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Indonesians rally to Canadian cause

Published by MAC on 2009-11-02

50 prominent campaigners back Bill C-300

Fifty prominent Indonesian campaigners have written to Canadian parliamentarians, backing a proposed bill to penalise Canadian companies committing human rights and environmental violations overseas. See:

The Indonesians cite the sorry history of Vale-Inco's operations in Sulawesi as an example of the urgent necessity for the new law.

Indonesian civil societies Support for Bill C-300 on Corporate Accountability

To: JOHN MCKAY MP and other Parliamentarians
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

CC: Kevin Sorenson, Chair, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development

Angela Crandall, Clerk, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development

28 October 2009

Dear Mr. McKay,

Re: Support for Bill C-300 on Corporate Accountability

We would like to introduce ourselves as the civil societies group of Indonesia that concentrates on environmental, debt, human rights, and ecological justice issues, in both Indonesia and global. Along with this letter, we would like to state our concern regarding the activities of Canadian based companies and would like to present our support for Bill C-300, an act that will regulate overseas activities of Canadian-based companies.

One of the mining companies taking our attention is the nickel mining of PT. Inco. For more than 41 years, this company has mined Sorowako, South Sulawesi. During this operational phase, they come up with negative records, starting from emerging violence, land eviction, environmental degradation, labor exploitation and discrimination, protected forest mining, and has also blatantly violated the laws. Even though most of the stocks of PT. Inco had been released since 2007, these detrimental issues that indeed occurring in sites around PT. Inco mining have been started ever since they were owning most of the stocks for the previous 39 years.

At least 47% of the area under working contract of PT. Inco is located in the protected forest. Although the Indonesian Forestry Act forbids open mining in protected areas, similar to the other trans-national companies, PT. Inco and Canadian government is working beyond lobbying our government. They even threatened to take the case to international arbitration if the legalization to have open mining is not released.

Influenced by such pressure, in 2005 the Indonesian Parliament had amended the Forestry Law No 41 year 1999 that enable the opening of 1 million hectares of protected areas for 13 mining companies, including PT. Inco. This is the most upsetting scandal. The next two years, PT. Inco build PLTA Karebbe in Karebbe protected forest area.

For years, we became the witness on how the oil and gas mining companies that operate in our countries are involved in numerous cases of human rights violations, land eviction, and environmental degradation. This also include companies from Canada. Such harmful activities have worsened the condition of communities living in surrounding and put their security at stake.

We are fully aware that around 37 percent of Canadian income is coming from its overseas mining companies. Nonetheless, it is inappropriate if Canada continues to gain income on top of these violations and degradation suffered by our communities.

We regret the statement of Canadian Government that...lets this situation linger. The voluntarily schemes to impose companies in taking responsibilities are failed, and to the contrary it even became the green image for the companies. This method is far from what we call justice. An important law to regulate responsibilities of overseas Canadian companies is highly needed.

Therefore, we are supporting the issuance of this Bill C-300.

We are hoping that the parliamentary members and members of Working Committee of Foreign Relationship and International Development will also support the Bill C-300.


1. Siti Maemunah, Jaringan Advokasi Tambang - JATAM, Jakarta
2. Edwin Partogi, Komisi Untuk Orang Hilang dan Korban Tindak Kekerasan (KontraS), Jakarta
3. Teguh Surya, Walhi Eksekutif Nasional/ FoE Indonesia, Jakarta
4. Idham Arsyad, Konsorsium Pembaruan Agraria, Jakarta
5. Carla June Natan, PMK HKBP Jakarta
6. Indera Nababan, Urban Community Mission Jakarta
7. Arthur Horono, Center for Popular Education, Jakarta
8. Tumiur Harianja, Center for Indonesian Migrant Workers, Jakarta
9. Hendri Darungo, Pelayanan Buruh Jakarta
10. Zenzi Suhadi, Walhi Bengkulu, Bengkulu Sumatera
11. Firdaus Cahyadi dari Yayasan SatuDunia, Jakarta
12. J. Danang Widoyoko Indonesian Corruption Watch, Jakarta
13. Bambang Catur Nusantara, Walhi Jatim, Surabaya Jawa Timur
14. Isal Wardana, Walhi Kalimantan Timur, Samarinda East Kalimantan
15. Koesnadi Wirasapoetra & Andreas Iswinarno, Serikat hijau Indonesia, Jakarta
16. Rahmina, IHSA Kaltim, Rengganis 102, Balikpapan - East Kalimantan
17. Dwitho Frasetiandy, WALHI Kalsel, Banjarbaru - South Kalimantan
18. Sugriatno, Komite Aspirasi Masyarakat (KAM) Cilacap - Central Java
19. Kahar, Jatam Kaltim, Samarinda East Kalimantan
20. Taufik Basari, Lembaga bantuan Hukum Masyarakat, Jakarta
21. Karman, Lembaga bantuan Hukum, Central Java
22. Armand, M Huhu, JKKP, Buton, South East Sulawesi
23. Ahmad Farid, Konsorsium Pendukung Sistem Hutan Kerakyatan, Bogor - West Java
24. Dian Abraham, MANUSIA (Masyarakat Antinuklir Indonesia), Jakarta
25. Rano Rahman, Yayasan Betang Borneo, Palangkaraya, Central Borneo.
26. Valentinus Dulmin, Office for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Ordo Fratrum Minorum, Jakarta
27. Matius Batubara, OFM, Office for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Ordo Fratrum Minorum, Manggarai-Flores East Nusa Tenggara
28. Asman Saelan, Perkumpulan Lembaga Bantuan Hukum (LBH) Buton Raya, South East Sulawesi
29. Farida, Perkumpulan Lembaga Suaka Alam Indonesia (ELSAIN), South East Sulawesi
30. Nasrun, LSM Pelintas - South East Sulawesi
31. Nasrun, LSM Lintas - South East Sulawesi
32. Muh Fajar, Yayasan PRIMA - South East Sulawesi
33. Muh. Fatahudin, LSM Humaniora - South East Sulawesi
34. Drs. La Hera, Yayasan Pengembangan Kawasan Pantai (Yasnawan) - South East Sulawesi
35. Muh. Sarjuddin Sudandy , Yamansida - South East Sulawesi
36. L.M. Isa Anshari , Koalisi Advokasi Kebijakan Publik (KAKP) - South East Sulawesi
37. Rosni, S.Ip , ALiansi Perempuan Anti Kekerasan (APAK) - South East Sulawesi
38. TRUST, Ma'ruf So - South East Sulawesi
39. C. Winfridus Keupung, WALHO NTT, Maumere, Flores East Nusa Tenggara
40. La Ode ABidin, S.H, Kelompok Studi Bantuan Hukum dan HAM (KSBHAM) - South East Sulawesi
41. Ginjang LM.N., Sentra Wahana Advokasi Kebijakan Indonesia, North Sumatera
42. Rosdi bahtiar Martadi, Aliansi Mahasiswa dan Masyrakat Peduli Lingkungan (AMMPEL) Banyuwangi, dan Komunitas Seni-Budaya Kayu Mojo, Banyuwangi East Java
43. Arie Rompas, Walhi Kalimantan Tengah, Palangkaraya Central Kalimantan
44. A. Patra M. Zen, Yayasan LBH Indonesia - Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation, Jakarta
45. Ahmad SJA, Padi Indonesia, East Kalimantan
46. Paranwasa Assoniwora & Pradarma Rupang, JEFF East Kalimantan
47. Siti Rahma, TKPT East Kalimantan
48. Abdullah Naem, Naladwipa Institute, East Kalimantan
49. Merah Johansyah, LBH East Kalimantan
50. Sahabuddin, Lembaga dan Informasi Pemberdayaan Masyarakat, East Kalimantan

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