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2016-08-24 Venezuela ordered to pay US$1.2 billion to Rusoro Mining
2016-06-01 Michael T Klare exposes "desperate plight of petro-states"
2016-04-13 Organized crime and illegally mined gold in Latin America
2016-04-05 The multiple risks of mining in Bolivar State, Venezuela
2013-06-03 Colombia: Wayuu women weigh in on coal at UN Forum
2012-09-04 Venezuela: Indigenous Yanonami "massacred" by illegal miners
2012-05-08 Venezuelan miners organise general strike as Chavez dawdles
2011-12-12 Campaign Group pulls out of 'failing' Blood Diamonds scheme
2011-09-26 Indigenous peoples suffer abuses in race for natural resources - UN rights expert
2011-08-30 Venezuela moves to nationalise gold industry
2011-07-25 Conference statement: Natural resources and the Mission of the Church in Latin America
2011-03-01 Wikileaks reveal Western diplomats target anti-mining activists
2011-02-21 Crystallex seeks 3.8 billion compensation from Venezuela
2010-12-27 ILO asks Venezuela government to release secretary general of Sintraferrominera
2010-11-22 Tiara residents suffer from mining contamination, Venezuela
2009-11-02 Panama, the next diamond heaven?
2009-05-27 Ecuador says key sectors must be nationalized
2009-04-27 Venezuela: Industry sounds the alarm on crisis in iron ore, aluminum sectors
2009-03-11 Venezuela: Loma de Niquel to be Investigated for Pollution:
2009-02-23 A world free of mercury? Not yet - but hope rises
2008-12-02 Canadian legal threats to Venezuela
2008-11-10 Venezuela: Chavez to offer Russians Las Cristinas gold project - Chavez ofrece a empresa rusa proyecto de oro revocado a Crystallex
2008-08-25 Venezuelan government takes over facilities owned by Cemex - Gobierno toma control de instalaciones de Cemex
2008-06-24 Venezuela: Will the Bolivarian Revolution end coal mining? Pressure on gold mine developers grows; NGOs call for expulsion of Venezuela from the Kimberley Process
2008-05-11 Venezuelan workers halt Hecla gold mine operations / Trabajadores paralizan mina de oro de Hecla
2008-05-05 Venezuela moves on foreign gold miners / Venezuela detiene permisos de oro
2008-04-13 Venezuela: Chavez nationalizes cement and iron-steel industries
2008-02-27 Worth more than a nickel
2008-01-10 Latin America update
2007-11-12 Latin America update
2007-09-15 COSTA RICA
2007-09-15 The popular referendum on September 16th
2007-09-14 Zijin Tongguan sells 10 pct stake in Monterrico to South Korean copper smelter
2007-09-14 PERU
2007-09-14 CHILE
2007-09-14 Latin America update - Plebiscito Popular por la nulidad de la privatización de la Compa&nti
2007-09-14 Latin America update
2007-09-12 BOLIVIA
2007-09-11 MEXICO
2007-09-01 BRAZIL
2007-08-28 VENEZUELA
2007-07-14 Latin American update - Ayabaca: Acuerdan Consulta Vecinal por Proyecto Minero Río Blanco pa
2007-07-14 Latin American update
2007-07-05 ECUADOR
2007-07-04 Aymaras Vow Mining Co. Will Restore Wetland
2007-07-04 BRAZIL
2007-07-03 COLOMBIA
2007-06-26 CHILE
2007-06-26 VENEZUELA
2007-06-25 Workers stage protests at Codelco mines in Chile
2007-06-25 Farmers Insist: Life Yes, Mining NO!
2007-06-19 PERU
2007-06-08 US Update
2007-06-08 EPA Loses Court Attempt to Weaken Clean Air Rule
2007-06-08 US update
2007-06-08 Most Chinese, Indians Back Carbon Cuts - Survey
2007-06-08 A survey intended to guage opinions on who's mainly responsible for global warming suggests that Chi
2007-06-07 States Urge US EPA to Tighten Rules on Coal Plants
2007-06-01 Two countries, 3 cities take stand Against ASARCO, ASARCO Fights Back
2007-05-28 Quicksilver Quandary
2007-05-24 CHILE
2007-05-24 Govt Begins Evaluation Of Mining Companies
2007-05-24 Latin America update
2007-05-24 Central American Countries Protest Canadian Government's Role in Mining
2007-05-22 VENEZUELA
2007-05-21 HONDURAS
2007-05-19 PERU
2007-05-17 CItizens Opposed to Mining Confront Police in the CREA
2007-05-17 ECUADOR
2007-04-22 Anglo under heavy fire
2007-04-22 Anglo Under Heavy Fire
2007-04-07 Peru Support Group: Mining And Development
2007-04-07 Venezuela, Presidential Decree Bans The Building Of New Coal Mines
2007-04-07 Latin America update
2007-04-04 Xstrata Best Anglo American Suitor, Say London Analysts
2007-02-28 Latin American update
2007-02-28 Latin American Update
2007-02-28 COLOMBIA
2007-02-27 BRAZIL
2007-02-27 ARGENTINA
2007-02-26 VENEZUELA
2007-02-17 A Hollywood Trial
2007-02-16 Meridian completely rules out Esquel gold project
2006-11-04 Latin American Update
2006-11-04 Latin American Update
2006-11-02 ECUADOR
2006-11-02 ARGENTINA
2006-10-31 CVRD seeks damages
2006-10-31 BRAZIL
2006-10-30 Venezuelan gold project secure, Crystallex says
2006-10-25 VENEZUELA
2006-10-22 COLOMBIA
2006-10-09 It's The Consumption, Stupid : Energy Outlook 2007
2006-10-09 It's the mining, stupid!
2006-10-09 It's the mining, stupid!
2006-10-08 Inco blockaded in New Caledonia - while WWF signs a deal
2006-10-08 Latin American Update
2006-10-08 Gold Mine Pits Jobs Against Environment
2006-10-08 VENEZUELA
2006-10-08 Latin American Update
2006-10-08 Inco blockaded in New Caledonia - while WWF signs a deal
2006-10-08 Saving the bathwater while throwing out the baby: the unacceptable warp of Woof
2006-10-07 Bolivia mining violence quelled, minister replaced
2006-10-07 BOLIVIA
2006-10-06 Bolivian Mining Groups Declare Truce
2006-10-05 GUATEMALA
2006-10-05 Eight dead in Bolivia mining clash
2006-10-03 Inco and WWF-Canada announce $1 million conservation program
2006-09-25 Attorney General investigates death of miners
2006-08-15 Scouring Scum and Tar from the Bottom of the Pit (Peter Cizek)
2006-06-25 Latin American Update
2006-06-06 Uranium update: more slices of the yellowcake
2006-06-06 Prime Minister Howard Hustles Australia Down Nuclear Path
2006-06-06 Global Nuclear Expansion Based on Plentiful Uranium Supply
2006-06-06 Uranium update: more slices of the yellowcake
2006-06-05 UCIL exploring uranium ore in Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Karnataka
2006-05-29 Latin American Update
2006-05-29 Latin American Update
2006-05-27 Latin American Update
2006-05-27 Latin American Update
2006-05-24 New reports: "May the force NOT be with you!"
2006-05-24 Venezuela
2006-05-24 Extracts From Amnesty International's 2006 Annual Report:
2006-05-24 New Reports: "may The Force Not Be With You"
2006-05-18 The Scariest Predators In The Corporate Jungle
2006-05-15 Bolivian President Seizes Gas Industry
2006-05-14 Nationalisation - threat or promise?
2006-05-14 Nationalisation - Threat Or Promise?
2006-05-06 Carbon Alarm
2006-05-06 Carbon Alarm
2006-05-06 The Chávez Effect And The Reshaping Of A Continent
2006-05-06 How Morales Took On The Oil Giants - And Won His People Back
2006-05-05 Political Risk Is Part Of The Process For Junior Miners
2006-05-04 Anglo American's "gaps year" - and plenty of them!
2006-05-04 Anglo American's "gaps year" - and plenty of them!
2006-05-01 ANALYSIS - CO2 Price Crash Signals Tougher EU Pollution Goals
2006-05-01 NOAA: Global Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Rose in 2005
2006-04-26 Chavez Defends Gas Pipeline That Cuts Across Amazonia After Signing Manifesto For Biodiversity
2006-04-15 A report on the Anglo American plc AGM, held on 25 April 2006 at Institute of Electrical Engineers,
2006-03-19 Latin America Update
2006-03-19 Latin America Update
2006-03-10 Military Operations Against Small Mining Considered Illegal In Bolívar State, Venezuela
2006-03-06 Latin American Update
2006-03-06 Comment from Paula Palmer of Global Response:
2006-03-06 PERU: "A toxic bargain"
2006-03-06 Latin American Update
2006-03-03 Political Fallout from the Mexico Mine Disaster
2006-03-03 Support Indigenous Peoples vs. Coal Mines / Venezuela
2006-03-03 First Legal Action in Chile to Prevent Pascua Lama Mining Project
2006-03-02 Mexican mining, refining crippled by national strike
2006-03-01 New Donkin Mine Owner Linked to Human Rights Abuses in Colombia
2006-03-01 Xstrata heaps up profits and digs into Colombia
2006-02-26 San Juancito: From Mining Emporium to Ghost Town
2006-02-06 Latin American Update
2006-01-30 LATIN AMERICA UPDATE: January 30 2006
2006-01-30 LATIN AMERICA UPDATE: January 30 2006
2006-01-27 World Social Forum: Indigenous Demonstrators Protest Coal Mining
2006-01-24 Venezuela Threatens to Take Over Mines
2006-01-23 MINESUR: Venezuela/Brazil/Argentina agree to gigantic new mining plan
2005-12-15 Statement of Communities and Organizations Confronting Mining Exploitation in El Salvador: Social Or
2005-11-29 New conflicts between miners and Indigenous communities in Venezuela
2005-11-29 New conflicts between miners and Indigenous communities in Venezuela
2005-11-28 Struggles between Indigenous People and Miners over the control of gold Deposits leaves one dead and
2005-10-18 Hard scrabble life for poor Venezuela gold miners
2005-10-03 Crystallex plays down jitters over Venezuelan gold venture
2005-09-30 Venezuelan Chamber of Mines issues formal statement
2005-09-30 Newmont, Placer Say New Rule Will Hurt Venezuela Mine Prospects
2005-09-27 Resource Investor: Hecla Mining "comfortable" with Venezuelan uncertainty
2005-09-26 Venezuela: Crystallex Out
2005-09-22 Conflicts over natural resources in Latin America.
2005-09-22 Disputes over mineral resources in Venezuela
2005-09-22 Chavez Frias Reiterates Mine Reform Policy
2005-09-22 Crystallex Insists Las Cristinas Contract Safe
2005-09-22 Indigenous Communities Reject Ministry Decision
2005-09-22 Venezuela Gets To Grip With Corruption-ridden Mining Sector
2005-09-12 Artisan miners of Bolívar denounce Repression
2005-09-12 The following articles offer a different perspective on recent events in Venezuela, after
2005-09-09 Council person Says Small-Scale Miners “Trampled” in Bolívar
2005-09-08 Artisan Miners of Sifontes Block Highway to Brazil
2005-08-05 Another Direct Intervention From Mining Companies In Public Education Systems And Curriculums
2005-07-21 Mineros amenazan reserva de indígenas Yanomami en Brasil
2005-07-21 Illegal Miners Threaten Brazil Indians
2005-07-21 Illegal Miners Threaten Brazil Indians
2005-07-03 Something is sickening the people of Tiara and their crops
2005-07-03 Something is sickening the people of Tiara and their crops
2005-06-27 Reading between the pipelines
2005-06-26 What's so Revolutionary about Venezuelan Coal?
2005-05-27 London Calling - May 29 2005
2005-05-27 London Calling! May 27 2005
2005-04-01 Venezuela's Indigenous Protest Against Coal Mining in their Lands
2005-03-27 Indigenous communities fight Irish coal mining co. over ancestral lands
2005-03-27 Indigenous communities fight Irish coal mining co. over ancestral lands
2005-03-18 The Open Veins of Venezuela
2005-03-18 Las Venas Abiertas De Venezuela
2005-03-18 The Open Veins Of Venezuela
2004-12-13 The Environmental Cost Of Coal Mining In Venezuela
2004-12-13 The Environmental Cost of Coal Mining in Venezuela
2004-10-15 Petróleo y Soberanía
2004-10-15 English translation of introduction:
2004-10-15 English translation of introduction and summary of declaration at the
2004-10-15 Declaración del Socuy-Maché en Defense del Agua del Zulia
2004-09-15 Venezuela: Encuentro por la defensa de las Aguas del Guasare, Socuy, Maché y Cachirí
2004-07-01 Amazonia countries to have plan to combat mercury use
2004-01-13 Pueblo Barí Afectado por la Minería de Carbón, Venezuela
2003-12-12 Carta al Directorio de Corpozulia, estado de Zulia, Venezuela
2003-12-12 Maracaibo, 12 de diciembre 2003
2003-11-03 Director gerente de Carbozulia quiere construir puerto en el Golfo de Venezuela para expandir el neg
2003-05-15 El Carbón No es Negocio para Venezuela
2003-03-15 Miners and Indigenous Peoples in Venezuela's Wild North-West
2003-03-15 PDVSA es Muerte Por el Carbón de Guasar
2003-03-15 English translation of introduction and summary of declaration at the
2003-03-15 Mineros e indígenas en el noroeste venezolano
2003-01-15 El Impacto del Negocio del Carbón en la Cuenca del Lago de Maracaibo
2003-01-15 Con Puerto América Perderemos el Golfo de Venezuela
2002-10-15 Bibliografía Citada
2002-10-15 Puerto Princípe, un Modele de Etnocido Y Ecocido Contemporaneo
2002-10-15 Puerto Princípe, un Modelo de Etnocido Y Ecocido Contemporaneo
2001-05-23 El Profesor Lusbi Portillo, de la organizacion ecologica Homo et Natura de Maracaibo, Venezuela, es
2001-05-23 Puerto Princípe, un Modelo de Etnocido Y Ecocido Contemporaneo
2001-05-23 Carta al Directorio de Corpozulia escrita por organizaciones ecologicas y comunidades Indigenas del
2001-04-23 Bibliografía citada
2001-04-23 ALCA/IIRSA, Plan Colombia y el Eje de Desarrollo Occidental

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