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2018-01-02 China’s role in Zimbabwe’s regime change says more about China than Zimbabwe
2017-09-14 Zimbabwe: how diamonds aid Mugabe's regime "militarisation"
2016-09-22 Zimasco pollution scandal in Zimbabwe
2016-09-10 First Peoples Tribunal gives hope to communities affected by mining in Southern Africa
2016-06-09 Call for greater governance in global diamond industry
2016-04-11 Panama Papers: the mining links
2016-03-11 Zimbabwe's President Mugabe nationalises diamond industry
2016-02-12 Africa's Seventh Alternative Mining Indaba
2015-11-02 Zimbabwe: Government excessively protective of mining sector
2015-02-02 Zimbabwe's ruling party beds down with military and big business
2015-01-25 African women stand their ground
2014-09-30 Pedra de Ferro - The Iron Stone (part 4)
2014-08-21 Hundreds of women demand a People-Centred Agenda for SADC
2014-07-06 Zimbabwe miners shut down after diamond resource exhausted
2014-04-28 Och-Ziff, Mugabe's "Bagmen" and the underpricing of African assets
2014-04-15 Surge in deaths of environmental activists over past decade, report finds
2014-02-11 Africa: Communities speak out at Alternative Mining Indaba
2013-11-27 Zimbabwe: Controversy continues around diamond revenues
2013-09-21 European Union revokes sanctions to Zimbabwe's diamond firm-report
2013-07-29 How money from a US Hedge Fund and a British Mining Company kept Mugabe in power
2013-06-21 Still more questions for the Kimberley Process
2013-05-07 London Calling on the Zimbabwe-UK asbestos scandal
2013-04-01 Zimbabwe embarks on community "empowerment"
2013-03-25 "Get on your bike!" urges London Calling
2013-02-11 Zimbabwe: Marange Diamonds - Zanu-PF's Best Friend?
2013-01-07 Zimbabwe accepts $550m empowerment deal for Mimosa platinum mine
2012-10-23 Who's to blame for "blood diamond" regulation failure?
2012-09-24 Declaration of Zimbabwe Alternative Mining Indaba
2012-08-06 Zimbabwe: Scientific Report shows Water Pollution by Marange Diamond Companies
2012-07-24 The London Stock Exchange: a "haven for laundered conflict assets"?
2012-07-03 Zimbabwe: Chinese cream off US$200 million
2012-06-05 Are Namibian miners and government on a collision course?
2012-04-18 Zimbabwe: Miners disrespect culture
2012-02-28 Miners fight new fees structure in Zimbabwe
2011-12-12 Campaign Group pulls out of 'failing' Blood Diamonds scheme
2011-10-10 The Kimberley Process and its gaping holes
2011-09-19 Why "Conflict-Free" Diamonds Are Unreliable
2011-08-23 "Torture camp " discovered in Zimbabwe's Marange diamond fields
2011-07-11 Zimbabwe "blood diamonds" slip through Watchdog's net
2011-07-11 Facing up to challenges of Africa's extractive sectors
2011-07-04 World Heritage sites threatened by mining, says IUCN
2011-03-14 Relocated Chiadzwa villagers: a tale of false promises - Zimbabwe
2011-02-21 Statement from the AlterNATIVE Mining Indaba 2011
2011-01-10 Wikileaks stories on Freeport & Mrs Mugabe
2011-01-10 Confronting mercury poisoning in Colombia & Zimbabwe
2010-11-01 Conflict diamonds set to enrich Zimbabwe's old guard
2010-08-22 World diamond group threatens to ban trade in Zimbabwean "blood diamonds"
2010-07-04 Zimbabwe to start diamond exports despite Kimberley Process deadlock
2010-06-11 Zimbabwe meets diamond trade standards - monitor
2010-02-23 Presentation on mining, communities, and sustainable development
2010-01-11 Zimbabwe looks to national park for more coal reserves
2009-02-23 A world free of mercury? Not yet - but hope rises
2008-12-22 Zimbabwe "hell on earth" spurs demand for expanded Kimberley Process
2008-10-27 London Calling: no boundaries for Edmonds?
2008-07-28 Bloomberg blasts Chinese overseas mining
2008-01-18 China Update
2008-01-15 Zambia's new mine taxes: will they be taxing?
2007-07-22 Simply not cricket: UK plays in the DR Congo
2007-07-22 Congo: Edmonds Group In Spin After Miner Is Run Out
2007-06-08 A survey intended to guage opinions on who's mainly responsible for global warming suggests that Chi
2007-06-08 EPA Loses Court Attempt to Weaken Clean Air Rule
2007-06-08 US update
2007-06-08 US Update
2007-06-08 Most Chinese, Indians Back Carbon Cuts - Survey
2007-06-07 States Urge US EPA to Tighten Rules on Coal Plants
2007-06-01 Two countries, 3 cities take stand Against ASARCO, ASARCO Fights Back
2007-05-28 Quicksilver Quandary
2007-03-14 Mozambique Says 16 Gold Panners Died In Floods
2007-03-13 Africa update
2007-02-15 Hu Jintao's Africa tour will help secure mining projects for Chinese companies
2007-02-02 Africa Update
2007-02-02 China Update
2007-02-02 Africa Update
2007-02-02 China update
2007-01-31 China's Railway to Plunder Tibet
2007-01-30 China Fails to Make Progess on Environment - Report
2007-01-29 Miners ask UN to stop China excluding them from Africa
2007-01-27 Pillage And Patronage: Human Rights Abuses In Zimbabwe's Informal Gold-mining Sector
2007-01-04 Africa Update
2007-01-03 Zimbabwe-16,000 Hit In Mines Clearout
2006-12-21 Zimbabwe Mine Law 'almost Complete'
2006-12-10 India Update
2006-12-04 India Shortlists 4 Countries For Coal Mine Buys
2006-11-10 China in a Bull shop: China Update
2006-11-10 China In A Bull Shop: China Update
2006-05-30 China Update
2006-05-30 Japan, China Eye Energy Cooperation for Better Ties
2006-05-30 China, India, Brazil Could Slash Energy Use - Report
2006-05-30 China Update
2006-05-14 Nationalisation - threat or promise?
2006-05-05 Political Risk Is Part Of The Process For Junior Miners
2006-05-05 Congo's tragedy: the war the world forgot
2006-05-05 Congo conflict continues
2006-05-05 Congo conflict continues
2006-04-01 Ethics test miners' mettle
2006-04-01 Submitted to the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald: Re "Ethics test miner's mettle" [not publishe
2006-03-28 Police arrest 12 suspects over attack on Newmont mining camp
2006-03-28 Indonesian police arrest 12 over attack on Newmont camp in Indonesia
2006-03-28 Indonesia Update
2006-03-28 Indonesia Update
2006-03-24 Jim Bob rakes in millions from Papua goldmine
2006-03-23 Miner Freeport hit by double-whammy in Indonesia
2006-03-21 INDONESIA: Mining group warns resources sector in peril
2006-03-20 Backgrounder on Elang/Dodo by JATAM and WALHI
2006-03-20 Indonesian police detain 11 more after Papua clashes
2006-03-19 Elang Dodo Exploration: Proof of Newmont's Destructive Power of Expansion
2006-03-08 Black power shakes up South Africa
2006-00-24 Jakarta tells Freeport, 'Start following rules'
2005-11-21 nbsp;
2005-11-21 African Uranium
2005-11-21 African Uranium
2005-10-12 Zambia's miners paying the price
2005-03-07 Mining executives rate the investment climate of jurisdictions around the world
2005-03-07 For further information: Fred McMahon,
2005-03-07 If you're a Canadian or Australian mining company, once again this year you're advised to stay at h
2004-10-01 Mining giants told to pay back Zimbabwean miners
2004-05-25 London Calling - May 25 2004
2003-11-21 BANI Condemns Indian Government's Double Speak on Asbestos
2003-11-21 Ban Asbestos Network of India Condemns Indian Government's Double Speak on Asbestos
2003-11-21 Ban Asbestos Network of India Condemns Indian Government's Double Speak on Asbestos
2003-09-26 Global Union Group Commits to Bring Rogue Company Rio Tinto to Justice, Reaffirms Solidarity
2003-09-26 Trade unionists impacted by the policies and practices of Rio Tinto have confirmed the need for the
2003-09-24 Wilson defends Rio Tinto's global operations
2003-09-23 War Crimes Court Eyes 'Blood Diamond' Buyers
2003-08-07 London Calling! August 7 2003
2003-08-07 London Calling - August 7 2003
2003-07-15 Up against the Red Shield
2003-03-29 Four treated after being shot over Newmont attack
2002-09-02 London Calling! September 2 2002
2002-09-02 London Calling - September 2 2002
2001-05-01 Case studies: books (classified by mineral)
2001-05-01 Footnotes
2001-05-01 Key documents
2001-05-01 Key general books
2001-05-01 Digging Deeper: a minewatcher’s bibliography
2001-05-01 Zimbabwe: Mine Nationalisation Fears
2001-05-01 International Developments and Trends
2001-05-01 The Mining Curse: The Role of Mining in "underdeveloping" countries
2001-05-01 Digging Deeper: A Minewatcher's bibliography
2001-05-01 The Decade of Destruction
2001-05-01 Case studies: books and documents (classified by mineral)
2001-05-01 Case studies (corporate)
2001-05-01 Case studies - books and documents (by region/country)

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