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2021-12-21 Argentina update: Morondanga mining bill only lasted five days
2021-09-06 Tyrone People’s Assembly march on Irish Parliament against gold mining
2021-08-28 Sexual harassment in mine camps, reports
2021-08-24 Deep Sea: Readings from the Abyss
2021-08-21 British Columbia: Nuxalk Nation issues eviction notice to Juggernaut Exploration
2021-07-01 Malaysia's Som Forest: Home to tapirs and elephants or mining site for Pahang royals?
2021-06-28 UK's National Health Service calls for ban on neodymium toys
2021-06-27 India’s Deep Ocean Mission: A race to the bottom
2021-06-25 Zambia: Court decision on Lower Zambezi copper project raise concerns
2021-06-23 Solomon Islands Minister calls for (temporary) mining moratorium
2021-06-21 Is Vale decarbonizing shipping?
2021-06-17 Australia: The mine that has spewed acid for decades
2021-06-14 Peru Elections: The people does not want 'more money'
2021-06-09 USA: The fight to clean up Exide battery plant in California
2021-06-05 Costa Rica wins arbitration case over Infinito Gold
2021-06-04 Following recent PNG-Barrick agreement, minister promises "restorative justice"
2021-05-25 An endless war on the Central Appalachian Mountains
2021-05-20 Greenland: Orano (Areva) uranium exploration halted
2021-05-20 Deep Sea Mining corporate spin doctors
2021-05-14 Kyrgyzstan: Court hands $3.1 billion fine to Kumtor Gold
2021-05-05 USA: Bill protecting marine waters from seabed mining passed in Washington
2021-05-05 Poland's border coalmine startles Europe
2021-05-04 Canada: Public pressure halts coal exploration on the Rocky Mountains
2021-05-01 Chilean copper workers blocked from pension withdrawals
2021-04-30 Environmental groups urge Mexican Senate to ban mining in protected areas
2021-04-28 USA: ElementUS Rare Earth Project announced in Louisiana
2021-04-27 Philippine church leaders, environmentalists against government removal of mining ban
2021-04-26 Indonesia declassifies coal power plants ash as hazardous waste
2021-04-26 USA: Anti-CEMEX bill moves forward in California Senate
2021-04-24 USA: Mining justice advocates press for legislative action in Nevada
2021-04-21 Papua New Guinea: Landowners not consulted on Porgera deal
2021-04-18 Philippines lifts ban on new mines
2021-04-17 USA: Wyoming to sue states for their energy policies?
2021-04-17 Australia: Argonaut Resources drills Sacred Lake Torrens despite Aboriginal opposition
2021-04-15 Argentina: Yamana Gold and Andalgala - A dubious integration
2021-04-12 Greenland’s general elections: The people have spoken!
2021-04-10 Environmental regulation and the Covid-19 pandemic in Canada, report
2021-04-07 Ontario First Nations declare moratorium on Ring of Fire development
2021-04-06 Greenland votes in election centred on mining debate
2021-04-01 China-Australia dispute over Congo iron ore escalates
2021-03-30 Bill to permanently ban mining in Southwest Oregon passes US House
2021-03-28 Canada: Tahltan Nation evicts Doubleview Gold
2021-03-27 Drawing the Pacific Blue Line: Call for a global ban on deep sea mining
2021-03-25 12th Alternative Mining Indaba Declaration: We refuse to be muted!
2021-03-22 BHP, Rio Tinto given carte blanche to export uranium to global hotspots
2021-03-18 Canadian Ombudsperson to begin receiving human rights abuse complaints from abroad
2021-03-16 Assemblies kill bill in Patagonia, Argentina
2021-03-01 Canada: FSIN, Baselode Energy at odds over uranium exploration
2021-02-26 British Columbia’s ongoing legacy of metal mine impacts, report
2021-02-23 Red Dirt: The Bauxite-Alumina Industry in Jamaica
2021-02-15 USGS report shows stunning 30 percent increase in asbestos imports from Brazil
2021-02-11 Indonesia Moves Away from Ocean Mine Waste Dumping
2021-02-10 PNG President emphasises stance on Panguna mine
2021-02-09 Ecuador: Over 80% of Cuenca voters backed large-scale mining ban
2021-02-08 Australia: Northern Territory declares seabed mining ban
2021-01-20 Greenland: Public hearings under coronavirus constraints
2021-01-16 Minnesota bills seek ban on copper-nickel mining
2021-01-04 Ottawa rejects bid by China’s Shandong Gold for TMAC Resources
2020-12-23 The end of coal?
2020-12-16 The curse of 'white oil': electric vehicles' dirty secret
2020-12-08 A Pan-American silver play is falling apart in Chubut, Argentina
2020-12-03 Australia: Victoria’s Legislative Council finds that nuclear ban should stay
2020-11-30 Swiss responsible business initiative wins a majority, but will not be implemented
2020-11-18 Argentine Government Zooms-in on large scale mining
2020-11-09 Solomon Islands: Wagina residents win bid to stop bauxite mining plan
2020-11-04 Supreme Court decision a victory for Canada's Cree communities
2020-10-31 Philippines: Local court upholds ban on open-pit mining in South Cotabato
2020-10-23 Silver particles harm fish in Ontario lake, study
2020-10-20 30,000 signatures for the protection of water in Chubut, Argentina
2020-10-16 Securities regulators turning a blind eye to lack of Indigenous consent around Canadian mines
2020-10-12 Renewed Call for Real Development in Papua New Guinea
2020-10-11 The right to consent or reject mining projects in South Africa
2020-10-09 Campaign to Write Glacier Protection Into Chile's New Constitution
2020-10-05 Trump use Defense Production Act to bolster mining
2020-09-29 Patagonia updates: 25,228 and counting
2020-09-28 Legal victories in Ecuador
2020-09-21 Early Week Essay: Aboriginal spokesperson reiterates Juukan demands
2020-09-07 The Week's Essay: Rio Tinto approaches dire Juukan moment
2020-08-22 The Weekend Essay: Banjima forced to "trade away" its Heritage
2020-08-20 "Oh No!" Kono Sierra Leoneans tell Steinmetz
2020-08-17 The Early Week Essay: Recalling the Nautilus deep-sea debacle
2020-08-15 Rio Tinto has its ethics in a real twist
2020-08-12 Coal-Mad Modi embarks on Unprecedented Folly
2020-08-11 Quebec commission issues landmark asbestos report
2020-08-07 The options Rio Tinto didn't follow
2020-07-29 The MidWeek Essay: Condemning the Indian government's totalitarian surveillance
2020-07-27 The Monday Essay: Monbiot trashes "return to normality", should Covid-19 be defeated
2020-07-26 DR Congo: When "green energy" mixes with Dirty Dealers
2020-07-24 London Calling adds its voice to Aboriginal Juukan demands
2020-07-21 The MidWeek Essay: Waging Water War in Peru
2020-07-18 India's Telangana state forest head de-bunks uranium project
2020-07-14 Barrick Gold again battles with PNG government
2020-07-14 Top Global Fifty miners: the "good, bad,and ugly"
2020-07-13 Japan promises to halt most overseas coal financing
2020-07-10 The Weekend Essay: Destroying India step by step
2020-07-09 Rio Tinto must be declassified, say Aboriginal groups
2020-07-06 Yet another tailings dam collapse - in Ecuador
2020-07-04 UK Coal Action group wins in local battle
2020-07-03 Burma: At least 178 mineworkers die in jade disaster
2020-07-03 Bloomberg on Rio Tinto's massive recent bloomer
2020-07-02 Yukon First Nation condemns miners' "free entry" to its territory
2020-07-01 Guinea: the battle for Simandou renews
2020-06-30 Tailings containment "battle-lines" re-open with unique ferocity
2020-06-26 The Weekend Essay: Rhodes may Fall - but many other mining villains remain unscathed
2020-06-24 Does Aboriginal living-heritage "matter"?
2020-06-23 Glencore probed yet again by Swiss authorities
2020-06-22 Ecuadorian Civil society organisations condemn Canadian Ambassador
2020-06-20 Rio Tinto still derided, although it announces compromise
2020-06-19 Former Rio Tinto advisor blasts his former employer
2020-06-18 Mining's "Pandemic Profiteering" - a new report
2020-06-13 The Weekend Essay: One of South Africa's largest mines at battle centre
2020-06-12 Russian disaster may hit Arctic Ocean
2020-06-09 An Adivasi asks: How will my people survive?
2020-06-07 Mines are Covid hotpots claim several hundred global organisations
2020-06-05 The Weekend Essays: A critical moment for Rio Tinto
2020-06-01 Australia: Rio Tinto's moral incompetence under denunciation
2020-05-31 The mine that should never have been proposed
2020-05-31 The early June Essay: Mass assaults strike Ethiopian communities
2020-05-30 The Weekend Essay: India wages war on millions under Covid-19 protection rules
2020-05-28 Assam's Indigenous communities facing coal mine violation
2020-05-27 46,000 years of Aboriginal Heritage bulldozered by Rio Tinto
2020-05-15 The Weekend Essay (1): A Thai community victimised by the military
2020-05-12 The MidWeek Essay: Indian states punish stranded workers
2020-05-08 South African community threatened by "worse" than Corona Virus
2020-05-04 "Let the sun set on Xingu mining!" demand people and judges
2020-04-26 Papua New Guinea refuses lease extension for Barrick's Porgera mine
2020-04-10 US organisations demand temporary halt in mining activities
2020-04-07 Vedanta carries on as usual - regardless of Indian lockdown
2020-04-06 Rio Tinto goes ahead with an AGM shorn of crucial input
2020-03-30 Chilean Mayor demands Teck protect Community from Covid-19 Contamination
2020-03-25 The Mid-Week Essay: How a major miner fails to cope with Corona virus
2020-03-22 USA mining industry uses Corona virus as self-exculpating pretext
2020-03-20 Corona virus manifests in another deadly form
2020-03-16 David Attenborough calls for total ban on deep sea mining
2020-03-12 Chilean anti-mining woman leads London action
2020-03-09 The Week's Essay: Brazil's Bolsonaro reaches new heights in mining free-for-all
2020-03-07 Filipino mining activists seek protection as struggles continue
2020-03-05 Canada's Trudeau promises bright future for mining
2020-03-04 Vociferously calling out against Rio Tinto and BHP
2020-03-03 Aussie journalist calls Rio Tinto boss "nauseating greenwasher"
2020-03-02 Many protesters block entry to Canada's premier mining event
2020-03-02 The Week's Essay: Putting BHP at the heart of Ecuadorian destruction
2020-02-29 Canada's Supreme Court says Nevsun must face "slavery" charges
2020-02-24 Canada's Trudeau stuck between dirty rocks and a hard place
2020-02-22 The Weekend Essay (Part One): India's New Coal Geography
2020-02-20 Quebec's asbestos-created agonies
2020-02-19 The Mid-Week Essay: South African Royal Council confronted by multi-mineral project
2020-02-18 New Zealand: Broadcaster blasts "crazy" Rio Tinto
2020-02-17 The Early Week Essay: Siemen's unholy bond with Adani
2020-02-13 New Zealand minister condemns Rio Tinto's "outrageous" failure dealing with toxic wastes
2020-02-12 Indian Adivasis face destruction of historic Hasdeo forest
2020-02-10 The Week's Essay: Brazil's Bolsonara to implement Indigenous Peoples "death project"
2020-02-09 PNG's Madang government sues Chinese company for billions of dollars
2020-02-05 The Mid-Week Essay (1): Australian PM's perverted views on climate emergency
2020-02-05 The Mid-Week Essay (2): Greta takes Morrisonesque logic to task
2020-02-05 Peru: Las Bambas copper mine stalled by community protests
2020-02-05 Newcrest finally offloads Indonesia mine
2020-02-04 Pakistan's Coal Miners suffer appalling fatalities
2020-02-03 Opposition demands "opening up" of recent Barrick agreement
2020-02-02 Canada: Yellowknives battle with the Giant
2020-01-31 Germany schedules closing coal-fired power by 2038
2020-01-29 Tailings - a global "ticking time bomb"!
2020-01-28 Barrick makes fresh agreement with Tanzania government
2020-01-25 Ghanaian Group demands Atewa forest bauxite mining be cancelled
2020-01-21 Brazil's Indigenous peoples lambast Bolsonaro
2020-01-17 India to ease mining rules to spur investment
2020-01-12 Argentinian province promises key anti-mining move
2020-01-07 Colombia: UN calls on Ireland to consider halting coal import
2020-01-06 Adani pilloried for forestry destruction in Orissa
2020-01-04 The First Essay of 2020: Facing Immeasurable "Extinction"
2019-12-03 Norwegian government confirms dumping of copper waste in fjord
2019-12-03 Fresh Declaration by Latin Americans denounces murderous "extractivism"
2019-12-02 Philippines: Nueva Vizcaya folk celebrate as Oceanagold suspends operations
2019-11-29 The Weekend Essay: How children are sacrificed to mica mining
2019-11-27 The Mid-Week Essay: Jal, Jangal aur Jameen - India's Pathalgadi Movement
2019-11-26 Nautilus minerals finally bankrupt, but is it still a threat?
2019-11-25 Madagascar environmental regulator under scrutiny for Rio Tinto relationship
2019-11-21 South Africa: Courts and Citizens reject new coal mine
2019-11-20 The Midweek Essay: The Kimberley Process and Israel
2019-11-20 French Guiana's gold mountain mining venture abandoned
2019-11-17 Bougainville: "Mining Madness" before the referendum
2019-11-16 India: Fresh indigenous protests at Jindal threats in Odisha
2019-11-15 The Weekend Essays: Massive fossil fuels investment dereliction planned
2019-11-12 When "dumping" has a dubious double meaning
2019-11-06 No more fracking for England!
2019-11-03 The Weekend Essay: Russia to plunder Arctic Coal for India
2019-11-02 Ethical tailings dam investigation shows mixed results
2019-10-30 The Midweek Essays: Adani continues heedlessly on its appalling way
2019-10-26 The Weekend Essay: How AIIB seeks to falsely promote ESG
2019-10-21 The Week's Essays: How Israeli phosphates plan threatens Bedouin community
2019-10-20 Indian villagers set to mobilise against uranium-powered project
2019-10-19 IFC watchdog to investigate coal funding in the Philippines
2019-10-18 Joan Kuyek makes the call: "Take power back from the miners!"
2019-10-15 Australian greens seek to outlaw all coal use by 2030
2019-10-14 Conflict-free minerals - are they a pantomime?
2019-10-12 India gov't coal mines auction is failing
2019-10-11 Ecuadorian indigenous people under major mining attack
2019-10-10 Chinese workers battle against energy utility
2019-10-08 Africa faces potentially radical development change
2019-10-07 Mexico: Deadly atrocities alleged against mining resisters
2019-10-06 India: new testimony reveals terrifying silicosis rates
2019-10-03 Peru avid for billions of new mining returns
2019-09-30 This Week's Essay: A Clean Green Deal
2019-09-29 Rio Tinto's new emissions deal with China's Baowu Steel
2019-09-25 Brazil: Vale dangerously misled public over dam collapse
2019-09-24 Pope Francis re-invigorates opposition to disastrous mining
2019-09-24 A Just Transition is a Post-Extractive One
2019-09-22 India: new river terminal meets vigorous opposition
2019-09-19 Armenia: "Our water is our gold"
2019-09-18 Mexico to observe Indigenous consultation under ILO 169
2019-09-17 India's poor left high and dry in Odisha
2019-09-14 The Weekend Essay: Catastrophe faces the Arctic
2019-09-11 The Midweek Essay: Look who's coming to India's coal party!
2019-09-09 The Week's Essay: Big deal over "strange" meeting
2019-09-07 Canadian First Nation may now finally win "battle of the lake"
2019-09-03 Nova Scotia mining companies don't always "play by the rules"
2019-09-02 Turkey: "We will continue until we win!"
2019-08-31 The Weekend Essay: Some thoughts on Extinction Rebellion
2019-08-27 India emits most sulphur dioxide worldwide
2019-08-24 Mali's new mining code ends tax exemptions, other protections
2019-08-23 Ghana bauxite pact with China must be rescinded
2019-08-21 The Midweek Essay: How Glencore manipulates in DRC
2019-08-18 The Weekend Essay: Condescension and Climate
2019-08-16 Fiji calls for deep sea mining moratorium
2019-08-15 Insurance companies shirk covering coal
2019-08-13 Nautilus re-emerges, battered and impotent
2019-08-10 Philippines: OceanGold facing final ejection
2019-08-09 Australian appointment of leading miner to ABC board causes major stir
2019-08-05 Australia: Aboriginal community sacrifices set to gain true state recognition?
2019-08-03 The Weekend Essay: Global Britain's real climate changers
2019-08-02 Vedanta launches South Africa arbitration
2019-08-02 Ecuador: Azuay province asks court for mining referendum
2019-07-31 The Midweek Essay: World Bank quits funding Indian project
2019-07-31 Vedanta's finance thief makes off with Anglo American payback
2019-07-30 New report damns deep-sea mining
2019-07-29 South Africa: Court approves silica saga settlement
2019-07-27 Jamaica: concern rises over bauxite mining
2019-07-26 World's two mega-miners at odds over "climate extinction"
2019-07-25 Australia: Adani's Carmichael en route to collapse, says expert
2019-07-23 DR Congo sends troops to intimidate and remove small miners
2019-07-23 The Midweek Essay: Indonesia and the transition from coal
2019-07-21 Guatemala indigenous community wins court reprieve
2019-07-20 Why the rush to mine the seabed?
2019-07-11 Vedanta resorts to South Africa over Zambian divorce
2019-07-09 Solomons: struck by second contamination crisis
2019-07-05 Kenyan citizens stop coal-fired power station
2019-07-05 The Weekend Essay (1): Deep-sea mining threatens new industrial frontier
2019-07-05 The Weekend Essay (2): In too deep!
2019-07-04 Nuclear power no longer qualifies as "green"
2019-07-02 Mount Polley: a 'paradise' transformed into pain
2019-07-02 DRC: 'Poverty-driven' artisanal mining in spotlight after tragedy hits Congo
2019-07-01 DR Congo: more than forty miners killed in mining landslide
2019-06-29 The Weekend Essay: Behind Zambia's divorce from Vedanta
2019-06-27 India: Bauxite mining's continuing vicious costs
2019-06-25 The Midweek Essay: Mines’ dirty secrets echo on three continents
2019-06-24 Philippines: Opposition to OceanaGold's lease renewal
2019-06-24 Key Coal power shutdown in Germany
2019-06-22 Armenia: Amulsar mine 'threatens socio-environmental disaster'
2019-06-16 The Sunday Essay: How Australia’s coal madness led to Adani
2019-06-16 World's "Most Insane" energy venture moves ahead
2019-06-15 Canada: Mount Polley mine still discharging toxic wastes
2019-06-14 The Weekend Essay: The Economic Growth-Climate Change Conundrum
2019-06-11 India's Chhattisgarh state orders mining halt
2019-06-09 The Weekend Essays: Are we all at sea when it comes to ocean bed mining?
2019-06-08 India: Ten thousand Adivasis protest NMDC iron ore project
2019-06-01 Coal-addicted Adani reckons it's in - at a finch!
2019-05-30 Australia: Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners fight on
2019-05-27 Australian electorate heads "down under" over climate change
2019-05-21 Zambian president threatens Glencore, Vedanta with "divorce"
2019-05-19 The Weekend Essay: Manufacturing Consent in India
2019-05-17 Plight of Pakistani coal miners
2019-05-16 Legal action planned against Canadian gold mine proposed for Ireland
2019-05-15 Death, destruction and dividends
2019-05-11 Norway's hastened flight from coal
2019-05-11 Weekend Essay (2): Understanding and resolving the fundamental problems in China’s construction industry
2019-05-10 Namibia's Chamber of mines denies tax evasion
2019-05-09 UK government urged to focus aid money on climate change
2019-05-05 Life after Ok Tedi - can it compensate for huge mining sacrifices?
2019-05-04 The Weekend Essay (2): Adani's Carmichael mine is unlikely to go ahead, and most people know it
2019-05-03 Weekend Essay: The Narrative Roadblock to the Forest Rights Act in India
2019-05-02 Uganda: government introduces new mining laws
2019-05-02 Burma's fatally-jaded mines
2019-04-29 LME to ban metal tainted by child labor or corruption
2019-04-28 ArcelorMittal uses "dirty" tactics against South African workers
2019-04-28 Dozens of miners guilty of Namibian tax evasion - report
2019-04-28 The Weekend Essay: South Africa's Lonmin case shows how hard it is to hold mines to account
2019-04-27 Glencore under CFTC investigation for possible corrupt practices
2019-04-14 Philippines mining industry continues to 'under-perform'
2019-04-05 HSBC's dirty money in Asia
2019-04-03 India's government "destroying traditional agriculture"
2019-03-26 Adani makes a self-serving move by declaring an Indian SEZ
2019-03-24 The weekend essay: Adivasis on the March
2019-03-19 Rio Tinto won't come clean on Type Three emissions
2019-03-19 Many organisations roundly condemn police repression in Orissa
2019-03-13 Solomons threatens to blacklist mining companies
2019-03-12 India: Out of the woods, into the corridors of power
2019-03-11 Brazil: Great balls of fire!
2019-02-27 Zimbabwe: Corporate culpability and machete attacks
2019-02-23 India's Supreme Court - en route to destroying millions of lives
2019-02-22 Coal - Rocky Hill case continues rolling on
2019-02-20 Norway violates its own fjord waste-dumping moratorum
2019-02-18 Indian government "may cancel 50 GW coal-based power projects"
2019-02-17 Zimbabwe disaster: local NGO admonishes government
2019-02-16 Liberia: Gbanepea Gold Mine 'An Environmental Death Trap'
2019-02-12 Bougainville: Is it sitting on a hornets nest?
2019-02-09 "Toxic Bob" claims he's grabbed world's 'most important new mine'
2019-02-05 Bougainville: squabbles among a den of thieves
2019-02-04 Guatemala under fire from international organisations
2019-02-03 Bougainville - in with a BAM!
2019-01-28 Germany challenged to dispense with all coal burning
2019-01-26 Meghalaya mine murders - leading editor remonstrates
2019-01-26 Rwanda: Trade Union claims mine disaster was "preventable"
2019-01-21 South Africa: mining betrays communities
2019-01-16 Meghala government collusion with mine owners: SC report
2019-01-15 Indigenous groups are the world’s endangered environmental guardians
2019-01-12 Meghalaya coal disaster: when men are treated like "rats"
2019-01-10 Investigating DR Congo's Illegal Gold Trade
2019-01-09 Attempting to justify the Meghalaya mine disaster
2019-01-06 Will the sun finally set on Canadian company accused of slavery?
2019-01-02 Another dirty move by Adani in Australia
2018-12-29 India:Fifteen miners trapped by flood waters, likely dead
2018-12-06 Malaysia tells Lynas to remove radioactive waste for licence renewal
2018-11-25 South Africa: will Xolobeni victory transform the way miners operate?
2018-11-23 India's pathway denies very existence of indigenous peoples
2018-11-21 Seabed mining rush feared in world's "most pristine wilderness area"
2018-11-19 Vedanta up to new tricks?
2018-11-15 India: Goa mining ruled unacceptable by Supreme Court
2018-11-05 Brazil's sorry future under Bolsonaro
2018-11-05 Indian Fisherfolk challenge World Bank immunity at US Supreme court
2018-11-03 Mine closures (Part Three): a Superfund scandal
2018-10-31 Vedanta's copper smelter alleged polluting by official body
2018-10-30 Mine closure (Part Two) - does Australia lead the world?
2018-10-28 South Africa: Communities win major court victory
2018-10-19 Canada is set to ban asbestos mining & use
2018-09-24 Philippines: Miners lose their lives in typhoon landslide
2018-09-24 Tamil Nadu state confirms it'll block Vedanta's Tuticorin re-opening
2018-09-20 Afghanistan’s new mining law risks falling short in the fight against corruption
2018-09-07 Vedanta's ultimate resources' grab
2018-08-21 Bougainville MP - better a drunk Ozzie rugby team than further politicking!
2018-08-18 Cast out! - by companies and coal in India
2018-07-19 Deep Sea Mining rules debated ... while proposed project sinks
2018-07-14 Freeport apparently to cede control of Grasberg, while Rio Tinto sheds its stake
2018-07-03 Chinalco halts Guangxi rare earth operations after environmental lapses
2018-06-15 Congo's miners face harsh new reality as mining law finalized
2018-06-04 Ecuador: Chinese company ordered to stop mining in ground-breaking legal judgment
2018-05-20 Indian citizens demand rare earths inquiry
2018-04-24 Indigenous Xinka march in Guatemala to banish Canadian mine
2018-04-22 "Our territory is our life": one struggle against mining in Ecuador
2018-03-12 Armenia: "Toxic" tailings leak strikes villagers
2018-03-05 USA: Coal Ash radioactivity concealed by Duke Energy
2018-02-24 South Africa hit by Ramaphosa's new liberalism
2018-02-19 South Africa - away with Zuma, in with Ramaphosa
2018-02-16 Dalits driven off land, forced to migrate to brick kilns, construction sites
2018-02-13 US coal miners heading for unprecedented black lung future
2018-02-11 Aboriginal community struggles to stop Yeelirrie go-ahead
2018-02-04 Is Norway all at sea when it comes to mine waste dumping?
2018-02-02 US must reverse “outrageous” dismantling of Bears Ears National Monument, says UN rights expert
2018-01-23 Indian Child Miners: Jharkhand's Dark Secret
2017-12-29 Bougainville government announces moratorium on Panguna
2017-11-04 India - industrial carnage strikes down at least 32 workers
2017-09-20 Zambian small-scale miners plead for right to access waste dumps
2017-09-20 Tanzania government's new action against London-listed miners
2017-09-08 China's state owned companies on a "bumpy" merger road
2017-08-31 Brazil's government opens up huge Amazonian reserve to mining
2017-08-21 "Make in India" - the truth about its deadlier side
2017-08-09 Tanzania: Barrick/Acacia blasted in Canada for multiple offences
2017-07-18 Bougainville Copper: will it get to play again?
2017-06-14 Bulgarian town backs gold mining ban in referendum
2017-06-13 Tanzania accuses Acacia of illegal mining in fresh blow to Barrick’s subsidiary
2017-05-10 Philippines - Gina Lopez: the miners strike back
2017-03-31 El Salvador: Legislative Assembly bans all metal mining
2017-02-25 El Salvador: OceanaGold Must Pay and Pack Up
2017-02-20 India: Khasi Council refuses permission for uranium mining in Mehalaya
2017-02-10 Philippines: Environment Secretary orders closure of 23 mines
2017-01-19 India: Petition against illegal mining launched by MM&P
2016-12-31 Philippines: New policies but will they be implemented?
2016-11-26 EU agrees mandatory law on conflict minerals
2016-11-20 Ecuador: Water protectors vow to defend their land from mining
2016-10-26 Hope in the midst of Finland's "extractive tsunami"
2016-10-25 BHP Billiton AGM met by global calls for justice and accountability
2016-10-22 Back to tragedy: more news of the BHP Billiton/Vale tailings dam collapse in Brazil
2016-10-17 Greenland in double jeopardy from nuclear waste
2016-09-15 Macri and Beaty against the law in Chubut, Argentina
2016-09-14 Victoria against fracking in Australia
2016-09-11 Argentina: Andalgala Deliberative Council bans mining
2016-09-06 Is mining in Argentina going Back to the Pact?
2016-09-03 Philippines: President notes "Mining - My way or the environmental highway"
2016-08-23 California High Court upholds ban on gold dredges
2016-08-03 Coal: globally, pressures mount
2016-08-02 Philippines: President tells miners country does not need them
2016-07-22 Ecuadorian Government confirms Fruta del Norte exploitation phase
2016-07-12 British companies leading new £800bn extractives 'scramble for Africa'
2016-07-11 Philippines: A new hope for mine-affected communities
2016-07-10 Rio Tinto to quit Bougainville's Panguna mine
2016-07-02 South Africa: People's Mining Charter
2016-07-01 Laos Bans New Mining Projects in a Polluted Province
2016-06-29 Mining Companies Buy Political Influence in Australia
2016-06-21 European Union reaches outline of deal over conflict minerals
2016-06-21 Peru: Calls to strengthen transparency mechanism
2016-06-20 Coal: investment - and resistance
2016-06-18 USA - Supreme Court rejects challenge to mercury air pollution rule
2016-06-17 Quebec National Assembly applauds efforts to ban asbestos
2016-06-16 Greenland's mining companies set to benefit from Arctic meltdown
2016-06-14 India bent on further nuclear treaty violations
2016-06-13 Activists demand glacier protection in Argentina
2016-06-06 Tanzania: Acacia hit by tax crackdown
2016-06-05 Philippines: Is the mining industry feeling lucky with Duterte Harry?
2016-06-01 Michael T Klare exposes "desperate plight of petro-states"
2016-05-30 Brazil to tighten rules on mining dams
2016-05-27 Burmese good intentions aren't matched by deeds
2016-05-26 Update on anti-mining laws in Argentina
2016-05-25 South African miners must pay 67% of acid drainage clean-up costs
2016-05-18 Centerra Shirks Blame for Glacier Damage in Kyrgyzstan
2016-05-15 Chile: Proposed Glacier Protection Law Falls Short
2016-04-25 Latin American organisations call for Canadian mining accountability
2016-04-10 Malaysia extends bauxite mining ban until July to fight pollution
2016-04-08 Ghana's gold artisanal miners get "historic" deal
2016-04-04 Philippines - "We would rather die fighting"
2016-03-30 Rally against foreign mining in Mongolia, while leading activist detained
2016-03-18 USA: Oak Flat designation a win for opponents of Resolution Copper
2016-03-11 Zimbabwe's President Mugabe nationalises diamond industry
2016-03-11 Call for Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights
2016-03-10 Australia: The revolving door between politicians and the mining lobby
2016-03-01 Colombia: Ibagué City Council passes referendum on mining
2016-02-24 Is mining up for change in Argentina?
2016-02-22 India: Burying the Law to Make Way for a Coal Mine
2016-02-18 Argentina: Esquel Assembly rejects removal of mining windfall tax
2016-02-16 DRC: Congo abandons mining-code changes amid industry gloom
2016-02-08 Denmark and Greenland new uranium deal
2016-01-28 Canada: Glencore given time to meet new nickel emission limits
2016-01-22 Has Bougainville's president done a U-turn on the Panguna mine?
2016-01-16 Romania: Rosia Montana protected from mining by its historical status
2016-01-07 Kyrgyzstan: The struggles at Kumtor take a bizarre new twist
2016-01-06 Fishers, Scientists Pick Holes in Draft 'Ocean Policy'
2016-01-05 Newmont Escaped Indonesian Law via Investment Treaty
2015-12-28 Native American San Carlos Apache tribe takes on BHP, Rio Tinto
2015-11-14 What do outgoing Canadian Prime Ministers get up to in their free time?
2015-11-11 Peabody Energy Agrees to Fully Disclose Climate Risks from Coal
2015-11-09 India: Despite Shah, Prabhakaran cheats on regardless
2015-11-02 Zimbabwe: Government excessively protective of mining sector
2015-10-23 Myanmar's military elite profit from Jade
2015-10-05 Crédit Agricole announces new coal power policy
2015-09-30 World’s first deep sea mining proposal ignores consequences of its impacts
2015-09-27 Call to Ban Mining Companies from Tailing Disposal into the Chilean Ocean
2015-09-24 Australia - Taxpayers may foot bill for mine rehabilitation
2015-09-23 Statement from the Bougainville Hardliners
2015-09-21 Panama - Canadian mining company plays fast and loose with law
2015-09-19 Philippines - Miners accused of fuelling violence in Mindanao
2015-09-15 Rich world struggles to resolve row over coal subsidies
2015-09-13 India: Ongoing tribal struggles against mining in Orissa
2015-09-11 Australian uranium deal with India - a jobs and growth boom?
2015-09-11 EPA's spill pales in comparison to everyday mine leaks
2015-09-04 India - Coal for sale, but where are the buyers?
2015-09-01 New Mining Code in Madagascar must not Sacrifice the People
2015-08-26 The problem with (self-regulated) environmental assessments
2015-08-24 Solomon Islands: Claims Australians left a '$40 million environmental disaster'
2015-08-21 Australia outrageous climate change "policy"
2015-08-20 Eldorado Gold to take legal action against Greece
2015-08-18 Philippines: Glencore finalises its Tampakan departure
2015-08-17 Vedanta takes the low road, with highly dubious expectations
2015-08-14 Where is coal mining going in the coming years?
2015-08-05 UK newspaper supports global mining regulation
2015-08-03 'Our Resistance, Our Hope' - International People's Mining Conference
2015-07-18 Scientists call for Stronger Environmental Standards for Deep-sea Mining
2015-07-14 Zambia: Government rejects toxic imported copper concentrates
2015-07-13 Unions target Switzerland over Glencore
2015-07-09 Solomon Islands mine declared 'disaster zone' over dam collapse fears
2015-07-08 Statement from Zambian Alternative Mining Indaba
2015-07-04 Yet another victim of India's deadly coal promotion?
2015-06-30 Philippines: Glencore quits the Tampakan Project
2015-06-27 Burkina Faso parliament adopts new mining code
2015-06-10 Burma's long-delayed mining legislation is postponed yet again
2015-06-08 Asbestos industry thrives in India despite health concerns
2015-05-30 USA: Selling Off Apache Holy Land
2015-05-26 Philippines: Indigenous activist 'disappears' in the company of mining guards
2015-05-23 Is "resource nationalism" a good thing?
2015-05-19 Protests in Canada over mining company suing El Salvador for $301 million?
2015-05-14 India blocks listing of Chrysotile Asbestos in Rotterdam Convention
2015-05-13 De Beers Canada paid only $226 in a year's royalties for its Victor diamond mine
2015-05-07 Attack On Greenpeace India Is An Attack On Free Speech
2015-05-01 Indigenous People Occupy Brazil's Legislature
2015-04-29 Revolt Rocks Burkina Faso's Mines After President Flees
2015-04-26 Philippines: Earth Day celebrations focus on mining woes
2015-04-23 London Calling asks: Is Rio Tinto getting cold feet in Bougainville?
2015-04-15 El Salvador: Third Municipality Declares Itself a "Mining Free Territory"
2015-04-10 India's government about to make new attack on India's poor
2015-04-02 Rich nations' fossil fuel export funding dwarfs green spend
2015-04-01 Eldorado Gold devastates Greek communities but avoids paying tax
2015-03-31 Critics slam new Bougainville mining law as 'forgetting history'
2015-03-30 African mining codes: "willfully doing the wrong thing"?
2015-03-27 Australia's Adani Mine Blocked by Aboriginal Groups and Environmentalists
2015-03-23 Protestors mark the 20th anniversary of the Philippine Mining Act
2015-03-21 EU bank's alleged lack of transparency 'like something out of a Le Carré novel'
2015-03-13 Kyrgyzstan: Kumtor grief compounded
2015-02-28 Mining's "great and good" tout their African wares
2015-02-27 London Calling on China's steel-clad Hebei Jeebies
2015-02-22 USA: Apache tribe's protest against Resolution mine reaches third week
2015-02-21 Philippines - New laws being debated against a background of lawlessness
2015-02-20 London Calling on losing one's marbles
2015-02-15 Indian government's new assault on land rights legislation
2015-02-09 India: Vedanta leads race in coal block bidding
2015-02-07 Re-defining "conflict minerals" - an important new report
2015-01-31 USA: The Resolute Rambler takes on Rio Tinto
2015-01-30 Mongolia Finds SouthGobi Employees Guilty of Tax Evasion
2015-01-28 There's gold in them thar hills - and African governments want a bigger piece
2015-01-22 Philippines - Papal intervention sought over mining
2015-01-17 Burma, oh Burma!
2015-01-08 Haitian Communities File Complaint about World Bank-Supported Mining Law
2014-12-29 Canada: The limits of tying aid to mining companies
2014-12-28 Big miners fear effects of Chile’s new labour bill
2014-12-24 Philippines: The people of Mindanao speak out against mining
2014-12-22 USA: Coal ash not hazardous under US rules
2014-12-22 Colombian Government should ban large-scale mining in the páramo of Santurbán
2014-12-21 Zambia's bold move to rein in mining
2014-12-18 USA: Senate passes huge Arizona copper mine
2014-12-14 Guilty Verdict: Canadian Government Shares Responsibility for Mining Injustice
2014-12-13 Namibia - a state in hock to mining
2014-12-10 Peabody hires a well-known gun, but still shoots with blanks
2014-12-05 Canada: First Nations release 'clear mining policy and rules' for central BC
2014-11-26 The China Syndrome
2014-11-22 French Nuclear Giant Areva Says Future Is Uncertain, Prompting a Sell-Off
2014-11-19 Canada: Rio Tinto Alcan permit process questioned
2014-11-15 Canadian Government Acknowledges Power to Act on Extractive Companies, Declines to Do So
2014-11-11 Canada: James Bay Crees launch the People's Board at
2014-11-09 Canada's Potash to spend over $53 million in US Clean Air Act case
2014-11-05 India: Changes to environment, land acquisition laws, jeopardise human rights
2014-11-03 Rio Tinto & US Toxic Stock Syndrome
2014-11-02 Australia: $200m sought to rehabilitate former Rum Jungle uranium mine
2014-10-29 UK MPs back campaigners' call for action on 'unethical' mining industry
2014-10-23 Public Hearing on Canadian Government's failure to grant justice for mining-affected communities abroad
2014-10-20 Canadian miners criticised in Romania
2014-10-18 Miners threaten Zambia over royalty hike
2014-10-11 Peruvian Voters Favor Anti-Mining Candidates in at Least Three Regional Elections
2014-10-08 Philippines: A Deadly Difference of World View
2014-10-06 USA: Court Blocks Mountaintop Removal Coal Mine
2014-09-28 Canada: The First Nations in Quebec stand united in their opposition to uranium mining
2014-09-17 Botswana government lies exposed as diamond mine opens on Bushman land
2014-09-14 Canada: Tsilhqot’in set to declare site of New Prosperity mine a tribal park
2014-09-11 Call for a Customised programme for Small Scale Mining in Ghana
2014-09-10 Philippines: New moves to ban unprocessed ore
2014-09-09 USA: How to Buy a Mine in Wisconsin
2014-09-01 Glencore's Dominican ferronickel mine in doubt
2014-08-27 Jindal Steel wins $22.5m verdict on Bolivia project
2014-08-19 Canada: Permanent Uranium Moratorium Confirmed Over Eeyou Istchee Territory
2014-08-14 A new mining law for Bougainville ...
2014-08-14 The newest assault on the world's oceans, deep sea mining
2014-08-04 Canada - Tsilhqot'in Nation announces release of draft Mining Policy
2014-07-28 Philippines: State of the nation's mining questioned
2014-07-23 Ghana EITI to explore impact of mining on local economy
2014-07-22 New Peru law weakens environmental safeguards
2014-07-21 Australia becomes world's first developed nation to repeal carbon laws
2014-07-14 Germany approves energy tax reform despite steel sector protests
2014-07-03 Is the US "conflict minerals" act working?
2014-07-01 Environmental cost of Kyrgyzstan's gold mine
2014-06-25 Australian miners received $18b assistance over six years
2014-06-24 South African mineworkers end strike, but bleak outlook remains
2014-06-24 Climate change: Is Paulson on the road to Damascus?
2014-06-18 Kyrgyzstan standoff ends as Centerra Gold's mine plan approved
2014-06-17 A taxing time for Philippines mining
2014-06-13 Indonesia: Make mining history!
2014-06-12 Peru's "Bagua massacre" haunts free trade agreement
2014-05-29 Philippines: Global action around Glencore's Tampakan Mine
2014-05-23 Canada's mining human rights impact on Colombia
2014-05-18 Despite repeated industry efforts, Court upholds important conflict minerals law
2014-04-28 Och-Ziff, Mugabe's "Bagmen" and the underpricing of African assets
2014-04-26 India: Red carpet rolled out for Corporates on Adivasi land
2014-04-24 Fall out from Duke Energy's coal-ash spill continues
2014-04-23 Mining receives unusual attention in Indonesia
2014-04-21 Philippines: Congressional investigation of poor mining practice
2014-04-21 Guinea strips BSGR and Vale of mining permits
2014-04-20 China set to elevate environment over development in new law
2014-04-18 Rio Tinto gets well and truly rogered by Kiwis
2014-04-11 El Salvador groups accuse Pacific Rim of 'assault on democratic governance'
2014-04-06 More mining-related murders in the Philippines
2014-04-03 New boundaries of Santurbán park deal a blow to mining in Colombia
2014-04-03 More revelations over North Carolina coal ash spills
2014-03-22 Rio Tinto's clean coal idealism
2014-03-19 BHP and Rio Tinto to be lent $100 million by government body
2014-03-18 China 'declares war' on polluting industries
2014-03-18 After North Carolina spill, coal ash ponds face extinction
2014-03-12 NAFTA encouraged 'environmentally destructive mining' boom in Mexico
2014-03-08 LMN tells Parliamentary Committee to tighten regulation on mining companies
2014-03-02 Philippines - Mining has the potential for disaster, but uncertainly looms large
2014-02-18 Vedanta's Zambia unit seeks to shift liabilities to state
2014-01-20 Uruguay farmers set against open-pit iron ore mine
2014-01-17 U.S. agency says Alaska mine threatens salmon, native cultures
2013-12-28 Centerra and Kyrgyzstan - apparently - reach agreement on Kumtor
2013-12-20 Calls, again, for binding instrument on corporate human rights abuses
2013-12-12 EPA tells court U.S. mercury, toxics rule is legally justified
2013-12-11 Gabriel Resources' latest setback: Romanian parliament rejects mining reforms
2013-11-27 Zimbabwe: Controversy continues around diamond revenues
2013-11-22 Bumi plc delays the vote on split with Bakries
2013-11-19 Vale handed tax amnesty at home, but brickbats abroad
2013-11-13 Romanian parliamentary committee says no to Rosia Montana law
2013-11-13 Zambia and Vedanta lock horns
2013-11-07 Norway's opposition wants $800bn wealth fund banned from coal
2013-11-07 British regulator seeks to protect mining's minority shareholders
2013-11-02 US coal: Restrictions at home and abroad
2013-11-02 Canada and Latin America - where is the accountability?
2013-11-02 Mexico agrees increased mining tax despite company threats
2013-10-15 Burma: Mining brewing more trouble for Arakan State?
2013-10-07 Proposal for new Special Law to Ban Mining in El Salvador
2013-09-21 Canadian Supreme Court rejects Yukon government's appeal over mining law
2013-09-21 European Union revokes sanctions to Zimbabwe's diamond firm-report
2013-09-15 Philippines: Mining conference met with protests
2013-09-14 USA & China Bans New Coal Plants
2013-09-13 African Mining Vision criticised as detrimental to Africa
2013-08-21 BHP Billiton faces US corruption probe
2013-08-07 El Salvadorean civil society position on Goldcorp's Cerro Blanco mine
2013-07-29 Public trust crisis threatens China's nuclear power ambitions
2013-07-29 How money from a US Hedge Fund and a British Mining Company kept Mugabe in power
2013-07-23 Philippines Closure notice served on OceanaGold
2013-07-23 Burma's extractive industries still need reform - reports
2013-07-17 Indigenous organizations denounce proposed mining moratorium
2013-07-17 How an Israeli billionaire wrested control of one of Africa's biggest prizes
2013-07-17 Australia's new carbon policy bows down to Big Business
2013-07-09 Indonesia allows Freeport to restart underground mining after accident
2013-07-02 Colombia turns down expansion of BHP nickel mine
2013-07-02 India's central government says Odisha's reading of Niyamgiri verdict incorrect
2013-06-28 Australia: Jabiru traditional owners recognised
2013-06-28 "Leave us and leave our land" - indigenous community tells Bumi
2013-06-21 Ecuador relaxes mining law with new "reforms"
2013-06-21 Philippines: Human rights project at Tampakan questions the project's future
2013-06-17 Mining Firms Face New Regulator Scrutiny Amid Deal Probes
2013-06-13 Kinross Cancels Plan to Develop Ecuadorean Gold Mine
2013-06-03 Indonesia's government to revoke concessions in customary forests
2013-06-03 Canada's distorted mining policies deepen conflict in Peru and waste at home
2013-06-03 Kyrgyzstan Calls State of Emergency After Gold Mine Clashes
2013-06-03 Philippines: New threats for anti-mining advocates
2013-05-28 UK lawmakers consider probe into transparency of mining firms
2013-05-21 Australia: Mining Project to Unleash 'Environmental Vandalism on a Grand Scale'
2013-05-21 Many countries badly mismanage oil, mining resources
2013-05-13 India reverses stand on asbestos at Rotterdam Convention meet
2013-05-13 Exploring the dark side of India's coal scam
2013-05-07 Peru rolling back indigenous law in win for mining sector
2013-05-07 Greenland: 48 NGOs call for continuation of zero tolerance uranium policy in the Danish realm
2013-04-28 Philippines: The Assault on the Mining Act Continues
2013-04-22 India: The Bastar Land Grab
2013-04-22 Glencore clinches Xstrata take-over with Chinese copper deal
2013-04-15 Rio Tinto accused of attempting to dilute EU law on extractive transparency
2013-04-15 India: What is tribal affairs minister up to?
2013-04-15 Philippines: Another legal challenge to the Philippine Mining Act
2013-04-09 Quebec imposes moratorium on uranium development
2013-04-09 New Zealand PM: Alumininum smelter "must stand on its own two feet"
2013-04-09 Is China losing its battle against state-backed polluters?
2013-04-01 Philippines: More questions, and a few answers
2013-04-01 Zimbabwe embarks on community "empowerment"
2013-04-01 India: Mining sacrifices Orissa's forests - and its peoples
2013-04-01 Peru: mercury poisoning, civil strife, and a polluting plant...
2013-03-25 Indonesia: Aceh claims deal to open 1.2M ha of protected forest to logging & mining
2013-03-19 Philippines: Government reopens the doors to mining amid protests
2013-03-19 Greenlanders vote - but for what kind of future?
2013-03-19 United front forms against Quebec uranium mining
2013-03-19 Guatemala's Highest Court Denies Justice to Indigenous Peoples Affected by Mining
2013-03-11 New Bougainville legislation "a world first for landowner rights"
2013-03-05 Australia warned to stay out of Bougainville affairs
2013-03-05 PNG PM Silent on Environmental Risks of the Solwara 1 Deep Sea Mine
2013-03-05 Australia: Mining bosses face jail over safety
2013-02-25 Chippewa tribe could have say in Wisconsin iron ore mine
2013-02-25 Kyrgyz parliament votes to renegotiate Kumtor mine contract
2013-02-11 A call to 'prove that mines develop South Africa'
2013-02-11 Zambian government seeks a better mining deal
2013-02-11 Zimbabwe: Marange Diamonds - Zanu-PF's Best Friend?
2013-02-04 "Aid not Trade" for mining companies?
2013-02-04 Philippines: Another killing at Xstrata's Tamapakan mine
2013-02-04 Guyana court ruling violates indigenous peoples' rights
2013-01-28 Vale and Pan American Silver halt projects in Argentina
2013-01-28 Hondurans protest against new mining law
2013-01-28 In Wisconsin Mining Industry Targets "Prove It First" Law
2013-01-28 India: Environment, Tribal Ministries to stand by forest rights
2013-01-14 Colombia to prohibit mining in mineral-rich northern area
2013-01-14 Canada: Yukon court decision could force BC to overhaul its antiquated mining laws
2013-01-07 Peru: Exploration investment to keep falling due to social conflicts, expert says
2013-01-07 India - Relaxation in green norms "to boost Coal India output"
2013-01-07 Zimbabwe accepts $550m empowerment deal for Mimosa platinum mine
2013-01-07 Australian mining interests sabotaged aboriginal land rights
2012-12-27 Guinea labour unions call for cancellation of BSGR, RUSAL contracts
2012-12-27 Zambia: State to probe siphoned corporate taxes
2012-12-27 South Africa: Did police deliberately shoot victims of the "Marikana Massacre"?
2012-12-17 Will Indian government reverse bauxite mine cancellations in Andhra and Orissa?
2012-12-11 China: how can workers' rights be safeguarded?
2012-12-11 Asbestos: International protest to WHO falls on death ears
2012-12-04 To mine or not to mine - the burning question for Chubut, Argentina
2012-11-27 Mexico: International mission calls for closure of conflict-ridden mine
2012-11-25 Long-knives drawn in battle over Bumi
2012-11-25 Vale wins environmental permit for Brazil rail expansion
2012-11-11 Surely asbestos mining is now on the way out?
2012-11-11 Vale partner says Guinea seeks to seize iron ore assets
2012-11-11 DRC to discuss mining code changes with companies
2012-11-11 Is it too late to limit greenhouse gas emissions to 2 degrees?
2012-11-05 Egypt's Centamin mine license revoked by court
2012-11-01 Aid money used to support Australian mining interests in Africa
2012-11-01 Africans urged to implement the continent's "Mining Vision"
2012-11-01 Rushing to judgment in the Dominican Republic
2012-10-23 Philippines: Tampakan violence claims the lives of tribal woman and her children
2012-10-23 Last Quebec asbestos mine abandons plan to re-open
2012-10-23 India's poisonous coal use set to increase
2012-10-16 Indonesia threatens 'harsh measures' against miners who dismiss workers
2012-10-16 Ghanaian Forum calls for major mining reforms
2012-10-16 Mining and the Chile Effect
2012-10-16 Africa's mineral wealth hardly denting poverty levels, says World Bank
2012-10-08 Philippines Mining: Damning Conclusions
2012-10-02 India's Supreme Court rules against corporate acquisition of Tribal and Dalit lands
2012-09-24 Declaration of Zimbabwe Alternative Mining Indaba
2012-09-24 South Sudan mining law to kick-start exploration
2012-09-24 Polish ministries clash over the "green" and the black
2012-09-20 The End of Quebec Asbetos Mining and Exports?
2012-09-18 Canadian Parliamentarians meet with Guatemalan Legislators on Goldcorp's Ticket
2012-09-18 A call to suspend mining in Papua New Guinea
2012-09-18 New Philippine mining rules, but will anything change?
2012-09-18 India's state of Goa shuts all iron mines
2012-09-12 Potential for a Mining Boom Splits Factions in Afghanistan
2012-09-12 Australian polluters to save A$2.5 billion in CO2 costs
2012-09-12 Nationalisation - no help in ending Bolivian mine fight
2012-09-12 Divergent views of new US rules on DRC and "conflict minerals"
2012-09-04 Goldcorp organizes junket for Canadian parliamentarians to Guatemala
2012-09-04 Australia: Congress Brings First Peoples, Industry and Government Come Together for Talks
2012-09-04 A small, small step in the right direction for Peru's mining industry
2012-08-28 Philippines: Indigenous advocate resigns over mining legislation
2012-08-28 US court strikes down EPA rule on coal pollution
2012-08-21 India: Oxfam sponsored study suggests there is high incidence of illegal mining in Gujarat
2012-08-13 Philippines: A flood of mining problems
2012-08-13 French health expert refuses Legion d'Honneur
2012-08-06 Peru Working to Reform Environmental Impact Assessment System
2012-08-06 USA: CO2 emissions are falling
2012-08-06 Bolivia: Ministry says cooperatives unable to develop El Mutún
2012-08-06 Canada: Concerns about loan to reopen Jeffrey Asbestos Mine
2012-08-01 Guatemala Highest Court to Hear Landmark Indigenous Challenge against Mining Law
2012-08-01 Inuit campaign for referendum over mine in far north
2012-07-24 The London Stock Exchange: a "haven for laundered conflict assets"?
2012-07-24 Jindal quits Bolivia, intends pursuing international arbitration
2012-07-17 Philippines: The President finally publishes, but arguments continue...
2012-07-17 Mongolia: "Resource Nationalists" make June electoral gains
2012-07-11 Canada's Quebec government funds killer industry
2012-07-11 Argentina's Supreme Court upholds glacier protection law
2012-07-11 India: Who's speaking the truth on Saranda?
2012-07-03 India: "If this is called governance, tribals are not buying it"
2012-07-03 Guatemala seeks 40% stake of all mining companies
2012-07-03 US: Further legislation will curb dependence on coal
2012-07-03 Philippines: Executive disorder - the wait continues...
2012-07-03 Bolivia - Morales does seem to pick 'em!
2012-07-03 South Africa's ANC holds debates on mining tax reforms
2012-06-26 Peru's great transformation - backwards
2012-06-26 Brazil freezes new mine claims pending reforms
2012-06-19 US coal lobby goes naked into the conference chamber
2012-06-19 Bolivia: to nationalise or not?
2012-06-19 Another blow for Xstrata's Tampakan project ...
2012-06-19 Mining, regulatory failure and human rights in India
2012-06-12 New protest in Peru cost 2 lives, the arrest of one Mayor, and 2 legislators quit
2012-06-12 US: New Concerns over Mining Boom in Great Lakes region
2012-06-12 London Calling on Mongolia's "Champion of the Earth"
2012-06-12 Climate change threatens coal and nuclear-fired electricity
2012-06-05 Out of the Woods: can Australia overcome fatal carbon flaws?
2012-06-05 Are Namibian miners and government on a collision course?
2012-06-05 Indian minister says stop mining in conflict areas
2012-06-05 You can't dress up El Mutun as a spring lamb!
2012-05-29 Philippines: Getting away with murder
2012-05-29 Should PLUS Go MINUS?
2012-05-29 The mining onslaught on Canada's native communities
2012-05-22 Oxfam America files lawsuit against Securities and Exchange Commission
2012-05-22 Ontario Could Get Burned by Flawed Ring of Fire Process
2012-05-22 India's new Mining Bill is an "outright assault on tribal communities"
2012-05-15 Australia's mining reforms have gone distinctly "down under"
2012-05-15 Global miners will fight advance of resource nationalism - Glencore CEO
2012-05-15 Mongolia backtracks on state ownership of mining companies
2012-05-08 Indonesia: No checks on coal mining, says government report
2012-05-08 Philippines: Miners and military create refugees
2012-05-08 Most Hondurans oppose open-cast mining, says survey
2012-05-01 Tanzania: The President, Mining and the Rise of Populism
2012-04-24 Filipino priest rewarded for his work on mining
2012-04-18 Green groups sue US EPA over coal ash pollution
2012-04-11 Philippines: Mining abuses continue with no promised changes in the law
2012-04-11 Indonesia tries keeping its minerals at home
2012-04-02 CARBON in CONFLICT
2012-03-27 Fears of China: a summing-up
2012-03-27 'Philippine Mining Act cannot be saved by executive order'
2012-03-27 Australia's mineral resource rent tax passes into law
2012-03-20 Peru: Three dead, many injured, as smallscale miners clash with police
2012-03-20 Romanian revolutionary rebels against Canadian mining project
2012-03-20 Will global miners buckle down to tougher government demands?
2012-03-20 Wisconsin's pro-mining bill is dead for now
2012-03-14 Mining protests in Madre de Dios region, Peru
2012-03-14 Colombia doesn't yet enjoy a "golden peace" - not by any means
2012-03-14 Philippines: Anniversary knocked while President delays reforms
2012-03-14 Indonesia says foreign miners must grant 51% ownership to domestic companies
2012-03-14 India: Iron fists in dubious gloves
2012-03-06 Honduran social organisations speak out about proposed new mining law
2012-02-28 Philippines: Indigenous peoples point the way on mining
2012-02-28 Miners fight new fees structure in Zimbabwe
2012-02-14 USA: coal seam mining ban introduced to Tennessee Legislature
2012-02-14 PACE condemns mining-related human rights violations in Armenia
2012-02-14 Struggles over mining law revision in the Philippines
2012-02-14 Panama: Agreement reached between indigenous leaders, government
2012-02-07 Panama erupts in protests against new mining law
2012-02-07 Is China's carbon tax proposal merely "political theatre"?
2012-01-31 Philippines: 'Defending the Dignity of Life, Securing our Future'
2012-01-23 Wisconsin Tribes unite against new mining bill
2012-01-23 Costa Rica denies Canadian firm right to resume mining
2012-01-16 Chile's Sernageomin "lacked seriousness in Mina Invierno evaluation"
2012-01-16 US government imposes Grand Canyon uranium ban
2012-01-16 Philippines: No Local Government Consent, No Mining
2012-01-10 Philippines: Another natural disaster reignites the mining debate
2012-01-10 Argentina: Governors assume electoral wins give mining companies "social license" to operate
2011-12-27 US sets out to curb toxic emissions from burning coal
2011-12-27 Is Europe's carbon trading scheme merely hot air?
2011-12-20 Philippines: 2011 - a hard year for mining
2011-12-20 Mali's children "risk life and limb" in pursuit of gold
2011-12-12 Canada promotes deadly mineral trade with India
2011-11-30 Philippines: Potential new policies, but same old stories
2011-11-30 US policy isn't changing on the climate crisis
2011-11-30 Australia Passes Landmark Carbon Price Laws
2011-11-14 Philippines: Where is the safety?
2011-11-14 Canada - Harper's Bazaar
2011-11-08 US House of Representatives gives Native territory to Rio Tinto
2011-11-08 Canadian Opposition Parties Call for Asbestos Sales Ban
2011-11-08 Swings and Roundabouts at US Environmental Agency
2011-10-31 Kazakhstan's MPs Toughen Ecology Laws For Miners
2011-10-25 PNG's government promises to reverse draconian Environment Act amendment
2011-10-18 US citizens face biggest health threat for years, after Republican backlash
2011-10-18 Striking Freeport miners shot dead in Indonesian strike
2011-10-18 China slaps heavy new tax on coking coal, rare earths
2011-10-18 A taxing debate reaches its climax down-under
2011-10-18 Vedanta accused of fraud - yet again!
2011-10-18 Ghanaians demand justice from gold miners
2011-10-10 "King Cobra"'s election in Zambia bites Chinese mining firms
2011-10-10 Spoiling over Mongolia's hoards
2011-10-05 Philippines: Details of the Tampakan project challenged
2011-10-05 Argentina: No open-pit mining at "the end of the world"
2011-09-19 Papua New Guinea PM eats his words
2011-09-19 Australian PM Introduces Controversial Carbon Laws
2011-09-12 Glencore's sorry record of fatalities and fines
2011-09-12 Royalty and rights issues in Latin America
2011-09-12 Australia's carbon tax debate ignites
2011-09-06 Papua New Guinea earmarks mineral rights for its indigenous peoples
2011-08-30 Peru's Congress passes Indigenous Peoples' mining consultation law
2011-08-30 Colombia bans mining in 47 coffee municipalities
2011-08-30 Who will own South Africa's mines?
2011-08-30 Australia Passes CO2 Offset Laws, Carbon Pricing Next
2011-08-30 Royalty debates revisit Latin American states
2011-08-30 Venezuela moves to nationalise gold industry
2011-08-30 Coro Mining firmly rejected by Mendoza's legislature, Argentina
2011-08-23 India's Karnataka assaulted by "Iron Fist" - Report
2011-08-23 ARMZ and the Man - Tanzanians against uranium
2011-08-23 Posco: Indian Green ministry ignored own objections
2011-08-23 Canada continues promoting deadly asbestos mining
2011-08-23 Arundhati Roy slams Indian "anti corruption" campaign
2011-08-08 Greens want crackdown on overseas Aussie miners
2011-08-01 Canada's last functional asbestos mine about to run dry
2011-07-25 US spending cuts threaten a raft of vital environmental measure
2011-07-18 India's new environment minister threatens "speedier" mining permits
2011-07-18 Australian carbon tax treatment is unfair, claim coal miners
2011-07-11 Facing up to challenges of Africa's extractive sectors
2011-07-11 Tanzania: Barrick investors risk being "chased away"
2011-07-11 Zambia says First Quantum to pay $224m in back taxes
2011-07-11 Chile's 'Mining Capital' Calls For Government Support
2011-07-04 ICEM Condemns Tactics in Australia Coal Talks
2011-06-28 Cambodian Gold Rush Lures Foreign Giants
2011-06-28 Canada blocks move to deem asbestos hazardous
2011-06-28 'Transparency' hides Zambia's lost billions
2011-06-20 Who stitched up Australia's "ground breaking" minerals tax?
2011-06-13 Tanzania mulls "Super Tax" On Minerals
2011-06-13 EIB halts Glencore lending on governance concerns
2011-06-13 Peru Mining Stocks Plunge as Humala Claims Election Victory
2011-06-07 Oz opposition leader goes nuts over carbon tax proposal
2011-05-30 Consultation will be on my terms - not yours!
2011-05-30 Policing Chile's copper
2011-05-24 Colombian court kills recently passed mining laws
2011-05-24 India: POSCO's potential corruption must be investigated
2011-05-17 Canadian Ecumenical Conference on Mining: Report
2011-05-17 Is US coal set to flow abroad?
2011-05-10 Outrage at Indian go-ahead for POSCO "loot"
2011-05-10 The aftermath of another mining disaster in the Philippines
2011-05-02 Tanzania's taxing problem
2011-05-02 Indian coal fields open to mining, despite earlier ban
2011-04-04 Indigenous Filipinos re-affirm call to repeal Mining Act
2011-04-04 Putin Vows To Get Rid Of Polluting Companies
2011-04-04 Canada lax on mining anti-bribery efforts: OECD
2011-04-04 Global Unions to hold Chile accountable on mine safety
2011-03-28 Glimmer of justice for sick gold miners
2011-03-28 Canadian companies are ignoring human rights issues overseas
2011-03-28 To tax - or not to tax?
2011-03-22 The consequences of copper in Panama
2011-03-14 Activists promote more alternative mining legislation in the Philippines
2011-03-14 India's "Corporate Socialism" enjoys a tax orgy
2011-03-08 Montana state Senate OKs bill modifying ban on cyanide
2011-03-08 Panama president to repeal mining law reform
2011-03-01 CIDA Subsidizes Mining's Social Responsibility Projects
2011-03-01 Calls for Panama to Ensure the Safety of Mining Protesters
2011-03-01 Massive anti-mining march takes over Mendoza legislature, Argentina
2011-03-01 Greenpeace target Pascua Lama in Argentina
2011-02-14 Virginians band together to maintain uranium moratorium
2011-02-14 Philippine mining falters in the face of civil society opposition
2011-02-14 Controversial mining law green-lighted, Panama
2011-02-07 India: Scandalous Decision allows go-ahead for POSCO project
2011-01-17 South Africa: All the president's men
2011-01-10 Resolution Copper seeks support by wielding checkbook
2011-01-10 Statement on the Saxena Committee Report on the Forest Rights Act
2011-01-10 Chile: Partnerships between small miners not feasible, says sector president
2010-12-27 More violence at Xstrata's Philippine project
2010-12-27 EPA clamps down on gold mines' mercury emissions
2010-12-13 Activist-Turned-Miner Discusses Failures in United States and Michigan Environmental Law
2010-11-29 Costa Rican court shuts down Canadian gold mine
2010-11-22 Tantalum prices boosted by DRC conflict zone mining ban
2010-11-22 Doe Run faces its Peruvian victims in US court
2010-11-22 US: toxic lead is affecting eleven states
2010-11-16 Costa Rica lawmakers vote to ban open-pit mining
2010-11-08 Argentinian judge grants glacier law exemptions for Pascua Lama
2010-11-01 Canadians aim to float mining anew in Mendoza, Argentina
2010-11-01 Canadian bill to end abuses in foreign mines is defeated
2010-10-25 San Miguel buys into contentious Philippine mine
2010-10-25 President Aquino called to action on mining
2010-10-04 Green Outcry As EU Blesses Spanish Support Of Coal
2010-10-04 Argentinian lawmakers pass glacier protection law
2010-09-05 Trapped: The Chilean Mining Tragedy
2010-08-30 US environment agency defends its stance against coal
2010-08-22 Argentina's Glacier Protection Bill could shut mines
2010-08-16 Good news! US EPA finalizes rules cutting mercury from cement
2010-08-16 Are $14bn worth of Indonesian mining projects at risk?
2010-08-16 Zambia's government may re-introduce windfall tax on miners
2010-08-08 Goliath fights back against David in PNG mine battle
2010-08-08 Argentine Glacier Bill On Ice As Debate Fails
2010-08-02 Africans call for urgent mining reforms
2010-07-24 Ramu fails to lift interim injunction on tailings disposal
2010-07-24 Civil Society Hails New US Oil and Mining Transparency Standards
2010-07-17 EU Commission refuses ban on cyanide in gold
2010-07-09 Marchers against mining's "environmental vandalism" face arrest in PNG
2010-07-09 London Calling reviews Australian taxation - the tax is dead, long live the tax...
2010-07-04 South Cotabato governor signs ban on open-pit mining, Philippines
2010-07-04 European Union is considering 12 more years of state aid for coal
2010-06-26 Costa Rica reaffirms opposition to open-pit gold mining
2010-06-26 Gold mining in Mali: Who profits?
2010-06-26 Canada: stopping toxic waste dumping in lakes
2010-06-26 US: Massey tries escaping penalties for killing employees
2010-06-19 Philippine province bans open-pit mining
2010-06-11 Declaration of the Indigenous Communities of the Central Plateau of Chubut, Argentina
2010-06-11 Greystar says Colombia accepts its gold mine appeal
2010-06-04 Rio Tinto worried Australian tax may give other countries ideas
2010-06-04 New Peruvian law on FPIC passed
2010-06-04 Campaign to Ban Cyanide in Latin America launched
2010-06-04 Papua New Guinea removes land owner rights
2010-05-20 MEPs propose a complete ban on the use of cyanide mining technologies in the EU
2010-05-20 Canadian mining ... more than a PR problem
2010-05-20 Costa Rica's elected president bans new gold mines
2010-05-07 Thousands protest against mining in New Zealand
2010-05-07 Bolivia nationalizes Glencore antimony smelter
2010-05-07 Australian mining 'super tax' has miners running
2010-05-07 Colorado Enacts Law Replacing Coal Power with Cleaner Energy
2010-05-07 Tanzania faces industry opposition to its new mining law
2010-05-01 Interior Moving to Curb Coal Mining Pollution, US
2010-04-24 Sierra Leone Agreement with UK miner is "illegal"
2010-04-24 Environmentalists praise Philippine's new rules for Environmental Cases
2010-04-18 First Nations call for inclusion in environmental review process
2010-04-08 Six workers killed in protests
2010-04-08 Canadian Government Sidesteps Supreme Court Ruling
2010-03-31 Peruvian Regional Council seeks ban on all mining
2010-03-24 Canadian First Nations lift "Ring of Fire" blockade
2010-03-24 The shine keeps coming off Canada's gold miners
2010-03-18 Indigenous Peoples of Guyana Demand Action on Land Rights, Consent Issues
2010-03-18 New law to facilitate relocation of communities in mineral rich areas, Peru
2010-03-18 Indonesian Miners and Activists Dig for Answers in New Law
2010-03-10 Tanzanians are more cursed than blessed!
2010-03-10 Sierra Leone: Dangerous draft mining contract about to be enacted
2010-03-02 Groups ID Toxic Coal Ash Sites in 14 States, Demand Regulations
2010-03-02 'Stop new business permits' for the sake of the environment
2010-02-23 Presentation on mining, communities, and sustainable development
2010-02-15 Peru: the mint with a gigantic hole
2010-02-07 Conflicts over mining: the illusory boundary between "legal" and "illegal"
2010-02-07 Call to Obama to stop private firms exploiting poor states
2010-01-31 Mining companies reject windfall tax
2010-01-31 Chile's president-elect pushes part-privatization of world's biggest copper company
2010-01-31 The Wild West in Ontario's Ring of Fire
2010-01-31 Canada's Supreme Court bows down to environmental pressure
2010-01-26 Burmese regime is "privatising to retain control of resources"
2010-01-25 Canada's proposed Mining Bill C-300 gains further endorsement
2010-01-25 Brazil to demand participation in, and more taxes and royalties from, mining companies
2010-01-19 Who's following the true law?
2010-01-19 US Senate panel OKs compromise on Arizona land-for-mine swap
2010-01-19 Hungarian victory against cyanide for gold mining
2009-12-22 Doctors resign en masse over uranium exploration
2009-12-22 Zambia won't curb mining profits, while seeking further FDI
2009-12-14 US Will Settle Indian Lawsuit for $3.4 Billion
2009-11-30 Canadian mining firms face abuse allegations
2009-11-30 London Calling probes the home affairs of an Indian minister - and the company he keeps
2009-11-30 Indian Government says Vedanta violated licensing rules at Nyamgiri
2009-11-30 Barrick accused of gang rapes at Porgera, Papua New Guinea
2009-11-23 Promised US curbs on destructive coal mining are greeted with some scepticism
2009-11-23 Indian network seeks ban on all asbestos imports from Canada
2009-11-17 Public Weighs in With Nearly 100,000 Comments for Grand Canyon Protection
2009-11-16 US mercury study finds toxic fish in lakes and reservoirs across 47 States
2009-11-16 London Calling on a deadly transatlantic betrayal
2009-11-16 Mining Report Calls for Fundamental Reforms
2009-11-16 Stop or step down! Peoples say to Correa in Ecuador
2009-11-16 BHP and Rio Tinto face new hurdles over world's biggest mining merger
2009-11-09 Canada: With "Prosperity" comes destruction
2009-11-02 Washington gets heavy on toxic metals discharges
2009-11-02 China undertakes to increase recycling of metals
2009-11-02 Colorado may ban uranium mine
2009-11-02 Indonesians rally to Canadian cause
2009-11-02 US: EPA Must Limit Power Plant Air Toxics By November 2011
2009-10-19 Big messes for miners
2009-10-19 Ghana conference makes major demands for sustainability, human rights
2009-09-29 If passed, new Canadian bill would curb miner's activities overseas
2009-09-22 Aboriginal community takes "last stand" against world's most powerful miner
2009-09-14 Guinea regime says it will audit global miners
2009-09-14 Overburdened: the hidden realities of India's holiday state
2009-09-01 Mercury's toxic time bomb taints US fish
2009-09-01 Paladin's "good fight" leaves Malawi citizens cold
2009-08-25 Dewatering Argentina: a Chilean plan?
2009-08-25 Burma: Asian "investors" baulk sanctions at will
2009-08-25 Is a new wind blowing through India's villages and hills? It's still too early to tell
2009-08-10 Painted into a deadly corner: lead's global curse
2009-08-10 New TVs threaten crisis for developing countries
2009-08-03 Lethal threat from asbestos fibres 'seriously underestimated', say scientists
2009-07-27 Tanzania Mining Industry: Revenues, Resentment and Overregulation?
2009-07-27 Navajos: recalling disaster, forging a green future
2009-07-27 Dragons in the Indonesian mists
2009-07-16 New report exposes China's Labour attrition
2009-06-16 Revenues from Oil, Gas and Mining Must Benefit All Cambodians, New Coalition Urges
2009-06-16 US mercury controls - debated and challenged
2009-06-02 While government stalls, private member launches bill to regulate Canadian mining overseas
2009-05-27 Tanzania fails to implement mine tax reform, as Barrick comes under fire
2009-05-18 Nickel project hearing halted before it begins
2009-05-18 Philippines "alternative mining" legislation proposed
2009-05-05 I went to the mountain top - and they're still mining coal
2009-04-27 Cement Plants Face First Limits on Mercury Emissions
2009-04-27 Ups and downs of DRC mining
2009-04-27 NGOs win mining environmental victory in Canada
2009-04-27 Zambia - at sixes and sevens over mineral policy?
2009-04-06 Russian Arctic forces boost to secure vast mineral reserves
2009-04-02 The Manila Declaration of the International Conference on Extractive Industries and Indigenous Peoples
2009-03-30 Subprime Carbon: Environmentalists Warn About the Next Big Bubble
2009-03-22 Canadian province moves towards uranium ban
2009-03-16 Radioactive metals steal a march from India
2009-03-16 Mine waste trips up Alaska gold rush
2009-03-11 India: Ban On Indigenous Chrysotile Asbestos Mining Lifted
2009-03-11 Lumads say Mining Act has only worsened their lot
2008-10-21 KI Statement on Ontario Mining Act Reform
2008-02-28 Nigeria: police accused of murdering mining protestors
2008-02-13 Foreign mining companies threaten Zambia
2008-02-08 US EPA brought to book over mercury emissions
2008-02-04 Peru update
2008-02-01 Canada Uranium update
2008-01-25 Ecuador cancels hundreds of mining concessions
2008-01-23 "Epic" covert subsidies alleged, as EU caves in to iron and steel
2008-01-18 Canada Uranium update
2008-01-18 Latin America update
2008-01-17 Colorado faces local mining bans, if bills succeed
2008-01-15 Europe's steel lobby issues threat with global implications
2008-01-15 Zambia's new mine taxes: will they be taxing?
2008-01-04 Latin America update
2007-12-19 Mongolia refuses bow to foreign miners, but allegedly weak on environmental enforcement of domestic
2007-12-16 Bangladesh: Draft coal policy finalised
2007-12-13 Canadian government prepares to permit destruction of more lakes by mining
2007-12-12 First Nation takes issue with national body over mining collaboration
2007-12-06 A Romanian cyanide ban could poleaxe Gabriel's gold mega project
2007-12-03 A Big Victory for a small island: London Calling commemorates
2007-10-09 Latin America update
2007-09-27 Asbestos update: appeal to World Bank
2007-09-25 Asbestos diseases stalk South African communities
2007-08-30 US update
2007-08-21 Philippines update
2007-08-15 Seabed scramble: putting it all under ice
2007-08-03 Arctic scramble heats up
2007-07-21 Philippines Update
2007-06-29 China update
2007-06-29 US update
2007-06-23 Latin America update
2007-06-22 US update
2007-06-10 Latin America update
2007-05-24 Latin America update
2007-05-14 US update
2007-05-02 Latin American update
2007-03-30 Africa update
2007-03-30 US update
2007-03-11 Vedanta update
2007-03-09 Anglo American makes yet another threat
2007-02-10 US Update
2007-02-06 Bougainville update
2005-07-14 Chubut province is Canadian
2005-05-08 A Portrait of those who say no in Jacobacci

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