toronto plays key role in recent Chinese mning deals
2007-05-18 China update
2007-05-18 China Update
2007-05-17 UN Project Cuts Carbon Emissions in Rural China
2007-05-16 Europe Lags, China Catches Up in Clean Energy Race
2007-05-15 Dangers ahead as China blindly expands titanium sponge smelting capacity - CNMIA official
2007-02-09 The possible impacts of the submarine tailings disposal of tailings from the Ramu nickel mine could
2007-02-09 Papua New Guinea update
2007-02-09 Papua New Guinea update
2007-02-05 Ramu mine breaches PNG industrial law
2007-02-05 Demand for Ramu review
2007-02-05 Demand for Ramu review
2007-01-31 Ramu project 'needs review'
2005-05-15 MMAC urges domestic steelmakers to further develop overseas mines

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