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2021-11-23 Peru: Putting Hochschild Mining in its place
2021-09-24 Guyana Manganese delinquent reservoir collapse
2021-09-15 USA: Federal jury awards Pomona $48 million in damages from SQM
2021-09-12 USA: 9/11 First responders exposure to asbestos, lead and other toxic materials did not end
2021-08-28 Sexual harassment in mine camps, reports
2021-08-26 Mexico: Fresnillo's drumbeats of death
2021-08-24 Deep Sea: Readings from the Abyss
2021-08-08 Australia: Tesla 13 tonne lithium battery fire fuels concerns
2021-08-04 Canada: Wildfires shut down Teck Resources copper mine
2021-07-10 Canada: Cameco evacuated Cigar Lake uranium mine due to wildfires
2021-07-03 USA: Thousands displaced by lithium fire in Illinois
2021-06-28 UK's National Health Service calls for ban on neodymium toys
2021-06-27 India’s Deep Ocean Mission: A race to the bottom
2021-06-19 Ireland: Kildare residents fear lithium battery storage compound
2021-06-17 Australia: The mine that has spewed acid for decades
2021-06-15 Umicore pledges to 'green buffer' after lead spike in Hoboken, Belgium
2021-06-12 The dangers of button batteries
2021-06-11 USA: Family sues battery recycler Gopher Resource
2021-06-09 USA: The fight to clean up Exide battery plant in California
2021-06-08 India: Amara Raja battery plants ordered to shut down over pollution charges
2021-05-31 Cominak uranium mine closes in Niger
2021-05-30 South Africa: RBM mining executive gunned down in KwaZulu-Natal
2021-05-26 The right to breathe in South Africa's coal places
2021-05-22 Shukruti residents protest Georgian Manganese
2021-05-20 Deep Sea Mining corporate spin doctors
2021-05-17 Canada: British Columbia’s mining dirty secrets, report
2021-05-14 Kyrgyzstan: Court hands $3.1 billion fine to Kumtor Gold
2021-05-12 USA: Protesters oppose plans to reopen the Idaho-Maryland gold mine
2021-04-28 USA: ElementUS Rare Earth Project announced in Louisiana
2021-04-26 Indonesia declassifies coal power plants ash as hazardous waste
2021-04-22 'Deeds, not words': Miners reshape boardrooms as investors demand sustainability
2021-04-22 USA: Florida to cleanup and close phosphate mining wastewater reservoir after alarming leaks
2021-04-21 Brazil: CSN iron ore terminals halted over environmental violations
2021-04-19 Japan: UN deeply disappointed by Fukushima water discharge decision
2021-04-15 Serbia: Thousands demand government action to stop mining pollution
2021-04-15 Argentina: Yamana Gold and Andalgala - A dubious integration
2021-04-13 Coalmine accident traps 21 workers in China’s Xinjiang
2021-04-08 Will there ever be remedy for Welsh coal mining past?
2021-04-07 Aotearoa/New Zealand faces major clean-up of Rio Tinto smelter
2021-04-02 A Material Transition – new report on energy transition minerals
2021-03-30 Brazil: Civic groups urge Vale to halt production amid Covid-19 spike
2021-03-28 Teck Coal fined $60 million for water pollution in British Columbia
2021-03-25 12th Alternative Mining Indaba Declaration: We refuse to be muted!
2021-03-24 Stained Ball? Mining billionaire to run African soccer
2021-03-22 PNG: Six reasons why Frieda River mine should not go ahead, report
2021-03-22 BHP, Rio Tinto given carte blanche to export uranium to global hotspots
2021-03-17 South Africa: Communities protest Ikwezi coal mine
2021-03-09 Concerns that deep sea mining company DeepGreen will go public via merger
2021-03-05 The fight for an equitable energy economy for the Navajo Nation
2021-02-28 Investors should press Anglo American to tackle lead impacts in Zambia
2021-02-26 British Columbia’s ongoing legacy of metal mine impacts, report
2021-02-24 Partial collapse of Nornickel’s Arctic processing plant
2021-02-23 Red Dirt: The Bauxite-Alumina Industry in Jamaica
2021-02-22 Madagascar: Can Rio Tinto be trusted?
2021-02-17 Norsk Hydro sued by Brazilian communities over toxic waste pollution
2021-02-16 Philippines: Groups oppose offshore mining in Cagayan
2021-02-15 USGS report shows stunning 30 percent increase in asbestos imports from Brazil
2021-02-04 Uranium mining and COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation
2021-02-02 Palm oil plantations, coal mines linked to deadly Indonesia flood
2021-01-30 Disaster shadows Chinese mining ventures in Southeast Asia
2021-01-14 New Mexico Settles With Mining Companies Responsible for the Gold King Mine Disaster
2021-01-11 Australia’s Ranger uranium mine ceases production
2020-12-28 Philippines: Four workers dead, and six missing, in mine pit landslide
2020-12-27 Nickel corporate buyout stirs New Caledonia
2020-12-26 Ukrainian uranium disputes
2020-12-17 Australia: New report raises concerns about Ranger mine rehabilitation plan
2020-12-15 Philippines: Opposition to Presidential order to negotiate OceanaGold's license renewal
2020-12-07 Amazon leaders deliver petition against illegal gold mining to Brazil Congress
2020-11-24 Argentina: Aguilar base metals complex sucums to covid pandemic
2020-11-17 Typhoon Ulysses leads to mining-related loss of life and fears for the future in The Philippines
2020-11-16 Frieda River tailings dam proposal is not an option
2020-11-12 Deep Sea Rush: Speculators are circling
2020-11-12 Argentina: Covid-19 outbreak hits Cerro Vanguardia and San José workers
2020-11-10 Lawsuit against BHP over tailings dam disaster dismissed by British judge
2020-11-09 Solomon Islands: Wagina residents win bid to stop bauxite mining plan
2020-11-07 British Columbia Pension Fund and Equinox Gold urged to respect communities at Mexico mine
2020-11-06 Coal criminal is running for US White House!
2020-11-01 Coal Magnate Bob Murray Dies at 80
2020-10-29 Community of Piquia demands Vale to repair the damages caused
2020-10-27 South Africa: Environmental activist Fikile Ntshangase murdered
2020-10-24 Residents vote to rename Quebec mining town of Asbestos
2020-10-24 Women and children poisoned by lead sue Anglo American
2020-10-23 Silver particles harm fish in Ontario lake, study
2020-10-21 Japanese government to dump Fukushima radioactive water into the ocean?
2020-10-18 Saving the Mahakam River in Indonesia
2020-10-15 This Week's Essay: To build immunity we need exposure to trees, plants, clean air
2020-10-13 Serbia: Criminal charges filed against Zijin for pollution
2020-10-10 Black Lung and COVID-19: A disaster in slow motion
2020-10-08 Samarco Restoration 'not on track'
2020-10-07 Wave of protests against foreign owned gold mines in Kyrgyzstan
2020-10-06 Nickel project drops deep-sea waste plan in Morowali, Indonesia
2020-10-04 Mexican farmers shut down Los Filos gold mine
2020-10-03 Adani legal action targets journalists over Carmichael mine leaks
2020-10-02 Global Call to stop Japanese Coal Finance in Bangladesh!
2020-09-29 UN increasingly concerned about mining impacts since the pandemic
2020-09-22 The Week's Essay: South African High Court affirms vital community right
2020-08-17 The Early Week Essay: Recalling the Nautilus deep-sea debacle
2020-08-15 "No to Norilsk!" - Russian peoples plea to Elon Musk
2020-08-12 Coal-Mad Modi embarks on Unprecedented Folly
2020-08-11 Quebec commission issues landmark asbestos report
2020-08-06 Hiroshima Day - the invidious fatal connections
2020-08-06 Ok Tedi mine closes, as Covid-19 spreads
2020-07-29 The MidWeek Essay: Condemning the Indian government's totalitarian surveillance
2020-07-27 The Monday Essay: Monbiot trashes "return to normality", should Covid-19 be defeated
2020-07-20 "Force Lloyds to dis-insure Canadian pipeline", Sum of Us
2020-07-18 India's Telangana state forest head de-bunks uranium project
2020-07-16 New Norilsk accident compounds Russian disaster
2020-07-14 Barrick Gold again battles with PNG government
2020-07-14 Top Global Fifty miners: the "good, bad,and ugly"
2020-07-11 US Navajo, struck by pandemic, robbed of vital water
2020-07-10 The Weekend Essay: Destroying India step by step
2020-07-06 South African miners make interim attempts to curb Covid-19
2020-07-06 Yet another tailings dam collapse - in Ecuador
2020-07-04 UK Coal Action group wins in local battle
2020-06-30 Tailings containment "battle-lines" re-open with unique ferocity
2020-06-29 Chinese shooting of Zambian mineworkers triggers "re-evaluation" calls
2020-06-18 Mining's "Pandemic Profiteering" - a new report
2020-06-12 Russian disaster may hit Arctic Ocean
2020-06-09 An Adivasi asks: How will my people survive?
2020-06-07 Mines are Covid hotpots claim several hundred global organisations
2020-06-06 Russian official outrage at yet another Norilsk Nickel spill
2020-05-31 The early June Essay: Mass assaults strike Ethiopian communities
2020-05-30 The Weekend Essay: India wages war on millions under Covid-19 protection rules
2020-05-28 Brazil's Vale must pay yet another massive Brumadinho fine
2020-05-24 Philippines mining during COVID: Protest and concern under quarantine
2020-05-19 Rio Tinto in uranium reclamation battle with Australia
2020-05-14 Ecuador's Shuar advances struggle against Covid-19
2020-05-09 Teck again accused of Covid-19 irresponsibility
2020-05-08 South African community threatened by "worse" than Corona Virus
2020-05-05 Anglo American proceeds with shabby pretence of AGM
2020-05-04 "Let the sun set on Xingu mining!" demand people and judges
2020-04-29 World’s mine workers resist quick restart amid coronavirus
2020-04-22 Molybdenum ore spill is China's biggest tailings leak in nearly 20 years
2020-04-17 India: Two dead, four missing after coal-fired power plant dyke gives way
2020-04-10 US organisations demand temporary halt in mining activities
2020-04-09 Ten reasons why Corona Virus impacts on workers and communities
2020-04-07 Vedanta carries on as usual - regardless of Indian lockdown
2020-04-06 Rio Tinto goes ahead with an AGM shorn of crucial input
2020-04-01 The MidWeek Essay: How the world's biggest mining convention failed to face Corona Virus
2020-03-30 Chilean Mayor demands Teck protect Community from Covid-19 Contamination
2020-03-25 The Mid-Week Essay: How a major miner fails to cope with Corona virus
2020-03-22 USA mining industry uses Corona virus as self-exculpating pretext
2020-03-16 David Attenborough calls for total ban on deep sea mining
2020-03-08 UK green activists organise for Rio Tinto AGM
2020-03-04 Vociferously calling out against Rio Tinto and BHP
2020-03-02 Many protesters block entry to Canada's premier mining event
2020-02-28 New Canadian research uncovers historic mine contamination
2020-02-22 Is lithium about to win over the old polluters in cars?
2020-02-17 The Early Week Essay: Siemen's unholy bond with Adani
2020-02-13 New Zealand minister condemns Rio Tinto's "outrageous" failure dealing with toxic wastes
2020-02-12 Battling for lithium - and water - in Chile's Atacama desert
2020-02-09 PNG's Madang government sues Chinese company for billions of dollars
2020-02-06 Vale's Schvartsman faces 270 homicide charges
2020-02-05 The Mid-Week Essay (1): Australian PM's perverted views on climate emergency
2020-02-04 Pakistan's Coal Miners suffer appalling fatalities
2020-02-03 Opposition demands "opening up" of recent Barrick agreement
2020-01-31 The Weekend Essay: DR Congo mining victims finally claim global spotlight
2020-01-29 Tailings - a global "ticking time bomb"!
2020-01-28 MWC calls for global review of tailings risks
2020-01-27 Kyrgyzstan: grief-stricken Kumtor mine revived
2020-01-20 This Week's Essay: Tata Mundra's massive example of what should never have happened
2020-01-19 Australian rare earths producer to face Malaysian court case
2020-01-18 Barrick Gold battles with Papua New Guinea's citizens and government
2020-01-14 Madagascar campaigning finally secures Rio Tinto response
2020-01-12 Argentinian province promises key anti-mining move
2020-01-11 The 'dirty duke' agrees to major US coal clean-up
2020-01-08 British potash: a serious proposition for Anglo American?
2020-01-04 The First Essay of 2020: Facing Immeasurable "Extinction"
2019-12-03 Norwegian government confirms dumping of copper waste in fjord
2019-11-29 Conservation Award given to Australian Aboriginal Women trio
2019-11-29 The Weekend Essay: How children are sacrificed to mica mining
2019-11-27 Indonesian Mining turns seas Red
2019-11-25 Madagascar environmental regulator under scrutiny for Rio Tinto relationship
2019-11-16 Zambia: Toxic gas from KCM operations sends many to hospital
2019-11-16 India: Fresh indigenous protests at Jindal threats in Odisha
2019-11-12 When "dumping" has a dubious double meaning
2019-11-05 Portugal: "Rethink lithium" - "Avoid environmental disaster"!
2019-11-04 US asset managers rank worst in climate change combat
2019-11-03 The Weekend Essay: Russia to plunder Arctic Coal for India
2019-11-02 Ethical tailings dam investigation shows mixed results
2019-10-30 The Midweek Essays: Adani continues heedlessly on its appalling way
2019-10-28 Peru: Canada's Hudbay conspired with police, court confirms
2019-10-25 Brumadinho: German dam auditors now face criminal charges
2019-10-24 150-plus workers buried alive in gold mine collapse
2019-10-20 Russian dam collapse kills at least 15 miners
2019-10-15 Australian greens seek to outlaw all coal use by 2030
2019-10-08 Africa faces potentially radical development change
2019-10-07 Mexico: Deadly atrocities alleged against mining resisters
2019-10-06 India: new testimony reveals terrifying silicosis rates
2019-10-02 German villagers adopt new strategy to stop RWE coal
2019-09-26 Church of England follows up on Vale disinvestment
2019-09-25 Brazil: Vale faces accusations of falsifying dam information
2019-09-25 Brazil: Vale dangerously misled public over dam collapse
2019-09-23 Korba Killing - commemorating a criminal catastrophe
2019-09-22 India: new river terminal meets vigorous opposition
2019-09-21 Greenland: locals demand banishing foreign miner
2019-09-17 India's poor left high and dry in Odisha
2019-09-12 Kenyan coal investors appeal Lamu plant ruling
2019-09-08 India's Adani proceeds heedlessly with Jharkhand destructiveness
2019-09-03 USA: ArcelorMittal cyanide hits Lake Michigan
2019-09-03 Nova Scotia mining companies don't always "play by the rules"
2019-09-02 Turkey: "We will continue until we win!"
2019-09-01 Chinese nickel overflow threatens toxic disaster in Papua New Guinea
2019-08-28 Anglo American might face lead poisoning law suit
2019-08-27 India emits most sulphur dioxide worldwide
2019-08-20 What's the future of mining in Madagascar?
2019-08-13 Nautilus re-emerges, battered and impotent
2019-08-10 Philippines: OceanGold facing final ejection
2019-08-08 Turkey: "Stop the eco-slaughter!"
2019-07-30 Indian govt allows "truly horrific" uranium prospect
2019-07-29 South Africa: Court approves silica saga settlement
2019-07-27 Jamaica: concern rises over bauxite mining
2019-07-21 Guatemala indigenous community wins court reprieve
2019-07-11 Late Week Essay: A mountain that will not bow down to corporate loot
2019-07-10 Brazil court convicts Vale for damages
2019-07-09 Solomons: struck by second contamination crisis
2019-07-08 USA: Sunnyside Gold slams EPA
2019-07-05 Philippines: Locals Barricade Against OceanaGold Mine
2019-07-05 Kenyan citizens stop coal-fired power station
2019-07-04 Nuclear power no longer qualifies as "green"
2019-06-27 India: Bauxite mining's continuing vicious costs
2019-06-25 The Midweek Essay: Mines’ dirty secrets echo on three continents
2019-06-24 Philippines: Opposition to OceanaGold's lease renewal
2019-06-24 Key Coal power shutdown in Germany
2019-06-22 Armenia: Amulsar mine 'threatens socio-environmental disaster'
2019-06-19 Vedanta's Zambian "liquidation" supported by minority shareholders
2019-06-15 Canada: Mount Polley mine still discharging toxic wastes
2019-06-10 BHP reveals five mine dams at "extreme" risk of causing damage and loss of life
2019-06-07 South Africa: Five Mining Groups Ask Court to Approve R5 Billion Silicosis Settlement Case
2019-05-31 Burma: Villagers arrested for protesting against cement plant
2019-05-22 A year on, anti-Vedanta protestors still await justice
2019-05-21 Tanzania: Acacia fined heavily for toxic water leaks
2019-05-18 Vale admits: yet another dam could collapse - within a week!
2019-05-17 Plight of Pakistani coal miners
2019-05-11 Zimbabwean villagers resist Chinese mine proposal
2019-05-11 Norway's hastened flight from coal
2019-05-11 Weekend Essay (2): Understanding and resolving the fundamental problems in China’s construction industry
2019-05-04 The Weekend Essay (2): Adani's Carmichael mine is unlikely to go ahead, and most people know it
2019-05-02 Burma's fatally-jaded mines
2019-05-02 Fact-finding team demands closure of Vedanta refinery
2019-04-25 Kyrgyzstan: Anti-uranium activists meet with MPs
2019-04-22 Not the whole truth: the Rio Tinto AGM
2019-04-20 The Weekend Essay: On Zambian farmers versus Vedanta
2019-04-19 Essay for Easter: Tuticorin a year after the massacre
2019-04-17 Solomon Islands oil crisis continues
2019-04-15 India: Buried in toxic taste
2019-04-09 China: workers labour for solar energy, while their health suffers
2019-04-08 Nearly a hundred institutional investors demand mine dam disclosures
2019-04-05 Philippines: The Marcopper mine spill and the unending wait for justice
2019-04-05 HSBC's dirty money in Asia
2019-03-30 Vedanta/Sterlite dammed - yet again!
2019-03-27 Inside Singhbhum - India's worst constiuency
2019-03-23 Rio Tinto finally accused of misleading investors, by US judge
2019-03-22 India's Adani hammered by NGT
2019-03-19 Many organisations roundly condemn police repression in Orissa
2019-03-15 Bloomberg blasts Rio Tinto , BHP, and others
2019-02-27 Zimbabwe: Corporate culpability and machete attacks
2019-02-25 DR Congo villagers sprayed with mine acid
2019-02-21 Will Brazil's dam collapse lead to real, global change?
2019-02-18 India: Supreme Court refuses reopening of Sterlite plant
2019-02-17 Zimbabwe disaster: local NGO admonishes government
2019-02-16 Liberia: Gbanepea Gold Mine 'An Environmental Death Trap'
2019-02-15 Zimbabwe mining disaster:50 feared death
2019-02-10 A tidal wave of mud: The Brumadinho disaster in Brazil
2019-02-06 Spain: Cobre las Cruces accused of lying about the damage caused in mine landslide
2019-01-26 Rwanda: Trade Union claims mine disaster was "preventable"
2019-01-23 Vedanta's Zambia court case: will there be justice?
2019-01-23 Rwanda: 14 workers killed when hill collapses
2019-01-18 With its $3.85b mine takeover, Indonesia inherits a $13b pollution problem
2019-01-16 Meghala government collusion with mine owners: SC report
2019-01-12 Meghalaya coal disaster: when men are treated like "rats"
2019-01-12 Sterlite inaugurates schemes worth Rs 100 crores as promised to NGT
2019-01-11 Barrick Gold's invidious merger with Randgold
2019-01-09 Attempting to justify the Meghalaya mine disaster
2019-01-02 Tuticorin: a byword for infamy
2018-12-14 Australia: Ranger Uranium Mine rehabilitation costs increase
2018-12-06 Malaysia tells Lynas to remove radioactive waste for licence renewal
2018-12-02 Women in small-island states exposed to high levels of mercury: study
2018-11-23 India's pathway denies very existence of indigenous peoples
2018-11-16 "You have failed us": Report on the 2018 London BHP AGM
2018-11-08 What happens when a "driverless" train loses its driver?
2018-11-03 Philippines: Time for Duterte to shut down OceanaGold
2018-11-01 Mexico: Waste overflows at Canadian mine threatening dozens of communities
2018-10-31 Vedanta's copper smelter alleged polluting by official body
2018-10-26 Burma: Coal mine threatens many villagers' livelihoods
2018-10-25 China and India are curtailing millions of citizen' lives
2018-10-19 Canada is set to ban asbestos mining & use
2018-10-16 Illegal mining leaves toxic wastelands in Indonesia
2018-10-11 The last of the summer whine?
2018-09-25 Tuticorin: Yes, Vedanta/Sterlite did cause major contamination!
2018-09-24 Philippines: Miners lose their lives in typhoon landslide
2018-09-07 Vedanta on its last legs - will it walk free?
2018-09-06 South Africa: how mining damages communities and environment
2018-08-20 Adani accused of further environmental breaches in Australia
2018-08-18 Cast out! - by companies and coal in India
2018-08-18 Cast out! - by companies and coal in India
2018-07-24 Oceans Face Ultimate Threat from Deep Sea Mining
2018-07-17 Burma: Hpakant landslide kills at least 15 and injuries around 40
2018-07-16 India: Report into Thoothukudi Police Violence released
2018-07-12 Death by diamonds: Suicides wipe the shine off India's gem trade
2018-07-11 Standard Chartered and Citigroup Take Stand Against Mine Waste Dumping
2018-07-03 Chinalco halts Guangxi rare earth operations after environmental lapses
2018-06-27 BHP signs deal to suspend $55 billion Samarco lawsuit for two years
2018-06-10 Ghana: Newmont penalised for involvement in six mineworker deaths
2018-06-08 'The martyrs did it': bloody end to Indian copper plant saga
2018-06-06 Tuticorin: a byword for terror unleashed in India
2018-06-06 "Yes, Mr Agarwal, business does need to be kept from politics"
2018-05-23 Bloody police killings of civil protestors against Vedanta's copper operations
2018-05-22 At least 17 citizens mowed down by police in Tamil Nadu
2018-05-20 Indian citizens demand rare earths inquiry
2018-05-16 The "oracle" pronounces on Anglo America's 2018 AGM
2018-04-26 South Africa:Victory for campaign against uranium mining in the Karoo
2018-04-22 Vedanta clobbered by accusations of bribery and brow-beating
2018-04-14 When an April shower starts turning into a perfect storm
2018-04-08 As Sterlite plant expands, an Indian city erupts in protest
2018-04-03 Burma: two women arrested for protesting at Letpadaung evictions
2018-03-26 Indian protestors link with Britain to take on "Killer" Agarwal
2018-03-21 Rampal power plant - condemned by Norwegian Ethics Council
2018-03-12 Armenia: "Toxic" tailings leak strikes villagers
2018-03-06 Goa's politicians take up arms against own citizens!
2018-03-05 USA: Coal Ash radioactivity concealed by Duke Energy
2018-03-05 India: uranium mining kills livelihoods and heatlh
2018-02-13 US coal miners heading for unprecedented black lung future
2018-02-13 Vedanta indicted over copper plant pollution - villagers demand its closure
2018-02-04 New York City plans to divest $5bn from fossil fuels and sue oil companies
2018-01-30 Small scale mining merits large scale examination
2018-01-29 South Africa's sorry record of mineworker fatalities
2018-01-27 Indian uranium expansion risks health and safety of thousands
2018-01-23 Coal criminal is running for US Senate!
2018-01-23 Indian Child Miners: Jharkhand's Dark Secret
2018-01-20 Are we all set for "Urban Mining"?
2018-01-19 Indian children die to provide silver linings for the West
2018-01-17 Uranium Miners Pushed Hard for a Comeback
2017-12-29 "If we're attacked, we'll die together", a 16-year-old anti-mining activist told her family
2017-11-21 Carmichael coal mine magnate - from school dropout to $12 billion empire
2017-11-14 Death toll rises to 43 in wake of Indian coal plant blast
2017-11-04 India - industrial carnage strikes down at least 32 workers
2017-10-06 Canadian miner's plan incites protest in Irish town
2017-09-20 South Africa - the shooting of two AMCU workers
2017-09-11 Mozambique: the cost of land grabbing in Tete province
2017-09-10 Tata finally faces legal case over disastrous chromite mining
2017-09-05 Colombian Indigenous people protest against coal mine expansion
2017-09-04 Goa's mega-port project poses huge threats to local livelihoods
2017-09-03 Vedanta Resources - It's deja vu, all over again
2017-08-30 Vedanta's Jharsuguda ash pond hit by its own "Hurricane Harvey"
2017-08-26 Adani's Australia gambit, wins, fails, still shrouded in secrecy
2017-08-22 India's uranium workers endure double jeopardy
2017-08-21 "Make in India" - the truth about its deadlier side
2017-08-18 Vedanta meets its match at London AGM
2017-08-18 Perils of Mining Uranium in India's Meghalaya - Report
2017-08-09 How Rajasthan’s mine workers keep languishing without any identity
2017-08-09 Tanzania: Barrick/Acacia blasted in Canada for multiple offences
2017-08-06 New Canadian coal mine poses multiple threats to workers - report
2017-08-05 Canada: Mt Polley toxic disaster has been allowed to continue for three years
2017-07-30 Anglo American takes charge of US$101 million due to silicosis action
2017-07-21 Burma: Karen communities file complaint against Thai coal mining
2017-07-13 Canada's first attempt to address scourge of lung disease in mining
2017-07-11 Vedanta attempts to carry Zambia case in London court
2017-04-20 USA: The Apple of our eyes?
2017-04-12 IUCN, Renova Foundation and Brazil's mining catastrophe
2017-04-06 Liberia: The gold mine that brought only misery
2017-04-02 PNG: Houses burnt down (again) at Porgera mine
2017-03-03 Sand mining: a global environmental crisis
2017-03-01 Samarco update: Samba school tackles mining disaster in Rio Carnival
2017-01-31 South African bishop lobbies Lonmin at London AGM
2017-01-22 USA: DuPont must pay for mercury contamination in Virginia rivers
2017-01-21 Freeport reaches settlement on uranium mines cleanup
2017-01-14 Zambia and Vedanta go to battle in court
2017-01-10 Nigeria: Okobo, where coal mining is killing the people
2017-01-04 Will Canada finally face up to one of its largest environmental liabilities?
2016-12-28 Tibetans in anguish as Chinese mines pollute their sacred grasslands
2016-12-14 Canada: Environmental group takes De Beers to court over mercury monitoring
2016-12-04 Turkey: Madenkoy copper mine collapses in Siirt province
2016-12-03 74 die at China coal-fired power station construction site
2016-10-29 South African civil society takes mining concerns to UN
2016-10-27 More Philippine miners threatened with suspension under crackdown
2016-10-25 BHP Billiton AGM met by global calls for justice and accountability
2016-10-24 The “Canada Brand”: Violence and Canadian Mining Companies in Latin America
2016-10-22 Back to tragedy: more news of the BHP Billiton/Vale tailings dam collapse in Brazil
2016-10-21 The mistake that cost Aberfan its children
2016-10-18 MiningWatch Canada files charges over Mount Polley waste disaster
2016-10-17 Greenland in double jeopardy from nuclear waste
2016-10-16 Peru: Protester shot dead near Las Bambas copper mine
2016-10-15 Thousands rally outside toxic steel plant in Vietnam
2016-10-05 Kosovo: What now for Trepca?
2016-10-04 Canada: How to save salmons from mining pollution?
2016-09-25 Argentina: Jachal residents march to demand closure and remediation of Veladero gold mine
2016-09-23 DRC: Pollution of the Luilu river by Sicomines damages communities in Kolwezi
2016-09-22 Zimasco pollution scandal in Zimbabwe
2016-09-22 Protests in Malaysia as Lynas plant gets three more years
2016-09-17 USA: Massive sinkhole at Mosaic waste pile leaks radioactive water into Floridan aquifer
2016-09-14 Russia: River at Norilsk turns red
2016-09-07 USA: Widows and children seeks justice for Farmington mine disaster
2016-08-28 Long-running leak of contaminated water at Mexico's largest gold mine revealed
2016-08-27 USA: Teck ordered to cover aboriginal group litigation costs
2016-08-21 Major red mud pond burst reported in China
2016-08-18 Navajo Nation sues EPA over metal sludge from Colorado mine spill
2016-08-18 Norilsk Nickel named ‘dirtiest industry in the Arctic’
2016-08-18 China: Towns sink after coal mines close
2016-08-10 Glencore halts Zambia copper production after mine deaths
2016-08-07 Global protests greet Vedanta’s 2016 AGM
2016-08-05 Canada: Protest marks Mount Polley mine disaster anniversary
2016-08-03 Coal: globally, pressures mount
2016-07-31 The struggle to source child labour-free mica
2016-07-28 Peru: A "very difficult social environment" for mining
2016-07-23 Formosa Steel Owns Up to Vietnamese Toxic Spill
2016-07-21 Peru Wins Arbitration Dispute Over Doe Run Cleanup
2016-07-20 Thailand - Plaintiffs triumph in lead pollution court case
2016-07-18 South African gold firms file plea to appeal lung disease class action
2016-07-17 Brazil: BHP unlikely to reopen Samarco this year amid criminal probe
2016-07-14 USA: Life in Missouri’s Fading Old Lead Belt
2016-07-11 Philippines: A new hope for mine-affected communities
2016-07-06 Impacts of uranium mining on Australia's Aborigines and the Antarctic
2016-07-04 Indonesia faces environmental time bomb after coal bust
2016-07-01 Laos Bans New Mining Projects in a Polluted Province
2016-06-28 Canada: Scientists reveal effects of 2013 coal mine spill
2016-06-27 Malawi: Paladin Africa Sued for 'Gross Damage'
2016-06-19 Canada: Alaska group raises international concerns over B.C. mine operations
2016-06-18 USA - Supreme Court rejects challenge to mercury air pollution rule
2016-06-17 Quebec National Assembly applauds efforts to ban asbestos
2016-06-15 Australian Taxpayers Could Pay Billions to Clean Up Old Mines
2016-06-14 India bent on further nuclear treaty violations
2016-06-12 Canadian Mining Giant Dries Up Water Resources in Mexico
2016-06-10 OceanaGold not welcome in El Salvador and the Philippines
2016-06-04 Poisoned water flows towards Siberia from Kazakhstan
2016-06-03 Samarco: police claim Vale fiddled dam data
2016-06-02 PNG: Large-scale copper mine in sensitive Sepik region alarms environmentalists
2016-05-31 Indian government accused of "criminal negligence" at uranium mine
2016-05-30 Brazil to tighten rules on mining dams
2016-05-29 Zambian villagers poised to take pollution case against Vedanta
2016-05-27 Burmese good intentions aren't matched by deeds
2016-05-25 South African miners must pay 67% of acid drainage clean-up costs
2016-05-24 IACHR urges Peru to protect the people affected by pollution in La Oroya
2016-05-23 Silicosis - the world's most destructive mining disease?
2016-05-22 Australian traditional owners join global protest against Glencore
2016-05-20 Aureus Mining halts gold mine in Liberia after cyanide leak
2016-05-19 Finland:Talvivaara bosses merely fined for "environmental crimes"
2016-05-18 Centerra Shirks Blame for Glacier Damage in Kyrgyzstan
2016-05-16 South Africa gold mines face 500,000-strong suit on silicosis
2016-05-13 Thailand to close all gold mine operations
2016-05-09 Burma: no sign of end to resource curses
2016-05-04 Brazil: BHP and Vale hit with $44 billion lawsuit over deadly spill
2016-05-02 Australian traditional owners fight nuclear waste dump plan
2016-05-01 Anglo American 2016 AGM: The real world is thus
2016-04-29 Chatree gold mine prompts protests in Thailand after poisoning claims
2016-04-28 Malawi: Paladin's uranium tailings dam flooded
2016-04-27 Mexico's Worst Mining Disaster Survivors Turn to U.S. Court for Assistance
2016-04-27 Victory! No Lawsuit against Norway Mining Activists
2016-04-25 Rio Tinto 2016 AGM: "Goodnight children – sleep well"
2016-04-23 India's tribal slaves to stone
2016-04-22 Brazilian prosecutor: Samarco keeps leaking
2016-04-18 Mexico rejects coastal phosphate mining project
2016-04-15 Mining giant Vedanta argues UK court should not hear Zambia pollution case
2016-04-13 Organized crime and illegally mined gold in Latin America
2016-04-12 Toxic coal ash: A Caribbean time bomb
2016-04-10 Malaysia extends bauxite mining ban until July to fight pollution
2016-04-10 India: Posco finally gives up on huge project in Odisha
2016-04-08 Major tailings dam spill at Solomon Islands 'disaster' gold mine
2016-04-07 USA: Blankenship gets only a year's gaol for coal crimes
2016-04-06 The increasing threat of colossal mining wastes
2016-04-04 Philippines - "We would rather die fighting"
2016-03-31 USA: Mine "fever" may be on the rise, but so is peoples' resistance
2016-03-27 Navajo Diné Fight Uranium Resources Inc. Mining Permits In New Mexico
2016-03-25 Four US/Canadian transboundary mines risk tailings disaster
2016-03-23 Chile orders closure of Maricunga water pumping wells
2016-03-23 South Africa: Communities suffering as a result of uranium pollution
2016-03-22 USA: The fight against Marina sand mining operation
2016-03-20 Barrick Gold Fined $9.3 Million for Argentina Cyanide Spill
2016-03-20 Brazil: Civil Society Repudiates Samarco Deal
2016-03-19 Uranium mining legacy in Eastern Europe
2016-03-17 India: Burning at both ends in Jharkhand
2016-03-16 "Coal is dead in the ground!"
2016-03-15 China's million unkindest cuts
2016-03-13 Chile presses charges on environmental breaches
2016-03-09 US investors file class action lawsuit over Samarco dam burst
2016-03-09 Two dead, five missing after wall collapse at Glencore mine in DRC
2016-03-07 Anglo American and AngloGold reach $30m silicosis settlement with miners
2016-03-04 Why is Mine Waste Being Dumped Directly into the Ocean?
2016-03-03 Mexico: Ten years has elapsed since the Pasta de Conchos mining homicides
2016-02-28 Newmont Ghana does not deserve excellence award
2016-02-21 Canada: Powder in mines linked to disease
2016-02-20 Chile: Pipeline rupture and concentrate spill at Anglo American mine
2016-02-19 Mining impacts on indigenous peoples and health in Colombia
2016-02-15 Argentina: Assembly demands Supreme Court decision over Agua Rica
2016-02-14 USA: EPA confirms pollution from mine spill it caused
2016-02-13 Australia: Decision not to prosecute ERA 'a kick in the face'
2016-02-13 Australia: The race to avert disaster at the McArthur River Mine
2016-02-11 USA: Duke Energy fined for coal ash spill
2016-02-08 Denmark and Greenland new uranium deal
2016-02-06 Philippines: Murderous mining
2016-02-04 Chile’s court confirms huge fine to Caserones mine
2016-01-31 Hungary for justice: Court acquits those responsible for toxic spill
2016-01-30 Canada: Teck Metals to plead guilty over pollution in Trail, B.C.
2016-01-28 Canada: Glencore given time to meet new nickel emission limits
2016-01-24 Environment Canada issued warning before Mount Polley disaster
2016-01-21 US Civil Rights Probe Examines Coal Ash Impact
2016-01-19 Children as young as seven mining cobalt used in smartphones
2016-01-15 How the world's biggest asbestos factory tried to exposure campaigners
2016-01-14 Brazil: Tailings dams fall-out has international repercussions
2016-01-13 Australian coal mine investigated over dam wall collapse
2016-01-12 USA: Arch Coal files for bankruptcy
2016-01-09 India: Save lives in Jaduguda uranium mining hub, pleads MP
2016-01-04 Philippines: A year of mining dangerously
2016-01-03 Malaysia may suspend bauxite mining
2015-12-31 Burma: Even more workers killed at Hpakant
2015-12-23 Canada: De Beers' alleged mercury contamination at its Victor diamond mine
2015-12-21 Brazil: Repercussions of Samarco dams collapse hit both the poor and powerful
2015-12-20 Imperial Metals escapes charges from Mount Polley tailings breach
2015-12-16 India’s nuclear industry pours its wastes into a river of death and disease
2015-12-10 Can Norway's Sami score another success against mining?
2015-12-05 A US travesty of justice: Coal Don found guilty of mere "misdemeanour"
2015-12-04 Paladin called on to close and rehabilitate Malawi uranium mine
2015-12-03 Philippines: A climate of fear and destruction
2015-11-27 Samarco tsunami: "There may never be an effective remedy for victims"
2015-11-25 Australian asbestos victims suffer further at hands of culprit company
2015-11-24 Burmese mining disaster claims over 100 workers' lives
2015-11-23 Aboriginal communities up in arms against nuclear dumping on their land
2015-11-20 Samarco disaster: are we hearing the peoples' voices?
2015-11-13 Brazil: Who should take main blame for the Samarco mining tsunami?
2015-11-07 Mining tsunami hits after tailings dams burst in Brazil
2015-11-04 Bangladesh: Coal Barge Sinks in World Heritage Site
2015-10-31 Mining-related violence ignites protests in the Philippines
2015-10-26 The Two Degrees: yet another BHP Billiton AGM
2015-10-25 USA: EPA mine spill could have been prevented, probe concludes
2015-10-12 Will South Africa's gold miners get justice?
2015-10-11 Australian 'uranium mine fire' in Kakadu National Park
2015-10-08 Namibia: Rössing Contract Workers Feel Exploited and Abused
2015-10-01 The Balkan brown coal blunder
2015-09-30 Duke Energy Reaches $7 Million Deal on Coal Ash Pollution
2015-09-28 Women pay the price for Zambia mining expansion
2015-09-27 Call to Ban Mining Companies from Tailing Disposal into the Chilean Ocean
2015-09-24 Australia - Taxpayers may foot bill for mine rehabilitation
2015-09-19 Philippines - Miners accused of fuelling violence in Mindanao
2015-09-17 Argentina - Criminal complaint filed against Barrick over cyanide spill
2015-09-12 Unity Statement of International People’s Conference on Mining
2015-09-11 Australian uranium deal with India - a jobs and growth boom?
2015-09-11 EPA's spill pales in comparison to everyday mine leaks
2015-09-10 'Rivers of acid' in Zambian villages
2015-09-09 Consent & Waste - The beginning and end of Canadian mining problems
2015-09-06 European Bank launches investigation into Mongolian iron ore mine
2015-09-03 Glencore may be forced to shut down Australian zinc mine
2015-08-30 USA: Lakota grandmother debuts film about uranium
2015-08-26 The problem with (self-regulated) environmental assessments
2015-08-24 Solomon Islands: Claims Australians left a '$40 million environmental disaster'
2015-08-22 Indigenous group urges Canada to uphold Kiggavik decision
2015-08-18 Philippines: Glencore finalises its Tampakan departure
2015-08-17 Vedanta takes the low road, with highly dubious expectations
2015-08-16 Chinese chemical "holocast" at metals port
2015-08-15 US EPA head meets with Navajo president over Colorado mine spill
2015-08-13 Rio Tinto loses court appeal against Australian asbestosis ruling
2015-08-10 Mining Waste from Canada’s Mount Polley Mine Spill Still Lingers
2015-08-08 US river fouled by 1 million gallons of contaminated mine water
2015-08-05 UK newspaper supports global mining regulation
2015-08-04 Global demos around Vedanta AGM in London, India and Africa
2015-07-17 "Inappropriate" to authorize uranium mining in Quebec
2015-07-16 South Africa: how Johannesburg’s townships are paying for its mining past
2015-07-14 Zambia: Government rejects toxic imported copper concentrates
2015-07-09 Solomon Islands mine declared 'disaster zone' over dam collapse fears
2015-06-12 Energy Resources Australia pulls plug on expansion at Ranger
2015-06-08 Asbestos industry thrives in India despite health concerns
2015-06-07 Kumba Iron Ore's social license to operate is questioned
2015-06-06 Canada: Rio Tinto Alcan Accused of Polluting Kitimat Airshed to Save Money
2015-06-02 Protest at Imperial Metals AGM turns ugly as shareholder goes full racist
2015-06-01 World Health Organization makes Air Pollution a Global Priority
2015-05-29 Indonesia: Another Child Drowns in an Abandoned Coal Mining Pit in Samarinda
2015-05-27 Burma is still burning
2015-05-22 Protests and lawsuits dominate Antofagasta AGM
2015-05-17 At least 28 Nigerian children killed by lead poisoning from gold mining
2015-05-16 Nuclear folly threatens Western Australia
2015-05-15 USA: Dirty Duke pays $102 million for river pollution
2015-05-14 India blocks listing of Chrysotile Asbestos in Rotterdam Convention
2015-05-06 Canada: Mount Polley mining disaster caused major changes to ecosystem
2015-05-04 US to evaluate uranium mine cleanups on Navajo land
2015-05-02 Anglo American: death and diversions at the company AGM
2015-05-01 Community deaths at Newmont and Chinese gold mines in Ghana
2015-04-16 Declaration of the World Uranium Symposium 2015
2015-04-14 Media banned from Rio Tinto's ERA AGM after concerns about uranium mine rehabilitation
2015-04-13 London Calling asks: Is the World Social Forum now beyond our pale?
2015-04-08 Barclays cuts ties with mountaintop removal coal, says MTR will be "phased out" soon
2015-04-06 The heavy toll of coal mining in South Africa
2015-03-14 USA: Duke Energy Fined $25 Million Over Coal Ash Pollution
2015-03-13 Blood Gold Flows Illegally From Central African Republic
2015-03-10 The impact of mining on Mongolian herders
2015-03-09 Is the infamous Posco project in India all but dead?
2015-03-08 Australian uranium mine approved despite looming corruption investigation
2015-03-05 Disaster Strikes Ukraine: Death Toll in Coal Mine Blast Rises to 33
2015-03-03 Vedanta must be punished for illegal fly ash pond, says activist
2015-03-02 Thai gold mine, said to have poisoned locals, allowed to reopen
2015-02-28 Mining's "great and good" tout their African wares
2015-02-27 London Calling on China's steel-clad Hebei Jeebies
2015-02-26 Controversy prompted as polluting Spanish copper mine re-opens
2015-02-24 Chinese Coal-to-Liquids Plans Would Worsen Global Warming
2015-02-19 Pebble Mine debate in Alaska: EPA becomes target by planning for rare ‘veto’
2015-02-18 USA: More Iron Range miners stricken with rare lung cancer
2015-02-17 Radiation fears after fire at Namibia's Rössing mine
2015-02-02 Finland: Talvivaara mining company to seek new state bailout
2015-01-29 Indo-US pact: the dirty deal behind the beaming smiles
2015-01-27 The good, the bad - and the downright ugly
2015-01-25 African women stand their ground
2015-01-21 The Moroccan hill-top mining protest few even know about
2015-01-15 London Calling asks: "Will it all come out in the Walsh?"
2015-01-13 Mineworkers drown in Burmese mud slide
2015-01-03 Solomon Islands: No plans for Gold Ridge mine tailings dam risking overflow
2015-01-02 Canadian Mount Polley spill: 'Things are not OK here' ...
2014-12-22 USA: Coal ash not hazardous under US rules
2014-12-19 Canada: Cree walkers against uranium mining end 850 km walk
2014-12-16 King coal: a dead man walking
2014-12-01 BHP mining giant targeted at Australian AGM
2014-11-09 Canada's Potash to spend over $53 million in US Clean Air Act case
2014-11-06 Mexican mining disaster - the human and environmental costs
2014-11-02 Australia: $200m sought to rehabilitate former Rum Jungle uranium mine
2014-10-31 Freeport Indonesia union to go on one-month strike
2014-10-27 BHP Billiton ... stuck in a coal hole
2014-10-22 Global unions converge in Mongolia in campaign for Rio Tinto workers’ rights
2014-10-12 Indigenous Canadians Blockade a Mine to Protest Pollution
2014-10-09 Indonesia: Union protests after workers killed at Freeport mine
2014-10-05 USA: Judge Rejects Pebble Mine Lawsuit Against EPA
2014-10-03 US Court Upholds Grand Canyon Uranium Mining ban
2014-09-29 Coal mine has heavy impact in Indonesian Borneo
2014-09-28 Transnet, South Africa: Coughing canary in the climate coal mine
2014-09-11 Call for a Customised programme for Small Scale Mining in Ghana
2014-09-10 Philippines: New moves to ban unprocessed ore
2014-09-05 India: Orissa faces rare earths mining threat
2014-09-05 Australia will supply uranium to India
2014-08-31 Former uranium miner to pay $500,000 for clean-up in the U.S.
2014-08-24 Bumi's deadly coal at Kaltim Prima
2014-08-21 China: The tragedy of the village that built Kunshan Zhongrong
2014-08-13 Mexican copper mine pollutes local rivers
2014-08-06 The Killing Fields of Korba
2014-08-05 Massive tailings pond breach at Mount Polley Mine in Canada
2014-08-04 Australia: Mine's burning waste rock pile sparks concerns among Aboriginal groups
2014-07-28 Beijing struggles with coal-fired pollution
2014-07-26 India's Uranium Boss Says Deformed Children May Be 'Imported'
2014-07-22 New Peru law weakens environmental safeguards
2014-07-20 Burma: Villagers call for an end to destructive gold mining in Eastern Shan
2014-07-16 Norilsk Nickel plant leaks 66 tonnes of nickel into environment
2014-07-01 Philippines: more 'cold war' conflict over mining
2014-07-01 Mozambique Mining...where are the rights of communities?
2014-06-17 A taxing time for Philippines mining
2014-06-13 Indonesia: Make mining history!
2014-06-10 USA: Alpha Natural West Virginia Mines Found to Taint Streams
2014-06-08 Obama unveils historical attempt to curb coal power plants emissions
2014-06-06 Australia: Ranger still a risk despite approval for restart
2014-05-29 Philippines: Global action around Glencore's Tampakan Mine
2014-05-27 Protests escalate at Vale's nickel mine in New Caledonia
2014-05-20 Turkish mine disaster: Town under uprising lockdown, dozens arrested
2014-05-14 Turkish mine disaster: eighteen arrested
2014-05-10 Carrying coals to Newcastle: a port in a storm
2014-05-10 Vale's New Caledonia nickel plant suspended after another spill
2014-05-10 Pressure mounts on investors in coal
2014-05-08 Uranium mine leaks dominate Australian Rio Tinto AGM
2014-05-07 Talvivaara write-downs some of the largest in Finnish history
2014-05-06 Mexican Landowners Announce Agreement with Goldcorp
2014-05-01 Barrick Gold Faces Demonstration Against Abuses at Toronto AGM
2014-04-27 UN team investigates Solomon Island gold mine after disaster
2014-04-26 Demands for 'justice' for silicosis sufferers made at Anglo AGM
2014-04-24 Fall out from Duke Energy's coal-ash spill continues
2014-04-20 China set to elevate environment over development in new law
2014-04-17 Report Finds Top Banks Moving Away From Coal
2014-04-17 Rio Tinto face a broad front of protestors
2014-04-13 Australia makes landmark decision on water protection with Alpha Coal ruling
2014-04-09 USA: Rio Tinto next to pull out of proposed Pebble Mine
2014-04-07 US: Lawsuit Filed over Dangerous Uranium Mill Problems
2014-04-06 Chilean dam can't hold back the hatred
2014-04-06 China shuts down coal mines and battles pollution
2014-04-06 More mining-related murders in the Philippines
2014-04-03 Chinese copper mine halts operations in Peru over pollution claim
2014-04-03 More revelations over North Carolina coal ash spills
2014-04-03 Local Landowners of the Ejido Carrizalillo shut down Goldcorp's Los Filos mine
2014-03-26 Can there be "responsible mining" in Armenia?
2014-03-24 Tibetans protest land seizure linked to gold mining
2014-03-19 India's hill of death
2014-03-19 Filipinos curse their 'Mining Hell'
2014-03-18 China 'declares war' on polluting industries
2014-03-18 After North Carolina spill, coal ash ponds face extinction
2014-03-05 Australian coal mine fire burning for three weeks
2014-03-02 Spain: No more Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Laciana Valley
2014-03-02 India: To 'light up' our homes, some lives are falling into 'darkness'
2014-03-02 Philippines - Mining has the potential for disaster, but uncertainly looms large
2014-03-01 USA: Government considers blocking the Pebble mine
2014-02-28 Canada: Taseko New Prosperity Mine at Fish Lake rejected again
2014-02-26 Navajo nation contends with uranium and coal
2014-02-21 Nautilus ends deal with PNG govt
2014-02-21 Kazakhstan: Poisoned Legacy
2014-02-11 USA: Spill spews tons of coal ash into North Carolina river
2014-02-07 Burma: Mining threats continue
2014-02-03 Australia: Coal port dredging, dumping threat to Great Barrier Reef
2014-02-02 UN Special Rapporteur: Oil, Gas & Mining Operations Brings Increased Sexual Violence
2014-01-23 Philippines: B'laan leaders lobby against FPIC process at Tampakan
2014-01-22 South Africa: Harmony fights historical environmental liability
2014-01-22 South Africa: Widespread industrial unrest returns to the mines
2014-01-19 Blood bricks: how India's urban boom is built on slave labour
2014-01-18 Burma: Irrawaddy Delta villagers lose land, homes to mining waste
2014-01-18 China's water squeeze worsens as wetlands shrink 9 pct
2014-01-14 Environment nod to lift cost of POSCO's India plant to $12.6 billion
2014-01-09 Yale Refuses to Revoke Stephan Schmidheiny's Honorary Degree
2014-01-08 South Africa: Mine spillage into Kruger National Park river
2013-12-29 Malaysia: Lynas threatens opponents over plant deaths
2013-12-29 Philippines - The People of Marinduque resist Barrick's unfair settlement
2013-12-29 South Africa - Acid mine drainage has Jo'burg quaking
2013-12-27 Canadian First Nations, NGOs demand full disclosure and government action on Sherritt's toxic coal spill
2013-12-12 EPA tells court U.S. mercury, toxics rule is legally justified
2013-12-10 Goldcorp faces lawsuit threat from Mexico and a $3.2 million fine in Argentina
2013-12-10 Australia: Rio Tinto's Ranger Mine suffers radioactive acid spill
2013-11-20 Canada: Worries grow over vast coal slurry leak
2013-11-19 Vale handed tax amnesty at home, but brickbats abroad
2013-11-18 China's smog threatens health of global coal projects
2013-11-18 UK-listed company fined US$2.5 million for chromium injuries
2013-11-13 Zambia and Vedanta lock horns
2013-11-09 Canada: Massive coal mine leak damaged fisheries, habitat
2013-11-09 More woes for Barrick Gold as Pascua Lama suspended
2013-11-02 US coal: Restrictions at home and abroad
2013-11-02 Canada: First Nations declare victory against Taseko's B.C. mine
2013-11-02 USA: Rio Tinto Targets Environmental Activists
2013-10-29 Damage to Peruvian Amazon from gold mining worse than reported
2013-10-28 Children in Developing Countries Exposed to Toxic Lead Paint
2013-10-07 Canada: Cameco & Sierra Club face off over uranium licences
2013-10-02 Italians call on Yale to strip disgraced environmentalist of honorary degree
2013-10-02 Afghan miners killed in coal mine collapse
2013-09-25 Britain's Olympic medals mining company in court in Utah
2013-09-16 Lawsuit filed in Sweden for arsenic poisoning in Chile
2013-09-16 China embarks on cutting industrial production, targeting polluters
2013-09-14 USA & China Bans New Coal Plants
2013-09-14 Former Massey coal executive sentenced to three years in prison for endangering miners' lives
2013-09-10 South Africa: AngloGold Toxic Mine-Waste Spill
2013-09-01 Kazakhstan: The cost of being the world's No.1 uranium producer
2013-08-14 Philippines: Glencore Xstrata further delayed over Tampakan
2013-08-14 City in Russia Unable to Kick Asbestos Habit
2013-08-14 A decade after Jabiluka success Kakadu still faces radioactive risk
2013-08-07 South Africa to start pumping acid water from disused mines
2013-08-07 Vedanta struggles through AGM as Dongria Kondh say no
2013-07-29 Public trust crisis threatens China's nuclear power ambitions
2013-07-28 Mitigating Coal: a few steps forward, many steps back...
2013-07-17 Chile: Barrick Gold's Pascua-Lama mine formally suspended by court
2013-07-09 Philippines: Once more to the barricades
2013-07-09 Dump Now, Pay Later - Coal Ash Disposal Risks Facing U.S. Electric Power Producers
2013-07-09 New Zealand: Bankrupt Pike River Coal ordered to pay victim compensation
2013-07-09 Greenpeace takes on deep sea mining
2013-07-09 Indonesia allows Freeport to restart underground mining after accident
2013-06-28 India: Vedanta resumes operations at Tuticorin smelter
2013-06-24 Indonesian government clears Grasberg mine to reopen
2013-06-19 Indonesia: Freeport mine stays closed after accident
2013-06-19 Xstrata mining emissions causing lead poisoning in Mount Isa children: report
2013-06-18 No meeting of minds at the 2013 Antofagasta AGM
2013-06-06 Appeals court sharpens Schmidheiny sentence
2013-06-03 New accident jeopardizes Freeport-Rio Tinto's Papuan mine
2013-06-03 Philippines: New threats for anti-mining advocates
2013-05-28 Chinese officials "walk the talk" at home and abroad
2013-05-21 London Calling on a Tale of Two Disasters
2013-05-21 Protests over bank investment in coal
2013-05-21 Toxic Waste Sites in Poor Nations Cause Child Disease, Death
2013-05-21 Chinese protests mount as province suspends coal production
2013-05-21 Philippines: Same problems, new mine
2013-05-13 India reverses stand on asbestos at Rotterdam Convention meet
2013-05-13 Vedanta shouldn't be allowed to re-open polluting Indian smelter
2013-05-07 London Calling on the Zimbabwe-UK asbestos scandal
2013-05-07 US report shows water treatment costs as much as $67 billion/year
2013-05-07 Greenland: 48 NGOs call for continuation of zero tolerance uranium policy in the Danish realm
2013-05-07 Burma: more strife around Letpadaung copper mine
2013-04-28 Philippines: The Assault on the Mining Act Continues
2013-04-28 Australian uranium industry's poor record demands inquiry
2013-04-28 Six million Chinese workers are victims of pneumoconiosis
2013-04-22 Rio Tinto in the dock on environment and human rights
2013-04-22 London Calling sees the Grey Man Cometh
2013-04-15 Finland: Talvivaara slumps to record low on further leak
2013-04-15 Rio Tinto's Utah copper mine evacuated after land slide
2013-04-15 Vedanta faces India's Green Tribunal over smelter disaster
2013-04-09 Canadian miner sues its own government
2013-04-09 New Zealand PM: Alumininum smelter "must stand on its own two feet"
2013-04-09 Is China losing its battle against state-backed polluters?
2013-04-09 Brazil's environmental watchdog levels $10m fine on Anglo American over port accident
2013-04-09 Toxic Smoke Covers Northern Armenian Town
2013-04-01 Tibet landslide buries 83 gold miners; China mine blast kills 28
2013-04-01 Philippines: More questions, and a few answers
2013-04-01 Vedanta Indian copper smelter closed, following toxic leak
2013-04-01 Peru: mercury poisoning, civil strife, and a polluting plant...
2013-03-19 PNG: Ok Tedi mine a curse
2013-03-19 United front forms against Quebec uranium mining
2013-03-19 Zambia: Are Chinese miners the worst human rights abusers?
2013-03-19 India: coal-fired power "kills up to 115,000 citizens" a year
2013-03-11 Uranium mining companies again threaten Navajo Nation
2013-03-05 Chinese coal miner deaths go down - by a third
2013-03-05 Australia: Mining bosses face jail over safety
2013-03-05 Indian contract workers are joining mining unions
2013-03-05 Philippines: Payments to the military unveiled by Tampakan enquiry
2013-02-25 Kyrgyz parliament votes to renegotiate Kumtor mine contract
2013-02-25 Rinehart Coal Mine Draws Environmentalists' Opposition
2013-02-25 Politics hamper bid to unlock French coal mine gas riches
2013-02-19 World Bank-IFC urged to refuse funding for Rio Tinto's Mongolian mine
2013-02-19 Philippines: one mine disaster after another
2013-02-11 Smog worsens as China flags peak in coal usage
2013-02-11 Niger wants to renegotiate Areva partnership terms
2013-02-04 Philippines: Another killing at Xstrata's Tamapakan mine
2013-02-04 USA: Navajos and Appalachians protest Peabody Coal
2013-01-28 First UN Treaty on Mercury Control
2013-01-28 Greenpeace report: Coal projects' threat to the climate
2013-01-28 USA: Results of Federal Clean up of Navajo Uranium Contamination
2013-01-28 More deaths around Freeport's notorious Grasberg mine
2013-01-14 Mercury poisoning and the gold curse
2013-01-14 Eight workers killed in Turkish mining disaster
2013-01-07 Are we all going to climate hell in a handcart?
2013-01-07 South Africa: Class action motion filed against gold companies
2013-01-07 India - Relaxation in green norms "to boost Coal India output"
2013-01-07 Coal seam gas mining may risk ocean life: report
2012-12-27 How did Vedanta grab India's richest oilfields?
2012-12-27 China: Study on premature deaths reveals health impact of PM2.5
2012-12-27 Papua New Guinea: OK Tedi - Up The Fly Without A Paddle
2012-12-27 US-Canada: Colville Tribes Win against Teck Metals
2012-12-27 Vedanta found guilty of grave safety breaches in India
2012-12-17 When will Taseko vacate Tsilhqot'in territory?
2012-12-11 Asbestos: International protest to WHO falls on death ears
2012-12-11 London Calling issues a Public Health Warning
2012-12-04 Chinese city publishes vital pollution data - are other reforms on the way?
2012-12-04 Death metal: tin mining in Indonesia
2012-12-04 Talvivaara postpones mining restart at Finland plant
2012-11-19 Digging work suspended at Barrick's Pascua Lama mine
2012-11-19 Philippines: Visiting Canadian MP told to regulate mining companies
2012-11-19 The elephant in all our rooms
2012-11-19 Malaysian Court declines appeal against Lynas
2012-11-19 Vedanta pipeline bursts, spraying toxic ash over Indian farmland
2012-11-12 Finland: London mining company accused of "serious environmental crime"
2012-11-11 Surely asbestos mining is now on the way out?
2012-11-11 New Zealand: Negligent safety standards led to coal mine disaster
2012-11-05 Philippines: Gold, Copper and Death
2012-11-05 What to do about the tailings between our legs?
2012-11-05 Malawi: is Paladin's uranium mine "headed for disaster"?
2012-11-01 Pollution "as big a health problem" as malaria,TB
2012-10-23 Philippines: Tampakan violence claims the lives of tribal woman and her children
2012-10-23 Last Quebec asbestos mine abandons plan to re-open
2012-10-23 From Bougainville to Ok Tedi via Grasberg
2012-10-23 India's poisonous coal use set to increase
2012-10-16 South African mineworkers' malaise
2012-10-16 Italian court imposes clean-up deadline on cement plant
2012-10-16 Malaysian court delays controversial rare earths plant
2012-10-16 Ghanaian Forum calls for major mining reforms
2012-10-16 Mining and the Chile Effect
2012-10-16 Chinese workers will carry coals for Canada
2012-10-08 World Bank funding for mining projects blasted by UK group
2012-10-08 Serbians Unite Against Nickel Extraction
2012-10-08 Philippines Mining: Damning Conclusions
2012-10-02 ILVA steel "clean-up" plan booted out by Italian judge
2012-10-02 Lynas slumps as court delays Malaysian plant
2012-09-24 Polish ministries clash over the "green" and the black
2012-09-24 Europe's largest steel plant founders on pollution charges
2012-09-20 The End of Quebec Asbetos Mining and Exports?
2012-09-18 New Philippine mining rules, but will anything change?
2012-09-18 India's state of Goa shuts all iron mines
2012-09-18 Canada: B.C. mining giant admits polluting U.S. waters
2012-09-12 Lynas OK to operate controversial rare earths plant in Malaysia
2012-09-04 Vedanta Resources holds its 2012 AGM
2012-08-28 US court strikes down EPA rule on coal pollution
2012-08-21 Landslide deaths much higher than previously thought
2012-08-21 US: Scouting for - and against - coal
2012-08-21 DR Congo mine collapse kills at least 60
2012-08-13 French health expert refuses Legion d'Honneur
2012-08-13 Ghana: 3,000 fish allegedly killed by cyanide at Newmont mine
2012-08-13 Rare-earth mining in China comes at a heavy cost for local villages
2012-08-13 India: Tata's Mundra goes under full World Bank audit
2012-08-13 Philippines: A flood of mining problems
2012-08-13 Canadian Cree Nation declares Permanent Uranium Moratorium
2012-08-06 Canada: Concerns about loan to reopen Jeffrey Asbestos Mine
2012-08-06 USA: One in five streams damaged by mine pollution in SW Virginia
2012-08-06 Zimbabwe: Scientific Report shows Water Pollution by Marange Diamond Companies
2012-08-06 USA: CO2 emissions are falling
2012-08-06 Elephants, rhinos, environment under threat from 60 million tons of radioactive waste
2012-08-06 India's big power blackout: Why coal hasn't been a savior
2012-08-06 China: Landslide hits iron ore mine in Xinyuan
2012-08-01 Ghana's Gold Fields must shut cyanide heap-leach plant
2012-08-01 Antamina pipeline rupture affects 52 people in Santa Rosa
2012-08-01 Taseko Mines' Draft Environmental Impact Statement proves issues are not being addressed
2012-07-24 Vedanta accused of further serious violations in India
2012-07-24 A Lizard seeks revenge on BHP Billiton
2012-07-24 Canadian Cree renew opposition to Matoush uranium project
2012-07-17 Indian Human Rights Commission raps denial of silicosis deaths
2012-07-17 US pro-coal companies turn to even dirtier tactics
2012-07-11 China copper factory construction halted amid violent protests
2012-07-11 Mining claim markers killing millions of birds in U.S. West
2012-07-11 Canada's Quebec government funds killer industry
2012-07-11 Indian coal-fired plant ordered shut, though dust hasn't yet settled
2012-07-11 Chile: Mining-related coal-fired power plants dealt heavy blows
2012-07-11 Eminent Indian panel finds Tata Mundra poses high social, environmental, economic risks
2012-07-03 Canada promotes asbestos, even while acknowledging its dangers
2012-07-03 US: Further legislation will curb dependence on coal
2012-07-03 Kyrgyzstan's uranium disaster defies long-term solution
2012-06-26 Rio Tinto's "Great Olympic Greenwash"
2012-06-19 Another blow for Xstrata's Tampakan project ...
2012-06-19 US coal lobby goes naked into the conference chamber
2012-06-12 Cree First Nation Says "No" to Uranium Power
2012-06-05 Clash intensifies over cost, impacts of giant Indian coal-fired power plant
2012-06-05 USA: The biggest climate victory you never heard of
2012-05-29 Philippines: Getting away with murder
2012-05-22 Goan farmers fear environmental disaster, courtesy Vedanta
2012-05-22 Are China's "instant" buildings too good to be true?
2012-05-22 Aid group slams Nigeria for lead poisoning
2012-05-22 Finnish Mining Boom Prompts Regulation Backlash on Polluters
2012-05-15 Vedanta Aluminium's Indian safety record is tarnished
2012-05-15 Citizen Backlash Keeps Malaysia Rare Earth Plant On Hold
2012-05-15 Will Vale be forced to abort Apolo mission?
2012-05-15 NGO urges compensation for Areva's Niger staff
2012-05-08 Philippines: Miners and military create refugees
2012-05-08 China:CNMC Public Listing Needs Investor Vigilance
2012-05-08 Vedanta charges ahead in India
2012-05-08 US banks risk public health and climate by financing coal
2012-05-01 Into the Vale of Death and Destruction
2012-05-01 How Oregon can generate a low-carbon future by going coal-free
2012-04-24 Once more into the breach - Vedanta
2012-04-24 Rio Tinto gets no Medals from its critics
2012-04-24 Anglo American workers and shareholders demand silicosis compensation
2012-04-24 DRC: Mining giant Glencore accused in child labour and acid dumping row
2012-04-24 Shareholders Say Guatemalans Should Not Have to Pay for Goldcorp's Mess
2012-04-18 Indonesian groups condemn court ruling over Newmont's waste disposal
2012-04-18 SA acid mine water crisis: Ecological mine disaster expected
2012-04-18 US Big Coal's Cult of Death - killing a Mountain
2012-04-18 Green groups sue US EPA over coal ash pollution
2012-04-11 US uranium mines still imperil Navajo land and people
2012-04-11 Sierra Leone's glittering prizes
2012-04-11 Doe Run, déjà vu?
2012-04-11 Philippines: Mining abuses continue with no promised changes in the law
2012-04-02 Canada: Lake killing made easy
2012-04-02 US and China take steps to reduce lead pollution
2012-04-02 USA proposes carbon pollution standard for future power plants
2012-03-27 Pollution the big barrier to freer trade in rare earths
2012-03-27 As the mountains fall in Appalachia
2012-03-27 Lawyer prepares silicosis class action suit against top South Africa miners
2012-03-20 China: Thousands protest coal-fired power plant
2012-03-20 EPA Adds Nine Hazardous Waste Sites to Superfund List
2012-03-20 Romanian revolutionary rebels against Canadian mining project
2012-03-20 Will new UN initiative to recycle E-Wastes succeed?
2012-03-20 Peru: Three dead, many injured, as smallscale miners clash with police
2012-03-14 Zambia shuts Mopani Copper plant on pollution violations
2012-03-14 Mining protests in Madre de Dios region, Peru
2012-03-06 Canada:Vale to blame for double mine fatalities, claims Union
2012-03-06 Vedanta betrays the people - yet again!
2012-03-06 In Peru, one of the world's worst polluters is set to reopen
2012-03-06 Bangladesh open-pit coal mine threatens fundamental rights, warn UN experts
2012-02-28 Malaysia: Opposition rises to proposed "radioactive" plant
2012-02-28 Eritrea: Where did Nevsun's gold go?
2012-02-28 USA: Navajo, Environmental Organizations Partner to Appeal Peabody's Kayenta Coal Permit
2012-02-28 Canada: A daughter of Elliot Lake recalls uranium's deadly toll
2012-02-20 World's biggest asbestos trial sees two billionaires sentenced to prison
2012-02-20 Alumbrera in distress, Argentina
2012-02-20 World Bank/IFC gets hauled over the Indian coals
2012-02-14 USA: coal seam mining ban introduced to Tennessee Legislature
2012-02-14 Connecting the world with African mining
2012-02-07 Malaysia: Rare Earths proposal meets major opposition
2012-01-31 Dominican Republic: Fears over the Future with Falcondo
2012-01-23 Vedanta in India: a bad project is given thumbs-down
2012-01-23 Massive protests against cyanide and open pit mining in Bariloche, Argentina
2012-01-23 Australian gold mines' tarnished glitter
2012-01-16 US government imposes Grand Canyon uranium ban
2012-01-16 Philippines: No Local Government Consent, No Mining
2012-01-16 Ghana: Residents along "polluted river" threaten to deal with Newmont
2012-01-16 Victims of Chinese mine disasters get compensation
2012-01-16 Rio Tinto hits a snag in US copper mine clean-up
2012-01-16 Chile's Sernageomin "lacked seriousness in Mina Invierno evaluation"
2012-01-10 Will it all come out in the wash?
2011-12-27 Armenia's Prized Lake Threatened by Mining
2011-12-27 South Asia's most ambitious industrial project raises many fears
2011-12-27 Bangladeshi activists demonstrate in London against GCM Resources
2011-12-27 Doe Run Perú's future looking gloomy, lawyer says
2011-12-27 US sets out to curb toxic emissions from burning coal
2011-12-27 Ok Tedi pays compensation to Papua New Guinea villagers
2011-12-20 Let there be No CoAL for South Africa!
2011-12-20 Mali's children "risk life and limb" in pursuit of gold
2011-12-20 China: Toxic Copper Mining Grips "Mother River"
2011-12-12 Coal mining has killed 90 Mexicans since 2006
2011-12-12 Massey Energy fined US$10.8 million for worst mining disaster in 40 years
2011-12-12 Is Canadian mining company defending the indefensible in Eritrea?
2011-12-12 Canada promotes deadly mineral trade with India
2011-12-05 South Africa: Coal mining creates toxic crisis for country's rivers
2011-12-05 Bulgaria: Small-town Women Mayors Lead Opposition to Canadian mine
2011-12-05 Who needs coal? Who needs nuclear?
2011-11-30 Philippines: Potential new policies, but same old stories
2011-11-21 Protests against Chinese-owned iron project in Armenia
2011-11-21 Mining's toxic sludge threatens Johannesburg
2011-11-21 S.Africa's gold miners denied access to silicosis checks
2011-11-21 More "accidents" at Vedanta's Indian copper smelter
2011-11-14 Ridding the world of nuclear threats?
2011-11-14 US miners continue being sacrificed to coal
2011-11-14 China: Yunnan gas-leak mine was 'illegal'
2011-11-14 Zambia: Workers detail abuse in Chinese-owned mines
2011-11-14 Heavy Metals Pollute A Tenth Of China's Farmland-Report
2011-11-14 Philippines: Where is the safety?
2011-11-08 Trapped and killed in China's coal fields
2011-11-08 Canadian Opposition Parties Call for Asbestos Sales Ban
2011-11-08 Swings and Roundabouts at US Environmental Agency
2011-10-31 Basel amendment on hazardous waste moves dramatically closer to implementation
2011-10-31 India: France and the Fukushima factor
2011-10-25 Protesters, Colombian leader, target BHP Billiton's AGM
2011-10-25 Albanian miners blasted in chrome mine explosion
2011-10-25 'Our suffering is for ever', mined-out town tells De Beers in South Africa
2011-10-25 Australian coal blasting stopped until risk 'acceptable'
2011-10-25 Settling mining damages, the US way
2011-10-18 Massey employee convicted in Upper Big Branch mine investigation
2011-10-18 Inco-Vale decision overturned by Ontario's highest court
2011-10-18 US citizens face biggest health threat for years, after Republican backlash
2011-10-10 Baljit Chadha's Canadian asbestos gamble
2011-10-05 Philippines: Details of the Tampakan project challenged
2011-10-05 Miner dies at UK Coal Yorkshire colliery
2011-10-05 Vedanta's refinery expansion plan suffers another setback
2011-10-05 $1 million lawsuit filed against Xstrata over Mount Isa lead poisoning
2011-09-26 US companies "poisoned" Chinese children and water
2011-09-26 Don't forget the victims of dust - they also suffered
2011-09-26 South Africa gold miners sue Anglo American in London
2011-09-26 Goldcorp Removed from Dow Jones Sustainability Index
2011-09-19 Mining disaster returns to Wales
2011-09-12 Poisonous chromium is blighting 12 Chinese provinces
2011-09-12 Exposing the hidden destructiveness of 11 September 2011
2011-09-12 Glencore's sorry record of fatalities and fines
2011-09-12 Navajo woman helps prompt uranium mine cleanup
2011-09-12 Human bricks in China's walls
2011-09-06 Papua New Guinea earmarks mineral rights for its indigenous peoples
2011-09-06 Bangladesh: Remembering the Phulbari killings
2011-09-06 Malawian community takes on miners
2011-08-30 Vedanta guilty of violations at Indian copper smelter
2011-08-30 Big Coal "puts mining before water needs of Alabama"
2011-08-30 Miner "transferred" after exposing inhuman conditions at Ukraine disaster mine
2011-08-23 Canada continues promoting deadly asbestos mining
2011-08-23 India's Karnataka assaulted by "Iron Fist" - Report
2011-08-23 China is being wasted by its Dam disasters
2011-08-23 ARMZ and the Man - Tanzanians against uranium
2011-08-23 Australians ignite around Coal and Food
2011-08-23 Indonesia cracks down on "illegal" small-scale miners
2011-08-08 Ukraine: the world's deadliest coal
2011-08-08 Outrage at Ivanhoe-Rio Tinto's dirty Burma deal
2011-08-01 New Burma coal project threatens thousands of people
2011-08-01 Contaminated River In China Sparks Panic Buying Of Water
2011-08-01 Canada's last functional asbestos mine about to run dry
2011-08-01 Ukraine coal mine disasters claim at least 27 lives
2011-08-01 Vedanta thrashed, as board clashes with shareholders
2011-07-25 Vedanta mine disaster in Goa is greeted by corporate lies and civil outrage
2011-07-18 Vedanta accused of polluting Andhra Pradesh
2011-07-18 Mongolia mines pose threats on several fronts
2011-07-18 Taiwan battery plant probed for lead poisoning
2011-07-11 For South Africa's sickened gold miners, a long wait for justice
2011-07-11 Italian court seeks 20-year terms for asbestos poisoners
2011-07-11 Chinese Mongolians "beaten" for protesting mine pollution
2011-07-04 Massey accused of criminal acts leading to US mine disaster
2011-07-04 ICEM Condemns Tactics in Australia Coal Talks
2011-07-04 China's Inner Mongolia closes 200 non-coal mines in safety overhaul
2011-06-28 Canada blocks move to deem asbestos hazardous
2011-06-28 Moratorium Extended at Grand Canyon
2011-06-28 Young Bolivians work for one of "world's most dangerous mines"
2011-06-28 Titanium mining hurts Vietnamese farmers
2011-06-20 Guatemala: why doesn't the government close Marlin down?
2011-06-20 Lead Poisoning in China: The Hidden Scourge
2011-06-20 Settlement for $263 Million in favour of Idaho Tribes after 20 years lawsuit
2011-06-20 Recycled U.S. battery lead is poisoning Mexico: Report
2011-06-13 EIB halts Glencore lending on governance concerns
2011-06-07 Lead strikes again in China
2011-05-30 Papua New Guinea politicians demand Ok Tedi mine close in 2013
2011-05-30 US Pension funds demand justice from Massey Energy
2011-05-30 How much are human rights worth in Brazil's mining industry?
2011-05-30 Thumbs up - and down - for global coal
2011-05-30 Fukushima chills uranium development
2011-05-24 Vedanta - once more unto the breach!
2011-05-24 Tanzania: Murders at North Mara
2011-05-24 Navajo Group to Take Uranium Mine Challenge to Human Rights Commission
2011-05-24 Renting Bangladesh Asunder?
2011-05-24 Reclaiming childhood from the pits of Jharkhand
2011-05-17 Is US coal set to flow abroad?
2011-05-17 US$4.6 million fine upheld against Zijin over poisoning
2011-05-17 Pressure builds on Goldcorp, just before its AGM
2011-05-10 The aftermath of another mining disaster in the Philippines
2011-05-10 'Modern slavery' and fatal explosions in Mexican coal mines
2011-05-10 Minas de carbón clandestinas, sarcófagos abiertos en México
2011-05-10 Chinese coal mine cover-up
2011-05-10 Is US coal coming under control?
2011-05-02 India: Anguish in Angul - and elsewhere in Orissa
2011-05-02 Global gold supremo faces its critics
2011-05-02 South Africa: Companies Profit from Toxic Water
2011-05-02 ThyssenKrupp's Italian CEO convicted of homicide
2011-04-27 Renco files for arbitration against Peru over Andean smelter
2011-04-27 The Great 1872 US Resources Giveaway
2011-04-27 Concessions and counter attack mark Anglo American AGM
2011-04-27 Terra Firma Withdraws from Restigouche
2011-04-27 Newmont Under Fire for Waste Disposal Practices in Indonesia
2011-04-27 Indian health experts deplore Canadian asbestos move
2011-04-18 Is Rio Tinto Running Scared? (It ought to be)
2011-04-12 What's China been up to in the mining world?
2011-04-12 Zambia drops shooting charges against Chinese mine bosses
2011-04-12 In the wake of Fukushima, what future for Canadian uranium?
2011-04-12 Chile: Pollution and gas leak hit community
2011-04-04 Canada: Telling lies about Asbestos
2011-04-04 Putin Vows To Get Rid Of Polluting Companies
2011-04-04 Global Unions to hold Chile accountable on mine safety
2011-03-28 Glencore accused of rights abuses in DR Congo
2011-03-28 Glimmer of justice for sick gold miners
2011-03-28 Massive explosion kills 52 mineworkers in Balochistan
2011-03-22 Zijin Mining to face court case on tailings dam accident
2011-03-22 EPA Requires U.S. Power Plants Cut Toxic Emissions
2011-03-14 Deadly materials - the urgent need for control
2011-03-14 Uranium Meltdown in Japan
2011-03-14 Cyanide spill shuts Simberi mine in PNG
2011-03-14 US mountain-top removal prompts legal action
2011-03-08 Montana state Senate OKs bill modifying ban on cyanide
2011-03-08 ThyssenKrupp, Vale and the 'Metal Rain' in Rio de Janeiro
2011-03-08 Tackling South Africa's Tchernobyl
2011-03-08 Tayloring a new Panguna mine for Bougainville
2011-03-01 China Plans To Rein In Heavy Metal Pollution
2011-03-01 South Africa Plans Urgent Clean-Up Of Toxic Mine Liquid
2011-02-22 Successful establishment of the Kgalagadi Relief Trust
2011-02-21 A Valentine day's present from the US EPA
2011-02-21 US protestors "go to the Mountain top"
2011-02-21 What happened at the 2011 World Social Forum?
2011-02-21 They're not rare and they're not earths - and the scenario is set to change
2011-02-21 Sulphur mining in an active volcano
2011-02-14 Virginians band together to maintain uranium moratorium
2011-02-14 Rio Tinto rejects Aboriginal poison water concerns
2011-02-07 From Quebec to India - Merchants of Death
2011-02-07 Numerous complaints made against Gabon manganese mining
2011-02-07 London Calling deplores the Human Rights Watch 2010 Report
2011-02-07 Hidden Valley leaves disadvantaged communities 'worse off'
2011-02-07 Norilsk Nickel: The Soviet Legacy of Industrial Pollution
2011-01-31 An unholy alliance?
2011-01-31 Burma's biggest open-cast coal mine 'poisoning rivers'
2011-01-31 China: a state of "tailings disaster"
2011-01-31 Colombia: Explosion kills 21 Coal Miners
2011-01-31 Will BHP Billiton's shameful Indonesian mining legacy finally be addressed?
2011-01-25 76% of Quebeckers oppose government financing for the Jeffrey asbestos mine
2011-01-25 Doe Run's Latest Move
2011-01-25 US EPA Blasted as It Revokes Mine's Permit
2011-01-25 Rains bring South African acid mine spillage closer
2011-01-17 Bosses charged in Zambia mine shooting skip court
2011-01-17 Thai lead polluter finally ordered to pay compensation
2011-01-10 Australian lead producer ordered to stop mining - again
2011-01-10 Shanghai Pushing Gold to $1,600 Thwarts Fight to Shut Mines
2011-01-10 Confronting mercury poisoning in Colombia & Zimbabwe
2011-01-10 DRC wikileak reveals a uranium scandal
2011-01-10 Chile: Partnerships between small miners not feasible, says sector president
2010-12-27 Is this the "new face" of Chinese mining in Africa?
2010-12-27 A double exodus for Doe Run?
2010-12-27 Armenia - digging a deep hole in search of uranium
2010-12-27 Vedanta: serial offending in Zambia too?
2010-12-27 EPA clamps down on gold mines' mercury emissions
2010-12-21 Appalachian Coal: An Insult to Their Memory
2010-12-21 Tar: Another face of deadly coal
2010-12-21 London Calling asks why "Save the Children" isn't doing just that?
2010-12-21 How many Chinese lives is a Westerner's worth?
2010-12-13 Asian anti-asbestos delegation headed to Quebec
2010-12-13 Deadly Saskatchewan uranium in Iraq
2010-12-13 Federal prosecutors seek suspension of Vale´s Paragominas bauxite complex, Brazil
2010-12-13 New study claims Vedanta smelter "endangers human health"
2010-12-06 China's coal industry urgently requires reform
2010-12-06 Canada: Matoush Uranium Project Should be Rejected
2010-11-29 Rising waters, mounting fears, flow from South Africa's mining legacy
2010-11-29 Aotearoa/New Zealand in mourning over 29 Perished Coal Miners
2010-11-29 Peru protest against Tia Maria continues
2010-11-29 In the US new and existing coal plants will run for years
2010-11-29 Filipinos present a house resolution for coal-power moratorium
2010-11-22 Aotearoa/New Zealand: Coal mine explosion traps 27 workers
2010-11-22 US: toxic lead is affecting eleven states
2010-11-22 Zambia: behind the Collum coal mine shootings
2010-11-22 Protests at BHP's Australian annual general meeting
2010-11-22 Doe Run faces its Peruvian victims in US court
2010-11-22 Tiara residents suffer from mining contamination, Venezuela
2010-11-16 Fear Darkens Czech Uranium Mining Town
2010-11-16 China "leads the world" on clean energy policy
2010-11-08 Coal and climate change
2010-11-08 Turkish mine plan arouses vigorous citizen opposition
2010-11-08 World's "worst" mining company in the dock - again!
2010-11-01 Cemex gets blasted in Dominican Republic & US
2010-11-01 Two year investigation sees nine charged over international electrical waste dumping
2010-11-01 China's environmental policy hits coking coal supply
2010-10-25 Vedanta off the hook in Tamil Nadu - but only for a while
2010-10-25 Doe Run - Lead Producer to Pay $7M Fine, Spend $65M on Cleanups
2010-10-25 BHP Billiton in the firing line: 2010 style
2010-10-25 San Miguel buys into contentious Philippine mine
2010-10-25 Zambia: Chinese managers arrested for shooting protesting mineworkers
2010-10-25 Chile post the "miracle": sordid allegations emerge
2010-10-25 President Aquino called to action on mining
2010-10-18 Chile's mendacious "miracle"
2010-10-18 Many mining deaths go unrecorded: ICEM
2010-10-18 Dead:Four miners trapped in a collapsed Ecuador mine
2010-10-18 Titanium mine incident floods nearby village in Mozambique
2010-10-18 Deaths in China coal mine accident
2010-10-18 Children in Nigeria continue dying from lead poisoning
2010-10-18 US coal companies charged with causing massive water pollution
2010-10-18 Red Mud Disaster: Hungary aims to take-over culprit company
2010-10-18 Zijin Mining fined $1.4m for July gold mine spill
2010-10-18 Indian NGOs press red button on alumina sludge
2010-10-10 Hungary's "worst ever" ecological disaster should concern us all
2010-10-10 Union supports Doe Run Peru's restructuring
2010-10-10 Australian state government bans uranium mine
2010-10-04 Pit mine collapse kills 6, injures 3 and 4 missing-Burundi
2010-10-04 Indian court orders closure of Vedanta's "polluting" copper plant
2010-10-04 "No Coal!" - protests from the ocean to the White House
2010-10-04 The dangers of manganese
2010-10-04 Donkeys Work
2010-10-04 Trapped: Workers for Chile's ill-fated mining company face another kind of disaster
2010-10-04 Is this the 'death knell for asbestos'?
2010-09-27 Navajos Ask Supreme Court to Protect Drinking Water From Uranium
2010-09-27 Armenian & Serbs oppose revival of mining plans
2010-09-27 How may the law be served, if justice is denied?
2010-09-27 China's Zijin causes yet more pollution
2010-09-20 The Nyamgiri struggle may be over
2010-09-20 No sign of an end to the Cananea conflict
2010-09-20 Argentina Revives Its Nuclear Energy Ambitions
2010-09-14 Everything Vedanta touches turns to ashes!
2010-09-14 London Calling proffers a history lesson on South Africa's toxic tailings
2010-09-14 Indonesian government accuses company of cyanide poisoning
2010-09-05 Trapped: The Chilean Mining Tragedy
2010-09-05 UK safety organisation makes an appalling error
2010-08-30 Dark Materials: the consequences of clinging to coal
2010-08-30 In north China, corruption rules the coal mines
2010-08-30 Reducing coal use - through the back door
2010-08-30 Laying siege against coal mining in Bangladesh
2010-08-30 US environment agency defends its stance against coal
2010-08-22 Peruvian workers revolt against Chinese mine control
2010-08-16 Australian Aboriginal communities want a stop to new uranium mining
2010-08-16 Good news! US EPA finalizes rules cutting mercury from cement
2010-08-16 Mining "accidents" may be increasing
2010-08-08 Peru cancels US mining company's smelter license
2010-08-08 Police Detain Zijin Mining Official as 'Suspect' in Probe of Toxic Spill
2010-08-02 Lead poisoning strikes 84 Chinese children in Yunnan
2010-08-02 Trafigura found guilty in toxic waste dumping tragedy
2010-07-24 South African Government forced to deal with acid mine drainage
2010-07-24 Massey mine workers disabled safety monitor
2010-07-24 Armenians up in arms against uranium plans
2010-07-17 China: pollution and protests increase
2010-07-17 EU Commission refuses ban on cyanide in gold
2010-07-17 More lead poisoning and slave labour reported from China
2010-07-17 The Dark Side of Colombian Gold
2010-07-09 Canadian citizens awarded $36-million in suit against Inco
2010-07-09 Medical associations call for ban on Canadian asbestos mining
2010-07-04 Global trade unions demand sustainability and justice
2010-07-04 Zimbabwe to start diamond exports despite Kimberley Process deadlock
2010-07-04 Tailings dam collapses in Huancavelica, Peru
2010-07-04 South Cotabato governor signs ban on open-pit mining, Philippines
2010-06-26 Colombia: 73 workers die in Coal Mine Blast
2010-06-26 US: Massey tries escaping penalties for killing employees
2010-06-26 Guatemala: Goldcorp's Marlin mine is suspended
2010-06-19 Kazakhstan bakes biggest yellowcakes on earth
2010-06-19 Unprecedented lead poisoning strikes Nigerian villages
2010-06-19 Abandoned Bougainville mine still an environmental headache
2010-06-19 Peruvian workers launch blockade, reject relocation program in La Oroya
2010-06-19 Australian union declares uranium to be the new "asbestos"
2010-06-11 Macedonia Town Raises Funds for Lawsuit Against State
2010-06-11 Zimbabwe meets diamond trade standards - monitor
2010-06-11 Deathbed reprieve for Canada's killer industry?
2010-06-11 Mexicans Protest Toxic Waste Plant
2010-06-04 African mining may be driving TB epidemic: study
2010-06-04 Navajo protest the expansion of domestic uranium mining, USA
2010-05-29 Chinese government official criticizes country's coal mine safety record
2010-05-29 3 environmental inspectors, aide killed in Mexico while investigating mining complaint
2010-05-29 Kakadu being poisoned by Rio Tinto mine, group warns
2010-05-29 International rights body calls for suspension of Goldcorp mine
2010-05-29 Evidence given of duplicity at Massey mine in Congressional Hearing, US
2010-05-29 Police open fire at Tibetans protesting cement factory pollution
2010-05-29 Two statements to UN CSD on Indigenous Peoples & uranium
2010-05-23 Indonesian NGO reports seven mining firms to minister
2010-05-23 Residents' fears over Australian coal mines
2010-05-23 Goldcorp fights off calls for indigenous consent
2010-05-23 Greenpeace alerts WHO over Areva Niger mines
2010-05-23 Filipinos still seeking justice for 1993 Marcopper tragedy
2010-05-20 At least 66 dead in Russian coal mining disaster
2010-05-07 Massey stocks plummet on criminal probe news
2010-05-07 Colorado Enacts Law Replacing Coal Power with Cleaner Energy
2010-05-01 Anglo American challenged at 2010 AGM
2010-05-01 Interior Moving to Curb Coal Mining Pollution, US
2010-05-01 International Open Letter of Those Affected by Vale
2010-05-01 Supreme Court of Jujuy Province Halts Uranium Mining, Argentina
2010-04-24 Squeaky - but far from clean
2010-04-18 The Great US Coal Disaster
2010-04-18 Mexico's Amber Miners Risk Their Lives for $12 a Day
2010-04-18 Uranium still at the heart of Niger conflict
2010-04-08 Shanxi coal disaster
2010-04-08 Trafigura penetrates further into Peru
2010-04-08 EPA unveils new pollution limits that could curtail 'mountaintop' mining
2010-04-08 Blood on the Coal: a special feature
2010-03-31 Borneo bears the brunt of "Deadly Coal"
2010-03-31 Canadian doctors renew threat to resign over uranium
2010-03-24 The shine keeps coming off Canada's gold miners
2010-03-24 Mexico's mining giant indicted by workers
2010-03-18 Newmont accused of "acts of intimidation and harassment" against community critics in Ghana
2010-03-18 Peru: No date set to resume La Oroya smelter as Glencore steps in
2010-03-05 Obama's uranium power plan will set US back thirty years
2010-03-02 Toxic e-wastes burden headed for dramatic rise
2010-03-02 French nuclear power fed by uranium from Niger
2010-03-02 Widows of miners killed in blast sue Grupo Mexico
2010-03-02 Groups ID Toxic Coal Ash Sites in 14 States, Demand Regulations
2010-02-23 Asia Inhales While the West Bans the Deadly Carcinogen
2010-02-23 Uranium leak at Ranger '5400 times normal level'
2010-02-15 China: Work safety gaps suffocate miners
2010-02-15 Mining lobby group advocates engaging with artisanal miners
2010-01-31 US firm kicked out of Peru mining group for pollution
2010-01-31 Locals plan to sue mine over 'toxic metal'
2010-01-25 Water contamination at Goldcorp mine in Siria Valley, Honduras
2010-01-25 Chinese jeweller allegedly "swaps" one toxic metal for another
2010-01-11 US: The war on lead advances to a new level
2010-01-11 Peruvian organisation may expel polluting US firm
2010-01-11 Disaster strikes down workers at Russian mine, part-owned by football billionaire
2010-01-11 Guyana to increase oversight of gold mining under deal to save forests with Norway
2010-01-11 Mentally disabled murdered in China's coal mines
2009-12-14 Turin trial opens over asbestos deaths
2009-12-14 Quebec health officials denounce asbestos
2009-11-30 Over 100 coal miners die in China blast
2009-11-23 Norway's Pension Fund Pulls Investment in Norilsk Nickel
2009-11-23 Lead poisoning predicted to rise in developing countries
2009-11-23 Vedanta tells Indian court it can't obey clean-up order
2009-11-23 Indian network seeks ban on all asbestos imports from Canada
2009-11-23 Vedanta officials charged with culpable homicide over Indian disaster
2009-11-09 Lead mining: more ugly truths
2009-11-09 Argentina: Lead poisoning and human rights abuses at Abra Pampa
2009-11-09 Vedanta's top dog is biting on coal
2009-11-02 Washington gets heavy on toxic metals discharges
2009-11-02 World’s largest mining company challenged at AGM
2009-11-02 Vedanta report "designed to hamper" disaster investigations, says police chief
2009-11-02 China undertakes to increase recycling of metals
2009-11-02 With Smelter Shut, Peru Mulls Zero Tariff On Lead
2009-10-19 Inco Refinery Pollution Suit Tests Ontario Environmental Laws
2009-10-19 Suffer the children - yet again
2009-10-19 From small town poisoning to mega-buck deal
2009-10-19 Indian silicosis: UK company denies any liability
2009-10-13 Critical safety issues face Nyrstar, after Peruvian takeover
2009-10-13 Lift collapse kills at least 26 Chinese miners
2009-10-13 60-year poisoning legacy finally recognised in Canadian township
2009-10-13 Urgent Appeal for Support for the Victims of Typhoon Pepeng
2009-10-05 Dusts of Death: Asian Activists Gather to Fight Workplace Illnesses
2009-10-05 Desperate poverty, as riches flow from Bolivia's silver mountain
2009-09-29 Peruvian congress grants Doe Run 30-month extension on cleanup deadline
2009-09-29 Vedanta: another "mishap", more workers up in arms
2009-09-27 Culprit company announces huge expansion of Goa mines
2009-09-27 Vedanta accused of illegally constructing death-dealing Indian power plant
2009-09-27 Many workers die as chimney collapses at Indian plant
2009-09-22 Indonesia's military "invades" Papua mine, atrocities continue
2009-09-22 China: For whom the bell tolls
2009-09-22 Media menaced by companies and governments - report
2009-09-14 Killing children: is China addressing its lead poisoning scandals?
2009-09-14 Explosion at China mine kills dozens
2009-09-01 Potentially toxic ship gets docked by UK watchdog
2009-09-01 Stealing Vedanta's limelight: a report of the 2009 AGM
2009-09-01 Twenty dead in Slovakia mine blast
2009-09-01 Mercury's toxic time bomb taints US fish
2009-08-25 Court Orders Codelco To Compensate Workers Suffering From Silicosis
2009-08-25 Chinese parents outraged at lead poisoning of their children
2009-08-25 US bidding intensifies, as two bad companies vie for a third
2009-08-10 Dying in Kosovo - for the Roma, the war hasn't ended
2009-08-10 Port lead disaster gets cosmetic response
2009-08-10 Peru: Is this Doe's final run?
2009-08-10 US:EPA to Test 10,000 Indiana Yards for Lead from Ancient Factories
2009-08-10 New TVs threaten crisis for developing countries
2009-08-10 WHO's watching the world's health watchdog?
2009-08-10 Australia: Lead miner continues violating law
2009-08-03 Lethal threat from asbestos fibres 'seriously underestimated', say scientists
2009-07-27 Iron scrap seized in Basel brush
2009-07-27 Navajos: recalling disaster, forging a green future
2009-07-20 British company accused of numerous violations at Indian refinery
2009-07-20 China's explosive situation
2009-07-16 New report exposes China's Labour attrition
2009-06-08 Seventy four missing in China landslide
2009-05-18 China: world's most dangerous mines claim further victims
2009-05-05 New film exposes "hell on earth" in India's eastern coal fields
2009-05-05 London Calling regrets a lost opportunity for coal mine workers
2009-03-16 Radioactive metals steal a march from India
2009-02-23 A world free of mercury? Not yet - but hope rises
2009-02-23 The Dark Heart of Mining
2009-02-23 New Chinese coal mine disaster is worst since 2007
2009-02-23 Peru: Eight miners killed following safety abuses in Casapalca - Las muertes en Casapalca
2009-02-10 Mexico seeks extradition of exiled miners' leader, while communities close mine in Oaxaca - Mexico solicita extradición de sindicalista Urrutia; comunidades clausuran mina en Ocotlán, Oaxaca
2009-02-02 Tell Uranium One To Respect Human Rights in Southern Africa!
2009-01-13 Chinese links to Burma's disastrous mining
2008-12-30 Massey yet again found guilty
2008-12-09 Papua New Guinea landslide buries ten alive
2008-10-27 China: more mine disasters, more inspections and indictments
2008-09-29 Death toll from China mining mudslide climbs to 254 - Alud en mina sego al menos 254 vidas
2008-08-19 Where diamonds are a worker's worst enemy
2008-08-19 Villagers win lengthy battle against Thai lead miner
2008-08-04 India's contract workers face growing dangers in construction, mining, brick-making and manufacturing
2008-07-28 Bloomberg blasts Chinese overseas mining
2007-09-27 Asbestos update: appeal to World Bank
2007-08-30 US update
2007-08-30 China update
2007-08-24 China update
2007-08-18 Unnatural deaths: a seemingly endless, bitter, round
2007-08-10 Toxic legacy still ruins Canadian lives
2007-07-25 South Africa Update
2007-07-25 China Update
2007-07-20 Uranium update
2007-07-18 Is HIV a time bomb under the mining industry?
2007-07-17 China Update
2007-07-12 Canada Update
2007-07-03 South Asia update
2007-07-03 Canada update
2007-06-23 South Africa update
2007-06-15 China update
2007-06-10 Central Asia update
2007-06-08 Anglo Platinum condemned for safety violations while relocations seem fated to continue
2007-05-25 Yet another terrible accident in Siberia
2007-05-12 Latin America update
2007-03-30 US update
2007-03-25 Philippines update
2007-02-05 Demand for Ramu review
2007-01-30 Microsoft's Vista could harm health in developing countries
2007-01-19 Jamaica bauxite battle continrues
2007-01-12 Another possible cancer link to Rio Tinto
2006-12-15 Blood in the stones
2006-12-14 Latin American Update
2006-03-01 New Asbestos claims settlement in South Africa
2006-01-19 China Update
Asia: Impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on indigenous, pastoralist and rural women in mining areas

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