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2011-03-08 Hong Kong Exchange must ensure Zijin Mining "comes clean"
2010-09-14 Ethical Tribunal on Transborder Mining in Latin America
2010-07-17 China: pollution and protests increase
2009-11-09 Will Peru mine attack lead to a "final solution" for indicted Rio Blanco project?
2009-04-06 Peru blames police in copper mine torture case
2009-02-23 Peruvian journalist receives death threats after denouncing torture - Periodista que denunció torturas en Majaz amenazado de muerte
2009-02-10 Peru : Securitas firm under abuse investigation - and will Lima water be saved from tailings ? - Forza enfrenta investigación parlamentaria - La amenaza del relave en Chicla
2008-09-22 Peru - Piura Votes, A Dangerous Precedent - Piura, un año después: el miedo a la democracia
2008-08-25 Peru's mining conflicts on the rise - Segundo informe del Observatorio de Conflictos Mineros
2008-05-05 Urgent action called as thirty five Peruvian citizens accused of terrorism/Action urgente
2008-04-13 Peru: community activists denounced as "terrorists" over Chinese project
2008-02-04 Peru update
2007-02-10 US Update

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