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Citigroup has 17 articles

2018-07-11 Standard Chartered and Citigroup Take Stand Against Mine Waste Dumping
2018-05-05 Over 200 million tonnes of mine wastes are dumped into world oceans
2015-12-09 COP 21: dead on arrival?
2015-10-07 Citigroup Takes a Step Away From Banking Coal
2014-10-28 Move by U.S. Banks to Reject Australian Coal Port
2014-04-17 Report Finds Top Banks Moving Away From Coal
2013-07-22 London Calling on a banking scandal you've probably never heard of
2013-01-21 The Curious Case of the Canadian hedge funder and his bid for Deep Sea Control
2011-08-08 Nuclear: too hot to handle
2011-05-30 London (& Hong Kong) Calling on a "Market Mess"
2010-11-22 It just ain't football!
2009-05-27 Glencore tries pulling itself up by metal straps
2008-12-09 Bush burns and wastes - right up to the wire
2008-03-10 Opposition grows over planned Banghadesh coal mine
2008-01-09 Phulbari mine still on cards in Bangladesh despite massive continuing protests
2007-11-05 Undermining Zambia's development
2007-03-25 South Asia update

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