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Lake Cowal National Day of Action: March 22 2006

Published by MAC on 2006-03-22

Lake Cowal National Day of Action: March 22 2006

20th March 2006

International Water Day

"We have no resources but we are taking the fight for all the peoples because of the prospect of cyanide poisoning" Neville 'Chappy' Williams, Wiradjuri Elder UK Independent, October 2005.

Barrick's gold mine at Lake Cowal is due to commence operation on 27 March despite opposition from traditional owners within the Wiradjuri Nation and many environmental and human rights groups. Damage to water and water resources is the worst environmental consequence of gold mining.

There are still pending court cases regarding the legitimacy of the gold mine and clear breaches in environmental safety standards. Last week Greens MP Lee Rhiannon's put questions to the Upper House about the Lake Cowal Goldmine Cyanide.

Transportation Route

Her questions, yet again, fell on deaf ears as the Government is still unwilling to release this information. Over 6000 tonnes of cyanide will be transported from Gladstone in Queensland through communities and waterways to Lake Cowal.

COME TO THE LAKE COWAL NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION in your city and voice your concern about this open-cut cyanide leaching gold mine on a sacred site and significant wetland.


Meet @ 11am
Hyde Park Fountain, CBD, Sydney
contact:Natalie 0431 194 083

Meet @ 11am (TBA)
contact: Stephen 0402 721 520
Neylan: 0423 363 416

Meet @ 11am (TBA)
Miranda: 0414 535 164

Meet (TBA)

International Water Day
Wednesday 22 March @ 11am


Easter Weekend
14-17 April 2006

Come out to the Lake and support Wiradjuri Traditional Elder Neville 'Chappy' Williams with his continuing fight to protect Lake Cowal from the hands of gold giant Barrick Gold.

The theme is RAIN so come and listen to this sacred land and bring on the rain to stop this 'Midas' greed.

The first bar of gold will be produced in March/April 2006 so this is yet another significant year for the campaign as cyanide will be transported through communities from Gladstone, Queensland to Lake Cowal, NSW.

Wiradjuri Traditional Elder Neville 'Chappy' Williams with the ongoing support of the Indigenous Justice Advocacy Network continue to fight Barrick in the courts ... they need your support!

CYANIDE WATCH through the work of, will be leaving the gates of the mine at the easter corroboree to bear roadside eyewitness to the transportation of cyanide to the mine.

The Lake Cowal campaign needs your support so come out to corroboree on Easter weekend and bring on the ... RAIN, RAIN, RAIN

(see Inspiring Story of Gathering in 2004

More info about corroboree at:

If you would like a downloadable flyer for Corroboree at Lake Cowal please send an email to

For more information on the Lake Cowal campaign keep watching:

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