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2018-01-23 Coal criminal is running for US Senate!
2017-08-05 Canada: Mt Polley toxic disaster has been allowed to continue for three years
2016-04-07 USA: Blankenship gets only a year's gaol for coal crimes
2016-03-16 "Coal is dead in the ground!"
2015-12-05 A US travesty of justice: Coal Don found guilty of mere "misdemeanour"
2015-11-11 Peabody Energy Agrees to Fully Disclose Climate Risks from Coal
2015-02-23 No valentine for coal!
2014-11-12 How Violating Indigenous Peoples' Rights Increases Industry Risks
2014-06-10 USA: Alpha Natural West Virginia Mines Found to Taint Streams
2014-05-29 Executives facing climate denial-related claims could be personally liable
2014-05-10 Pressure mounts on investors in coal
2014-04-17 Report Finds Top Banks Moving Away From Coal
2014-03-18 After North Carolina spill, coal ash ponds face extinction
2013-09-14 Former Massey coal executive sentenced to three years in prison for endangering miners' lives
2013-05-21 Protests over bank investment in coal
2012-10-02 Coal fight looms, Keystone-like, over U.S. Northwest
2012-07-17 US pro-coal companies turn to even dirtier tactics
2012-04-02 Which are the world's "most controversial" mining companies?
2012-03-27 As the mountains fall in Appalachia
2011-06-13 Hundreds march to save Blair Mountain
2011-05-30 US Pension funds demand justice from Massey Energy
2011-03-14 US mountain-top removal prompts legal action
2010-12-21 Appalachian Coal: An Insult to Their Memory
2008-02-01 Canada Uranium update
2007-05-19 Latin America / Caribbean update

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