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2017-03-03 Sand mining: a global environmental crisis
2016-10-15 Thousands rally outside toxic steel plant in Vietnam
2016-07-23 Formosa Steel Owns Up to Vietnamese Toxic Spill
2016-06-24 The World’s Disappearing Sand
2016-06-20 Coal: investment - and resistance
2014-05-06 Asia Indigenous Peoples’ Workshop Declaration on Extractives
2013-07-28 Mitigating Coal: a few steps forward, many steps back...
2012-05-29 Mining companies don't seem bothered by being corrupt
2011-06-28 Titanium mining hurts Vietnamese farmers
2011-02-07 London Calling deplores the Human Rights Watch 2010 Report
2010-11-16 Who is Cu Huy Ha Vu? A brave man, for sure
2010-04-08 Google Links Web Attacks to Vietnam Mine Dispute
2009-06-22 US calls for release of arrested Vietnam activist
2009-06-16 Vietnam bauxite battle intensifies
2009-05-27 Vietnam's aluminium war heats up
2009-05-05 Bedding-down with the black stuff
2009-04-27 Vietnam's planned bauxite mines come under further pressure
2009-04-14 Protected forests sacrificed for titanium profits
2009-04-06 Vietnam bauxite plan opens pit of concern
2009-02-10 Cambodia & Vietnam: squandering and pandering
2009-01-19 Vietnamese revolutionary leader speaks out on mining
2008-09-22 Company accused of dumping cyanide interferes with reporters
2008-02-27 Worth more than a nickel
2007-12-22 Extraction to Destruction? Chinese policy and practise in mining & metals
2007-11-27 Rubies in the dust: can a Burma boycott work?
2007-09-21 China update
2007-08-30 The deadly arsenic "time bomb"
2007-08-30 World facing 'arsenic timebomb'
2007-08-30 Arsenic in Water a Risk to 140 Million People
2007-08-30 The deadly arsenic "time bomb"
2007-08-27 Six New Orleans Schoolyards Contaminated With Arsenic
2007-06-22 China Update
2007-06-22 Update on Chinese minerals companies overseas: Kenya, Australia, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, North Ko
2007-06-22 China Says Exports Fuel Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2007-06-22 China update
2007-06-19 China’s Environmental Crisis Catalyzes New Democracy Movement
2007-06-19 China Now Number One in Carbon Emissions; USA Number Two
2007-06-15 Update: foreign companies in China
2007-05-28 Zijin Mining Plans A-share Ipo This Year
2007-05-28 China Update
2007-05-28 China Update
2007-05-18 China update
2007-05-18 China Update
2007-05-17 UN Project Cuts Carbon Emissions in Rural China
2007-05-16 Europe Lags, China Catches Up in Clean Energy Race
2007-05-15 Dangers ahead as China blindly expands titanium sponge smelting capacity - CNMIA official
2007-05-09 Chinese Banks Still Have A Long Way To Go On Environment
2007-04-13 China update
2007-04-13 China update
2007-04-08 Nothing Green about Apple
2007-04-07 China Update
2007-02-09 Minmetals' Mineral Reserves On The Rise
2007-02-09 China Set To Launch Kyoto Clean Energy Fund
2007-02-07 China Update
2007-02-07 China update
2007-02-07 China May Swing To Net Coal Imports By Year End
2006-10-31 Alcoa in talks to produce aluminium in India
2006-10-30 South Asia Update
2006-10-30 South Asia Update
2006-09-01 Titanium mining suspended after protests on Vietnam island
2006-09-01 Titanium mining suspended after protests on Vietnam island
2006-08-23 Locals protest as titanium mining takes toll on Vietnam island
2006-08-03 Central province maps out titanium mining master plan
2005-11-15 Chalco seeks NDRC approval to develop Guinean bauxite mine
2005-06-26 What's so Revolutionary about Venezuelan Coal?
2005-05-15 MMAC urges domestic steelmakers to further develop overseas mines
2004-10-23 Chinese companies advance across the globe

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