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Indigenous Peoples Rights

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2021-10-08 Theonila Matbob wins Gwynne Skinner Human Rights Award
2021-08-28 Sexual harassment in mine camps, reports
2021-08-21 British Columbia: Nuxalk Nation issues eviction notice to Juggernaut Exploration
2021-07-18 Killing India'a moral heart: Stan Swamy is dead
2021-07-05 India: Tribunal halts tree cutting in Madhya Pradesh's Buxwaha amid protests
2021-06-25 Zambia: Court decision on Lower Zambezi copper project raise concerns
2021-06-22 India: Agitation against coal trucks in Odisha
2021-06-21 Brazil: Niobium-bearing lithium batteries fast-charge CBMM sales
2021-06-14 Peru Elections: The people does not want 'more money'
2021-06-07 Former Western Australia Aboriginal Affairs minister joins Rio Tinto
2021-06-04 Canada: Rio Tinto's Casino bet
2021-06-04 Following recent PNG-Barrick agreement, minister promises "restorative justice"
2021-06-02 India: Resistance to Buxwaha Diamond building up in Madhya Pradesh
2021-05-27 The impacts of illegal mining for women in Brazil
2021-05-24 Is Colombia's military displacing peasants in order to sell off natural resources?
2021-05-24 Fujimori kleptocracy embraces more copper mining in Peru
2021-05-13 Gold mining as perpetual symbol of broken promises
2021-05-08 Australian-backed company accused of exploring for gold in Myanmar
2021-05-07 Liberty Mutual drops Queensland coal mine project
2021-05-06 Glencore’s transition to more coal mines and expansions
2021-05-03 Ross Beaty: Thank you now f*ck off
2021-04-27 Philippine church leaders, environmentalists against government removal of mining ban
2021-04-22 'Deeds, not words': Miners reshape boardrooms as investors demand sustainability
2021-04-18 Philippines lifts ban on new mines
2021-04-17 Australia: Argonaut Resources drills Sacred Lake Torrens despite Aboriginal opposition
2021-04-12 Greenland’s general elections: The people have spoken!
2021-04-09 Barrick forces hand of Papua New Guinea Government in reopening Porgera
2021-04-07 Ontario First Nations declare moratorium on Ring of Fire development
2021-04-06 Greenland votes in election centred on mining debate
2021-03-28 Teck Coal fined $60 million for water pollution in British Columbia
2021-03-28 Canada: Tahltan Nation evicts Doubleview Gold
2021-03-27 Drawing the Pacific Blue Line: Call for a global ban on deep sea mining
2021-03-26 Indian federal police charge 71 anti-Vedanta protesters over 2018 violence
2021-03-22 PNG: Six reasons why Frieda River mine should not go ahead, report
2021-03-19 Are Rio Tinto shareholders going to give more than lip service towards righting their wrongs?
2021-03-16 Assemblies kill bill in Patagonia, Argentina
2021-03-15 First Majestic Corp. against the Government of Mexico
2021-03-12 Indigenous peoples call on Nornickel's global partners to demand environmental action
2021-03-11 All the world's at C - Part Two
2021-03-06 Glencore’s Australia mine expansion puts sacred sites at risk
2021-03-05 The fight for an equitable energy economy for the Navajo Nation
2021-03-01 Canada: FSIN, Baselode Energy at odds over uranium exploration
2021-03-01 USA: Thacker Pass lithium mine approval challenged in courts
2021-02-26 British Columbia’s ongoing legacy of metal mine impacts, report
2021-02-17 Norsk Hydro sued by Brazilian communities over toxic waste pollution
2021-02-16 Zimbabwe: Dinde community fights to stop coal mining project
2021-02-16 Philippines: Groups oppose offshore mining in Cagayan
2021-02-10 PNG President emphasises stance on Panguna mine
2021-02-09 Ecuador: Over 80% of Cuenca voters backed large-scale mining ban
2021-02-08 Australia: Northern Territory declares seabed mining ban
2021-02-07 The University of Utah Needs to Break Up with Rio Tinto
2021-02-04 Uranium mining and COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation
2021-01-16 Chilean Court sides with indigenous communities in Cerro Colorado water case
2021-01-14 New Mexico Settles With Mining Companies Responsible for the Gold King Mine Disaster
2021-01-11 Australia’s Ranger uranium mine ceases production
2021-01-11 UK shareholder raises concerns over Resolution mine in Arizona
2021-01-08 Former security chief at Hudbay mine pleads guilty in Guatemala
2020-12-27 Nickel corporate buyout stirs New Caledonia
2020-12-22 Protesting ‘blood phosphates’
2020-12-21 Demand for minerals, overconsumption and Buen Vivir in unprecedented times
2020-12-17 US Federal Appeals Court Turns Down Maxima Acuña’s Case Against Newmont
2020-12-16 The curse of 'white oil': electric vehicles' dirty secret
2020-12-15 Philippines: Opposition to Presidential order to negotiate OceanaGold's license renewal
2020-12-10 Less than 10 per cent of mining companies in Australia mention Aboriginal engagement, study
2020-12-10 All the world's at C - Part One
2020-12-08 A Pan-American silver play is falling apart in Chubut, Argentina
2020-12-07 Amazon leaders deliver petition against illegal gold mining to Brazil Congress
2020-11-30 Swiss responsible business initiative wins a majority, but will not be implemented
2020-11-21 Glencore to expand McArthur River despite sacred sites authority veto?
2020-11-18 Fortescue accused of 'bullying' Aboriginal groups in Australia
2020-11-16 Frieda River tailings dam proposal is not an option
2020-11-05 Indian Court rejects Stan Swamy bail plea
2020-11-04 Supreme Court decision a victory for Canada's Cree communities
2020-11-02 Investors coalition puts Australia's miners on notice over Indigenous rights
2020-10-31 Philippines: Local court upholds ban on open-pit mining in South Cotabato
2020-10-28 Adivasi Women Reclaim their Rights in Zawar Mines, Rajasthan
2020-10-27 South Africa: Environmental activist Fikile Ntshangase murdered
2020-10-27 Sámi people delivered 37,200 signatures against mining in reindeer herding area
2020-10-22 Philippines: Land Defenders are Killed for Protesting Canadian Mining
2020-10-21 Failure to comply with autonomous consultation protocols amid Covid-19 in Brazil
2020-10-20 30,000 signatures for the protection of water in Chubut, Argentina
2020-10-19 Mongolia plans river diversion as mining industry sucks Gobi dry
2020-10-16 Securities regulators turning a blind eye to lack of Indigenous consent around Canadian mines
2020-10-14 Native Alaskans sue Trump administration over mining road
2020-10-12 Detention and Arrest of Fr. Stan Swamy in India
2020-10-06 Nickel project drops deep-sea waste plan in Morowali, Indonesia
2020-10-04 “Coal is not progress, it is death”: Indigenous Wayuu woman
2020-10-03 Adani legal action targets journalists over Carmichael mine leaks
2020-09-30 Bougainville OECD complaint against Rio Tinto
2020-09-29 UN increasingly concerned about mining impacts since the pandemic
2020-09-22 The Week's Essay: South African High Court affirms vital community right
2020-09-21 Early Week Essay: Aboriginal spokesperson reiterates Juukan demands
2020-09-13 Rio Tinto CEO and senior executives depart from company over Juukan Gorge
2020-09-13 The Weekend Essay: Is there real life after Covid-19?
2020-09-07 The Week's Essay: Rio Tinto approaches dire Juukan moment
2020-08-26 Philippines: Mines look to re-start amid protest and killings
2020-08-24 Australian Aboriginal groups now evict Adani
2020-08-22 The Weekend Essay: Banjima forced to "trade away" its Heritage
2020-08-20 "Oh No!" Kono Sierra Leoneans tell Steinmetz
2020-08-17 The Early Week Essay: Recalling the Nautilus deep-sea debacle
2020-08-16 BHP to be challenged over Aboriginal heritage preservation
2020-08-15 "No to Norilsk!" - Russian peoples plea to Elon Musk
2020-08-15 Rio Tinto has its ethics in a real twist
2020-08-12 Coal-Mad Modi embarks on Unprecedented Folly
2020-08-07 The options Rio Tinto didn't follow
2020-08-06 Hiroshima Day - the invidious fatal connections
2020-08-06 Ok Tedi mine closes, as Covid-19 spreads
2020-08-04 How Rio Tinto out-manoeuvred the Aussies - for decades
2020-08-03 World's largest copper mine indicted for water over-use
2020-07-29 The MidWeek Essay: Condemning the Indian government's totalitarian surveillance
2020-07-26 DR Congo: When "green energy" mixes with Dirty Dealers
2020-07-25 The Weekend Essay: Brazil's Bolsonaro threatens Amazonia in Niobium battle
2020-07-24 London Calling adds its voice to Aboriginal Juukan demands
2020-07-21 The MidWeek Essay: Waging Water War in Peru
2020-07-20 "Force Lloyds to dis-insure Canadian pipeline", Sum of Us
2020-07-18 India's Telangana state forest head de-bunks uranium project
2020-07-16 New Norilsk accident compounds Russian disaster
2020-07-15 Mining-backed "tribal university" gets slated in India
2020-07-14 Barrick Gold again battles with PNG government
2020-07-11 US Navajo, struck by pandemic, robbed of vital water
2020-07-10 The Weekend Essay: Destroying India step by step
2020-07-09 Rio Tinto must be declassified, say Aboriginal groups
2020-07-03 Burma: At least 178 mineworkers die in jade disaster
2020-07-03 Bloomberg on Rio Tinto's massive recent bloomer
2020-07-02 Yukon First Nation condemns miners' "free entry" to its territory
2020-06-30 Tailings containment "battle-lines" re-open with unique ferocity
2020-06-29 Chinese shooting of Zambian mineworkers triggers "re-evaluation" calls
2020-06-26 The Weekend Essay: Rhodes may Fall - but many other mining villains remain unscathed
2020-06-24 Does Aboriginal living-heritage "matter"?
2020-06-20 Rio Tinto still derided, although it announces compromise
2020-06-19 Former Rio Tinto advisor blasts his former employer
2020-06-19 Rio Tinto says "sorry" for Aboriginal heritage destruction but "we aren't to blame"
2020-06-18 Mining's "Pandemic Profiteering" - a new report
2020-06-13 The Weekend Essay: One of South Africa's largest mines at battle centre
2020-06-12 Russian disaster may hit Arctic Ocean
2020-06-09 An Adivasi asks: How will my people survive?
2020-06-07 Mines are Covid hotpots claim several hundred global organisations
2020-06-06 Russian official outrage at yet another Norilsk Nickel spill
2020-06-05 The Weekend Essays: A critical moment for Rio Tinto
2020-06-01 Australia: Rio Tinto's moral incompetence under denunciation
2020-05-31 The early June Essay: Mass assaults strike Ethiopian communities
2020-05-31 The mine that should never have been proposed
2020-05-28 Assam's Indigenous communities facing coal mine violation
2020-05-27 46,000 years of Aboriginal Heritage bulldozered by Rio Tinto
2020-05-19 Rio Tinto in uranium reclamation battle with Australia
2020-05-15 The Weekend Essay (1): A Thai community victimised by the military
2020-05-14 Ecuador's Shuar advances struggle against Covid-19
2020-05-13 PNG: The ongoing struggle over the lease for Barrick's Porgera mine
2020-05-12 The MidWeek Essay: Indian states punish stranded workers
2020-05-08 South African community threatened by "worse" than Corona Virus
2020-05-05 Anglo American proceeds with shabby pretence of AGM
2020-05-04 "Let the sun set on Xingu mining!" demand people and judges
2020-05-04 Corona virus hits Ecuadorian Shuar in deep Amazon
2020-05-03 Philippines: Civil society and UN experts call for rights to be respected at Didipio
2020-04-07 Philippines: Violent dispersal of peoples’ barricade in Nueva Vizcaya
2020-04-07 Vedanta carries on as usual - regardless of Indian lockdown
2020-04-06 Rio Tinto goes ahead with an AGM shorn of crucial input
2020-03-27 Anglogold confronts arrested workers' demands in Ghana
2020-03-20 Corona virus manifests in another deadly form
2020-03-16 David Attenborough calls for total ban on deep sea mining
2020-03-09 The Week's Essay: Brazil's Bolsonaro reaches new heights in mining free-for-all
2020-03-07 Filipino mining activists seek protection as struggles continue
2020-03-04 Vociferously calling out against Rio Tinto and BHP
2020-03-02 Many protesters block entry to Canada's premier mining event
2020-03-02 The Week's Essay: Putting BHP at the heart of Ecuadorian destruction
2020-02-22 The Weekend Essay (Part Two): India's New Coal Geography
2020-02-22 The Weekend Essay (Part One): India's New Coal Geography
2020-02-19 The Mid-Week Essay: South African Royal Council confronted by multi-mineral project
2020-02-17 The Early Week Essay: Siemen's unholy bond with Adani
2020-02-12 Indian Adivasis face destruction of historic Hasdeo forest
2020-02-12 Battling for lithium - and water - in Chile's Atacama desert
2020-02-11 The Mid-Week Essay: How India's rulers betrayed its Adivasis
2020-02-10 The Week's Essay: Brazil's Bolsonara to implement Indigenous Peoples "death project"
2020-02-09 PNG's Madang government sues Chinese company for billions of dollars
2020-02-06 Vale's Schvartsman faces 270 homicide charges
2020-02-05 Newcrest finally offloads Indonesia mine
2020-02-02 Canada: Yellowknives battle with the Giant
2020-01-30 Bougainville's Momis slams joint mining-landowner enterprise
2020-01-29 Tailings - a global "ticking time bomb"!
2020-01-29 Carving island's name with pride
2020-01-28 MWC calls for global review of tailings risks
2020-01-25 Ghanaian Group demands Atewa forest bauxite mining be cancelled
2020-01-21 Brazil's Indigenous peoples lambast Bolsonaro
2020-01-18 Barrick Gold battles with Papua New Guinea's citizens and government
2020-01-14 Madagascar campaigning finally secures Rio Tinto response
2020-01-07 Colombia: UN calls on Ireland to consider halting coal import
2020-01-06 Adani pilloried for forestry destruction in Orissa
2020-01-04 The First Essay of 2020: Facing Immeasurable "Extinction"
2020-01-01 Indigenous Chileans in Lithium court victory
2019-12-29 Chile lithium miner SQM dealt blow by environmental court ruling
2019-12-03 Fresh Declaration by Latin Americans denounces murderous "extractivism"
2019-12-03 Norwegian government confirms dumping of copper waste in fjord
2019-12-02 Philippines: Nueva Vizcaya folk celebrate as Oceanagold suspends operations
2019-11-30 Was Bolivia's lithium the main trigger for Morales abdication?
2019-11-29 Conservation Award given to Australian Aboriginal Women trio
2019-11-29 The Weekend Essay: How children are sacrificed to mica mining
2019-11-27 Indonesian Mining turns seas Red
2019-11-27 The Mid-Week Essay: Jal, Jangal aur Jameen - India's Pathalgadi Movement
2019-11-26 Ecuador: Community Assemly rejects BHP mine plan
2019-11-25 Madagascar environmental regulator under scrutiny for Rio Tinto relationship
2019-11-24 Dalradian Gold withdraws sponsorship of Irish awards
2019-11-20 French Guiana's gold mountain mining venture abandoned
2019-11-18 Ranger uranium rehabitation costs will be met by Rio Tinto
2019-11-17 Bougainville: "Mining Madness" before the referendum
2019-11-16 India: Fresh indigenous protests at Jindal threats in Odisha
2019-11-12 When "dumping" has a dubious double meaning
2019-11-07 A peculiarly British taste of justice
2019-11-06 Kenya's Lorropil community forcibly evicted for geothermal project
2019-11-03 The Weekend Essay: Russia to plunder Arctic Coal for India
2019-10-21 The Week's Essays: How Israeli phosphates plan threatens Bedouin community
2019-10-20 Indian villagers set to mobilise against uranium-powered project
2019-10-20 Australia Yindjibarndi people win against Fortescue Meals
2019-10-18 Joan Kuyek makes the call: "Take power back from the miners!"
2019-10-13 Chile's Pascua Lama battle may finally be nearing its end
2019-10-12 The Weekend Essay: AIIB accused of backing unacceptable developments
2019-10-11 Ecuadorian indigenous people under major mining attack
2019-09-29 India seeks to evade vital legislation, in favour of coal
2019-09-26 Church of England follows up on Vale disinvestment
2019-09-25 India: fresh police killings of Adivasis fighting Adani
2019-09-25 Brazil: Vale faces accusations of falsifying dam information
2019-09-24 A Just Transition is a Post-Extractive One
2019-09-24 Pope Francis re-invigorates opposition to disastrous mining
2019-09-21 Greenland: locals demand banishing foreign miner
2019-09-18 Mexico to observe Indigenous consultation under ILO 169
2019-09-17 India's poor left high and dry in Odisha
2019-09-14 The Weekend Essay: Catastrophe faces the Arctic
2019-09-11 The Midweek Essay: Look who's coming to India's coal party!
2019-09-07 Canadian First Nation may now finally win "battle of the lake"
2019-09-01 Chinese nickel overflow threatens toxic disaster in Papua New Guinea
2019-08-20 What's the future of mining in Madagascar?
2019-08-18 The Weekend Essay: Condescension and Climate
2019-08-16 Fiji calls for deep sea mining moratorium
2019-08-14 The Midweek Essay: Is Rio Tinto becoming a Robo Cop?
2019-08-13 Nautilus re-emerges, battered and impotent
2019-08-12 Global protests greet Oceanagold on World Indigenous Peoples' Day
2019-08-10 Philippines: OceanGold facing final ejection
2019-08-05 Australia: Aboriginal community sacrifices set to gain true state recognition?
2019-08-03 The Weekend Essay: Global Britain's real climate changers
2019-08-02 Guatemala: Resolution of Tahoe conflict may be close
2019-08-02 Ecuador: Azuay province asks court for mining referendum
2019-07-31 Vedanta's finance thief makes off with Anglo American payback
2019-07-30 Indian govt allows "truly horrific" uranium prospect
2019-07-30 New report damns deep-sea mining
2019-07-25 Australia: Adani's Carmichael en route to collapse, says expert
2019-07-21 Guatemala indigenous community wins court reprieve
2019-07-11 Late Week Essay: A mountain that will not bow down to corporate loot
2019-07-09 Solomons: struck by second contamination crisis
2019-07-05 Philippines: Locals Barricade Against OceanaGold Mine
2019-07-02 Mount Polley: a 'paradise' transformed into pain
2019-06-27 India: Bauxite mining's continuing vicious costs
2019-06-25 The Midweek Essay: Mines dirty secrets echo on three continents
2019-06-20 Papua New Guinea: fresh mining venture vociferously opposed
2019-06-19 Vedanta's Zambian "liquidation" supported by minority shareholders
2019-06-18 Tanzania: Acacia Mining's new human rights abuses
2019-06-18 The Midweek Essay: Explaining Adani - why would a billionaire persist with a mine that will probably lose money?
2019-06-16 The Sunday Essay: How Australias coal madness led to Adani
2019-06-16 World's "Most Insane" energy venture moves ahead
2019-06-13 Adani gets a final green light from Australia!
2019-06-12 Urgent News: Stan Swamy is raided by police
2019-06-11 India's Chhattisgarh state orders mining halt
2019-06-08 India: Ten thousand Adivasis protest NMDC iron ore project
2019-06-01 Coal-addicted Adani reckons it's in - at a finch!
2019-05-31 The Weekend Essay: The fix is in!
2019-05-30 Australia: Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners fight on
2019-05-27 Australian electorate heads "down under" over climate change
2019-05-23 The Week's Essay: Life without land, land without life
2019-05-22 A year on, anti-Vedanta protestors still await justice
2019-05-19 The Weekend Essay: Manufacturing Consent in India
2019-05-14 Pope calls for mining to ensure integral human development
2019-05-10 The Weekend Essay (1):The Natural Resource Oligarchy Funding Indonesias Election
2019-05-05 Life after Ok Tedi - can it compensate for huge mining sacrifices?
2019-05-03 Weekend Essay: The Narrative Roadblock to the Forest Rights Act in India
2019-05-03 Adani accused of scare-mongering over Carmichael mine project
2019-04-28 The Weekend Essay: South Africa's Lonmin case shows how hard it is to hold mines to account
2019-04-23 The Spanking new House that Jacques couldn't build
2019-04-22 Not the whole truth: the Rio Tinto AGM
2019-04-17 Solomon Islands oil crisis continues
2019-04-14 Philippines mining industry continues to 'under-perform'
2019-04-14 The Weekend Essay: Are global miners ignoring their most important risk?
2019-04-03 India's government "destroying traditional agriculture"
2019-03-30 India: Saranda surrendered to miners
2019-03-28 World's biggest banks won't divulge clients infringements of rights
2019-03-26 Adani makes a self-serving move by declaring an Indian SEZ
2019-03-24 The weekend essay: Adivasis on the March
2019-03-23 Rio Tinto finally accused of misleading investors, by US judge
2019-03-19 Many organisations roundly condemn police repression in Orissa
2019-03-18 BREAKING NEWS: Orissa villager killed by forces defending Vedanta refinery
2019-03-17 US Supreme Court rules against World Bank
2019-03-16 India and Indonesia: Indigenous women warmly embrace
2019-03-11 Brazil: Great balls of fire!
2019-03-10 India: Leading Indigenous campaigner arrested for opposing Vedanta
2019-02-23 India's Supreme Court - en route to destroying millions of lives
2019-02-20 Norway violates its own fjord waste-dumping moratorum
2019-02-16 Adani feels an Aussie pinch
2019-02-14 Madagascar mine slammed by European Ombudsman
2019-02-12 Bougainville: Is it sitting on a hornets nest?
2019-02-06 Australia: BHP & Rio Tinto ask for Indigenous Advisory Body
2019-02-05 Bougainville: squabbles among a den of thieves
2019-02-04 Guatemala under fire from international organisations
2019-02-03 Bougainville - in with a BAM!
2019-01-25 Adani coal project criticised by United Nations
2019-01-18 With its $3.85b mine takeover, Indonesia inherits a $13b pollution problem
2019-01-15 Indigenous groups are the worlds endangered environmental guardians
2019-01-02 Another dirty move by Adani in Australia
2018-12-15 India: Update on situation after POSCO's withdrawal from Odisha
2018-12-14 Australia: Ranger Uranium Mine rehabilitation costs increase
2018-12-12 Losing social licence to operate biggest threat to miners
2018-12-10 USA: Native tribes allege human rights violation over Canadian mine pollution
2018-11-25 South Africa: will Xolobeni victory transform the way miners operate?
2018-11-23 India's pathway denies very existence of indigenous peoples
2018-11-16 "You have failed us": Report on the 2018 London BHP AGM
2018-11-12 Trump card against World Bank in Indian fisherfolk's favour?
2018-11-09 Adani's Carmichael mine may have reached its knell of doom
2018-11-08 In Ecuador, landmark court cases challenge mining projects
2018-11-08 Philippines: Mining activists continued being targeted for defending human rights
2018-11-05 Brazil's sorry future under Bolsonaro
2018-11-03 Philippines: Time for Duterte to shut down OceanaGold
2018-11-02 Bougainville: Locals want Filipino company out of their ancestral land
2018-11-01 Mexico: Waste overflows at Canadian mine threatening dozens of communities
2018-10-31 India: Dongria Khonds suffer increased police violence
2018-10-31 Mexico: murder of community leader who opposed mining
2018-10-17 Initiating a truly living planet
2018-10-11 The last of the summer whine?
2018-09-21 US tribes win costs battle over Teck's pollution
2018-09-15 The Diverging Paths of Two Young Women Foretell the Fate of a Tribe in India
2018-09-07 Vedanta on its last legs - will it walk free?
2018-08-31 Under Saffron Jackboots
2018-08-21 Bougainville MP - better a drunk Ozzie rugby team than further politicking!
2018-08-18 Cast out! - by companies and coal in India
2018-07-28 In peril: Southeast Asias environment and its defenders
2018-06-30 Brazil: Government Crackdown on Illegal Amazon Gold Mining Could Backfire
2018-06-28 Australia: Indigenous group hid more than $2m in payments from Adani mining giant
2018-06-23 Mexico: An Indigenous Cooperative Is Dodging Bullets To Defend Their Land
2018-06-13 Guatemala: Over fifty groups protest at US intervention
2018-06-04 Ecuador: Chinese company ordered to stop mining in ground-breaking legal judgment
2018-04-24 Indigenous Xinka march in Guatemala to banish Canadian mine
2018-04-22 "Our territory is our life": one struggle against mining in Ecuador
2018-04-03 Burma: two women arrested for protesting at Letpadaung evictions
2018-04-01 Freeport protesters call for Grasberg closure, and Papua self-determination
2018-03-31 Vicky Corpuz fights back in the Philippines
2018-03-21 Rampal power plant - condemned by Norwegian Ethics Council
2018-03-16 "End the onslaught against human rights defenders!"
2018-03-10 Philippines: "Dirty Harry" Duterte dares dubbing UN Rapporteur a "terrorist"
2018-03-06 Goa's politicians take up arms against own citizens!
2018-02-26 India's bauxite baron grabs more Orissa mines
2018-02-19 South Africa - away with Zuma, in with Ramaphosa
2018-02-16 Dalits driven off land, forced to migrate to brick kilns, construction sites
2018-02-13 Bougainville: Moratorium re-confirmed on Panguna mine
2018-02-11 Aboriginal community struggles to stop Yeelirrie go-ahead
2018-02-08 India's Supreme Court nixes all Goa's iron mining leases
2018-02-04 Is Norway all at sea when it comes to mine waste dumping?
2018-02-02 US must reverse outrageous dismantling of Bears Ears National Monument, says UN rights expert
2018-01-30 Small scale mining merits large scale examination
2018-01-29 Indian fisherfolk and farmers appeal to US Supreme Court
2018-01-25 India's Adivasi Community has right of ownership over natural resources
2018-01-23 Indian Child Miners: Jharkhand's Dark Secret
2018-01-17 Uranium Miners Pushed Hard for a Comeback
2017-12-29 Bougainville government announces moratorium on Panguna
2017-11-22 Barrick's "Call to Duty" - a vision of mining's future
2017-10-31 Adani's unholy Carmichael project condemned by Australian bishops
2017-10-25 After Posco withdrawal, Odisha government hands over land to Jindal Steel
2017-09-26 India: how the Dongria are reviving Indigenous foods
2017-09-15 Madagascar - Urgent Call for Canadian company to quit Vohitsara
2017-09-15 Bougainville - "Softening up" the people for renewed mining
2017-09-10 Tata finally faces legal case over disastrous chromite mining
2017-09-05 Colombian Indigenous people protest against coal mine expansion
2017-09-03 Vedanta Resources - It's deja vu, all over again
2017-08-31 Brazil's government opens up huge Amazonian reserve to mining
2017-08-26 Adani's Australia gambit, wins, fails, still shrouded in secrecy
2017-08-22 India's uranium workers endure double jeopardy
2017-08-21 New mining conflict erupts on Bougainville
2017-08-21 Canadian indigenous women passionately demand mining justice
2017-08-18 Perils of Mining Uranium in India's Meghalaya - Report
2017-08-05 Canada: Mt Polley toxic disaster has been allowed to continue for three years
2017-08-02 India's search for uranium could displace 4,000 in 13 tribal villages of Madhya Pradesh
2017-07-30 London Calling asks: is Rio Tinto "bidding fair" by Aboriginal landowners?
2017-07-21 Burma: Karen communities file complaint against Thai coal mining
2017-07-20 Australia's Fortescue Metals loses court battle with Aboriginal community
2017-07-19 Canada: City council backs First Nations over Ajax mine
2017-07-18 Bougainville Copper: will it get to play again?
2017-07-16 Solomon Islands: miner accused of "trickery" to gain landowner support
2017-07-15 Global extractives terrorism exposed in new report
2017-06-12 Lawsuit against Tahoe Resources cleared for trial in Canada
2017-05-10 Philippines - Gina Lopez: the miners strike back
2017-05-04 Phosphate rock shipment from Western Sahara seized
2017-05-02 Barrick Confronted by Indigenous Women from Papua New Guinea at Toronto AGM
2017-04-08 Coal mining company backs down in Alaska
2017-04-04 South Africa: No Longer a life Worth Living Report
2017-04-02 PNG: Houses burnt down (again) at Porgera mine
2017-03-30 Indonesia: Indigenous farmers rally to halt cement factory in Central Java
2017-03-18 India: Communities displaced by coal mining moving back to their lands in Madhya Pradesh
2017-03-08 Map Commemorates Womens Resistance to Mining in Latin America
2017-03-05 Canada: First Nation environmental review panel nixes proposed Ajax mine
2017-02-22 Ecuadors Extractive Policies and the Silencing of Dissent
2017-02-12 Guatemala: Communities demand cancellation of Las Lajitas licence
2017-02-10 Philippines: Environment Secretary orders closure of 23 mines
2017-02-08 Colombia's resistance to Canadian mining
2017-01-28 Ecuador: Mining by blood and fire in Shuar ancestral lands
2017-01-21 Freeport reaches settlement on uranium mines cleanup
2017-01-06 India: Villages unite to oppose mining in Maharashtra
2016-12-31 Philippines: New policies but will they be implemented?
2016-12-30 Native Americans confront Peabody Energy in Arizona
2016-12-19 Lithium: Mining mountains of water in northern Argentina
2016-12-18 South Africa: Ivanhoe Mines ordered to stop exhuming graves at Platreef Mine
2016-12-16 Ecuador: Government declares state of emergency, sends troops to Chinese copper project in Amazonia
2016-12-12 Villagers begin 'hunger strike till death' against Thar Coal in Pakistan
2016-11-21 Indian Fisherfolk in battle with power companies
2016-11-20 Ecuador: Water protectors vow to defend their land from mining
2016-11-05 "Militarized neoliberalism" and the Canadian state in Latin America
2016-10-27 More Philippine miners threatened with suspension under crackdown
2016-10-26 Hope in the midst of Finland's "extractive tsunami"
2016-10-24 The Canada Brand: Violence and Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America
2016-10-18 MiningWatch Canada files charges over Mount Polley waste disaster
2016-10-16 Peru: Protester shot dead near Las Bambas copper mine
2016-10-13 MAC letter condemns biased report on land conflict in Peruvian Andes
2016-09-26 USA: A Wisconsin Tribe's Hallowed Sites at Risk
2016-09-20 USA: Legal Challenge for Resolution Copper Mine Waste Site
2016-09-19 Peru: Mxima Acua Attacked Again by Minera Yanacocha Guards
2016-09-15 Bougainville: Communities see tourism gold in Panguna mine
2016-09-15 Macri and Beaty against the law in Chubut, Argentina
2016-09-14 Russia: River at Norilsk turns red
2016-09-12 New Zealand: Protesters march on Evolution Mining drilling site
2016-09-09 India: Tata Steel withdraws from resisted Bastar project
2016-09-08 Latin American Churches and Mining Network meets in Bogota
2016-09-03 Philippines: President notes "Mining - My way or the environmental highway"
2016-09-01 Peru: Indigenous leaders demand Minera Afrodita ousting as authorization cancelled
2016-08-27 USA: Teck ordered to cover aboriginal group litigation costs
2016-08-26 Colombias largest indigenous group is dying
2016-08-25 Indigenous Australians fight nuclear dump plan on sacred land
2016-08-23 Neskantaga First Nation to Noront Resources: 'Cease and desist'
2016-08-21 Canadian firms dominate phosphate imports from Western Sahara
2016-08-18 Navajo Nation sues EPA over metal sludge from Colorado mine spill
2016-08-18 Rio Tinto finally "gifts" Panguna mine-stake to Bougainville
2016-08-17 Australia: Cameco's Yeelirrie uranium mine proposal knocked back
2016-08-07 Global protests greet Vedantas 2016 AGM
2016-08-02 Philippines: President tells miners country does not need them
2016-07-29 PNG: MCC resumes logging operations at Ramu mine
2016-07-28 Peru: A "very difficult social environment" for mining
2016-07-26 Coal Mining And Violations Of Adivasi Rights In India
2016-07-24 Guatemala: Supreme Court Suspends El Tambor Mine License
2016-07-19 Australia: Aboriginal protestors arrested over Rio Tinto mine expansion
2016-07-11 Philippines: A new hope for mine-affected communities
2016-07-09 Three Cambodian mining activists convicted and heavily fined
2016-07-06 Impacts of uranium mining on Australia's Aborigines and the Antarctic
2016-06-29 Madagascar: Permit granted to Jiuxing Mines is not acceptable
2016-06-28 Canada: Scientists reveal effects of 2013 coal mine spill
2016-06-25 Barrick Once Again Ignores Human Rights Victims
2016-06-23 Protest mining industry greenwash at 'Responsible Extractives Summit'
2016-06-22 Violent 2015 sees three environmental activists killed each week
2016-06-21 Peru: Calls to strengthen transparency mechanism
2016-06-19 Canada: Alaska group raises international concerns over B.C. mine operations
2016-06-15 Australian Taxpayers Could Pay Billions to Clean Up Old Mines
2016-06-05 Philippines: Is the mining industry feeling lucky with Duterte Harry?
2016-05-31 Indian government accused of "criminal negligence" at uranium mine
2016-05-26 Vedanta: The fest may be over, but not the controversy
2016-05-25 Vedanta - India's corporate Raj
2016-05-23 Hudbay Minerals shareholders asked to donate their dividends
2016-05-23 Silicosis - the world's most destructive mining disease?
2016-05-22 Australian traditional owners join global protest against Glencore
2016-05-17 Indonesia: Women protest with their feet
2016-05-14 London Calling on the Gladson Dungdung "affair"
2016-05-09 London Calling on India's "hollow crowns"
2016-05-04 Brazil: BHP and Vale hit with $44 billion lawsuit over deadly spill
2016-05-02 Australian traditional owners fight nuclear waste dump plan
2016-04-30 Brazil - Quilombolas demand land titling to defend against mining
2016-04-25 Rio Tinto 2016 AGM: "Goodnight children sleep well"
2016-04-23 India's tribal slaves to stone
2016-04-22 Brazilian prosecutor: Samarco keeps leaking
2016-04-21 Villagers take over San Andrs mine in Copan, Honduras
2016-04-17 Innu lawsuit may reshape Canadas natural resource landscape
2016-04-16 Australia: Traditional Owners take legal action on Adanis Carmichael leases
2016-04-13 Organized crime and illegally mined gold in Latin America
2016-04-09 Bangladesh suspends work on coal plant after demonstrators killed
2016-04-05 London Calling probes the reality of mining behind Goa's playtime facade
2016-04-04 Philippines - "We would rather die fighting"
2016-04-03 Australia: Adani's Carmichael mine clears another hurdle
2016-03-31 USA: Mine "fever" may be on the rise, but so is peoples' resistance
2016-03-28 Aboriginal land rights battle over a $20 billion bauxite mine in Australia
2016-03-27 Navajo Din Fight Uranium Resources Inc. Mining Permits In New Mexico
2016-03-26 South African anti-mining activist assassinated in Xolobeni
2016-03-21 Russia: Evenk community Sergei Nikiforov identified as a political prisoner
2016-03-18 USA: Oak Flat designation a win for opponents of Resolution Copper
2016-03-07 Philippines - Acting on mining at election time
2016-03-06 "Canadian Mining Kills" say activists at a vigil inside mining convention
2016-03-05 India: will Nyamgiri mining now be allowed?
2016-03-02 Jan Roberts: commemorating a true warrior
2016-03-01 Peruvians claim against Glencore reaches London High Court
2016-02-26 Canada exploiting last colony in Africa
2016-02-25 Indonesian ordered banks to stop lending to coal-mining projects
2016-02-22 India: Burying the Law to Make Way for a Coal Mine
2016-02-19 Mining impacts on indigenous peoples and health in Colombia
2016-02-13 Australia: The race to avert disaster at the McArthur River Mine
2016-02-13 Australia: Decision not to prosecute ERA 'a kick in the face'
2016-02-07 Beowulf wants dialogue with Sami but wont take no for an answer!
2016-02-06 Philippines: Murderous mining
2016-02-04 Chiles court confirms huge fine to Caserones mine
2016-02-02 Defender of the Maran river killed in Peru
2016-02-01 A Peaceful Decade but Pacific Islanders Warn Against Complacency
2016-01-30 Canada: Teck Metals to plead guilty over pollution in Trail, B.C.
2016-01-26 Bolivia's Iron-Ore Mine Contract Awarded to China's Sinosteel
2016-01-20 Peru: Anti-mining protesters occupy downtown Cusco
2016-01-14 Brazil: Tailings dams fall-out has international repercussions
2016-01-09 India: Save lives in Jaduguda uranium mining hub, pleads MP
2016-01-04 Philippines: A year of mining dangerously
2015-12-30 Canadian Mining Companies Leave Behind Decades of Violence in Guatemala
2015-12-29 Large-scale copper mine project in Ecuador mired in allegations of abuse
2015-12-28 Native American San Carlos Apache tribe takes on BHP, Rio Tinto
2015-12-23 Canada: De Beers' alleged mercury contamination at its Victor diamond mine
2015-12-22 Indonesia: Coal Impacted Communities Demand Prioritisation over Corporations
2015-12-21 Brazil: Repercussions of Samarco dams collapse hit both the poor and powerful
2015-12-18 COP21: Was it all mere hot air?
2015-12-16 Indias nuclear industry pours its wastes into a river of death and disease
2015-12-13 Australia: Why we must still "Weep for Weipa"
2015-12-10 Can Norway's Sami score another success against mining?
2015-12-09 COP 21: dead on arrival?
2015-12-07 Australia: Adani wants opposition to its coal mine to be over by law
2015-12-03 Philippines: A climate of fear and destruction
2015-11-30 Are we nearer to 'no' meaning no in mining?
2015-11-29 India: Indigenous Activist Loses His Battle With Vedanta And Commits Suicide
2015-11-26 UN Forum shares experiences of extractive industries and human rights
2015-11-23 Aboriginal communities up in arms against nuclear dumping on their land
2015-11-21 Barrick Gold Fails to Address Ongoing Violence at Tanzania Mine
2015-11-18 Is Innu's Supreme Court win really a disaster for Canadian industry?
2015-11-17 The root causes of terrorism - Helena Norbert-Hodge
2015-11-16 Report calls on aluminium industry to respect indigenous peoples rights
2015-11-01 Future of BHP coal mines in Indonesia hinging on mining rules revision
2015-10-31 Mining-related violence ignites protests in the Philippines
2015-10-26 The Two Degrees: yet another BHP Billiton AGM
2015-10-25 USA: EPA mine spill could have been prevented, probe concludes
2015-10-21 How Illegal Diamond Mining Threatens Brazil's Indigenous Communities
2015-10-19 Australia: Aboriginal community reject extension of Ranger mine
2015-10-17 Would restarting Bougainville's Panguna contribute to sustainable development?
2015-10-17 Russia: Indigenous community leader opposing mining sentenced to 5 years
2015-10-16 Canada: Supreme Court rejects Rio Tinto's efforts to dismiss Innu class-action lawsuit
2015-10-13 Canadian Cree concerns as De Beers looks further North
2015-10-11 Australian 'uranium mine fire' in Kakadu National Park
2015-10-10 Women bear worst impacts of the mining industry ...
2015-09-26 PotashCorp in Western Sahara: A Very Fertile Occupation
2015-09-23 Statement from the Bougainville Hardliners
2015-09-19 Philippines - Miners accused of fuelling violence in Mindanao
2015-09-13 India: Ongoing tribal struggles against mining in Orissa
2015-09-12 Unity Statement of International Peoples Conference on Mining
2015-09-09 Consent & Waste - The beginning and end of Canadian mining problems
2015-09-06 European Bank launches investigation into Mongolian iron ore mine
2015-09-03 Glencore may be forced to shut down Australian zinc mine
2015-08-30 USA: Lakota grandmother debuts film about uranium
2015-08-22 Indigenous group urges Canada to uphold Kiggavik decision
2015-08-18 Philippines: Glencore finalises its Tampakan departure
2015-08-16 Brazil: Vale ordered to halt production at nickel mine
2015-08-15 US EPA head meets with Navajo president over Colorado mine spill
2015-08-12 Australian indigenous community split over Fortescue mine claim
2015-08-10 Mining Waste from Canadas Mount Polley Mine Spill Still Lingers
2015-08-04 Global demos around Vedanta AGM in London, India and Africa
2015-08-03 'Our Resistance, Our Hope' - International People's Mining Conference
2015-07-30 Canadian tribal protest halts mine exploration, for now
2015-07-29 Global miners improve policies on community consent
2015-07-26 UN urges Canada to probe mining abuses abroad
2015-07-15 Ecuador: Community plebiscite to stop mining in Kimsacocha
2015-06-30 Philippines: Glencore quits the Tampakan Project
2015-06-25 Indigenous leaders protest at Seabridge annual shareholder meeting
2015-06-19 African states re-confirm their pledge to the Saharawi people
2015-06-12 Energy Resources Australia pulls plug on expansion at Ranger
2015-06-02 Protest at Imperial Metals AGM turns ugly as shareholder goes full racist
2015-05-31 Australia: Traditional Owners' Declaration to Banks on Carmichael Coal
2015-05-30 USA: Selling Off Apache Holy Land
2015-05-26 Philippines: Indigenous activist 'disappears' in the company of mining guards
2015-05-25 Allegations of brutality in Guatemala at Hudbay shareholders' meeting
2015-05-16 Nuclear folly threatens Western Australia
2015-05-09 Protestors call for end to Glencores mining abuses
2015-05-07 Attack On Greenpeace India Is An Attack On Free Speech
2015-05-06 Canada: Mount Polley mining disaster caused major changes to ecosystem
2015-05-04 US to evaluate uranium mine cleanups on Navajo land
2015-05-01 Indigenous People Occupy Brazil's Legislature
2015-04-26 Philippines: Earth Day celebrations focus on mining woes
2015-04-25 Peru: Deadly demonstrations and shareholder activism
2015-04-24 Rio Tinto 2015 AGM reports: Behind closed doors at Rio Tinto
2015-04-23 London Calling asks: Is Rio Tinto getting cold feet in Bougainville?
2015-04-14 Media banned from Rio Tinto's ERA AGM after concerns about uranium mine rehabilitation
2015-04-10 India's government about to make new attack on India's poor
2015-04-05 Barrick compensates Papua New Guinea women after alleged rapes
2015-03-31 Critics slam new Bougainville mining law as 'forgetting history'
2015-03-27 Australia's Adani Mine Blocked by Aboriginal Groups and Environmentalists
2015-03-25 Frontier politics in Australia's Wild West
2015-03-24 Areva's a gonna - at least in Australia's Queensland
2015-03-23 Protestors mark the 20th anniversary of the Philippine Mining Act
2015-03-20 State and mining company collusion challenged in Peru
2015-03-15 Mexican Network Deplores Conclusion of Canadian Blackfire Investigation
2015-03-10 The impact of mining on Mongolian herders
2015-03-08 Australian uranium mine approved despite looming corruption investigation
2015-02-22 USA: Apache tribe's protest against Resolution mine reaches third week
2015-02-21 Philippines - New laws being debated against a background of lawlessness
2015-02-21 Indian coal mine should not be expanded without genuine consultation
2015-02-20 London Calling on losing one's marbles
2015-02-19 Pebble Mine debate in Alaska: EPA becomes target by planning for rare veto
2015-02-15 Indian government's new assault on land rights legislation
2015-02-14 Norway's global pension fund called upon to dump Sarawak dam-builder
2015-02-12 Brazil's iron ore mining doubles its CO2 emissions
2015-02-08 Mining Capitalism: The Relationship between Corporations and Their Critics
2015-02-07 Burma's war over jade - is there a Chinese link?
2015-02-03 Explosive report exposes Sarawak's dam-builder
2015-01-31 USA: The Resolute Rambler takes on Rio Tinto
2015-01-28 Australia's First Peoples are being mined out
2015-01-27 The good, the bad - and the downright ugly
2015-01-22 Philippines - Papal intervention sought over mining
2015-01-21 The Moroccan hill-top mining protest few even know about
2015-01-17 Which mining companies are exploiting Western Sahara?
2015-01-15 Poor Guatemalans Are Taking On North American Mining Companies ...
2015-01-15 London Calling asks: "Will it all come out in the Walsh?"
2015-01-08 Canada - New court victory for the Innu against Rio Tinto (IOC)
2015-01-04 Three Killed at Freeport's West Papuan Mine
2015-01-02 Canadian Mount Polley spill: 'Things are not OK here' ...
2014-12-31 India: Gram Sabhas in Chhattisgarh gear up to protest coal mines reallocation
2014-12-26 Burma: Mine protests lead to another killing at Letpadaung
2014-12-24 Philippines: The people of Mindanao speak out against mining
2014-12-19 Canada: Cree walkers against uranium mining end 850 km walk
2014-12-18 USA: Senate passes huge Arizona copper mine
2014-12-11 When will GCM Resources be put out of its misery?
2014-12-10 Peabody hires a well-known gun, but still shoots with blanks
2014-12-08 Ecuador: indigenous anti-mining activist killed on eve of Lima meetings
2014-12-05 Canada: First Nations release 'clear mining policy and rules' for central BC
2014-11-24 UK urges GCM Resources to assess human rights impact of Bangladesh coal mine
2014-11-21 PNG - "Small Business Grants" For Survivors of Brutal Rapes by Barrick Guards
2014-11-20 Canada: Mathias Colomb Cree Nation Stands in Solidarity with Ayllu of Peru
2014-11-18 Philippines - Remembering the victims of extra-judicial killings and typhoon Haiyan
2014-11-16 Australia: Fury over one-day Aurukun bauxite mine bid
2014-11-12 How Violating Indigenous Peoples' Rights Increases Industry Risks
2014-11-11 Canada: James Bay Crees launch the People's Board at
2014-11-10 Brazilian judge sides with tribe threatened by dams
2014-11-05 India: Changes to environment, land acquisition laws, jeopardise human rights
2014-11-04 Bougainville Voices Say No to Mining
2014-10-27 BHP Billiton ... stuck in a coal hole
2014-10-19 Indonesian coal sector needs more regulation
2014-10-17 Canada: Taseko seeks damages over Prosperity decision
2014-10-15 Goldcorp's El Morro mine halted by Chile Supreme Court
2014-10-13 London Calling on Societe Generale's disreputable Vedanta play
2014-10-12 Indigenous Canadians Blockade a Mine to Protest Pollution
2014-10-11 Peruvian Voters Favor Anti-Mining Candidates in at Least Three Regional Elections
2014-10-10 Canada - Assembly of First Nations Supports the Innu in Asserting their First Nation Rights
2014-10-08 Philippines: A Deadly Difference of World View
2014-10-05 USA: Judge Rejects Pebble Mine Lawsuit Against EPA
2014-10-01 Colombian court orders miners to hand back land to indigenous peoples
2014-09-28 London Calling pours scorn on Anil Agarwal's "Pauline Conversion"
2014-09-28 Canada: The First Nations in Quebec stand united in their opposition to uranium mining
2014-09-27 Australia: Areva suing over Kakadu
2014-09-24 Canadian court rules aboriginal lawsuit against Rio Tinto can go ahead
2014-09-23 Indonesia: Church joins escalating mining fight in Flores
2014-09-21 Indigenous Peoples and the Extractive Sector: Towards a Respecting Engagement
2014-09-19 Guatemala: Ixil communities express opposition to US-led extraction in their territory
2014-09-17 Botswana government lies exposed as diamond mine opens on Bushman land
2014-09-16 Opposition to Bougainville's Panguna mine 'higher than media suggest'
2014-09-14 Canada: Tsilhqotin set to declare site of New Prosperity mine a tribal park
2014-09-13 PNG: Barrick Gold refuses to relocate villagers who suffer violence in response to 'illegal mining'
2014-09-10 Bangladesh: Phulbari Day 2014 observed in Phulbari
2014-09-10 Philippines: New moves to ban unprocessed ore
2014-09-09 USA: How to Buy a Mine in Wisconsin
2014-08-31 Former uranium miner to pay $500,000 for clean-up in the U.S.
2014-08-21 Hundreds of women demand a People-Centred Agenda for SADC
2014-08-20 London Calling on Vedanta's Lanjigarh subterfuge
2014-08-19 Canada: Permanent Uranium Moratorium Confirmed Over Eeyou Istchee Territory
2014-08-14 A new mining law for Bougainville ...
2014-08-07 PNG: China's Ramu nickel mine attacked by armed villagers
2014-08-05 Massive tailings pond breach at Mount Polley Mine in Canada
2014-08-04 Activists protest at Vedanta's 2014 AGM over alleged illegalities
2014-08-04 Canada - Tsilhqot'in Nation announces release of draft Mining Policy
2014-08-04 Australia: Mine's burning waste rock pile sparks concerns among Aboriginal groups
2014-07-29 Guatemala: Mayan indigenous peoples win victory
2014-07-28 Philippines: State of the nation's mining questioned
2014-07-26 India's Uranium Boss Says Deformed Children May Be 'Imported'
2014-07-22 New Peru law weakens environmental safeguards
2014-07-11 Indian forest villagers rise up to halt UK firm's bid to clear land for mining
2014-07-08 Guatemalan government moves to expel witnesses to police mine violence
2014-07-01 Mozambique Mining...where are the rights of communities?
2014-06-29 Brazil court revokes license for Canadian gold mine in Amazon
2014-06-28 Human Rights Groups Urge OECD to Act Against Corporate Abuses in Ecuador
2014-06-27 Burma: new big mine proposal set to provoke massive local opposition
2014-06-27 Canadian First Nation wins aboriginal title claim in Supreme Court ruling
2014-06-25 Colombia's Cerrejon Coal: "an abusive marriage, full of machismo"
2014-06-18 Guatemalans file lawsuit against Tahoe Resources for 2013 shooting
2014-06-17 Vale and Amazon Indians begin talks after blockade
2014-06-17 A taxing time for Philippines mining
2014-06-13 Indonesia: Make mining history!
2014-06-12 Peru's "Bagua massacre" haunts free trade agreement
2014-06-11 PNG: Villagers' Houses Burnt Down Again Near Barrick Gold Mine
2014-06-09 Peru mining boom leaves highlanders behind
2014-06-06 Australia: Ranger still a risk despite approval for restart
2014-06-03 Permanent Peoples' Tribunal: Verdict on the Canadian Mining Industry in Latin America
2014-05-29 Indonesia: A hunger for coal threatens the Heart of Borneo
2014-05-29 Philippines: Global action around Glencore's Tampakan Mine
2014-05-28 Guatemala: La Puya Peaceful Mining Resistance Dismantled by Force
2014-05-27 Protests escalate at Vale's nickel mine in New Caledonia
2014-05-23 Canada's mining human rights impact on Colombia
2014-05-18 Study emphasises mining companies need to engage with communities
2014-05-11 HudBay Minerals Declared Corporate Criminals in People's Trial
2014-05-08 Uranium mine leaks dominate Australian Rio Tinto AGM
2014-05-06 Philippines: Earth Day protests focus on mining
2014-05-06 Asia Indigenous Peoples Workshop Declaration on Extractives
2014-05-04 Goldcorp under pressure from Guatemalan and Mexican communities
2014-05-03 PNG: State of Emergency at Porgera gold mine
2014-04-30 Guatemala's growing mining sector brings violence against indigenous communities
2014-04-26 India: Red carpet rolled out for Corporates on Adivasi land
2014-04-21 Philippines: Congressional investigation of poor mining practice
2014-04-17 Rio Tinto face a broad front of protestors
2014-04-09 USA: Rio Tinto next to pull out of proposed Pebble Mine
2014-04-07 Guatemala: Criminal Trial for the murder of Adolfo Ich delayed
2014-04-06 More mining-related murders in the Philippines
2014-03-19 Australian court says mining leases do not end native title
2014-03-19 Filipinos curse their 'Mining Hell'
2014-03-02 Peru: Mining Protests Grow as Conga is once again a flash point
2014-03-02 Philippines - Mining has the potential for disaster, but uncertainly looms large
2014-03-01 USA: Government considers blocking the Pebble mine
2014-02-28 Canada: Taseko New Prosperity Mine at Fish Lake rejected again
2014-02-26 Navajo nation contends with uranium and coal
2014-02-12 Rio Tinto face global union campaign
2014-02-04 Mineral deposits in Uganda's Karamoja heighten human rights abuse
2014-02-02 UN Special Rapporteur: Oil, Gas & Mining Operations Brings Increased Sexual Violence
2014-01-26 Guatemala: solidarity statement with political prisoners and the people of Sipakapa
2014-01-24 Peru: Protests mobilise again at Newmont's Conga mine
2014-01-23 Philippines: B'laan leaders lobby against FPIC process at Tampakan
2014-01-18 Reindeer herds in danger as Australia's mining boom comes to Sweden
2014-01-17 U.S. agency says Alaska mine threatens salmon, native cultures
2014-01-13 Final nail plunged into Vedanta's Nyamgiri coffin
2013-12-29 Philippines - The People of Marinduque resist Barrick's unfair settlement
2013-12-28 Peru struggles to improve its reputation over extractive projects
2013-12-27 Canadian First Nations, NGOs demand full disclosure and government action on Sherritt's toxic coal spill
2013-12-18 Tens of Thousands Oppose Tahoe Resource's Escobal Project in Guatemala
2013-12-11 GCM Resources catches flak again at its AGM
2013-12-11 PNG: Deadly clashes at Barrick Gold's Porgera Mine
2013-12-11 Philippines - Human Rights Day remembers environmental martyrs
2013-12-10 Australia: Rio Tinto's Ranger Mine suffers radioactive acid spill
2013-11-27 Belo Sun Mining Project Suspended in Brazilian Amazon
2013-11-24 BHP Billiton: Second AGM but apparently no second thoughts
2013-11-20 Canada: Worries grow over vast coal slurry leak
2013-11-18 Philippines: Unnatural disasters
2013-11-02 Canada and Latin America - where is the accountability?
2013-11-02 Canada: First Nations declare victory against Taseko's B.C. mine
2013-10-29 Damage to Peruvian Amazon from gold mining worse than reported
2013-10-28 Environmental, human rights and legal protests merge in Philippines mining
2013-10-25 An unchanging climate at BHP Billiton
2013-10-15 Vedanta's future plan may trip on past hurdle
2013-10-10 Colombia: Desperate indigenous group brings BHP's Cerro Matoso to a halt
2013-10-09 Australian Aboriginal elder loses case to block BHP Billiton's Olympic Dam expansion
2013-10-03 Stop the coal boom destroying Borneo rainforests - groups
2013-10-03 India: Another Vedanta land acquisition plan foiled
2013-10-03 Philippines: Realities of mining in Nueva Vizcaya laid bare
2013-10-02 Burmese citizens refuse to take mining on the Chin
2013-10-02 India: Urgent call to halt Odisha mega-steel project amid serious human rights concerns
2013-09-21 Canadian Supreme Court rejects Yukon government's appeal over mining law
2013-09-18 Anglo American pulls out of Pebble copper project
2013-09-15 Canadian Embassy Snubs Family of Slain Mexican Activist
2013-09-01 Sweden's indigenous Sami in fight against miners
2013-09-01 Australia: Indigenous group 'joyous' over Native Title claim win
2013-08-30 Philippines - Mining rights violations on the increase again
2013-08-21 Final tribal meeting rejects Vedanta's mining proposal in Niyamgiri
2013-08-21 Fortune Minerals 'served eviction notice' by Tahltan Elders
2013-08-14 A decade after Jabiluka success Kakadu still faces radioactive risk
2013-08-14 Philippines: Glencore Xstrata further delayed over Tampakan
2013-08-14 Australia: Mining company fined for desecrating a sacred Aboriginal site
2013-08-14 Mexico: Denver-based mining company retreats from Oaxaca
2013-08-07 Vedanta struggles through AGM as Dongria Kondh say no
2013-07-30 Jolt for Vedanta as mining in Niyamgiri Hills voted out
2013-07-24 India: Vedanta suffers two setbacks in Nyamgiri meetings
2013-07-23 Burma's extractive industries still need reform - reports
2013-07-23 Chile indigenous group to appeal Barrick ruling
2013-07-23 Ruling against Hudbay Minerals opens way for trial in Canada
2013-07-23 Philippines Closure notice served on OceanaGold
2013-07-17 Australia: Traditional owners picket Whitehaven Coal mine site
2013-07-17 Brazilian Indigenous groups block iron ore miner Vale's Carajas railway
2013-07-17 Indigenous organizations denounce proposed mining moratorium
2013-07-13 Burma's plans to expand Mawchi tin mines risk derailing Karenni peace process
2013-07-09 Philippines: Once more to the barricades
2013-07-09 Mongolian herders submit complaint to European public bank
2013-07-09 Canada: Court order allows mining company to continue working at Red Sucker Lake
2013-07-06 Mexico: Injunction filed to halt illegal exploration drilling in Wirikuta
2013-07-05 Saami Communities attend Beowulf's AGM in London
2013-07-02 India's central government says Odisha's reading of Niyamgiri verdict incorrect
2013-07-02 Canada: Legal challenge to uranium 'collaboration agreement'
2013-07-02 The Price of Steel at POSCO's Indian project
2013-07-01 India: Mining project divides Jharkhand village along caste lines
2013-06-28 "Leave us and leave our land" - indigenous community tells Bumi
2013-06-28 Australia: Jabiru traditional owners recognised
2013-06-22 Chile's court launches probe on why Barrick's Pascua-Lama fine was reduced
2013-06-21 Philippines: Human rights project at Tampakan questions the project's future
2013-06-19 Peru protesters push to stop $5bn Newmont mine
2013-06-17 UK government accepts complaint over GCM Resources Bangladesh coal mine
2013-06-17 Opposing Fortune's Coal Mine In British Columbia's Sacred Headwaters
2013-06-13 Rallying cry: Dongria stand firm against Vedanta mine
2013-06-13 Peru: mining threats to the peoples' water
2013-06-11 Outrage at signing of First Nation and Cameco-Areva collaboration agreement
2013-06-03 Malaysian forest peoples protest destructive dams at industry conference
2013-06-03 Canada's distorted mining policies deepen conflict in Peru and waste at home
2013-06-03 Colombia: Wayuu women weigh in on coal at UN Forum
2013-06-03 Indonesia's government to revoke concessions in customary forests
2013-06-03 Foes of Newmont's $5 billion Peru mine in standoff with police
2013-06-03 Philippines: New threats for anti-mining advocates
2013-05-29 Dancing the World into Being
2013-05-28 India's Dayamani Barla gets Indigenous Rights Award
2013-05-28 Newmont under fire in Aotearoa/New Zealand
2013-05-28 Mozambique: Mining resettlements disrupt food, water
2013-05-28 Chile blocks its most ambitious mining project
2013-05-21 Hudbay Minerals denounced for criminalizing land defenders and infringing on indigenous rights
2013-05-21 India: Police Repression in Hazaribagh
2013-05-21 Philippines: Same problems, new mine
2013-05-13 Tahoe Resources executive in Guatemala orders killing of protestors
2013-05-07 Report asking for Free Prior Informed Consent to become a reality launched in London
2013-05-07 Peru rolling back indigenous law in win for mining sector
2013-05-07 Burma: more strife around Letpadaung copper mine
2013-05-07 State of Siege: Mining Conflict Escalates in Guatemala
2013-05-07 Is Nyamgiri ruling a "revolutionary" moment for India's poor?
2013-04-28 Australian uranium industry's poor record demands inquiry
2013-04-28 Canada: Indigenous rights are the best defence against Canada's resource rush
2013-04-22 India: The Bastar Land Grab
2013-04-22 Pope Francis's new chalice: A "redemption" for Pan American Silver?
2013-04-22 Britons got talons: Anglo American "nicely" rebuffs its critics
2013-04-22 Burma Lawyers' report on Letpadaung released
2013-04-22 London Calling sees the Grey Man Cometh
2013-04-22 India: Nyamgiri ruling "a great victory for indigenous rights"
2013-04-22 Rio Tinto in the dock on environment and human rights
2013-04-22 Mozambique: Protesters block Vale's coal mine
2013-04-15 India: What is tribal affairs minister up to?
2013-04-15 Ecuador's president ignores citizen opposition to mining
2013-04-15 Philippines: Another legal challenge to the Philippine Mining Act
2013-04-09 Indians take action at POSCO's general meeting
2013-04-09 Quebec imposes moratorium on uranium development
2013-04-09 Burma's copper cauldron continues to boil
2013-04-01 Peru: mercury poisoning, civil strife, and a polluting plant...
2013-04-01 Burma: Protests against Letpadaung copper project resume
2013-04-01 Philippines: More questions, and a few answers
2013-03-25 Guatemala: Call for investigation and company departure in response to recurring violence
2013-03-25 Peruvian government's response to protests "disportionate" - IACHR
2013-03-25 Canadian Aboriginal communities sue Rio Tinto for C$900m
2013-03-25 Burma: the "Win and the Wang" of the Letpadaung copper conflict
2013-03-19 United front forms against Quebec uranium mining
2013-03-19 Greenlanders vote - but for what kind of future?
2013-03-19 Mining's desecration of ancient art
2013-03-19 Philippines: Government reopens the doors to mining amid protests
2013-03-11 India: POSCO land acquisition halted by naked protest threat
2013-03-11 Uranium mining companies again threaten Navajo Nation
2013-03-11 Mozambican tribal queen stands up to Rio Tinto over land
2013-03-11 Cambodia: Lack of Information on Chinese-Funded Railway
2013-03-05 Barrick's Peru Mine Blocked by Residents
2013-03-05 Philippines: Payments to the military unveiled by Tampakan enquiry
2013-02-25 Chippewa tribe could have say in Wisconsin iron ore mine
2013-02-19 World Bank-IFC urged to refuse funding for Rio Tinto's Mongolian mine
2013-02-19 Mining's threats to Brazil's forest and biodiversity
2013-02-19 Philippines: one mine disaster after another
2013-02-19 Canadian native protesters block road to De Beers mine
2013-02-19 Australian Aboriginal group wins court battle against Fortescue
2013-02-11 Bangladesh: Protests prevent British mining company GCM visiting mine site
2013-02-11 Conflict gold in Africa - from Mali to Darfur
2013-02-11 India: An Oppressive State violates its own rules for POSCO
2013-02-11 Australia: Koongarra finally protected from uranium mining
2013-02-04 Peru: Calls for application of prior consultation law at Candente
2013-02-04 Philippines: Another killing at Xstrata's Tamapakan mine
2013-02-04 Australia: ERA updates its agreement with traditional owners
2013-02-04 Guyana court ruling violates indigenous peoples' rights
2013-02-04 Canada: Old way of doing business is dead
2013-02-04 USA: Navajos and Appalachians protest Peabody Coal
2013-01-28 More deaths around Freeport's notorious Grasberg mine
2013-01-28 India: Environment, Tribal Ministries to stand by forest rights
2013-01-28 Anti-mining activists connect-the-dots in Oaxaca, Mexico
2013-01-28 Peru: Violence at Candente Copper's mine
2013-01-28 USA: Results of Federal Clean up of Navajo Uranium Contamination
2013-01-28 First UN Treaty on Mercury Control
2013-01-21 Arctic oil extraction frozen, but mining to bring a melting $100 billion in investments
2013-01-21 Phulbari villagers detain suspected agents of GCM Resources
2013-01-21 Guatemala: More Mining Violence and Impunity
2013-01-21 Per - Caaris: The first mining conflict of the year?
2013-01-21 Philippines: New year starts with a victory amid the violence
2013-01-14 Canada: Yukon court decision could force BC to overhaul its antiquated mining laws
2013-01-14 India Tribal affairs minister against diluting Forest Peoples' Rights
2013-01-14 Canadian Indigenous Movement Transcends national borders
2013-01-07 Peru: Exploration investment to keep falling due to social conflicts, expert says
2013-01-07 Australian mining interests sabotaged aboriginal land rights
2012-12-27 Where now for Indigenous Peoples and the extractive industries?
2012-12-27 GCM hit by protests over Bangladesh coal mine
2012-12-27 US-Canada: Colville Tribes Win against Teck Metals
2012-12-27 Is Vedanta poised on the brink of failure?
2012-12-17 Colombia's conflict minerals: re-inventing the "terror wheel"?
2012-12-17 The Political Prisoners of Rafael Correa
2012-12-17 Will Indian government reverse bauxite mine cancellations in Andhra and Orissa?
2012-12-17 Guatemala: Attacks proliferate on anti-mining protestors
2012-12-17 When will Taseko vacate Tsilhqot'in territory?
2012-12-17 Peru: Social opposition to mining intensified in 2012
2012-12-11 Philippines: yet more assassinations of anti-mining activists
2012-12-11 Russia: Indigenous cooperative is persecuted by State authorities
2012-12-11 Aung San Suu Kyi commission to "study" Letpadaung copper crisis
2012-12-11 India-UK demonstrators call for closure of Vedanta refinery
2012-12-11 'Collaboration Agreement' with uranium giants sparks opposition in Saskatchewan
2012-12-11 London Calling issues a Public Health Warning
2012-12-04 To mine or not to mine - the burning question for Chubut, Argentina
2012-12-04 Canadian mine project refused Environmental Assessment Certificate
2012-12-04 Philippines: Seeking the truth about killings of indigenous activists
2012-12-04 Burmese forces viciously assault mining protestors
2012-12-04 India: Why Five Advasis are back in Chaibasa Jail after 20 years
2012-11-25 Australia: Fortescue accused of rigging land rights deal
2012-11-19 Philippines: Visiting Canadian MP told to regulate mining companies
2012-11-11 The Coming of a Perfect Arctic Storm
2012-11-05 Burmese mining protests escalate - and so do land grabs
2012-11-05 Indian tribal people are "up in arms" over Keonjhar mining plans
2012-11-05 Philippines: Gold, Copper and Death
2012-11-01 Aid money used to support Australian mining interests in Africa
2012-10-23 Burmese villagers win hearing against copper mine
2012-10-23 India: Vedanta re-discovers its bauxite mojo
2012-10-23 India's poisonous coal use set to increase
2012-10-23 Mongolian herders complain against Rio Tinto over Oyu Tolgoi mines
2012-10-23 Philippines: Tampakan violence claims the lives of tribal woman and her children
2012-10-16 Burmese farmers ratchet-up struggle against copper mining
2012-10-16 Mining and the Chile Effect
2012-10-08 Peru top court puts tribal sovereignty ahead of mining, logging
2012-10-08 Protest by Brazil's Indians halts Vale's Carajs railway
2012-10-08 Philippines Mining: Damning Conclusions
2012-10-08 Burmese student leader puts "cronies" on notice over Monywa mine
2012-10-08 World Bank funding for mining projects blasted by UK group
2012-10-02 Guatemala: Hudbay Minerals Chief of security arrested for murder
2012-10-02 India's Supreme Court rules against corporate acquisition of Tribal and Dalit lands
2012-09-24 Anil Agarwal elected India's "Business Leader of the Year"
2012-09-24 Yet another indigenous anti-mining leader killed in Philippines
2012-09-24 Guatemala: Community statement on recent violence at San Rafael Las Flores
2012-09-18 Indian activist calls Vedanta's bauxite bluff
2012-09-18 Canada: B.C. mining giant admits polluting U.S. waters
2012-09-18 New Philippine mining rules, but will anything change?
2012-09-18 Canadian Parliamentarians meet with Guatemalan Legislators on Goldcorp's Ticket
2012-09-12 Gunmen kill Jordan Manda, son of Filipino anti-mining activist
2012-09-04 Venezuela: Indigenous Yanonami "massacred" by illegal miners
2012-09-04 Australia: Congress Brings First Peoples, Industry and Government Come Together for Talks
2012-09-04 Goldcorp organizes junket for Canadian parliamentarians to Guatemala
2012-09-04 Enough! The Ka Nui Conference Declaration
2012-09-04 Vedanta Resources holds its 2012 AGM
2012-08-28 Newmont's Conga "on the back burner"
2012-08-28 Guatemala: Repeated attempts to criminalise human rights defenders
2012-08-28 Philippines: Indigenous advocate resigns over mining legislation
2012-08-21 Belo Monte Dam Suspended by Brazilian Appeals Court
2012-08-13 India: Tata's Mundra goes under full World Bank audit
2012-08-13 Canadian Cree Nation declares Permanent Uranium Moratorium
2012-08-13 Bougainville Landowners irate over Rio Tinto's possible return
2012-08-13 Philippines: A flood of mining problems
2012-08-06 Brazil: Judge halts rail project close to threatened tribe
2012-08-01 Inuit campaign for referendum over mine in far north
2012-08-01 Taseko Mines' Draft Environmental Impact Statement proves issues are not being addressed
2012-08-01 Guatemala Highest Court to Hear Landmark Indigenous Challenge against Mining Law
2012-08-01 Philippines: Mining murders continue, no justice in sight
2012-07-24 Indian minister criticises "romantic" version of Bijapur massacre
2012-07-24 Canadian Cree renew opposition to Matoush uranium project
2012-07-24 A Lizard seeks revenge on BHP Billiton
2012-07-24 Vedanta accused of further serious violations in India
2012-07-17 Statements from Expert Mechanism on Rights of Indigenous Peoples
2012-07-17 Philippines: The President finally publishes, but arguments continue...
2012-07-17 Indian government wages bloody war on its own peoples
2012-07-11 India: Who's speaking the truth on Saranda?
2012-07-11 Peru: More killings follow protests against Newmont mine
2012-07-03 Kyrgyzstan's uranium disaster defies long-term solution
2012-07-03 India: "If this is called governance, tribals are not buying it"
2012-06-26 Peru's great transformation - backwards
2012-06-26 Indigenous Peoples challenge Rio+20
2012-06-26 Canada: Barriere Lake First Nation protests at annual meeting of mining company
2012-06-26 India: Against all odds, the POSCO struggle continues
2012-06-26 China Plans to "End Nomadic Life" claims US group
2012-06-19 Riots follow activist killing on Indonesia's Papua island
2012-06-19 Mining, regulatory failure and human rights in India
2012-06-19 Guatemala activist shot after protests against Canadian mining company
2012-06-19 Another blow for Xstrata's Tampakan project ...
2012-06-19 Bolivia: to nationalise or not?
2012-06-12 New protest in Peru cost 2 lives, the arrest of one Mayor, and 2 legislators quit
2012-06-12 Cree First Nation Says "No" to Uranium Power
2012-06-12 South Africa's Wild Coast community renews mining fight
2012-06-12 Victory! The struggle to protect Koongarra uranium is finally won
2012-06-05 Indian minister says stop mining in conflict areas
2012-05-29 The mining onslaught on Canada's native communities
2012-05-29 Indian Minister scraps lecture rather than "face accusers"
2012-05-29 Philippines: Getting away with murder
2012-05-22 Burmese women suffer, as companies grab "white gold"
2012-05-22 Ontario Could Get Burned by Flawed Ring of Fire Process
2012-05-22 Arctic Caucus statement on human rights and extractive industries
2012-05-22 Indigenous Peoples speak out at UN Permanent Forum
2012-05-22 India's new Mining Bill is an "outright assault on tribal communities"
2012-05-08 Philippines: Miners and military create refugees
2012-05-08 Chilean Supreme Court Red Lights Goldcorp Mine
2012-05-08 Canada's Taseko Mines slammed for attack on Aboriginal rights
2012-05-01 Newmont Mining accused of multiple failures by shareholders
2012-05-01 Statement of the M4 Movement in Mesoamerica
2012-05-01 Aboriginal elder loses bid to overturn expansion of BHP Billiton's Olympic Dam
2012-04-24 Shareholders Say Guatemalans Should Not Have to Pay for Goldcorp's Mess
2012-04-24 Indian minister halts fresh Vedanta bid to mine Niyamgiri
2012-04-24 Filipino priest rewarded for his work on mining
2012-04-24 Peru's Highest Court Sides With Central Government In Conga Case
2012-04-18 Indonesian mine workers bludgeoned by state security forces
2012-04-18 Guatemala: Local Population Blocks Entrance to Gold & Silver Mine
2012-04-11 US uranium mines still imperil Navajo land and people
2012-04-11 Death of Red Earth Foretold - far worse than Nyamgiri?
2012-04-11 Philippines: Mining abuses continue with no promised changes in the law
2012-04-02 India sets out on "a fight for the forest"
2012-04-02 India's Green Tribunal suspends environmental clearance to Posco
2012-03-27 Ecuador's indigenous anti-mining marchers reach the capital
2012-03-27 Andean statement: To defend water is to defend life
2012-03-27 'Philippine Mining Act cannot be saved by executive order'
2012-03-20 Mexico: Another opponent of Canadian mining is assassinated
2012-03-20 UN human rights body criticises Canada over resource extraction
2012-03-14 Canada's support for controversial mining projects goes a step further
2012-03-14 Philippines: Anniversary knocked while President delays reforms
2012-03-14 Ecuadorian women lead protests against Chinese-financed Canadian project
2012-03-06 Canada: The Tsilqhot'in take on Taseko for a second time
2012-03-06 Vedanta betrays the people - yet again!
2012-03-06 Bangladesh open-pit coal mine threatens fundamental rights, warn UN experts
2012-02-28 USA: Navajo, Environmental Organizations Partner to Appeal Peabody's Kayenta Coal Permit
2012-02-28 Sarawak: Bakun dam corruption probe raises questions about Rio Tinto's role
2012-02-28 Canada: A daughter of Elliot Lake recalls uranium's deadly toll
2012-02-28 Statement of the indigenous peoples of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region
2012-02-28 Philippines: Indigenous peoples point the way on mining
2012-02-20 Mesoamerican communities declare opposition to mining model
2012-02-20 First Nations have many problems with the government of Ontario
2012-02-14 Struggles over mining law revision in the Philippines
2012-02-14 Tibet's holy Mt Kawagebo protected from mining
2012-02-14 Thousands march for the right to water in Peru
2012-02-14 Panama: Agreement reached between indigenous leaders, government
2012-02-07 Public Eye award singles out mining company Vale, Barclays
2012-02-07 India: Jindal Steel makes bloody attacks against Orissa villagers
2012-02-07 Panama erupts in protests against new mining law
2012-01-31 India: New Vedanta protests meet with violent "security" response
2012-01-31 Behind the Murder At Pachuwara, India
2012-01-31 Philippines: 'Defending the Dignity of Life, Securing our Future'
2012-01-31 Mexico: Zapotec Protesters Shot on Behalf of Canadian Mining Company
2012-01-23 Australian gold mines' tarnished glitter
2012-01-23 Wisconsin Tribes unite against new mining bill
2012-01-16 Papua: Further killings at world's biggest gold-copper mine
2012-01-16 Philippines: No Local Government Consent, No Mining
2012-01-16 US government imposes Grand Canyon uranium ban
2012-01-16 Two strikes and you're out? Beowulf again violates Swedish Minerals Act
2012-01-10 Australia State "Back Flips" on FMG Conditions
2012-01-10 Australian mining company accused of assisting Papua human rights abuses
2012-01-10 Israel exploits Palestinian resources in occupied West Bank
2012-01-10 Protests over Newmont gold mine resume in Cajamarca, Peru
2012-01-10 Philippines: Another natural disaster reignites the mining debate
2012-01-10 A wake-up call for human rights defenders in the Americas
2011-12-27 PNG Supreme Court allows Ramu Nickel's toxic waste dumping at sea
2011-12-27 Bangladeshi activists demonstrate in London against GCM Resources
2011-12-27 US sets out to curb toxic emissions from burning coal
2011-12-20 Colombia's mining boom overshadowed by human rights violations
2011-12-20 Let there be No CoAL for South Africa!
2011-12-20 Sweden: British Beowulf caught drilling illegally
2011-12-20 Philippines: 2011 - a hard year for mining
2011-12-12 Tsilhqot'in welcome injunction against Taseko Mines
2011-12-12 Humala does the Conga in Peru
2011-12-12 Authors, Artists, Intellectuals defend Mexico's Huichol people
2011-12-05 Dancing the Conga in Peru
2011-12-05 India: Anti-POSCO leader is arbitrarily arrested
2011-12-05 Philippines: Intex Resources Found in Breach of International Guidelines
2011-11-30 Philippines: Potential new policies, but same old stories
2011-11-30 Australia's Yindjibarndi People continue battling Fortescue's Pilbara expansion
2011-11-30 Sweden: Saami Communities take on foreign miners
2011-11-21 Anti-coal mining woman activist murdered in India
2011-11-21 CoAL faces community wrath over water
2011-11-14 Canada - Harper's Bazaar
2011-11-14 Anti mining protests in Ancash, Apurmac and Cajamarca, Per
2011-11-14 Canadian First Nations dig in against Prosperity & Coal
2011-11-08 India: Is POSCO's road to destruction about to be built?
2011-11-08 Papua: Freeport-Rio Tinto labour battles have no end in sight
2011-11-08 Wixritari Indians Fight Mining in Sacred Desert Site, Mexico
2011-10-31 UN Expert on Indigenous Peoples Rights will focus on Extractive Industries
2011-10-31 Canada: the Taseko controversy won't go away
2011-10-31 Aboriginal group predicts "monumental disaster" as miner "poised to destroy sanctuary"
2011-10-25 Papuans struggle - and die - as mining conflict intensifies
2011-10-25 Protests and blockades at Yanacocha gold mine, Peru
2011-10-25 Alaska voters say no to gold, copper mine
2011-10-25 More militarisation and murders in the Philippines
2011-10-25 Protesters, Colombian leader, target BHP Billiton's AGM
2011-10-25 PNG's government promises to reverse draconian Environment Act amendment
2011-10-25 Settling mining damages, the US way
2011-10-25 India: Saranda's savagery exposed by national HR team
2011-10-18 Communities file legal action against Los Pumas manganese project, Chile
2011-10-18 Canadian First Nations condemn Rio Tinto-Alcan
2011-10-10 Large-scale mining operations in the Philippines attacked
2011-10-10 Pillaging the Pilbara
2011-10-10 The emperor is stripped naked of his clothes
2011-10-05 Philippines: Details of the Tampakan project challenged
2011-10-05 Sweden: Saami communities protest against mining on their lands
2011-09-26 Goldcorp Removed from Dow Jones Sustainability Index
2011-09-26 Indigenous peoples suffer abuses in race for natural resources - UN rights expert
2011-09-19 A Canadian mining company prepares to dig up Mexico's Eden
2011-09-19 Protests at Philippine mining conference
2011-09-19 Canadian chief urges responsible mining partnerships
2011-09-19 India: Horror Tales from Jharkhand
2011-09-19 Borneo tribe loses Bakun dam case
2011-09-19 Papua New Guinea PM eats his words
2011-09-12 Royalty and rights issues in Latin America
2011-09-06 UN tells UK: ensure your mining companies respect human rights
2011-09-06 Maya Q'eqchi' seek help to gain justice in Guatemala
2011-09-06 Philippines:"Mining for the people" is still some way off
2011-09-06 Papua New Guinea earmarks mineral rights for its indigenous peoples
2011-08-30 Peru's Congress passes Indigenous Peoples' mining consultation law
2011-08-23 HudBay gets out of Guatemala - but won't escape
2011-08-23 Posco: Indian Green ministry ignored own objections
2011-08-23 Philippines Indigenous Peoples celebrate ... but still some way to go
2011-08-01 Canadian First Nation celebrates mining company's retreat
2011-08-01 Indigenous Communities in Salinas Grandes mobilize against lithium mining, Argentina
2011-08-01 Ramu deep sea waste dumping can proceed, says PNG judge
2011-08-01 Vedanta thrashed, as board clashes with shareholders
2011-08-01 General ignorance: more threats to Philippine indigenous peoples
2011-07-25 Aboriginal community won't "give away control of our country for a song"
2011-07-25 Vedanta set for rough ride as shareholders hover
2011-07-18 Peoples' struggles against POSCO broaden in India - and beyond
2011-07-18 The consulta movement continues... in Northern Ontario!
2011-07-18 Further Goldcorp human rights issues in Guatemala and Honduras
2011-07-18 India's new environment minister threatens "speedier" mining permits
2011-07-18 Indias highest court lays bare assaults on the countrys poorest peoples
2011-07-18 Vedanta accused of polluting Andhra Pradesh
2011-07-11 Arctic Resource Wars move a dangerous step closer
2011-07-11 Law and disorder: Justice for Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines?
2011-07-04 Uruguay: Zamin Ferrous project to be submitted to referendum
2011-07-04 World Heritage sites threatened by mining, says IUCN
2011-06-28 Cambodian Gold Rush Lures Foreign Giants
2011-06-28 Tampakan project driven on, while brakes applied elsewhere in Philippines
2011-06-28 India: POSCO protests successful - for now
2011-06-28 Moratorium Extended at Grand Canyon
2011-06-20 Resisting India's Great Iron Ore Heist
2011-06-20 Guatemala: why doesn't the government close Marlin down?
2011-06-20 South African community wins decision against mining
2011-06-20 Settlement for $263 Million in favour of Idaho Tribes after 20 years lawsuit
2011-06-13 Canadian First Nations reject revised mine proposal
2011-06-13 The IPs strike back: the struggle of Indigenous Peoples in the Philippines
2011-06-13 India: Police poise to forcibly evict villagers for POSCO's project
2011-06-13 Peru Mining Stocks Plunge as Humala Claims Election Victory
2011-06-07 Indigenous Peoples are crying: 'C' means Consent!
2011-06-07 Don't put your hope in uranium
2011-05-30 Fukushima chills uranium development
2011-05-30 Consultation will be on my terms - not yours!
2011-05-30 India's National Advisory Council wants radical advances on implementing community rights
2011-05-24 Vedanta - once more unto the breach!
2011-05-24 Canadian company TVI submits to Philippine tribal justice
2011-05-24 Voisey's Bay Report: A Victory for Workers
2011-05-24 Indonesia Finally Signs Forest Clearing Moratorium
2011-05-24 India: POSCO's potential corruption must be investigated
2011-05-24 Canadian companies hammered for abuses in Guatemala and Mexico
2011-05-24 Navajo Group to Take Uranium Mine Challenge to Human Rights Commission
2011-05-17 Canadian Indigenous Peoples oppose mining expansion
2011-05-17 Brazil Breaks Relations With Human Rights Commission
2011-05-17 Pressure builds on Goldcorp, just before its AGM
2011-05-17 Canadian Ecumenical Conference on Mining: Report
2011-05-10 The aftermath of another mining disaster in the Philippines
2011-05-10 London Calling asks Sweden: Why stop hounding Vedanta now?
2011-05-10 Outrage at Indian go-ahead for POSCO "loot"
2011-05-02 Canada: First Nation seeks urgent injunction to stop Zenyatta drilling
2011-05-02 Global gold supremo faces its critics
2011-04-27 HudBay loses out to Mayan community in Guatemala
2011-04-27 Vale intends taking share in Belo Monte dam, Brazil
2011-04-18 Philippine campaigners are not on Minister's page
2011-04-18 Rio Tinto sidesteps questions on Jabiluka uranium
2011-04-12 Bangladesh: Energy at what cost?
2011-04-12 India's Supreme Court agrees to hear Orissa plea for Nyamgiri mine
2011-04-12 In the wake of Fukushima, what future for Canadian uranium?
2011-04-04 Vedanta's children are literally getting "peanuts"
2011-04-04 Indigenous Filipinos re-affirm call to repeal Mining Act
2011-03-22 Peoples of the North pledge Declaration on Responsible Resource Development
2011-03-22 Vedanta allegedly brands tribal opponents "terrorists"
2011-03-22 The consequences of copper in Panama
2011-03-14 Activists promote more alternative mining legislation in the Philippines
2011-03-14 Violence Near Goldcorp Mine Underscores Need for Suspension
2011-03-08 Panama president to repeal mining law reform
2011-03-08 Bougainville: New voices raised against mine re-opening
2011-03-08 Tayloring a new Panguna mine for Bougainville
2011-03-01 Calls for Panama to Ensure the Safety of Mining Protesters
2011-03-01 Philippine indigenous peoples consent recognised over mining claims
2011-03-01 Wikileaks reveal Western diplomats target anti-mining activists
2011-03-01 Canadian PM stands "firm" against revised Taseko mine plan
2011-02-21 Statement from the AlterNATIVE Mining Indaba 2011
2011-02-21 A Valentine day's present from the US EPA
2011-02-14 Social Movements Fight Mining (and protect the paramos!) in Colombia
2011-02-14 Rio Tinto rejects Aboriginal poison water concerns
2011-02-14 Ecuador: Serious concern over misuse of terrorism charges
2011-02-14 Controversial mining law green-lighted, Panama
2011-02-14 Philippine mining falters in the face of civil society opposition
2011-02-07 India: Scandalous Decision allows go-ahead for POSCO project
2011-01-31 Agarwal's juggernaut rolls on regardless
2011-01-31 Two anti-mining advocates shot in the Philippines
2011-01-25 Australia's Kokatha People win a land rights victory
2011-01-25 Philippine Human Rights Commission calls for end to mining deal
2011-01-17 Philippine tribe submits complaint on IFC-funded mine
2011-01-17 Is another Bagua massacre just around the corner?
2011-01-10 As storm clouds break, London Calling gets biblical
2010-12-27 More violence at Xstrata's Philippine project
2010-12-27 Urgent Action: Threats and Harassment to Excellon Resources Workers
2010-12-27 "We're not here for De Beers" - Indigenous Peoples
2010-12-21 Australia - Sands of time: rock art versus Rocla
2010-12-13 Indigenous groups reject "consultation" by Government and Minera Afrodita in northern Peru
2010-12-13 Ottawa quietly opens protected Arctic wilderness to proposed mining
2010-12-06 Indigenous Peoples in Latin America Unite Against Mining
2010-12-06 Canada: Matoush Uranium Project Should be Rejected
2010-12-06 India: Green panel defers decision on Posco plant
2010-12-06 More than 40% of Paramos in Northern Peru under mining concession
2010-11-29 First Nations roadblock temporarily halts work at British Columbia mine
2010-11-22 It just ain't football!
2010-11-22 India: Yet more shenanigans linked to UK mining company
2010-11-22 Protests at BHP's Australian annual general meeting
2010-11-16 India: Prospects dim further for massive POSCO project
2010-11-16 Groote Resources faces legal action over Aboriginal land
2010-11-08 Coal and climate change
2010-11-08 Philippine activists pressure human rights body over Oceana Gold mine
2010-11-08 Judge Voids Coal Mine Expansion Permit on Navajo Tribal Land
2010-11-08 Canadian Fish Lake Spared
2010-11-08 World's biggest miner knocked back in Australia
2010-11-01 Philippine tribe blocks delivery of mine equipment
2010-11-01 BHP Billiton: new chair, same old story
2010-10-25 Bangladeshi Citizens March against Coal
2010-10-25 President Aquino called to action on mining
2010-10-25 India's biggest minerals project may be axed
2010-10-25 Urgent Action: Close Marlin Mine Now, Guatemala
2010-10-25 A proposed bauxite mine is scrapped in Australia
2010-10-18 Mexico's Wirikuta People Declare a Defense of their Territory
2010-10-10 Australian state government bans uranium mine
2010-10-10 Asia, Europe groups condemn EU raw materials policy
2010-10-10 Canada's Tsilhqot'in First Nation affirms mine "will never be accepted"
2010-09-27 Justice to all human rights victims and anti-mining martyrs!
2010-09-27 Mexicans call for cancellation of Canadian mining concessions
2010-09-27 Navajos Ask Supreme Court to Protect Drinking Water From Uranium
2010-09-20 The Nyamgiri struggle may be over
2010-09-20 Tampakan mine criticised in Philippines
2010-09-20 Ocean exploration reaches perilous new depths
2010-09-14 Canada: Tsilhqot'in Nation ready to defend its territory
2010-09-14 Philippine residents object again to sell-out at Diwalwal
2010-09-14 Vedanta blames "foreign-funded" NGOs for its problems
2010-09-05 Canadian First Nation and Quebec citizens unite against uranium
2010-09-05 International scientists call for a global uranium ban
2010-08-30 A famous battle is won - now to end the war!
2010-08-22 A Bolivian silver mine protest is called off
2010-08-22 Miners Dynamite Glacier in Bolivia Looking for Gold
2010-08-22 Tribal leaders 'abducted and interrogated' over opposition to new mine
2010-08-22 Indian government committee condemns Vedanta's proposed Nyamgiri mine
2010-08-16 More pressure is applied to Goldcorp in Guatemala
2010-08-16 Disputes and roadblocks halt San Cristobal operations in Bolivia's prime mining region
2010-08-16 Australian Aboriginal communities want a stop to new uranium mining
2010-08-08 Philippines: Endorsement to MacroAsia Deferred
2010-08-02 AFN Chiefs Pledge to Help Defend Lands Against Proposed Prosperity Mine-Canada
2010-08-02 Is this the "world's most hated company"?
2010-07-24 Ramu fails to lift interim injunction on tailings disposal
2010-07-24 Mega-miner to meet its match?
2010-07-24 India's highest court roundly condemns government policy towards tribal and marginal citizens
2010-07-17 Formal Human Rights Complaint re HudBay in Guatemala
2010-07-09 Federal Canadian Panel finds there would be significant impacts from Taseko mine
2010-07-09 Shoshone Battle to Stop Gold Mine on Mount Tenabo Continues
2010-07-09 Marchers against mining's "environmental vandalism" face arrest in PNG
2010-07-09 Peru's President Garcia Criticized for Refusing to Sign Indigenous Rights Legislation into Law
2010-07-09 Declaration on corporate crimes in Jharkhand, India
2010-07-04 Mining remains uphill for Vedanta
2010-07-04 South Cotabato governor signs ban on open-pit mining, Philippines
2010-06-26 Guatemala: Goldcorp's Marlin mine is suspended
2010-06-19 Canadian First Nations take on three new mining proposals
2010-06-19 Philippine province bans open-pit mining
2010-06-11 First Nations' Rights Need More Protection from Mining Activities
2010-06-11 Indigenous Peoples Unite Against Mining in Palawan, Philippines
2010-06-11 Declaration of the Indigenous Communities of the Central Plateau of Chubut, Argentina
2010-06-04 Papua New Guinea removes land owner rights
2010-06-04 New Peruvian law on FPIC passed
2010-06-04 Camp to protect Eagle Rock from Kennecott is destroyed
2010-06-04 Australian aboriginal landowner secures land from uranium mining
2010-06-04 Navajo protest the expansion of domestic uranium mining, USA
2010-05-29 International rights body calls for suspension of Goldcorp mine
2010-05-29 Kakadu being poisoned by Rio Tinto mine, group warns
2010-05-29 Canadian Tsilhqot'in Nation statement on proposed Prosperity Mine
2010-05-23 Amnesty International Statement on POSCO shootings
2010-05-23 Goldcorp fights off calls for indigenous consent
2010-05-20 Forces gather to protect Eagle Rock from Kennecott
2010-05-20 Protests in Zambales, Philippines, against 'irresponsible' mining
2010-05-07 San Carlos Apache call for removal of Resolution Copper
2010-05-07 Bougainville Women oppose re-opening of Panguna Mine
2010-05-01 Anglo American challenged at 2010 AGM
2010-05-01 Protests mark Earth Day commemoration in Mindanao
2010-05-01 Barrick gets court go-ahead on Cortez Hills
2010-04-24 Squeaky - but far from clean
2010-03-18 Legal case proceeds against OceanaGold in the Philippines
2010-02-15 Western Shoshone return to court, citing violations by Barrick Gold
2008-10-21 KI Statement on Ontario Mining Act Reform
2008-09-02 Alaska: a Pebble in the Streams
2005-08-18 Rio Negro High Court Orders Protection for the Rights of Indigenous Communities Facing Mining
2005-07-14 Chubut province is Canadian
2005-06-23 Ingeniero Jacobacci reaffirms their NO to gold mining with cyanide
2005-05-08 A Portrait of those who say no in Jacobacci
Asia: Impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on indigenous, pastoralist and rural women in mining areas

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