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2020-02-03 "Billions" are being shunted away from mining
2011-03-08 World Bank Backs Marine Dumping Of Mine Waste
2010-11-29 Cancun: the science is damning, but will politicians act?
2010-09-27 Armenian & Serbs oppose revival of mining plans
2010-08-30 India's massive coal power scheme upsets the UN
2010-08-08 World Bank probe of Eskom's loan
2010-08-02 Africans call for urgent mining reforms
2010-07-17 Indonesia: World Bank aid to nickel mine threatens biodiversity
2010-04-18 Lafarge accused of turning Indian forest into "rocky wasteland"
2010-03-31 Black and White Unite against Dirty SA coal
2010-03-10 Global Climate Battle Plays Out In World Bank
2010-03-10 World Bank Must Stop Plan to Finance the Second Largest Indonesian Nickel Mine
2010-03-10 Eskom's 'Sweetheart Deals'
2009-03-30 New Report slams mine taxation rules for penalising African states
2009-01-26 Philippines - putting a "spin" on bad mining news
2009-01-19 Corporate pressure may succeed on Zambian government
2008-09-02 Bangladesh: Revealing the Revolving Doors
2008-08-11 Standard Bank chasing DRC mining business
2008-08-11 Argentina's COIRCO denies Río Colorado Potash Project about to be approved - Niegan que el proyecto Potasio Río Colorado esté por ser aprobado
2008-08-04 Pitfalls open in Philippine mining
2008-07-20 End mineral resource plunders in Africa!
2008-07-20 Oxfam America's "gate keeper" role over new African mining codes attacked
2008-07-09 G8 leaders urged to dump World Bank's Climate Investment Funds
2008-01-15 Zambia's new mine taxes: will they be taxing?
2007-12-21 BOOK REVIEW: Marching on in defence of communities
2007-12-20 Asia's poor being sacrificed on altar of "development", say reports
2007-12-15 BOOK REVIEW: World Bank under the microscope
2007-11-05 Undermining Zambia's development
2007-10-23 Africa update: huge new investments, no change for the better
2007-10-09 Latin America update
2007-10-07 Bangladesh update
2007-10-01 Congo update
2007-09-27 Asbestos update: appeal to World Bank
2007-08-14 Black stuff and nonsense
2007-07-11 Plans by US, Canada and EU to finance massive copper mine in DRC disregard Congolese government review
2007-05-19 Latin America / Caribbean update
2007-05-11 Zambia gets US$50 million to clean up mining pollution
2007-05-04 "Who's uncivilised after all?" CSOs challenge Kuroda
2007-05-03 South Asia update
2007-04-27 Latin American update
2007-04-13 US update
2007-03-23 Africa Update
2007-03-16 Indonesian update
2007-03-15 Tata's exit from social responsibility
2007-03-13 Africa update
2007-02-07 China update
2007-02-02 China Update
2007-01-28 Africa's minerals trap
2006-03-10 Mines, money, and partnerships
2006-03-01 India Update
2006-01-02 Argentina update: wars for gold and lithium
2005-12-13 World Bank undermining its own ambitions for extractives, finds new report
2005-09-15 Resource Depletion Damages Third World - World Bank
2005-07-13 Action Alert: Parliament Wants the Government of Canada to Stop Supporting Destructive Mining Projec
2005-06-09 World Day Against Child Labour 2005: Digging for survival - The harsh reality of child mining worldw
2005-04-29 Bushmen to be Denied Homeland
2004-12-27 World Bank and civil society relations continue to deteriorate
2004-08-28 Why the World Bank snubbed the EIR - Special Report
2004-05-15 Statement of the Africa Initiative on Mining, Environment and Society (AIMES)
2004-02-23 Industry expects mining standards to tighten
2003-07-17 London Calling - July 17 2003
2003-02-02 London Calling - February 2 2003
2002-10-15 The Ravaging of Africa: The Plundering of Resources
2001-04-23 La Declaracion de Londres

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