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The Accord

Published by MAC on 2006-01-19


As result of our meetings with the Diaguita People, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs has signed the following accord:

Whereas the leaders of the Diaguita Huascoaltino's community, Chile and the leaders of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Canada, due to the political, historical, cultural and social issues they share and considering that:

o Our peoples are the original peoples of the Americas and share unique cultures as First Peoples that respects the environment which are based on historical and traditional teachings of our people; o Our peoples within their traditional territories have long been the "Sons and daughters of Mother Earth" and shall work together to engage and enhance the economic and community development of our communities in culturally appropriate and sustainable manner;

o Our peoples recognize the need to be a part of the main stream economy and in order to do so we will work together to develop partnerships that will improve the quality of life of our people.

o Both peoples have kept their community values, their respect for tradition, and
recognition of traditional authorities.

With the purpose of developing the following tasks:

o Recover control over our traditional lands (in many cases stolen and illegitimately taken by the Status, companies or outsiders);
o Strengthen and promote community values and local capacities as instruments for peace and promotion of their own culture;
o Enhance knowledge and conservation of their natural heritage;
o Develop and promote their culture;
o Work towards building sustainable economies and communities through the development of mutually beneficial long-term partnerships with other Indigenous governments, non-Indigenous governments, industry, and non-government organizations;
o Promote community level sustainable economic development based on traditional and community based knowledge of the natural environment;
o Enhance local leadership to develop culture and community values, specially amongst women and youth;
o Protect traditional knowledge to ensure it will be kept in community hands ensuring
respect to community interest in biodiversity and natural heritage;
o Promote cross-cultural exchanges of Indigenous and First Nations people, ideas,
knowledge, and culture of Indigenous and First Nations peoples.

These tasks will be addressed in a collaborative manner, and shall be based on respect, understanding and solidarity. These tasks will be made into reality through the delivery of joint initiatives and implementation of these initiatives between our two peoples. This may include (but is not solely limited too) community development, fund raising, partnerships, institutional support, political support, technical and professional support, (nationally and internationally), interchange in cultural exchange, academic, technical and community matters, among others.

It is stated here that investor's initiatives are being deployed in Diaguitas traditional teritories, that threaten Huascoaltinos's Diaguita people with losing their land and natural resources and also alter dramatically their way of life and culture. This situation demands support and solidarity from the Assebly of Manitoba Chiefs to Diaguita People, which will be effective through joint activities developed under the terms of this accord.

**The above agreement was signed on Thursday, January 19, 2006, in Santiago, Chile by
Grand Chief Evans and the Diaguita Leadership..

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