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Guatemala: Death Threats Against Community Leaders Opposing the Mining Operations of Glamis Gold, a

Published by MAC on 2005-04-05

Guatemala: Death Threats Against Community Leaders Opposing the Mining Operations of Glamis Gold, a Canadian/U.S. Mining Company

April 5, 2005

One death threat stated: "The same will happen to you Mr Carlos Humberto for interfering in these stupid social issues, tomorrow will be your day to disappear from this world. Every pig eventually gets slaughtered, also Ms. Dominga [Vasquez] and her husband Alfonso Guarquez". ("eso te pasa Señor Carlos Humberto por estar metido en babosadas de la sociedad, mañana llegará tu día de desaparecer en este mundo, a todo coche [cuche] se le llega su sábado, tambien a la Señora Dominga y su esposo Alfonso Guarquez").

Commentary of Rights Action:

We forward this urgent action from Amnesty International, as follow-up to recent documented cases of repression and death associated with the business-mining interests of the Glamis Gold mining company. There now appears to be an established pattern of repression and death associated with this mining operation, a big business "development" project that has been imposed on Guatemala with no real consultation with the affected local populations. Glamis Gold's Marlin mine has not yet begun to mine for gold - it is still in the pre-mining construction stage. Given the wide-spread opposition to this Canadian-US business, we fear that the repression and death will continue.

What to do:

It is important to continue to let Canadian and US government officials (and World Bank officials, as the WB is a major investor in this "development" project) know about the repression and death associated with this mine, and to insist that all mining operations be suspended so that -A- justice can be done for the deaths and cases of repression that have already occurred; and so that -B- a full and public dialogue can take place in Guatemala, without fear of further repression, as to the real 'pros' and 'cons' of the global mining industry; as to what kind of "development" model the Guatemala people do want for their country.

[At, you can down-load and print Rights Action's recent report "A Backwards, Upside-Down Kind of Development" about mining issues in Guatemala and Honduras, including a close look at the Glamis Gold company's interests. To get more informed and involved in these issues in the U.S. and Canada: / 416-654-2074]


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