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Case studies - books and documents (by region/country)

Published by MAC on 2001-05-01

Case studies - books and documents (by region/country)

Jan Roberts Massacres to Mining: The colonisation of Aboriginal Australia, Dove Communications, Blackburn, Australia, 1981

Minewatch, Development by Invasion: Mining and Human Rights in Melanesia, Minewatch Briefing document no. 23, London 1994 [West Papua and Bougainville compared]

Starnberg Institute Environment and Development: Economic-Ecological Development in Papua New Guinea, Starnberg, 1991 [Famous study of the impacts of the Ok Tedi copper-gold mine which, though widely criticised at the time, has been largely borne out by recent studies]

G Lanning with M Mueller Africa Undermined: a history of mining companies and the underdevelopment of Africa, Penguin Books, Middlesex, 1979

LAMMP La Mineria: Proceedings of the seminar: "Mining in Venezuela", London 1997

AQUAMIN Case studies (1996) for the major study cited under documents (general): Nanisivik lead-zinc mine, Lupin gold mine, East Kemptville tin mine, Heathe Steel mines, Hope Brook Gold mine, Kidd Creek Mines, Winston Lake mine, Sa Dena Hes mine, Bell Copper mine, Breda mine, Myra Falls Mine, Cominco Snip mine, Cluff Lake uranium mine, Hemlo area and Red Lake gold camp are all discussed

Atu Emberson-Bain Labour and gold in Fiji, Cambridge University Press, 1994 [Excellently documented history of struggle by Indigenous Fijians against the country's biggest industrial project - and the battle continues]

Richard M Auty Managing Mineral Dependence - Papua New Guinea 1972-89 [Useful summary of impacts of over-reliance on mineral extraction and exports by one of the world's leading authorities on this critical issue: see also other titles under General Documents and Books]

Thomas M Akabzaa BOOM AND DISLOCAT ION: A study of the Social and Environmental Impacts of Mining in the Wassa West District of Ghana, TWN Accra, 1999 [Well-researched, well argued critique of the causes of impoverishment and conflict caused by several largely overseas-owned companies in one of the world's key gold mining districts]

Bonnie Campbell, The role of multilateral and bilateral actors in shaping mining activities in Africa, paper presented to TWN conference on Mining Development and Social Conflicts in Africa, Accra, November 1999

Environmental Mining Council of BC on behalf of WWF Canada More precious than gold: mineral development and the protection of biological diversity in Canada, May 1998 [Another concise and useful document from the consistently capable EMCBC]

Sub-committee of the inter-governmental working group on the Minerals Industry Report on Native Participation in Mining, Canada 1990-1992 [The study which launched the Whitehorse Initiative: a blueprint for what not to do, as much as anything else]

Stuart McGill and Greg Crough Indigenous Resource Rights and Mining Companies in North America and Australia, Report prepared for Dept of Aboriginal Affairs, Canberra 1986

R Richins and R Kraus "Coeur d'Alene Leads" and "Homestake's success": two case studies of "responsible" mine management in the USA, from Clementine, Mineral Policy Center, Washington DC, Winter 1991 and Winter 1989

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