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2018-07-01 The deadly riddle of the sands: stolen beaches and dredged islands
2017-11-02 The major challenge of resource availability in the 21st century
2017-04-25 Goldman Prize winners and their battles against mining ventures
2017-03-30 Indonesia: Indigenous farmers rally to halt cement factory in Central Java
2017-03-03 Sand mining: a global environmental crisis
2016-07-27 YTL Cement drives species to extinction in Malaysia?
2016-07-15 Lafarge paid taxes to ISIS to protect its business in Syria
2016-05-17 Indonesia: Women protest with their feet
2014-03-24 Tibetans protest land seizure linked to gold mining
2013-04-22 India: The Bastar Land Grab
2012-11-05 Egypt's Centamin mine license revoked by court
2012-10-16 Italian court imposes clean-up deadline on cement plant
2012-07-11 Indian coal-fired plant ordered shut, though dust hasn't yet settled
2012-05-22 Are China's "instant" buildings too good to be true?
2011-11-21 Keeping Tabs on Sarawak's "corrupt" chief minister
2011-05-30 Consultation will be on my terms - not yours!
2011-05-10 Is US coal coming under control?
2011-02-14 India's government caves in further to its pro-mining lobby
2010-12-06 China's coal industry urgently requires reform
2010-11-01 Cemex gets blasted in Dominican Republic & US
2010-10-10 Asia, Europe groups condemn EU raw materials policy
2010-09-05 Filipino villagers challenge Lafarge over desecrated burial ground
2010-08-16 Good news! US EPA finalizes rules cutting mercury from cement
2010-06-11 Mexicans Protest Toxic Waste Plant
2010-05-29 Police open fire at Tibetans protesting cement factory pollution
2010-04-18 Lafarge accused of turning Indian forest into "rocky wasteland"
2009-12-06 Mining executives see coal slowly rebounding
2009-11-30 UNDP condemns cement plant near Dominican National Park
2009-09-01 Miners take up the carbon challenge - but only for themselves
2009-07-20 Guatemalan march against mining, cement plant
2009-07-07 Top cement maker faces $558 million lawsuit
2009-07-07 Judge blocks cement factory, Dominican President to consult the UN
2009-04-27 Cement Plants Face First Limits on Mercury Emissions
2009-02-23 Zambia citizens' group takes mining companies to court
2008-12-30 Thai and Russian companies make new grabs in Burma
2008-11-24 Canadian court cements citizens' right to environmental class action suits
2008-11-05 A Mercury Guernica
2008-08-25 Venezuelan government takes over facilities owned by Cemex - Gobierno toma control de instalaciones de Cemex
2008-08-04 Guatemala:- Montana creates conditions justifying police intervention; Flowers march against Cement - Montana crea condiciones para justificar la intervensión del ejército y la policía, Flores marchan
2008-08-04 India's contract workers face growing dangers in construction, mining, brick-making and manufacturing
2008-07-28 After quake, China leans on grieving parents to buy their silence
2008-07-20 Supply crunch: Brazil ban on asbestos to hit firms in India
2008-07-14 China in domestic cleft stick, while foreign acquisitions boom
2008-07-01 Guatemala: New Police-Military Incursion in San Juan Sacatepéquez - Nueva incursión policíaco-militar en San Juan Sacatepéquez
2008-06-09 Guatemala: Communities insist on rejecting cement plant - Comunidades insisten en rechazar la cementera
2008-04-13 Venezuela: Chavez nationalizes cement and iron-steel industries
2007-09-15 COSTA RICA
2007-09-15 The popular referendum on September 16th
2007-09-14 Zijin Tongguan sells 10 pct stake in Monterrico to South Korean copper smelter
2007-09-14 PERU
2007-09-14 CHILE
2007-09-14 Latin America update - Plebiscito Popular por la nulidad de la privatización de la Compa&nti
2007-09-14 Latin America update
2007-09-12 BOLIVIA
2007-09-11 MEXICO
2007-09-01 BRAZIL
2007-08-28 VENEZUELA
2007-06-29 Shot in arm for Jindal promoters industry dossier
2007-06-28 Agitation intensified against bauxite mining, alumina units
2007-06-28 South Asia update
2007-06-28 South Asia update
2007-06-22 China Update
2007-06-22 Update on Chinese minerals companies overseas: Kenya, Australia, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, North Ko
2007-06-22 China Says Exports Fuel Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2007-06-22 China update
2007-06-20 Stoppage of limestone supply to Lafarge Surma Indian SC issues showcause notice on central, Meghala
2007-06-19 China’s Environmental Crisis Catalyzes New Democracy Movement
2007-06-19 China Now Number One in Carbon Emissions; USA Number Two
2007-06-15 Update: foreign companies in China
2007-03-15 India imposes iron ore export duty $6.78 per ton, possible impact on China's imports
2007-03-02 China Orders Small Cement Plants to be Closed
2007-03-02 China update
2007-03-02 China update
2006-10-20 China reports another "World's worst" polluted place
2006-10-20 China City Shuts 43 Cement Factories for Pollution
2006-10-20 China Update
2006-10-20 China Update
2006-09-30 South Asia Update
2006-09-30 Land Acquisition Decried
2006-09-30 Energy Div Asked To Move Against Asia Energy Deal
2006-09-20 EPA Not Fulfilling Environmental Justice Requirements
2006-09-20 California Sues Automakers Over Global Warming
2006-09-20 US Update
2006-09-20 US Update
2006-09-20 Keeping Cities Cool
2006-09-18 U.S. Missing Renewable Energy Opportunities
2006-09-15 Clean Energy Bill Could Create Half a Million Jobs
2006-08-08 US Update
2006-08-08 Coeur d'Alene Says Alaska Mine Suit Dismissed
2006-08-08 US Update
2006-08-06 Appalachian Citizens Demonstrate at Governors Conference
2006-08-04 Group says proposed N.S. quarry will hurt environment, tourism and fishery
2006-08-04 Errors understate mercury emissions
2006-08-02 Suit Filed Over Paradise Coal-fired Plant in Kentucky
2006-07-24 New Indian asbestos plants in the offing
2006-07-23 India Update
2006-07-23 India Update
2006-07-23 Unlearned lessons
2006-07-17 A burning issue
2006-07-17 A Burning Issue
2006-06-28 Recycling priorities threatened with incineration CEE Bankwatch Network, European Environmental Bure
2006-06-22 Are miners certifiable?
2006-06-22 Are miners certifiable?
2006-05-18 For further information please read our Media Backgrounder or contact: Hauschild, President, Loyalis
2006-05-18 Groups demand Ontario kill toxic plan to burn tires and trash Data reveals up to 3,400% increase in
2006-05-18 Trashing Lafarge
2006-05-18 Trashing Lafarge
2006-05-05 Congo's tragedy: the war the world forgot
2006-05-05 Congo conflict continues
2006-05-05 Congo conflict continues
2006-04-18 India Update
2006-04-18 Posco to cut down ore swapping: New technology expected to bring down cost
2006-04-18 Indian Update
2006-04-12 Global majors keen on India's new exploration blocks
2006-04-12 Environment Ministry clears uranium project at Nalgonda
2006-04-12 Govt threatens to cancel MoUs of five companies Pioneer News Service
2006-04-12 Tisco to expand Orissa ferro alloys unit, add power unit Project cost could go up to Rs 100 crore
2006-04-12 Kalinga Nagar tribals agree to meet CM
2006-04-12 FDI top on Maoists' radar in Orissa
2006-04-11 India needs 1 lakh tonnes uranium, says Kakodkar
2006-04-10 DAE plans to involve private sector in uranium exploration
2006-04-10 Nalco meet discusses fund use
2006-04-10 India Inc lines up for a new slice of Orissa
2006-04-07 Jharasagdu district is where the UK devil, Vedanta, plans to set up a huge alumininum smelter...
2006-03-30 Job demand halts UCIL mining
2006-03-26 Indian miners, traders ship out iron ore fines to enjoy soaring global price
2006-03-14 Papua New Guinea update
2006-03-13 London Calling All Billionaires!
2006-03-11 Burma Update
2006-03-09 How do three old friends build a business empire in Kazakhstan? Just as in Russia-buy assets on the
2006-03-01 India Update
2006-02-27 Govt On Fresh Mou Signing Spree
2006-02-20 US Update
2006-02-15 Hanson, Saint-gobain Hurt By U.s. Asbestos Upset, Dresdner Says
2006-02-14 Doctors urge halt to waste incineration: Fallout 'harming people and wildlife'
2006-02-14 Stop burning wastes!
2006-02-14 Stop burning wastes!
2005-12-13 Legislative and legal updates from the USA
2005-12-13 Legislative and legal updates from the USA
2005-12-12 Pennsylvania OKs Lafarge Cement to Burn Nonrecyclable Plastics
2005-12-12 Sierra Club Lawsuit Targets EPA Rule on Toxic Chemical Emissions
2005-12-10 In 2004 a detailed report on the corporate crimes of Eternit was delivered at a conference organised
2005-12-10 1 According to Eternit, medical care is costing the company US$270 per person per month.
2005-12-10 1 Siam City Cement is a subsidiary of Holcim, the Swiss multinational cement firm.
2005-12-10 The Scheme of Plunder
2005-12-10 The Scheme of Plunder
2005-12-09 Iron Pipe Maker Mcwane, Executives Sentenced for Enviro Crimes
2005-12-09 Legal Experts Ask Congress to Reject Sale of Parklands to Miners
2005-06-17 UNEP implicated mining in tsunami aftermath
2005-06-08 Awkward squads fighting toxic waste
2005-01-16 India Update: The Destruction Of Construction; Unearthing The Truth At Kalinganagar - And Beyond
2005-01-16 India Update
2005-01-14 In a statement of appalling insensitivity towards the victims, some Indian scientists have expressed
2005-01-07 Quarrying made Kanyakumari coast vulnerable'
2005-01-02 One of India's major nuclear power plants was profoundly affected by the tsunamis, and many employee
2005-01-02 Tsunami underlines importance of CRZ
2004-12-30 London Calling! December 30 2004
2004-12-30 London Calling - December 30 2004
2004-12-29 Mining companies untouched by tsunamis
2004-12-29 Coming next month: brand new coastal rules
2004-12-27 Human activities contributed to tsunami's ravages: environmental expert
2004-09-07 Ship Loaded With Toxic Ash Sinks off Turkish Coast
2004-08-20 Unspoilt By 'progress'
2004-08-19 Cementing A Reputation For Innovation
2004-08-19 Is "sustainable Cement" All It's Cracked Up To Be?
2004-08-19 Is "sustainable cement" all it's cracked up to be?
2004-07-11 Heidelbergcement Successful With First Cdm Project In Indonesia
2004-07-09 German Company Signs First Carbon Finance Deal In Indonesia
2004-06-15 Call For Support: Press Indocement To Meet Demands Of Fisherfolk Of Rampa
2004-05-28 Killer Waste Management - to burn resources or create jobs?
2004-05-28 Muna Lakhani is a volunteer with Earth Life Africa. This article is written in his personal capacity
2004-05-28 The following was written exclusivley for MAC by a worker with the South African-based Earth Life Af
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China - A London Calling special - March 22 2004
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China
2004-01-09 Court Unanimously Rejects 'Back Door' Quarry Attempt
2004-01-09 Court Unanimously Rejects 'Back Door' Quarry Attempt
2003-12-17 London Calling - December 17 2003
2003-12-17 London Calling! December 17 2003
2003-11-19 Britain's Biggest Ever Quarry Proposal Goes to Court
2003-11-15 Notes to Editors:
2003-10-29 Please Write To The Following People, Making The Points Listed Above:-
2003-10-29 To The Spoilers The Victory: Colombia Privatises The Mineral Industry With World Bank Support
2003-10-29 To the Spoilers the Victory: Colombia Privatises the Mineral Industry with World Bank Support
2003-09-13 Canadians demand total ban on asbestos
2003-08-11 We Had a Democracy Once, But You Crushed It
2003-08-09 Cheney firm's rival is forced to drop oil bid
2003-08-09 Not just oil: Bush grabs other minerals in Iraq
2003-08-09 Not just oil: Bush grabs other minerals in Iraq
2003-08-07 London Calling! August 7 2003
2003-08-07 London Calling - August 7 2003
2003-08-04 WWF Press Release - Tesco membership of responsible timber group terminated
2003-08-04 WWF come under renewed pressure to end deal with Superquarry company
2003-08-04 WWF come under renewed pressure to end deal with Superquarry company
2003-07-28 Groups Demand Repeal of Bush Immunity for US Oil Companies in Iraq
2003-07-27 Criticism of UK Environment Agency over alternative fuels for cement kilns
2003-04-15 Labour and Women in Mining
2003-02-21 London Calling - February 21 2003
2003-02-21 London Calling! February 21 2003
2003-02-19 London Calling - February 19 2003
2003-02-19 London Calling! February 19 2003
2002-10-23 Hatch Advisor To World Bank
2002-09-27 London Calling! September 27 2002
2002-09-27 London Calling - September 27 2002
2001-05-23 The following is an important account of how citizens have taken on corporate, linked with politica
2001-05-15 Impact of Posco port is under study
2001-05-01 See an artist's impression of the proposed quarry at:
2001-05-01 A selection of articles on the cement industry and further copies of this paper are available on req
2001-05-01 Cement Paper
2001-05-01 Local versus global
2001-05-01 Vertical control and growing scandals
2001-05-01 Markets and multinationals
2001-05-01 Minewatch Asia Pacific - Philippine Indigenous Peoples Links Briefing Paper, April 1999
2001-04-23 ENDNOTE
2001-04-23 During last spring and summer, FROST members (called "plaintiffs" in this case), along wi
2001-04-23 So the St. Thomas Development Corporation's first assaults upon this community did not take the for
2001-04-23 Agents of the St. Thomas Development Corporation handed the township a proposal to build a quarry,
2001-04-23 Community Challenges Corporate Claims to Constitutional "Rights"
2001-04-23 Community Challenges Corporate Claims to Constitutional "Rights"

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