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Key documents

Published by MAC on 2001-05-01

Key documents

Minewatch Women and Mining information pack, London 1995

Minewatch Mining and Indigenous Peoples, Minewatch Briefing sheet no.12, London, March 1991

Milieudefensie (FOE-Netherlands) Taking Responsibility: Metal mining, people and the environment [general critique of mining industry with a dozen short case studies]

Control Risks Group No hiding place: Business and the politics of pressure, London,1997 [Much-quoted study which probably contributed more than any other single document to the recent "strategy" by natural resource companies to "engage" with critics. Not exclusively on mining, but does contain case study of Freeport/Rio Tinto]

UNEP Environmental Aspects of Selected Non-ferrous Metals (copper, nickel, lead, zinc and gold) Ore Mining: ATechnical Guide Technical Report Series No. 5

P Hughes The Effects of Mining on Island Development, UNDP regional workshop on environmental management and sustainable development in the South Pacific, 1988

BC Wild and Enviromental Mining Council of British Columbia Acid Mine Drainage: Mining and Water pollution Issues in BC, Vancouver 1998 [Very useful, well-illustrated, short general introduction]

Peter J Norton Engineered wetlands and AMD, Mining Environmental Management, London, Sept 1993

Mineral Policy Centre, Hazardous wastes from mining,1988

Heath et al Environmental impact of mining in tropical forest, Mining Environmental Management, September 1993

Moore and Luoma, "Mining's Hazardous Waste" in Clementine, Mineral Policy Center, Spring 1991

J Otto Global Changes in Mining Laws, Agreement and Tax Systems, Resources Policy 24(2), 1998:

MMAJ and Malaysian Chamber Of Mines, Proceedings of Workshop on New Mining Legislative Framework in Asian Countries, Kuala Lumpur, July 1997 [an update on some of the countries covered in the ECOSOC/UNDP volume mentioned under Books]

MJ et al Mining Legislative Frameworks in Asian Countries, MJ Books with UNRF for NRE, London 1998

Institution of Mining and Metallurgy Mining and the Environment 2: a reference list, London 1990 [Although now somewhat dated, comprises a good hardcopy list of largely technical papers]

R Auty Mining as a generator of wealth; potential conflicts and solutions, Resources Policy, 13(2) 1998 [Auty's "refined" summary of the effects, rather than causes, of the "resource curse" (see also under Books)

Alyson Warhurst "Mineral trade policies and agreements - environmental implications", Raw Materials Report vol. 11 no. 1, Stockholm 1995

WC and JC Lacy History of Mining and Metallurgy along the Pacific Rim, Pacific Rim Mining Congress, 1990

FT Survey Opencast Mining [Can scarred opencast sites become greener than they were before?] London 1990

Managing the environment through planning for closure, [conclusions of 6th workshop of the Mining and Environment Research Network, Harare, 1996] published in Raw Materials Report vol. 12, no. 2, Stockholm, 1996

AQUAMIN Assessment of the Aquatic Effects of Mining in Canada: Final Report , Mining Association of Canada, and Environment Canada, Ottawa 1996 [Result of a study commissioned in 1990 to determine whether existing regulations on toxic discharges from mining to water sources needed to be changed. There are various recommendations and tables of general interest]

G Davis Learning to love the Dutch Disease: Evidence from the Mineral Economies, World Development 23, 1995

ADS Gillies, Developments in Mining Resource Rent Taxation, Pacific Rim Mining Congress 1990

Louis J Sousa Towards a New Materials Paradigm, US Dept of Interior Bureau of Mines, "Mineral Issues", Washington DC, December 1992

Oliver Mapongo Renaissance of the African Minerals Industry: Challenges and Opportunities, TWN Accra, paper delivered to conference on Mining Development and Social Conflicts in Africa, November 1999

World Bank (et al) Mining and the Community - papers from a recent conference held in Papua New Guinea, and sponsored by the World Bank, PNG government, Rio Tinto, Placer Dome and WMC

Roger Moody Extractive Empires: paper presented to the Mining and Indigenous People Consultation membership 1996, Geneva 1997 [Detailed expose of all aspects of mine industry structure and minerals financing and marketing]

William S Pintz Ok Tedi: Evolution of a third world mining project, Mining Journal books, London 1984 [This well-written study relates as much to the intricate business of drawing up mining agreements and determining taxation policies, as to the mine itself]

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