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Yanomami of Brazil - up against the miners

Published by MAC on 2006-01-11

Yanomami of Brazil - up against the miners

11th January 2006

Representatives from the Yanomami People demand the removal of miners from their lands

Source: Folha de Boa Vista

The representative from the Yanomami Peoples of Amazonas and Roraima state, Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, states that indigenous persons want the fulfillment of promises made by the federal government. "We do not want indigenous persons to die because of lack of funds to improve the offering of health services by those organizations that have agreements with the government. We want an immediate plan for the removal of miners, who are the biggest cause of malaria for indigenous persons", he highlighted.

According to him, the federal government has to maintain professionals in the area of health care for Indigenous Peoples. He recognized that there was drop in services offered by these organizations during Lula's government. He related these facts to the delay in passing funds to the organizations.

"Indigenous health is not very good. The diseases are augmenting in Amazonas state, due to the lack of support by the federal government", stated Kopenawa, while reporting that the principal motive for the conference is to demand the regularization of services.

During the closure of the conference, 24 delegates to participate in the National Conference on Indigenous Health will be chosen. Of these, 12 are indigenous representatives, six health professionals and six representatives from institutions that work in the indigenous area.

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