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2010-05-07 Bolivia nationalizes Glencore antimony smelter
2009-10-13 60-year poisoning legacy finally recognised in Canadian township
2007-03-23 Jinchuan Group signs Australian nickel mine deal with Metals X
2007-03-23 Hunan Nonferrous to develop tungsten-molybdenum mines in Australia
2007-03-23 China Update
2007-03-23 Jiangxi Copper, Zijin Mining and MCC jointly bid for Afghanistan copper mine
2007-03-23 China welcomes foreign investment in high-tech industries, not key industries
2007-03-23 China strengthens zinc and lead smelting regulations - NDRC
2007-03-23 China update
2007-03-21 Monterrico's largest shareholder to reject Zijin offer
2007-03-17 US-Canada update
2007-03-15 Shougang to develop Australian iron ore mine
2007-03-09 South Asia Update
2007-03-07 Burma - Thai Army Wants Answers Over Death Of Mine Owner
2007-03-01 Letter: From Joan Kueyk, Miningwatch Canada To Michigan Office Of Geological Survey
2006-06-02 Burma Update: antimony mine ruse
2006-06-02 Burma Update: antimony mine ruse
2006-06-01 Attempts on to operate tin and antimony factory outside township
2006-03-19 Latin America Update
2006-03-18 Peruvian Mining Town Must Balance Health And Economics
2006-03-03 Canadian Firms Begin Uranium Explorations In Guatemala
2006-01-25 Another SE Asian poisoned village
2006-01-25 Antimony production plant shut down after local community protest
2006-01-25 Another SE Asian poisoned village
2005-11-14 Iraq's Deadly Legacy
2005-08-17 American Electronic Waste Contaminates China and India
2005-08-17 An article focussing on this oft-ignored consequence of the use of heavy metals in a manufacture -
2005-08-15 The following is an excellent summary by the China Labour Bulletin (Hong Kong) on the appalling attr
2004-10-12 World Bank To Boost Investment In Mining Projects
2004-10-12 Banco Mundial fomentará inversión en proyectos mineros
2004-10-12 Not just ignoring the conclusions of its recent Extractive Industries Review (EIR), the World Bank
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China - A London Calling special - March 22 2004
2003-12-23 West Kutai calls for clarification from PT Kelian
2003-12-23 Increased pollution from British mine in Indonesia
2003-12-23 Increased pollution from British mine in Indonesia
2003-11-14 Note: Myanmar mine export statistics usually combine income from natural gas exports
2003-11-14 This is a short news piece but speaks a volume: while during the late 1990s the importance of mining
2003-11-14 Burma regime's mine products lead in export

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