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2015-07-10 The evidence for how fossil fuel companies misled us for decades
2014-11-12 How Violating Indigenous Peoples' Rights Increases Industry Risks
2013-01-28 USA: Results of Federal Clean up of Navajo Uranium Contamination
2012-09-18 Proposing Benchmarks for Corporations in Burma
2012-04-11 US uranium mines still imperil Navajo land and people
2011-05-17 From Ecuador to Labrador
2008-06-24 Venezuela: Will the Bolivarian Revolution end coal mining? Pressure on gold mine developers grows; NGOs call for expulsion of Venezuela from the Kimberley Process
2005-06-27 Reading between the pipelines
2004-12-13 The Environmental Cost of Coal Mining in Venezuela
2004-12-13 The Environmental Cost Of Coal Mining In Venezuela
2004-04-15 Mineral Concessions in Guatemala Violate International Agreements and Peace Accords
2004-03-24 Revenue Transparency: A Priority for Good Governance and Energy Security
2003-12-06 Ecuador bears crude legacy of Texaco's thirst for oil
2003-11-19 Kazakhs slap pollution fines on key investors
2003-11-05 Manifesto Against the Assassination of our Colleague Angel Shingre
2003-10-23 Showdown in the Ecuadoran Jungle - Rare Class-Action Pollution Trial Pits Indians Against U.S. Oil
2003-10-23 A potentially historic case has just opened in Ecuador, filed by Indigenous communities which are c
2003-10-23 Class-Action Pollution Trial Pits Ecuadorian Indians Against U.S. Oil Company
2003-10-15 Oilwatch Open Letter on the Energy and Biodiversity Initiative (EBI)
2003-10-15 Beware the Wolf at the Door: Conservation International

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