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El Comercio on Doe Run

Published by MAC on 2006-02-02

El Comercio on Doe Run

After the visit of a group of La Oroya townspeople (described by the region's Congressman Carlos Infantas as "tools of Doe Run's pressure tactics"), El Comercio, the oldest and most prestigious newspaper in Peru stated the following in a special editorial in its Business section (1 February 2006):

1. The editorial position of El Comercio is not in favor of closing the La Oroya smelter, but rather has been consistently in favor of environmental safeguards and compliance with Peruvian law.

2. El Comercio supports the continued operation of the smelter but asks again the question: what are the guarantees that Doe Run will comply with even a re-negotiated PAMA?

3. El Comercio asks again of Doe Run: Why did the company send back to its stockholders undeclared profits of the same amount that could have been used to fulfillits obligations to the Peruvian Government and to the people of La Oroya?

Conclusion: "Our position is: that the company respect the environmental commitments it accepted and that the Government guarantee the continuity of the La Oroya smelter's operations, as well as the jobs of those who work there. The Government must act with energy and justice."

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