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2018-09-21 US tribes win costs battle over Teck's pollution
2018-01-30 Small scale mining merits large scale examination
2017-01-22 USA: DuPont must pay for mercury contamination in Virginia rivers
2016-06-18 USA - Supreme Court rejects challenge to mercury air pollution rule
2015-06-13 Ghana urged to end child labour in gold mines
2014-09-11 Call for a Customised programme for Small Scale Mining in Ghana
2014-07-01 Philippines: more 'cold war' conflict over mining
2014-05-29 Philippines: Global action around Glencore's Tampakan Mine
2013-12-12 EPA tells court U.S. mercury, toxics rule is legally justified
2013-10-29 Damage to Peruvian Amazon from gold mining worse than reported
2013-10-07 Conference for adoption of Minamata Convention on Mercury
2013-09-16 China embarks on cutting industrial production, targeting polluters
2013-04-01 Peru: mercury poisoning, civil strife, and a polluting plant...
2013-01-28 First UN Treaty on Mercury Control
2013-01-14 Mercury poisoning and the gold curse
2012-11-01 Pollution "as big a health problem" as malaria,TB
2012-10-23 India's poisonous coal use set to increase
2012-07-11 Indian coal-fired plant ordered shut, though dust hasn't yet settled
2011-12-27 US sets out to curb toxic emissions from burning coal
2011-12-20 Mali's children "risk life and limb" in pursuit of gold
2011-10-18 US citizens face biggest health threat for years, after Republican backlash
2011-08-23 Indonesia cracks down on "illegal" small-scale miners
2011-04-18 Surging gold prices ignite Sudanese gold rush
2011-03-22 EPA Requires U.S. Power Plants Cut Toxic Emissions
2011-01-10 Confronting mercury poisoning in Colombia & Zimbabwe
2010-12-27 EPA clamps down on gold mines' mercury emissions
2010-10-10 Hungary's "worst ever" ecological disaster should concern us all
2010-08-30 Reducing coal use - through the back door
2010-08-16 Good news! US EPA finalizes rules cutting mercury from cement
2010-07-17 The Dark Side of Colombian Gold
2010-03-24 Mexico's mining giant indicted by workers
2009-12-22 US: "Public" unable to address public hearing on new mine
2009-11-16 US mercury study finds toxic fish in lakes and reservoirs across 47 States
2009-10-19 US: Water polluters beware!
2009-09-01 Mercury's toxic time bomb taints US fish
2009-08-25 Toxic metals registery to be globally repeated
2009-07-07 Twenty Six US communities face high hazards from coal ash ponds
2009-07-07 US Supreme Court backs potential poisoning of lake
2009-06-16 US mercury controls - debated and challenged
2009-05-27 Peru's historic mercury pollution still of concern today
2009-05-18 Coal ash consequences - report suppressed
2009-05-05 In Their Backyard
2009-04-27 Burmese junta destroys ecology of Kachin State: Environmentalists
2009-04-27 NGOs win mining environmental victory in Canada
2009-04-27 Cement Plants Face First Limits on Mercury Emissions
2009-03-22 Proposed Coal Plants Equal 18 Millions Tons of Ash Annually
2009-02-23 A world free of mercury? Not yet - but hope rises
2009-01-26 Toxic wastes from Canadian mines evading scrutiny, claim groups
2009-01-19 Mercury threat tied to greenhouse gases
2009-01-19 Sweden to ban mercury
2009-01-19 New data show high mercury in Flin Flon-area lakes
2008-11-17 Canadian polluter at bay
2008-11-05 A Mercury Guernica
2008-11-05 OREphaned mines
2008-10-21 Canada: Summit calls for end to ‘free-entry’
2008-10-07 US mercury export ban welcomed
2008-09-16 Philippines: Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company facing probe for allegedly polluting rivers
2008-08-11 Coal burned in China means bad air in north America
2008-03-13 The dark side of the Gold Rush legacy
2008-03-05 The dark side of the Gold Rush legacy
2008-02-28 Mercury and coal: a threat to wildlife and humans in US parks
2008-02-08 US EPA brought to book over mercury emissions
2008-01-05 China update
2007-11-28 Mercury pollution discovered at Florida quarry
2007-11-16 China update: coal
2007-11-14 Gold mining contributes to mercury pollution
2007-11-11 North America's toxic mine burden galvanises groups into action
2007-10-30 US Mercury Export Ban
2007-10-23 Canada update
2007-10-09 Latin America update
2007-09-21 US update
2007-09-06 US update
2007-07-23 Pension fund stake in Barrick Gold spurs controversy
2007-07-03 South Asia update
2007-06-29 Canada update
2007-06-11 Tibet update
2007-06-08 US Update
2007-06-01 Latin America Update
2007-05-25 US update
2007-04-13 US update
2007-03-30 US update
2007-03-23 US Update
2007-03-09 US Update
2007-03-01 South Asia Update
2007-02-13 Asia-Pacific update
2007-01-19 Jamaica bauxite battle continrues
2007-01-11 Health experts call on EU to impose total ban on use of mercury
2006-12-15 US Update
2006-11-27 US Update
2006-11-18 Getting rid of mercury (but not yet)
2006-09-21 ToxiCities
2006-09-09 Latin American Update
2006-09-08 US Update
2006-08-08 US Update
2006-07-12 Philippines Update
2006-06-28 India Update
2006-06-19 US Update
2006-06-05 Saying no to dumping toxic wastes
2006-05-16 US Update
2006-03-19 Latin America Update
2006-03-07 US Update
2006-02-23 A lead on lead
2006-02-23 China Update
2006-02-20 US Update
2006-01-15 US Updates: January 2006
2005-12-15 US Updates: December 2005
2005-11-22 Feature - US update on Western land grab
2005-11-15 Hidden Dangers of Coal
2005-11-09 Roundup on Mining in USA
2005-10-24 High-Tech Toxic Trash Exported to Africa
2005-08-16 Pennsylvania to Write Mercury Regs Stricter Than Federal Standards
2005-08-14 What are Particulates?
2005-07-25 Panel Indicts Chemplast, MALCO for pollution, human rights violations
2005-02-09 The Public Has a Right to Know the Toxins Produced by Mining
2005-02-07 EU lead ban hits hi-tech firms
2005-02-01 EU Commission Proposes Ban on Mercury Exports
2004-12-10 Environmental cover-ups continue in mining industry, says Chief Thomas
2004-11-05 Further articles on 'Bush the Destroyer'
2004-10-14 Dust-Up Swirls Around Key Jamaica Industry
2004-10-08 Critically endangered dolphin gains trade protection under CITES
2004-09-01 'Bush the Destroyer' and various related articles on mining
2004-07-30 Selection of articles on the alledged poisonings at Buyat Bay in Indonesia
2004-07-01 Amazonia countries to have plan to combat mercury use
2004-06-03 Power Plants Top Canada - US Air Polluters, Watchdog Says
2004-05-17 Study Finds Top Air Polluters Closely Tied to Bush Administration
2004-03-17 Doctors, Nurses, Labor, Faith Groups Slam EPA Mercury Plan
2003-12-23 Increased pollution from British mine in Indonesia
2003-11-06 India Is Dumping Ground for Toxic Mercury
2003-08-03 The Thor Case
2003-07-28 House Chooses Nuclear Space Flight Over Superfund
2003-06-30 Mining - the biggest toxic polluter in USA
2003-06-19 Newmont endangers people, ecosystem
2003-05-29 High Mercury Levels Found in Rain
2003-05-16 1,000 babies contaminated by mercury in Para, Brazil
2003-03-11 Mercury Legislation Rising in 24 US States
2003-02-28 The Bush War at Home - pollution in the USA
2003-02-17 European Electroscrap Laws Enter into Force
2003-02-14 Freeport McMoran pushed to improve human-rights policy
2003-01-28 U.S. Could Block International Action on Mercury
2003-01-15 Corporate accountability: why?
2001-05-01 Further articles on 'Bush the Destroyer'

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