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2016-06-26 Why Mining Corporations Love Trade Deals
2014-06-10 Ecuador: Human Rights and Environmental Organizations Denounce De Facto State of Emergency in Intag
2013-03-05 Correa's promotion of mining in Ecuador faces renewed opposition
2012-01-23 Ecuador: And now Ladies and Gentlemen, CODELCO in Intag!
2011-03-22 Canadian law fails community harmed by mining company in Ecuador
2010-05-23 Ecuadorians to appeal Ontario court's decision on lawsuit against TSX and Copper Mesa
2010-01-25 Canada's proposed Mining Bill C-300 gains further endorsement
2010-01-19 Canada-Ecuador: When Stock Exchanges Fuel Human Rights Violations
2009-11-30 Bullets and assaults: Canadian miners in Ecuador
2009-05-28 Ecuador: indígenas canadienses exponen impactos de la minería en su país
2009-05-27 Ecuador's Future for Canadian Transnationals: An Exchange of Indigenous Perspectives
2009-04-06 CONAIE delivers lawsuit asking new Mining Law be declared unconstitutional
2009-04-06 Lawyers take aim at mining companies Their rallying cry: 'corporate social responsibility'
2009-03-11 Ecuador: Intag to Sue Canadian Stock Exchange and company - Líderes comunitarios de Intag demandan a la Bolsa de Valores de Toronto y empresa minera
2008-11-24 Ecuador:- It´s all over for Copper Mesa Mining Corporation in Intag - Copper Mesa pierde concesión clave en Intag

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